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 PM Morrison should recall the pastor for a refund

11.11.19. Simon Benson is again sifting Newspoll figures and they don’t augur well for Mr Morrison who must be wondering if his God has forsaken him—foreclosed on that ‘miracle’ win?
Albanese has levelled the game indicating an increase in popularity. That surely indicates that Morrison is seriously on the nose? ScoMo’s dealings with the bush have resonated with voters at large who have paid greater interest in a farmer’s dreadful plight, and they have probably noticed a very sharp increase in food prices—broccoli @ $9, a bank loan required for a lamb chop perhaps?
The Coalition and Labor are on an equal electoral footing for the first time since the May election, with a turnaround in Anthony ­Albanese’s personal standing and a slide in popular support for the government. An exclusive Newspoll conducted for The Australian has the major parties tied with a 50-50 share of the two-party-preferred vote as Scott Morrison grapples with the drought and a flattening economy. 

Source: Simon Benson, News Corp

Newspoll: ALP draws level as drought hits hard

The poll follows the release of the Coalition’s $1bn-plus drought relief package last Thursday amid criticism the government was not doing enough, coupled with Labor attacks on economic management.
Despite the public release of Labor’s damning internal review into its election loss, Labor’s primary vote rose two points to 35 per cent.
The Labor leader’s satisfaction ratings also rose to a post-election high of 42 per cent.
Newspoll shows the Coalition’s primary vote slumping two points to 40 per cent — its lowest point since before the election — but Mr Morrison saw a narrow improvement in his personal numbers.
Pauline Hanson’s One Nation continued to gain traction, lifting its primary vote to 7 per cent after posting an election result of 3.1 per cent.
The shift in underlying support between the parties produced a two-point turnaround in the two-party-preferred vote that until now had been locked in at 51-49 in favour of the Coalition since mid-August.
Ahead of the Newspoll, the sixth since the May 18 election, Mr Albanese on Sunday declared he would be leading Labor to the next election, repeating his claim that it was not about being popular now but in “two years’ time”.
“Well, I will lead Labor to the next election. I have outlined a clear strategy, four stages. But also, the clear principles that we will take forward,” Mr Albanese said.
“By having a clear platform and policy agenda which isn’t cluttered at the next election, we can bring together the forces that will see Labor as, what I believe we should be, the natural party of government for this country.”
On Thursday, Labor released its campaign review, which delivered a blistering assessment of the party’s campaign machine strategies, as well as conceding the unpopularity of Bill Shorten had contributed to the election defeat.
However, the review and a speech the following day by Mr ­Albanese in response to the report had no impact on Labor’s primary vote, which lifted from a low 33 per cent in the last poll.
Mr Albanese’s personal numbers rose significantly in the wake of the report with a 12-point turnaround in his net satisfaction ratings.
Those satisfied with his performance rose five points to 42 per cent, while the number of people who marked him down fell seven points to 37, giving the Opposition Leader a net positive rating for only the second time since the first post-election poll at the end of July.
Mr Morrison’s satisfaction rating dipped a point to 46 per cent, but with a two-point fall in those dissatisfied, to 43 per cent, the Prime Minister also remained in positive territory with a net satisfaction rating of plus three.
In the head-to-head contest ­between the two leaders, Mr Morrison remained ahead of Mr Albanese as the preferred prime minister, but dropped a point to 46 per cent compared to the opposition leader’s numbers, which remained unchanged at 32 per cent.
The Greens fell a point to 12 per cent but remain ahead of the 10.4 per cent recorded at the election, while support for other minor parties remained unchanged at 6 per cent, which is six points down on the election result when other minor parties included Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party.
The poll of 1682 voters across all states, which included city and country areas, was conducted ­between Thursday and Sunday.

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  • Pensioner Pete 11/11/2019, 7:20 am

    ScoMo is the creator of his own doom. All he and his highly paid advisors need do, is read the guidance provided free of charge by so many skilled and knowledgeable bloggers on Morning Mail, for we know what is needed to be done, all ScoMo needs to do, is grow a set and get on with it.

  • Jarrah 11/11/2019, 7:30 am

    Morrison’s smug arrogance has grabbed him by the short and curlies, to be neck and neck with a divided, hopeless badly led Labor party says it all, we have second rate leaders. Morrison needs to listen to the voters and not his self absorbed bureaucrats, he has to stop the Turnbull induced lean to the left, get out of Paris and announce new coal powered power stations. The Liberal party made a major error by not making Dutton the leader, Morrison is a major failure and a self absorbed Turnbull puppet. This is not going to end well, Labor/Liberal, both tarred with the same brush and hopeless.

    • Aktosplatz 11/11/2019, 9:12 am

      That’s very accurate Jarrah, and is exactly how I feel.

  • lorraine 11/11/2019, 7:48 am

    $1 billion to the clean Energy, pushed that in our face, when we voted for COAL….polls will show he is on the nose, and he sure is.

  • Aktosplatz 11/11/2019, 7:52 am

    Quote:- “The Australian has the major parties tied with a 50-50 share of the two-party-preferred vote as Scott Morrison grapples with the drought and a flattening economy. ”

    There are two words missing from that statement that explain why Labor is catching up.

    The two words come straight after ‘Scott Morrison’ and they are..”refuses to..’

  • Fedup 11/11/2019, 8:58 am

    They are both on the nose, the uniparty won’t build dams or coal fired power stations, they refuse to discuss nuclear.
    They hand billions to the renewable scam.
    Morrison is just another Turdbull.
    Vote One Nation.

    • Pensioner Pete 11/11/2019, 10:12 am

      Fedup: You nailed it with your quote: “Vote One Nation.” As this is the only way to ensure the changes we want, are implemented, to do that, we need more One Nation Senators and MP’s in the Lower House.

      Let us hope, the litmus test comes October 2020 in Queensland election time.

      • wal1957 11/11/2019, 10:47 am

        PP, the problem with One Nation as I see it is that they have very few people who can articulate very well. I think Pauline Hanson genuinely has Australias best interests at heart and I agree with her on a lot of what she says. BUT, the public see her as an uneducated fool who can’t express her views well. It doesn’t matter to me how well she says things. What I see is a true blue ozzie who is willing to call ‘a spade a spade’. That is the sort of politician I admire. No BS, this is what I think! That is why I hope Trump succeeds again next year. Trump could have achieved a hell of a lot more without the BS from the dumbocrats and the MSM.

      • Fedup 11/11/2019, 5:45 pm

        No Wal, the media have played her that way, be honest what have either the libs or labor done for the average Australian?
        I wasn’t given a vote on mass immigration, neither was i given a vote on multiculturalism, these are agendas thrust on us & the media pushes it.
        Wake up.

  • Dave 11/11/2019, 9:14 am

    President Trump gave him a lesson on how to run a country for its people.
    Dropped the Paris agreement, cut red and green tape, powers the economy with the great reserves both our countries have plenty of, coal, oil and gas.
    He has made it easy for business to work within the United state’s with big incentives and CHEAP RELIABLE ELECTRICITY.
    The US have just gone past 6 million jobs added since Trump got elected, 500 thousand of these in manufacturing.
    So Sco-Mo gets back and donates a Billion dollars to the fairytale job and economy killing cause that trump dumped.
    Scotty obviously still listens to Turnbull and his drop kick advisors and our economy is flat.
    Scotty is too weak to lead like Trump, the opposition’s leader is also tainted green.
    Hanson is gaining because she’s a least trying to help the farmers, miners etc, commonsense is out the window in Canberra.

  • JK. 11/11/2019, 9:53 am

    As well Scomo trying to shaft the people of Australia with his cash bill, luckily the senate is pushing it to an inquiry thanks to Pauline and others, but Frydenberg and his mates at KPMG are right in to the IMF rip off of the Australian people. And beware Labor scoundrels voted for it in the lower house so they can in NO way be trusted either.

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