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 PM gets first jab—and we get the ‘bird’

22.02.21.  “It’s just a little prick and that’s it,” he said.
‘Scotty from advertising’ has become Pfizer’s front man in his plan to have every Australian ‘jabbed’ with one or another coronavirus vaccine. It’s little wonder that the vaccines find many in deep doubt. Those old enough to remember, and most of Australia’s elderly are old enough to remember the hideous results of “Thalidomide”—a ‘miracle’ drug to stop morning sickness in pregnant mums. Tested and proven safe the medicos chanted! The subsequent spate of newborns with and without deformed limbs rocked society. Scientific advance is beyond that now—we are told! We pray they are right! What most of us really need is a vaccine to make us immune against the burgeoning “Politicovirus”! It’s obviously highly contagious and decomposes brain matter into instant porridge. MM’s CMO is trialling an anti-Politicovirus vaccine based on sheep dip, canary droppings and Pavlova.

A stage-3 trial among 4.5 volunteers drawn from the Green Party is promising. The .5 of a person showed no signs of infection and the remaining 4 died from co-morbidities like grog-caused liver failure and lung cancer from foul, hot-air contracted on a visit to Parliament house during its COVID-19 abandonment! The virus multiplies on hard surfaces and remains so for more than 98 years and 42 minutes. ‘Detol’ explodes on contact!

The historic moment of the first Australian to be administered the COVID-19 vaccine dissolved into giggles on Sunday when the 86-year-old recipient inadvertently flipped the nation the bird. Jane Milysiak, of Marayong, was selected to be the first to receive the jab and she did so alongside Prime Minister Scott Morrison at Castle Hill Medical Centre in Sydney’s northwest on Sunday morning.

Source: James Law and Anton Nilsson, News Corp

Scott Morrison among first Australians to receive COVID-19 vaccine

She was all smiles as she received the injection, seated next to Mr Morrison, who wore a face mask emblazoned with the Australian flag.
Like any good politician, Mr Morrison is not one to miss a photo opportunity, so after she received the jab he encouraged her to flash the peace sign for the cameras, saying it meant “V for vaccine”.
After a confused few moments, Jane obliged, but turned her hand the other way, the universal sign for, ahem, “up yours”.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison jokingly pushes down Jane Milysiak’s hand after she missed the peace-sign memo.
The room erupted into laughter, and the PM quickly pushed Jane’s hand down, saying “always front, always front”.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was among the first Australians to receive the COVID-19 jab when he was vaccinated after Jane.
He was injected in front of the cameras, alongside chief medical officer Paul Kelly and chief nursing officer Alison McMillan.
“I’m feeling great, very confident,” Mr Morrison said after receiving the jab.
“You just sit there, look the other way, it’s all over in half a second.”
The doctor to give Mr Morrison the injection, Jesse Li, said it was the “honour and privilege of my life”.
“I’m glad I got the job done, I was a bit nervous inside,” Dr Lee, 34, said.
“You know, my heart was pounding.
“But at the end of the day, he’s one of the first recipients of hopefully everyone in Australia.
“I’m glad he was happy to do it in front of the cameras and inspire confidence (in the vaccine)”.
The second Australian to receive the jab after Jane was John Healy, 86, of Narrabeen.
When asked what it was like to received the injection, he shrugged and said “no worries”.
“It’s just a little prick and that’s it,” he said.
“It means I now can go out, without any worries.”
Health Minister Greg Hunt said today was an important step in building public confidence in the vaccine before the nationwide rollout begins in earnest on Monday.
“Today is about hope and protection, it’s about to give hope to all Australians of the pathway out from a COVID world to a COVID-safe world,” he told NCA NewsWire.
“And it’s about protection for those people who are most at risk and progressively for all Australians.”
Mr Hunt said Australia was “on track” to return to normal once everyone was vaccinated.
“We obviously have to see what’s the impact in terms of transmission and longevity of antibodies, but the science is good and the hope is high,” he said.
During an interview earlier on Sunday, Insiders host David Speers asked Mr Hunt whether there was a danger Mr Morrison would be seen as “jumping the queue” by received the vaccine first.
“There was a very strong focus on the need for key leaders, not the parliament, not the cabinet, not even the leadership group, but a cross-party group, to provide that confidence,” Mr Hunt said.
“This is a cross-parliamentary view where parliamentarians don’t have any special status … that it is about the confidence and indeed the research shows that people want to see that if we believe it’s safe, then that will give them greater confidence.”
He added that opposition leader Anthony Albanese would be vaccinated later this week.
Mr Morrison and the first cohort to be vaccinated received the Pfizer jab, not the AstraZeneca vaccine that most Australians will receive.
Mr Hunt said it was Professor Kelly’s advice that having the Prime Minister receive the jab early would “provide confidence”.
“We really did worry about this notion, but by having a small group of people across the parties, then that was the approach,” Mr Hunt said.
“Either way there could be criticism, but we’ve taken the advice of the medical authorities and confidence and demonstration, but today is the first round of vaccines for Australia, and ultimately that’s about hope and protection for Australians.”
Mr Hunt rejected anti-vaxxers’ views but acknowledged there was some hesitancy among Australians to get the jab, particularly among young women.
“There is a small group which might be 4 to 5 per cent, and whilst we reject and condemn some of the absolute myths that they perpetrate, our focus is on those people who are hesitant,” he said.
“One of the things they were worried about was this is a new vaccine, has it been done too quickly? Which is why the full is on safety, safety, safety … But as more Australians take it, as we’ve seen around the world, and it is shown to be safe, it’s shown to be effective, then that raises confidence across the community.”
The Therapeutic Goods Administration had determined the vaccine was safe for breastfeeding mothers, women who were pregnant and mothers considering becoming pregnant, Mr Hunt added.

Video source: Sky News

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  • jaded 22/02/2021, 6:09 am

    This is the biggest marketing gig Scomo has to sell. Lets hope it does the job without any side affects

  • seadogger 22/02/2021, 6:11 am

    MalMo is adept at cover ups so we will probably never know if he has a reaction.
    Question … are Pfiser and AZ exactly the same ??????

  • luk1955 22/02/2021, 6:39 am

    These vaccs have been killing off old people around the world. Hank Aaron for instance. How do we know those shots were not just saline solution? How do we even know whether there was anything in the syringes? These vaccs do not meet the legal definition of a vaccine, rather they appear to be gene therapy. Untested and untried before and rushed to market over an illness that has a 99.8% survival rate, for those who get it, and the way these fakestream idiots fawn over this vaccine makes me even more reluctant to see that there is any good to this product. It looks like the media are leading the lambs to the slaughter, and with great glee. Sickening it is.

    • seadogger 22/02/2021, 7:24 am

      Well said Luk, I am in hurry to get a jab..not this one anyway.
      Road deaths in QLD this week well over half a dozen. CV 19 …ZERO
      Govt. has wrong priorities as usual.

      • seadogger 22/02/2021, 8:33 am

        Post should read ” I am in NO hurry to get jabbed”

    • Ozman 22/02/2021, 7:38 am

      Luk, You won’t see those deaths reported on MSM. Hank Aaron’s death was reported but they are adamant that this had nothing to do with the vaccine, but everything to do with old age.

  • Ozman 22/02/2021, 7:24 am

    The number of people who have died from receiving the vaccination is being under reported. Not everybody is dying, though. And as for Morrison, how are we to know that he and the elderly lady (Jane, I think) did not get a saline solution injected.

    Worldwide death rate same as previous year. No excess deaths. No pandemic. No virus.

    Although, in Australia, I note that there were 310,000 reported cases of the flu in 2019. Just over 58,000 the year before. And less than 22,000 last year, which even with the supposed 28,000 covid cases, still did not reach the level of 2018.

    What about the 310,000 cases of the flu reported in 2018? Nothing alarming there. But have a look at the reduction in 2020, some 290,000 less cases. This requires a new vaccine for the dreaded pandemic that has not increased deaths around the world. NO VACCINE.

  • Ozman 22/02/2021, 7:32 am

    Erratum. What about the 310,000 cases of the flu reported in 2018? This should read 2019. Although, I believe the official figures are over 313,000.

  • John 22/02/2021, 7:45 am

    I think I,m in love with Monika.

  • Botswana+O'Hooligan 22/02/2021, 8:00 am

    A kid at boarding school was the result of thalidomide, left arm a small paw, no elbow joint in his other arm, an all lopsided poor bastard who walked as if he was a drunk on stilts.

  • Ozman 22/02/2021, 10:52 am

    Just saw a pic of Morrison having his shot. He has the cap on the syringe. Phony.

    Had to blow up pic, but the indent is clearly not that of a jab with a syringe. Neither is the orange cap a needle. And this guy calls himself a Christian.

    • Ozman 22/02/2021, 4:23 pm

      My apologies to Scott Morrison.

      After carefully studying actual video, clearly a needle went into Prime Minister’s arm. Nevertheless, my cynicism is such that I cannot accept that he would put synthetic mRNA into is arm. Although, from reports the Astra Zeneca vaccine is not as deadly as the Pfizer.

      Numerous reports of people dying after taking the vaccine, especially in nursing homes.

  • JK. 22/02/2021, 11:41 am

    Why is it no one asks why the pharma. Companies needed exemption from prosecution if things go wrong, when they were so convinced that their product is so safe.??

  • seadogger 22/02/2021, 12:23 pm

    Have just got back from an unscheduled doctors appointment.Quizzed my GP about which one to take Pfiser or AZ.
    He was evasive till I asked him which one he would take and his answer was AZ for the following reasons . Both are made differently and because of this they attack the virus from a different perspectives and his choosen path would be AZ.

  • Mike Sc 22/02/2021, 1:07 pm

    There is no correct answer as to AZ vs mRNA
    …but I like this quote from racgp.org.au
    Have the academics lost sight of that?
    Public health measures have been remarkably successful. Get the quarantine process fit for purpose there will negligible, if any, Covid in Australia.
    The 62% effective A-Z vax will make no difference to the need for continued public health measures, will not permit re-opening of borders and will not kick start the economy. The AZ vaccine is now looking like a dud and that impression will only increase as the South African variant and the inevitable others become extant.
    Time to admit that the game has changed and we need a new strategy. We are in a good situation right now. We have opportunity to think about this and get it right.
    On current evidence getting it right is going to be done with an mRNA vaccine – probably with regular boosters adjusted to cover new variants. ” –Dr Kenneth William Hogan 16/02/2021 3:03:01 PM

  • STJOHNOFGRAFTON 22/02/2021, 1:42 pm

    “Mr Hunt said Australia was “on track” to return to normal once everyone was vaccinated”.
    Code decipher: Australia won’t return to normal until vaccine
    refuseniks are coerced to comply or are eliminated.

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