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 Peter Ridd takes court loss against JCU

14.10.21.  Every Australian has lost both money and freedom as a result of the High Court’s ruling in the case of former James Cook University professor Peter Ridd yesterday. These consequences will be difficult to reverse. Writes Fred Pawle.
Ridd was sacked by JCU in 2018 for criticising the work of a colleague studying the Great Barrier Reef. In an email to a journalist, he said the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority “is grossly misusing some scientific ‘data’ to make the case that the Great Barrier Reef is greatly damaged”. He also said that scientific organisations were “quite happy to spin a story for their own purposes, in this case to demonstrate that there is massive damage to the Reef”.

Sky News Australia Contributor Fred Pawle

High Court’s ruling against former James Cook University professor Peter Ridd is an assault on freedom of expression

Marine Physicist Professor Peter Ridd says the data shows “unequivocally” that the Great Barrier Reef is in “extremely good condition”. It comes amid news Australia will attempt to lobby over a dozen countries and the European Union.
In Climate Change: The Facts, published by the Institute for Public Affairs in 2017 (disclosure: the IPA also published my book, Die Laughing, this year), Ridd said that given “the serious problems with quality assurance in many areas of science, and possibly more so for Great Barrier Reef policy science” that “we can be sceptical of claims the Great Barrier Reef is in peril.”
Ridd also said on Sky News that the Australian Institute of Marine Science “could no longer be trusted”.
The High Court case did not hinge on the veracity of these statements.
Rather, it was confined to whether Ridd had broken the conditions of his employment contract.
JCU sacked Ridd in 2018.
Physicist and Author Peter Ridd says just about every area of the Great Barrier Reef – according to the statistics – “has completely recovered” since the 2016 bleaching event and is in “no danger”. “The area which was hit by the 2016…
He contested that sacking in the Federal Circuit of Australia and was awarded $1.2 million in damages and penalties.
JCU appealed to the Federal Court, which handed down a 2-1 decision for JCU. Ridd appealed to the High Court, raising $1.4 million for the case through donors.
The key line from today’s judgment is this: “The problem with his [Ridd’s] submission is that it treats the intellectual freedom as though it were a freedom of speech generally.”
Marine Physicist Dr Peter Ridd says he will take James Cooke University to the High Court over his unfair dismissal case in a bid to preserve “academic freedom.” He told Sky News host Peta Credlin “scientists really do need to talk about things like…
The concerns Ridd raised regarding the quality of research being conducted at one of our leading universities should alarm every Australian.
As commentator Graham Young wrote in The Spectator Australia in July: “If Ridd is correct that significant portions of the research on the Great Barrier Reef done by James Cook University researchers is sloppy, and not objective, then JCU is playing a central role in efforts by UNESCO, and perhaps even the Chinese government, to destroy the reputation of the reef by listing it as endangered.
“If UNESCO lists the reef as endangered, we can expect the North Queensland region to suffer. While academics will continue to receive significant research grants (the Great Barrier Reef Foundation alone has half a billion to distribute), and the university board will bask in the glory, anyone in tourism, or connected to it, will lose.”
How do we know that other research institutions are not immune to similar accusations? The answer is, we don’t.
The evidence, however, is compelling.
Hardly a day goes by these days when there isn’t a story about a university liberal arts degree teaching gullible kids about “indigenous queer studies” and the fertile intellectual crossover between art, race, sexuality, climate change and colonialism.
These revelations are not made by insiders, but by investigators shining lights on the questionable courses being conducted on campus.
The tertiary sector has had a shaky relationship with free speech since it became largely financially reliant on students, particularly from China.
Protesters against the Chinese crackdown on Hong Kong in 2019, many of them Chinese themselves, were met with violence and threats from compatriots about repercussions for family back home.
Professor Peter Ridd has spoken out about James Cook University’s decision to appeal his $1.2 million unfair dismissal victory. Mr Ridd – who a court determined was wrongly sacked by the university – told Sky News host Andrew Bolt he…
In other research areas, the practice of peer review and the new reverence for “the science” in left-wing media have instilled a culture that sees itself as impervious to criticism.
After today, any researcher who tries to blow the whistle on such allegations in our publicly funded research institutions – and there is enormous reason to believe that such misbehaviour exists – has been warned: don’t even think about it.
You will lose your job for doing so.

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  • Disgruntled 14/10/2021, 6:57 am

    It just hasta be right that our institutions are being organised and run by “outsiders” and for what expected result? Well the sky is the limit! In this case “someone” is out to bugger up coastal Qld and for what reason? take your pick! Far too many conspiricy type reasons to list and to pick only one would be hard!

    JCU were just too inept and stupid to let themselves get sprung doing their masters bidding. Who are their masters and what is their masters bidding? The 6 million dollar question!

    Ridd just cannot be wrong with his assumptions of the reef health; There is far too much totally empirical evidence being constantly put forward by Janet Marohasy that makes one believe that Peter Ridd really does know his stuff. Now the wonder is; how long will it be before she gets censored and deplatformed? How lond indeed!

    NOW!! The nasty nasty and disgraceful thing is; How many Govt leaders (State and Fed.) are standing up for Ridd and his decency?? Maybe they are in on the whole destructive thing for Qld as a whole. (WE can only hope that Plattaduck might get a light-bulb moment and wake up and see that it might be a boost for her ego to support Ridd) Too much to hope for though

    What all this does is reinforce the thoughts that our learning institutions are a hotbed of marxisity and somewhere that the decent people should shun!

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 14/10/2021, 10:40 am

    Only a layman but I sat above it for years at altitudes between 100′ and about 800′ (best radar coverage height for our equipment) for GBRMPA both day and night (200′ at night) and hauled “experts” on just about everything from Dolphins to wading birds, and on one occasion wading bird experts out to the 200nm limit (bloody long legged waders for the water out there was about 1000′ or more deep!) have seen areas that were bleached and regrown, old wrecked aeroplanes from WW2 covered in coral, bits of ships all encrusted, and on the whole the reef looked alright to me as it has done ever since I was a kid in the 1940’s growing up in FNQ. The underlying theme seems to be one of stopping anyone from going anywhere near the reef in order to protect it. There is a TV clip showing the environmentalists with an abo on Raine Island where they have decided to build barriers to protect the turtle hatching site from rising sea levels that haven’t, very laudable but the mad bastards haven’t given any thought to the fact that the bloody turtles can’t scale the barriers to get to the nesting sites! Just what an abo would go there for in the first place also defies logic for Raine is a fair way out from the coast and between the coast and the islet there are many reefs, tidal rips, and Christ knows what and allowing for the fact that the abo’s weren’t and aren’t completely bloody stupid you have to ask yourself why they would even consider paddling a bark canoe or an unlikely dugout over the horizon to an islet they didn’t know was there to perhaps gather a few turtle eggs they didn’t know were there when they could remain safely on shore getting heaps more available tucker AND water? One expert told me that they were concerned that a giant Chinese oil tanker would get wrecked on the inside of the reef and bugger the whole show but the facts are that the waters inside the reef are too shallow to float a giant oil tanker and all the big ships stand well off the GBR anyhow.

  • Disgruntled 14/10/2021, 1:20 pm

    Here is today’s Dobbo talk with Peter Ridd: have a listen, I can reccomend it. The best interview that I have heard with Peter Ridd yet! Ridd is a real super guy. The rural producers in Qld need him as do also the tourist operaters as does ALL Qld.
    Wonder where all the money that was “given to the reef” has really ended up? That needs a detailed answer!


  • John 14/10/2021, 3:36 pm

    Bots, your quote, “The underlying theme seems to be one of stopping anyone from going anywhere near the reef in order to protect it”.
    At Goobang National Park just NE of Peak Hill there is a stunning Lookout. Looking west over Peak Hill uninterrupted to the west coast the words of Banjo hang in the air as if he was standing with you ,
    “And he sees the vision splendid of the sunlit plains extended,
    and at night the wond`rous glory of the everlasting stars”.
    And the road to that wonderful Lookout is maintained by National Parks and it is a gibber strewn nightmare that will shred a sedans tyres and severely test a AWD/4WD.
    Where ever I travel throughout NSW it is the same story, National Parks don`t want people in their Parks so let the roads turn to goat tracks. Saves maintenance as an aside. Obviously the same rationale as the Reef. A Lookout at Big Yengo on the Central Coast is the same, the marker indicating direction and distance to points of interest is still in miles. Been a bit busy, eh, guys. As in 50 years or so.
    “With their eager eyes and greedy and their stunted forms and weedy,
    For Townsfolk have no time to grow, they have no time to waste”.
    Another collection of cockroaches we could do without.

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