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 Pandemic news in the US the left cannot deny

31.10.20.  There is no doubt that Australia is among a small number of countries that have not suffered in a significant way during the pandemic. Our death rate is just a little over what the normal flu would kill. If the idiots in Melbourne had sorted themselves out from the start (out of the 907 people who have died from the Chinese flu 819 were in Victoria, lefty controlled). Australians need to thank the Federal Government for closing our borders to the importation of the Flu and if there hadn’t been a few errors from state health departments then we would certainly have been the best in the world. The US has the worst raw figures in the world, in reported numbers. Needless to say, Trump gets the blame even though there, like here, it’s a state issue. However, as Jeff Davidson reports it may not be as bad as elsewhere:
On the path to voting Donald Trump out of office, the Left’s media machine would like to suppress revelations about the Biden Crime Family. As early as 2001, Senator Joe Biden set up his son, Hunter, with a lucrative ‘consulting’ agreement with a large bank. The agreement called for Hunter to receive $100,000 per year, concurrent with Joe, ‘the big guy,’ helping the credit card industry to attain passage of a bill to hamper consumers’ ability to file for bankruptcy.
Reports also are emerging that Biden had been sugarcoating huge payments to family members long before that, added to the growing evidence of what transpired between the Bidens and Ukraine, China, Russian, and Kazakhstan.
The Left Can’t Spin This
Huntergate, nevertheless, might not cause the most uneasiness for the Left. What will? Drum roll please…. The news that by comparison, the U.S. is doing better than Europe in handling the pandemic. President Trump has guided the U.S., even if in a zigzag way, towards a better outcome, as of late October, than most of Europe.
In Germany, Angela Merkel is alarmed that the country is heading for new daily highs in coronavirus infections. Other European countries are seeing record numbers of infections including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland.
A report by the U.S. Health editor at the UK’s Daily Mail says, “Daily coronavirus infection rates are 48% higher in the UK and nearly four-times higher in the Netherlands compared to the U.S., where [in Netherlands] the latest ‘wave’ of the pandemic is growing more slowly.”
Mounting Woe in Europe
Although the U.S. still incurs the most new cases daily, around 48,000, in Belgium, France, the UK, and Netherlands, a larger proportion of the populations are being infected on a daily basis. Now eight months into the pandemic, 620 out of one million people in Belgium, for example, are becoming infected compared to 166 people in the U.S., based on seven-day rolling averages, as calculated by Our World in Data.
In France, new cases are at 355 daily per million, and French police went so far as to search the homes owned by a former prime minister and other top health officials following complaints about shortages of masks and other vital equipment. The director of the Paris Regional public health agency reported that half of its intensive care beds are occupied by coronavirus patients, with their hospital beds filling rapidly as well.
Poland and Portugal are both experiencing an uptick in cases. Sweden, which was celebrated for its non-lockdown approach to the pandemic, is now considering implying tougher restrictions on the population.
Winning on the Home Front
The countries cited above have attempted lockdowns, compulsory use of masks, curfews, social distancing, 10-person limits at bars and restaurants, and so on: Nothing seems to help and no one has a particularly sound plan for diminishing the number of new cases. Joe Biden, however, could do better? Sure thing!
Spain and Italy have achieved some measure of success with Spain at 230 new cases daily out of every one million residents, and Italy is at 140 per day. New infections in the UK are at 250 out of every one million residents, and in the Netherlands, new cases are at 448 daily per million.
In other words, longitudinal results here and abroad strips away the Left’s contention that Trump somehow failed in addressing the pandemic. Given that U.S. infection and mortality rates are dropping, and compare favorably to European nations, where can the Left turn?
Suppression is all They Have
As always, the mainstream media will suppress any news about how the U.S. compares in terms of new cases daily and anything else that helps President Trump’s cause. With the Biden Crime Family revelations, the lack of Joe and Kamala’s effectiveness, or even appearance, on the campaign trail, and a variety of other factors that favor President Trump, the Left is panicking.
Certainly, rising infection rates abroad are not a cause for cheer, but the hardships faced in Europe put into perspective the challenges that world leaders are experiencing in grappling with this menacing virus. And, by comparison, it shows that President Trump has done rather well.
The leftist media machine would not like to have such news front and center in tonight’s debate, or in newspaper headlines. Facts have a way of emerging, however, and the fact is the U.S. is doing better than many, many nations around the world.
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  • luk1955 31/10/2020, 7:21 am

    Another false scam article relying on the term “the cases”. What really matters is how many hospital beds are being used to service this illness, its DEATH rate, and other illnesses the dead recipients have at the same time as the conjob illness. None of this data is being studied and we are being lied to about the deadliness or lack of deadliness about this conjob illness. And not one reporter, not even Peta, is picking up on this lack of data needed to make logical assumptions and design effective tactics to combat this illness.

  • Ian 31/10/2020, 7:45 am

    It’s halloween, quick, get you DD mask on and terrorise the kids.

  • Disgruntled 31/10/2020, 8:28 am

    Is all the latest scare campaign designed to boost the Duck’s chances today in Qld. elections??

    The cynical of us would say YES.

    • Pensioner Pete 31/10/2020, 9:15 am

      Quite right Dis.

      The Newspoll outcome in the rags this morning declare a Labor win, qualified with the Katter Party and the Greens to form government with Labor in Queensland.

      If it actually pans out this way, I will thank my blessings I live so far away from the hallowed and revered SE corner of the state.

      I continue to place my bets on One Nation as the maker/breaker in this election, forming government with the LNP.

      Tomorrow, I will be either up a few quid, or my pockets will be turned inside out being empty.

  • Penguinite 31/10/2020, 9:05 am

    Of course we have suffered! Financially we are now in cloud cuckoo-land with a deficit of 1.3 TRILLION $$$$ and growing. I blame The UN and it’s off-shoot WHO! They and a gross over-reaction by our politicians. We will never again see a balanced buget! Politicians are basicly cowards and too fearful of loosing their jobs! Queensland will fall into the money trap and labor big spenders today!

  • Sir Peter 31/10/2020, 10:14 am

    Daily we are told by the socialist media (I repeat myself) about the rise in the number of chicom virus ‘cases’, and asked to panic. No mention that it is the result of increased testing. No mention that virtually all are asymptotic, showing just how benign the disease is for people younger than 70.

    Real fools like Horseface in NZ and all US Demorats, want us to hunker down in our basements like Sleep Creepy Joe until a vaccine appears or until after their election.

    No mention that the number of ‘cases’ means herd immunity is increasing rapidly.

    The next time your ignorant lefty friends (I repeat myself yet again) point out that ‘cases’ are x% (insert current figure) of the population, your response should be “GREAT, let’s hope we get to 90% really quickly”, step back and watch the wheels grind slowly as they try to take that onboard. Not the sharpest knife in the draw, your average lefty (another repeat?).

    • Bwana Neusi 31/10/2020, 4:32 pm

      Sir Peter. Don’t you love spellcheck, which turned your asymptomatic into asymptotic. And yes the number of deaths from Covid is tending towards zero.

      • Sir Peter 31/10/2020, 8:20 pm

        Jumbo Bwana

  • Sir Peter 31/10/2020, 2:16 pm

    bloody spell checker – asymptomatic !!!

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