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 palm cockatoo

iWhat do you know about our Palm Cockatoo?

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  • Pensioner Pete 05/05/2021, 6:54 am

    There are many of these striking Palm Cockatoos to be seen around Lockhart River, their piercing screech echoing throughout the scrub.

  • Penguinite 05/05/2021, 7:20 am

    Stop with the tapping it’s giving me a headache! As clever as this bird is if this species is in decline, is it nature?. Man’s well-intentioned interference may inhibit the emergence of a new species from developing naturally? When they discover why the Hen is, apparently, so reluctant or tardy in her motherly duties/instincts there might be a lesson or two for some humans?

  • ozisceptic 05/05/2021, 10:53 am

    is there a URL for that video ? I could not enlarge the video as was embedded.

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