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 Palaszczuk and Miles—idiots running amok in Queensland

25.11.21.  You could be excused for thinking that the following article was found in the garbage bin at Monty Python’s office, after a heavy night on cheap plonk. Ridiculous scribblings that when sober nobody sought to claim as script. As if almost two years of absurd premier leadership around Australia dictated by certified morons hasn’t been enough for the populace, Palaszczuk and Miles now take the cake. Worst of all there exist enough likeminded idiots to return those two morons to power at the next elections. Barefaced lies from politicians is clearly the ‘new normal’!
Steven Miles denies his government is at fault for the confusion over requirements for PCR tests to cross the Queensland border, despite Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and government departments asserting that the cost of tests could be borne by travellers. The Queensland Deputy Premier on Wednesday blamed the media and federal government for the confusion, saying it was not up to the Queensland government to clarify the issue.

Source: Charlie Peel, NCA

Steven Miles denies fault for Covid-19 test confusion, as Palaszczuk ‘claims victory’

After five days of debate over who would pay for the tests, on Tuesday, Ms Palaszczuk said her government would accept a negative test result in the form of a text message from a testing authority rather than a travel certificate or more substantial text message listing names and a timestamp, which would have cost travellers about $150 each.
It prompted Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt to confirm that existing funding arrangements in place since March 2020, in which both levels of government pay for the tests and text confirmation, would remain in place.
Ms Palaszczuk on Tuesday night attempted to claim “victory” in the matter – a claim shut down by Mr Hunt.
“The only thing that has changed is that after accepting text confirmation for 18 months and then rejecting it for 24 hours, Queensland is now accepting the same text messages again, dropping their demand for a certificate,” Mr Hunt said.
“It’s time the Premier apologised for the unnecessary stress she has caused to Queenslanders and those planning to travel there.”
At a press conference on Wednesday, Mr Miles tried to dismiss the government’s about-face as a misunderstanding by the media and could not say why no government minister over the past five days was able to clarify the issue.
“I understood throughout that a test message was going to be sufficient, I understand that’s what police have required in the past and will be the case going forward,” Mr Miles said.
Asked why the government did not clarify the issue earlier, Mr Miles blamed an “orchestrated campaign to confuse people”, apparently from the federal government.
“There was never an announcement from the state government that it would cost people,” Mr Miles said.
“We were asked whether people would need the test and we were presented with the argument that in some cases that would cost people money and we said they would still require that test.
“We don’t control the testing arrangements in other states”.
Mr Miles said the media was at fault for the confusion.
“It wasn’t us saying it would cost people,” he said.
“You were all reporting stories saying those tests would cost people.
“I’ll allow you to reflect on how useful the media reporting has been.
“We called on the Commonwealth to set the record straight.”
Asked why it took five days for the government to clarify that a text message would suffice as proof of vaccination, Mr Miles said: “I’m not sure it did.”
“These are arrangements that will come into place down the track and we are now able to provide that clarity,” Mr Miles said.

Video source: Sky news

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  • Honeybadger 25/11/2021, 6:28 am

    Best reading are the preamble comments by your good self MM.Ed. Clever, amusing and you nail it. I can hardly be bothered reading the sanitised version from the MSM journos about all these nutters where their petulance and dishonesty is never called out but analysed in great detail and often applauded.
    Reading about Miles, Chook, Andrews, Gunner and the other loonies ramblings and lying each day is sickening.

  • Disgruntled 25/11/2021, 6:46 am

    Neil Breen @ 4bc is now again giving these moronistic clowns a real workover; Which he does most days

    Go Breenie; Australia needs you! Well Qld does; I am ever so sure that the dills that are dazzled by the Duck and her cronies would not be listening though.

  • Cliff 25/11/2021, 6:50 am

    Anyone who entertains the illusion that a university degree confers some semblance of credibility upon the person who holds it need only glance casually in the direction of Stephen Miles and remind him or herself that some tertiary institution conferred a PhD upon this individual.

  • Penguinite 25/11/2021, 7:16 am

    Words for these turds fail me! All part of the confected pile-on to trump Slymo for the Labor Luvvies to feast on and undermine anything positive. All they are doing is consolidating the swing against both Labor and Liberal! Change is in the air but I don’t see any benefit accruing to Albo Sleazy.

  • Pensioner Pete 25/11/2021, 8:43 am

    Good grief, we Queenslanders have another three years of suffering under these clowns.

    • Fedup 25/11/2021, 8:53 am

      Thanks for the reminder PP, ruined my day.

  • DT 25/11/2021, 9:53 am

    Only about three more years to the next Queensland election.

    Add the Rudd, Gillard & Rudd revival and PM Each Way Albo and hard Labor will become very hard.

  • DT 25/11/2021, 10:08 am

    “Likewise it is not the Federal Government but the States who have the overwhelming responsibility for public health and thus vaccine mandates – this is precisely the whole reason there has been so much argument and inconsistency and out-right dismissal of supposed “national cabinet decisions”.

    ” Yet Hanson and elements of the Coalition right are demanding Morrison somehow miraculously over-ride these laws, perhaps even the Constitution itself.”

    Joe Hildabrand – Daily Telegraph “Now everything seems to be ScoMo’s fault”

    Various blog commentators have suggested that the Federal Government and PM should have taken the States on, challenged their constitutional powers in the High Court, created Federal legislation to overturn State rights and powers, but they ignore the complexity, the fight back by particularly Labor States and propaganda campaign with ABC and other left leaning media assisting and most importantly that dealing with the pandemic has no precedent apart from Spanish Flu early 1900s when travel and medicines were vastly different, and media coverage to mislead people including internet websites that seem to be accepted as genuine when many are not.

    The original British Colonies beginning with New South Wales from 1788 were governed separately and they agreed to form the Federation of States, Commonwealth of Australia. But they retained most colonial powers, the Federal Government was given limited by comparison powers.

    Labor State Premiers have used the pandemic to undermine the Federal Government at every opportunity they could manufacture including the blame game.

    • Pensioner Pete 25/11/2021, 10:27 am

      The PM clearly demonstrated his colours in that most of his coalition Senators voted NAY to Pauline Hanson’s attempt to drag the PM up to stand up for the people, after all, he has access to the necessary resources to take on the states by legislation and by way of the High Court, instead, he does nothing other than blabber.

      Time to go ScoMo, today would be nice.

      • PP 25/11/2021, 12:11 pm

        PP you obviously do not understand the position, and as for PHON grandstanding they must be in panic with the polls still stuck on 3% compared to 11% for the Greens.

        “Likewise it is not the Federal Government but the States who have the overwhelming responsibility for public health and thus vaccine mandates – this is precisely the whole reason there has been so much argument and inconsistency and outright dismissal of supposed “national cabinet decisions”.”

        “Yet Hanson and elements of the Coalition right are demanding Morrison somehow miraculously over-ride these laws (constitutional), perhaps even the Constitution itself. What do they expect?”

        “Indeed, it’s hard to gauge exactly what they are thinking at all except that anything they don’t like must somehow be Scott Morrison’s fault. Or that the PM has some secret yet mysteriously unused powers that can make States do whatever he wants, despite the number one political lesson of the past two years being he can do precisely FA. Yet he is strangely all powerful at stopping things”.

        Daily Telegraph

        And earlier in the article reference to the 2019 PM family holiday in Hawaii …. “even Pauline Hanson got him.”

        These politicians are our problem, grandstanding and ignoring or being ignorant about constitutional laws, Federation of States and Commonwealth relationships, and more. Federal and State politicians. Or are they dishonest and manipulative?

        PM Abbott copped much the same criticism too often based on false premises. What about voter perceptions they play with and ganging up by Premiers against the Prime Minister including mounting deceptive media campaigns? And left leaning media mounting their own political campaigns, especially ABC?

        Back to the 2019 bushfires in NSW (and other States), the Deputy PM was holding the fort in Canberra together with other Cabinet Ministers and when requested arranged ADF support for bushfire services.

        State Government responsibilities, State Emergency Services including Rural Fire Service, all fires are State responsibility to deal with. But blame Scott Morrison and criticise him for being on holidays and ignore that the Federal Government cooperated with States when they asked for help.

        I repeat the bushfire story because it highlights the BS and how easy it is to convince the mostly poorly informed voters to believe lies.

        Shame on Pauline Hanson for her grandstanding legislation bill and her political theatre antics, and same goes for Coalition MPs who went along with the spin.

      • Aktosplatz 25/11/2021, 3:17 pm

        I agree with you Pensioner Pete. Scomo has been far too passive throughout the course of this Pandemic in spite of the so-called National Cabinet. He was Re-Active rather than Pro-Active.

        The major trump card the Commonwealth held was the supply of resources and money, access for which should have been conditional as agreed in the National Cabinet. Instead everyone did their own thing, without a measured response from the Commonwealth. And that was the problem – Scomo’s silence was taken as agreement and acquiescence to those terrible decisions made against families that had sick and dying relatives.

    • Pensioner Pete 25/11/2021, 2:56 pm

      On this, I do not agree with you DT, the PM has the ability to get off his bum, castigate the Premiers, and use his virtually unlimited resources to launch a significant challenge to this mandate rubbish, in the High Court of Australia.

      Instead, he does buggar all, and this is but one reason, he is not well regarded by myself.

  • BBob 25/11/2021, 10:12 am

    Mahathma Gandhi:

    “If there is a idiot in power; it is because those who elected him are well represented.”

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 25/11/2021, 10:21 am

      Politicians come, and politicians go, the bureaucracy lasts forever and that’s where much of the problem lies.

      • ibbit 25/11/2021, 12:19 pm

        Bots, your comment makes sense. But it can also be seen as an excuse for incompetent, often dishonest politicians, not to mention ill-informed, put-up-with-anything voters who need a good kick in the nether regions in order to see sense.
        I know politicians are advised by bureaucrats, but does that mean they have little or no brains even though most would claim to be university educated? And what also of the integrity and impartiality of the head honchos of the public service who do the advising?
        Returning from hospital my driver told me – in all seriousness – that we “were lucky to have this little girl as premier”. Pretty widespread stupidity, as we are shown at election time.

      • DT 25/11/2021, 12:20 pm

        I often comment that a Cabinet of Ministers State or Federal is something like a company Board of Directors and Chairman being Prime Minister or Premier.

        You are of course right, the Government Departments and Permanent Heads of Departments are “forever” and politicians “come and go”. Public Service employees are not elected like politicians and are well protected for job security by Public Service Acts.

        And when a Cabinet decision is made it is really signing off on what has been presented by Public Service and consultants, politicians for example do not select submarines but they can of course reject a proposal in favour of an alternative.

        The biggest problem of all in my opinion is the deliberately by politicians blurred lines of responsibilities and powers between the three levels of government, and general ignorance of constitutional laws, noting that many of them are untested meaning never challenged in court to establish precedents for future court consideration. I believe, and I am not a lawyer, this explains how UN treaties and agreements are implemented via legislation and regulation with no referendum to obtain the majority support or not of we the people.

      • Disgruntled 25/11/2021, 2:29 pm

        Bots, A truer statement has never been made;
        And the sad thing is that it pertains to ALL levels of Govt.

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