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27.11.20.  Sky News host Chris Kenny says most of the media and tech giants are only interested in calling out alleged “misinformation” when they see it coming from US President Donald Trump or from the right-side of politics. “The presidential contest has generated a very acute interest in truth. Truth and political debate. Truth and the media,” he said. “Much of it has centered on when the media and especially the tech giants call out untruths, call out erroneous claims, or point out lies. “But the trouble with this debate is that it is so jaundiced, most of the media, and certainly the tech giants, they are only interested in calling out misinformation if they see it coming from Donald Trump or from the right side of politics. “I’ve shown you before the absolute bunkum they spread from Joe Biden and others that never get called out.” Mr Kenny said the “hypocrisy paradox and inanity of political debate” – and truth – in the modern media age had serious implications for some of the world’s most powerful positions. President-elect Joe Biden announced former Secretary of State John Kerry would be the new administration’s Special Envoy on Climate Change. More

27.11.20.  Perhaps, all s not yet lost in America as the legal challenges slowly grind forward. Mayor Rudy Giulinai asked Phil Waldron, retired Army spending  first half of his career just  as a cavalry officer, conducting armed reconnaissance counter reconnaissance. Here is an excerpt from the Q & A: More

27.11.20.  There would be many of you that dabble in various degrees with the paint brush. But when it comes to the record price for Whiteley’s “Room with a view” it’s hard to understand what actually does make a painting ‘good’? There will be a lot artist’s stuff like easels paint boxes and brushes thrown in the garbage today after seeing what is required to net $6million! Fairbloodydinkum!
A large Lavender Bay picture by Brett Whiteley broke the auction record for an Australian painting on Thursday when it sold for $6,136,000 — and knocked Ned Kelly off his horse. Henri’s Armchair, intimate and monumental, is an interior of Whiteley’s home at Lavender Bay with Sydney Harbour glimpsed through the windows. More

27.11.20. We all leave a legacy, mostly only known to a few in the family. Some leave a small legacy that remains on display for eons, like a street named after them. Some leave an undeserved and controversial legacy like Ned Kelly. Others leave a legacy for short periods while they live, such as most ex-prime ministers. Some leave a legacy that burns in the minds of many such as Idi Amin or Pol Pot. Whilst others because they break records such as the Queen being the longest-reigning British Monarch. Most Athletes who also break records survive in people’s minds only until their record is broken by someone else.  Some people’s legacies survive as symbols of something great such as Julius Caesar, Winston Churchill, or Albert Einstein, and of course, there are many more. However, it’s difficult to pick anyone who is still alive and whose legacy will last the test of time but Townhall’s Derek Hunter thinks there is one and I’m sure he will get little argument from MM’s readers: More


26.11.20.  Sky News host Alan Jones says political and military leadership has a lot to answer for as Australia has announced the guilt of our soldiers in Afghanistan to the world before anyone has walked up the steps to a court of law. “We learn today, two Australian defence members – fathers – took their own lives this month,” Mr Jones said. “We have announced to the world guilt of our soldiers in Afghanistan before anyone has walked up the steps to a court of law. “Political and military leadership has a lot to answer for.” Mr Jones spoke of the apologies offered by Australian defence authorities to Afghanistan and the alleged victims’ families. “What do we know about the statues of the so-called victim other than what is alleged and untested?” he said. “The pile on continues, how do you defend the nation by demoralizing those charged with that responsibility of defence? “The Prime Minister has done awful damage to the morale of our troops talking about the ‘brutal truths’ of this report when none of the allegations have been tested in a court of law. “The Prime Minister can repair part of the damage he has done by sacking the Chief of the Defence Force General Angus Campbell and the Chief of the Army Lieutenant General Rick Burr. “That would help restore morale.” More

26.11.20.  Being thankful for small mercies, the coronavirus pandemic, US election debacle and the now the war crimes issue has put asunder the irksome rubbish from the always whingeing indigenous mob demanding more. The charge to stuff constitutional recognition down the throats of all Australians is led by Morrison’s front man Ken Wyatt, minister for indigenous Australians, 3% only, but socks the taxpayer for pretending to bat for all simmers on the back burner. The following article by James Macpherson in the Spectator will help Australians when the day comes to make a decision at the ballot box.
When a black man hits a black woman it’s a white man’s fault, according to Diversity Council Australia. The Council, quoting Indigenous activist Kelly Treloar, yesterday tweeted that a high rate of domestic violence in Aboriginal communities was the result of colonisation. More

26.11.20.  It’s true! Niki Savva makes rare mention on this blog, a fact substantiated by a file search. When respected ladies called Ms Savva, “helmet head” and other disparaging epithets, the name Savva and her opinions slipped off the editor’s desk. Much like an annoying pet that’s kept in the garage so it doesn’t bother the neighbours. Nevertheless, that familiar hairdo pops up with a round-up on several identities. Her predilection for Malcolm Turnbull lives on within her bosom with the same intensity of her catty talons. Go get ’em Niki!
Two iconic images last week are destined to leave their mark on global and local politics. One was accidental, the other staged, yet each of them was ridiculous, vain and given the circumstances, slightly pathetic. The first was the former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, hair dye trickling down his face, sweatily prosecuting Donald Trump’s malignant agenda to poison Joe Biden’s presidency before it had even begun. More

26.11.20.  Sky News host Chris Kenny who has adopted an unfortunate sneer toward Trump says the transition of a Biden Administration at the helm of the United States will be a return to orthodoxy, or in other words, likely a return to underachievement. “Joe Biden and his team have begun their transition to power, and Donald Trump has given his staff the green light to facilitate briefings and resources, although he still reckons he won the election. How very Trumpian,” he said. “Biden has announced key members of his team. It is a return to orthodoxy. In other words, a return to underachievement. “I mean John Kerry, the former senator and secretary of state – the millionaire who loves to fly around on private jets – he’s your climate envoy and he’s gonna get everyone else to reduce their carbon footprint. Mr Kenny said one of the bizarre things about the post-election period was that the public profiles of the two candidates had completely swapped. More

26.11.20.  In the US yesterday the Democrates were whipping into a state of euphoria over Trump’s move to facilitate the transition of bureaucracy. On PBS the term “president elect” Biden switched to president Biden and that carried like the virus throughout media presentations. It used to be called, “counting your chickens before they are hatched!” And so might that be as news trickles forth, but not from MSM. A national organization has filed an emergency petition with the Wisconsin Supreme Court asserting it has identified 150,000 “potentially fraudulent ballots” in the state’s presidential election, which Biden unofficially won by 20,000 votes. Wisconsin is one of several swing states where credible claims have been raised in the election, which President Trump is contesting.
On Tuesday, the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society said the number of ballots in question is more than enough to challenge the validity of the state’s reported election results. “Moreover, these discrepancies were a direct result of Wisconsin election officials’ willful violation of state law,” said Phill Kline, director of the Amistad Project. More