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28.10.20.  Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has praised Victorians for their work in achieving zero coronavirus cases for consecutive days and then delivered a blistering tirade against the Daniel Andrews government’s hotel quarantine failures. On Tuesday the state recorded zero cases and zero deaths, the same figures it had on Monday. “Victorian people have seen their dedication and their commitment to adhering to the rules, to see the number of daily cases reduced to zero, yesterday and today and it is their victory and no-one else’s victory,” Mr Frydenberg said. “My children are like the children of everyone else from Victoria in this place. Six months lost from schooling. “Six months that they will never ever get back. The children of the Northern Territory lost one week in school. The children of South Australia lost just two weeks of school. “The children of Victoria lost more than six months, Mr Speaker, and those in year 12 will never ever get their opportunity back. “More than 800 Victorians have lost their lives, their families will never get them back, and it all comes back to the failures in hotel quarantine which we still have no answers for.” More

28.10.20.  Sky News host Paul Murray says US media claim the Democrats have the edge over Republicans with a “two to one margin” on early voting numbers, but the latest “actual vote numbers” suggest otherwise. Mr Murray pointed to multiple media reports in the US which suggest the Democrats “have the edge” judging from early voting numbers. “So apparently the election is over,” Mr Murray said. Mr Murray said the latest “actual vote numbers” from a number of US states show “that is not the case”. “In Wisconsin, more Republicans have asked for a (mail-in) ballot, and so far the results would suggest that the margins are that Trump is actually leading in Wisconsin,” he said. Mr Murray also pointed to “supposedly knife-edge” states such as Arizona and Georgia, where the margins are “not two to one” regarding both the number of people who have requested a ballot and the number of people who have returned a ballot. “This is a picture which is repeated over and over again,” he said. “You have heard a narrative over and over again that early voting equals Democrat surge, the reality in the states is that it is not a two to one margin.” More

28.10.20. It’s doubtful that anybody who has a computer and the internet does not use Google. Like all the search engines, it is an essential part of modern life. Its search algorithms, the process that finds information fast, are as amazing as they are useful. Information is updated almost immediately, all our articles can be found with an appropriate search often within minutes of the publish button being pushed. But it does give Google the option to do the wrong thing especially by modifying search results to promote specific views. Though this is mainly done to promote a product or service that pays the most to be first up in a search, which is how they earn their hundreds of billions of dollars, it can be used to twist political understanding. How we trust a company like Google is based on what they do and as Townhall’s Nicholas Waddy reports, maybe we shouldn’t be so trusting: More


27.10.20.  Four days to go for Queenslanders. Perhaps too many in the sunshine state must be glued to the Facebook propaganda spread like the virus, rather than the difficult stuff like debt and budget which controls everyone and everything. The PalaceDuck will tell Queenslanders about her budget after she wins the election. Does that mean she views her people as total idiots? Would anyone be fool enough to sign a blank cheque? Nah?
There was a time when a government’s poor financial management carried a heavy political price. Reckless financial management was a death knell. But, judged by the experience of Queensland, voters today seem immune to stories of wasteful government spending, rapid growth of public sector employment, escalating government debt and the downgrading of the state’s credit rating. More

00.10.20.  British doctors, frontline medical staff and high-risk patients may get the first emergency shots of the Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-­19 vaccine before Christmas. But Australia’s supply of the vaccine, which is undergoing stage three trials, is likely to be available only once it has received full regulatory approval. Experts expect that distribution of the vaccine to the wider community will begin in 2021. Picture: AFP Australia has contracted for supplies of the Oxford vaccine. Europe has committed to 400 million doses, while the US will receive 300 million. More

27.10.20.  French President Emmanuel Macron is still in shock over a Muslim lunatic beheading a French school teacher in the street. With apparent sympathy for the murderer that police shot dead, the Muslim Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan reckons the Frog has gone nuts and should see a shrink. This attitude from the Turkey is clear indication of just who needs a shrink—the Turkey, of course, who has been totally brainwashed to the insanity of Islam’s ‘loving and peaceful ways’.
France and Turkey are in an escalating diplomatic tussle after Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said French President Emmanuel Macron had “lost his way” over his attitude towards Muslims. Turkey’s second insulting swipe at Mr Macron came as France continued to reel in the wake of the beheading murder of teacher Samuel Paty, who had shown caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed in class. More

27.10.20.  It used to be, a long time ago, that politics were called, “The Noble Profession!” That notion is entirely laughable when looking at the cabal of opportunists now jostling for a place at the smorgasbord of taxpayers’ plenty. Lie and cheat your way through a couple of terms and you’re set for life. Most, if not all, go in with the arse out of their pants and amazingly exit with substantial wealth. Has there been one that didn’t—eh? Did Daryl Maguire? Who then is qualified to steer the good ship Australia? You need a licence of competency to command a bloody tinny. A licence to cut hair, but bugger all to head a trillion or two dollar nation—and that now shows! Having said that, politics will test the strongest of souls and that we see with Gladys Berejiklian. The utter joy in this article is that the obnoxious miss ‘pig-eyes’, the bitchy Labor leader, has got her comeuppance.
Politically and personally, Gladys Berejiklian has had her best year and her worst. The Premier’s popularity is high on the back of her competent handling of the pandemic. More

27.10.20.  Investigations are continuing into the “suspected hijacking” of an oil tanker off the Isle of Wight which ended when British forces stormed the vessel. Seven people were detained on Sunday evening when stowaways on board the Liberian-registered Nave Andromeda reportedly became violent. About 16 members of the Special Boat Service (SBS) ended the 10-hour standoff in a nine-minute operation. All 22 crew members, who were locked in the ship’s citadel, are safe. “When it was dark the 16 strong SBS team flew by four Royal Navy helicopters and quickly descended on to the vessel by rope,” said BBC defence correspondent Jonathan Beale. “The seven stowaways – believed to be Nigerians seeking asylum in the UK – were detained and handed over to Hampshire Police,” he said. More

27.10.20.  The authors of this summation have tiptoed through a minefield choosing descriptors and caveats carefully for example: “Comparing different countries’ fights against COVID-19 is not a straightforward exercise, given differences in demography, geography, health system capability and government strategy.” That’s right! But the headline is misleading: “After Victoria’s long and difficult coronavirus lockdown, it’s now the envy of the world.” That smells like bullshit because it is! Being carefully timed for Dan’s unlocking of the Gulag’s gates is pure coincidence—is it? MM rarely includes links but this one is needed here. Compare Australia’s cases and deaths to other countries.
If the past few months have been like a long-haul flight, Victorians are now standing in the aisles waiting for the cabin door to open, a little groggy and disoriented but relieved. More