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25.01.21.  Sky News host Paul Murray says over at the taxpayer-funded ABC, they have decided to promote “Australia Day/Invasion Day events” that are taking place on January 26. The public broadcaster has defended a recent story posted to the ABC’s website entitled, ‘Australia Day/Invasion Day 2021 events guide for Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin’. The article was widely criticised for using the two terms interchangeably. “Today the bosses over at Channel Two have defended their decision to include invasion day and basically have told their staff to move away from the awful term that is Australia Day,” Mr Murray said. More

25.01.21.  How or why would any business executive go the a meeting to patch up differences when one party says this: “Scott Morrison says he will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping only if there are no conditions for restarting dialogue, as he warned that Beijing’s global outlook had become “more inconsistent” with Australia’s sovereign interests.” Xi Jinping’s arrogance speaks volumes od precisely what he thinks about Scott Morrison and in deed Australia’s a whole—”hole” being the operative word with a capital “A”! China’s agenda is more than clear—time for democratic nations ignore China and take the economic hit now because the hit that will come later will be the final blow to Australia as we love it!
The Prime Minister’s warning came as Foreign Minister Marise Payne said Australia’s and America’s relationships with China would be closely watched as US President Joe Biden began his four-year term in the White House. More

25.01.21.   ‘Suspicious activity’ at the Wuhan Institute of Virology emerges. “More and more evidence” is emerging that there was “suspicious activity” at the Wuhan Institute of Virology prior to the pandemic outbreak, according to Sky News host Sharri Markson. “Some of this evidence points to the fact that this laboratory had workers who fell ill … around August of 2019”. Ms Markson said the US State Department has released a fact sheet which says for more than a year, the Chinese Communist Party has systematically prevented a transparent and thorough investigation of the origin of the pandemic. Instead choosing to devote enormous resources to deceit and disinformation, while nearly two million people have died, Ms Markson said. The fact sheet was released by the US State Department on January 16. “It goes on to say that the US government does not know where, when or how COVID was transmitted initially to humans; whether it was through contact with an infected animal or whether it was the result of an accident at the lab in Wuhan,” Ms Markson said. Ms Markson continued to say there is “fascinating new information that this rare fact sheet from the US State Department reveals”. She said the US State Department disclosed that China has a biological weapons program and that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was collaborating on “secret projects with China’s military.” More

25.1.20. When will we learn that bureaucrats can not nor ever will understand the forces that drive our open economy? We have survived and thrived well because of open competition in the various private market places that operate here. It’s good when government regulates behavior that is unfair or bad in its application but competition is not that. The ACCC is trying to build a bureaucracy to force some players on the internet to pay other players because it’s claimed that they are stealing their content when the offended party is also stealing other peoples’ content, it’s the way the internet works. In fact, neither is stealing content they are just referring their users to their competitor’s data, really simple, but our media’s greed is driving the ACCC to enact this hopeless legislation. Australians are not the only one who thinks this as Townhall’s Andreas Hellmann discusses: More

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24.01.21.  Spaniard Paula Badosa complained like hell when told she would have to quarantine upon her arrival in Australia. A real glamour-puss with an attitude to match that most Aussies find offensive has no doubt been told to cool her bitching to media. Last night Ms Badosa tested positive for COVID-19. See video below in which the darling is belting a tennis ball against the window and walls of her hotel room. Gotta keep fit you know! Her social media posts are now more than contrite.
Spanish tennis star Paula Badosa’s positive COVID-19 test is “proof” Victoria’s hard quarantine of more than 70 tennis players was necessary, Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has said. The world No 67 has been moved to a health hotel after testing positive on Thursday, and told her Twitter followers that she was “feeling unwell” and had some symptoms. Badosa was on the same flight from Abu Dhabi as Sylvain Bruneau, coach of Canada’s 2019 US Open champion Bianca Andreescu, who has also tested positive. More

24.01.21.  One of the world’s most wanted criminals drug kingpin Tse Chi Lop has been arrested in the Netherlands with the Australian Federal Police playing a major role in the operation. Tse Chi Lop is allegedly the head of the Sam Gor syndicate, otherwise known as the Company, which is a $22 billion empire spanning across Asia. The Company is alleged to have done business with The Comancheros and Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle gangs. The Australian Federal Police have confirmed they will work with the attorney-general to have the 57 year old extradited to face trial here. His syndicate is allegedly responsible for up to 70 per cent of all narcotics entering Australia. More

24.01.21.  Well what do you know? Yesterday this Ed. painted the economist Adam Creighton as leaning Left of centre and that it would be very unlikely to see him wearing a Trump MAGA cap around his new job in a Biden controlled Washington. Creighten’s article in the Oz today may indicate that his convictions toward truth ‘trump’ all. The Democrats have openly signalled that any Trump supporter or person involved with Trump in any way will be declared persona non grata— a fair-dinkum spree of Marxist control if ever there was one. Killing a person’s right to employment, their right to provide for their families, their freedom of thought, word and deed in the ‘land of the free’? What next?
“Amazing by any standards” was outgoing president Donald Trump’s summation of his administration’s achievements when he departed the White House. Putting aside the characteristic exaggeration, his four years in ­office notched up significant achievements, arguably more than his predecessor, Barack Obama, who had twice the time. More

24.01.21.  If Australians have learned anything about government administration over the past pandemic year it must be that Labor governments are lost. The triumvirate of Annastacia Palaszczuk QLD, Daniel Andrews VIC and Mark McGowan the WA goose, have brought new meaning to the term, administrative incompetence—amazing dictatorial control from the Marxist playbook. Just days ago McGowan ruled out forcibly removing people camping in his Fremantle Park—they were all booted out yesterday by the coppers—his words were bullshit! This, however, is not and should not be the real issue. The real issue is that McGowan’s wishy-washy on and off method of government—now well established via his border revolving doors—changing lives by the minute. Of Course, nobody wants a bunch of socialist bludgers squatting in flimsy tents pissing and pooing all over the place in the dark, and god knows what else, and that includes arrest for sexual assault against women, in a public park in which children play the elderly meet and dogs do run! Instead of applying good management in the first place, before matters got out of hand, he knew of the ratbags involved—McGowan used bullshit and now taxpayers will be the suckers. More