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14.09.19 Australia is indeed the lucky country. We did lose about 35,000 of the nearly one million that served in the armed forces during the second world war.  But since then we have lost a few returned soldiers to suicide and wounds received, but on a comparison to other countries we have not suffered too much as a result. We have accepted as migrants and get on with Germans, Italians and Japanese, holding nothing against the people themselves for the disaster their countrymen gave the world. None of this is true for some other countries who suffered worse and longer as Victor Davis Hanson explains: More

13.09.19.  Today, people around the globe will feel uneasy about getting out of bed, leaving their homes, or going about their normal daily routines, all because of a superstition. These unfortunate folks suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobia, a common neurosis familiar to us all: the fear of Friday the 13th. But just where did this superstitious association come from, and how did it catch on?
The truth is that no one is absolutely sure where the idea that Friday the 13th is unlucky originated. Donald Dossey, the founder of the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina, suspects the fear can be traced back to a Norse myth about 12 gods who had a dinner at Valhalla—the fabled hall where legendary Norse heroes feasted for eternity after they died—that was interrupted by a 13th guest, the evil and mischievous god Loki.

13.09.19.  Anyone who can still stomach the carry-on in Parliamentary Question Time had a grand spectacle yesterday equal to a barnyard of feral pigs trying to chew each others tales off in a feeding frenzy.
MP Gladys Liu was brought to tears and that idiot for a Deputy PM McCormack screaming across the despatch box in a state of apoplectic, unhinged rage—straight jacket stuff!  During the several minute rage, just an arm’s length away was the PM pretending that nothing was awry. He didn’t even look up. But it was Morrison that took the day for deceptive spin. In his defence of Gladys Liu Morrison shamed himself by playing the race card to halt Labor’s attack. It might have been McCormack’s burst of insanity that sent ScoMo off the track? A failed leader under fire, all the same!
Embattled Liberal MP Gladys Liu has been moved to tears by Scott Morrison’s defence of her, as the Prime Minister accused Labor of smearing all Chinese-Australians with its attacks. Ms Liu shed a tear and was passed tissues by other Coalition colleagues as the government stared down attempts to dislodge her over her links to Chinese Communist Party-linked groups. More

13.09.19.  It is no surprise that a scheme such as this was hatched by a Lefite in Canberra. A big battery farm that will power 25,000 homes for two hours. And how will they be recharged, solar or wind? They don’t know yet! But they reckon what ever it is will only cost consumers $4:90 per week. Ha, Ha, Ha!
The ACT will gain one of the nation’s biggest batteries, capable of powering 25,000 homes for two hours, as it moves to end its reliance on fossil fuels. ACT Climate Change Minister Shane Rattenbury announced a tender for the storage on Thursday, along with a large expansion in renewable energy generation for Canberra. More

13.09.19.  Once a sneak is revealed in the camp, warning bells sound. This article only adds to that fear. That fear is the depth which communist China has permeated through Australia’s systems of politics, learning institutions, construction and now on the heels of the Gladys Liu revelations, organised children camps.
MP Liu has to off on the wrong foot thinking she could fool Australians with her poor memory and obfuscation about serious questions. It’s no secret that many Asians do covertly believe Australians are stupid, they have good reason. One viewing of any of the border customs TV series will prove that. Also swallowing the Beijing lure is Victoria’s Andrews who has leaped into their bed despite warnings from ASIO. Read here. Whether or not Ms Liu a Chinese spy or an Australian patriot will be determined and that fear will remain until it happens. Meanwhile, there is a lot more to be uncovered about Beijing’s, shall we say, incursion, in one form or another? Dastyari reckons so!
The Chinese Communist Party-linked organisation that counted Liberal backbencher Gladys Liu as a member, and has been associated with Chinese foreign interference, ­organised camps that at least 28 Melbourne children were invited to attend. More

13.09.19.  Nursing the aged, the infirmed, the incontinent and those poor buggers with dementia can be a trying vocation and that might be an understatement. But, that is no excuse for what amounts to cruelty inflicted on patients because their carers can’t control themselves. They need to be in other employment—some of them in jail.
Bupa has many nursing homes and are now under investigation. The message this article sends is that dying in your own bed is the best bet. View the video link at bottom.
A government investigation of a Sydney nursing home has revealed shocking cases of disappearing dementia patients, dying residents left hungry and in pain, and multiple reports of residents assaulting one another. The audit paints a disturbing picture of life inside Bupa Seaforth, with families saying there are not enough staff, and workers do not know how to care for people with dementia. More

13.09.19.  Bravo, clap, clap,clap! “The University of NSW has shot up the world rankings to cement itself among the top 100.”
You can be forgiven for thinking this report is fake news, completely invented. It’s not, and it tells plenty about PC and Leftie bullshit being shovelled about in Australian unis. So, break out the Champaign, the Uni of Sydney’s world placing has shot up—fill that glass and toast! Yes, my scholarly ilk, it shot up from a sorry 96th to 71. Glory be, the place is leaking geniuses.

On the worldly dais of competitiveness there are three places of relevance,  first, second and third. All the rest go home disappointed—train harder—be taught better. Top of the tree are, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and Stanford University. Institutions of excellence. The University of Canberra romped in at a stunning 194. No wonder our uni’s are loaded with Asians who can’t speak English. Low entry standards attracts mediocrity. And, those who seek easy residency. Also, such mediocrity becomes the incubator of low grade Leftwing teachers. Australia can do better but it won’t, as the text says, it has “cemented” itself in—cement boots! More

13.09.19 We hear crime statistics bandied about to suit arguments. Re domestic violence, you can argue that the victim is a woman issue though nearly a third of all domestic killings are men. Mostly the statistics are used to gain funding, such as for organisations claiming that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women suffer more, or it’s young women, or pregnant women, or women with disabilities, or women experiencing financial hardships etc. It’s important to know but often the statistics are selective or misquoted to gain support for a cause, check out the real numbers before believing everything you read about crime as Walter E. Williams suggests: More

13.09.19 We watch our “personalities” and actors pretending to be experts in global warming, refugee intake, racial prejudice, gender selection, abortion, meat eating, old white men etc and wish they were. At least if they were they would present their arguments rather than just demanding we follow their advice and not their example, then call us names if we don’t.  Derek Hunter puts it more strongly in his article about the ‘Woke’ Gestapo demanding conformity: More