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14.01.20. As the metaphoric noose tightens around Bruce Pascoe’s neck over his claim of being an Aboriginal he must awake every morning wondering what’s next. Bruce’s defensive strategy has turned to one of “poor me” as “nasty” bastards ask him about his derivation. He says, “But there is a way of asking that question. And it’s about politeness and decency. And do you ask a stranger that first up? Perhaps bruvver Bruce could offer some guidance on that subject. How do you ask a person if they are a bullshitting, lying, scamming fraud without appearing rude, insensitive and aggressive? Anyone reading the following article is sure to come away believing that Bruce Pascoe is deep in denial—deep enough to be excused by reason of mental illness, the kind and respectful word for insanity?
Bruce Pascoe is hurt and mystified by those questioning his Aboriginality and referral of the claims to police, saying he has demonstrated his indigenous heritage to his community. More

14.01.20. Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young says “the prime minister should pick up the phone to Donald Trump” and say “I need you to re-join global efforts”. “Right now, when the whole world is watching, this is the moment that the Australian government should be picking up the phone to our allies around the world and saying we need a new commitment to global action on climate change,” Ms Hanson-Young told Sky News. “He should call on Donald Trump to re-join the Paris Agreement and work better, faster and harder to reduce carbon pollution”. She also said that she had been “out on the fire ground over the last week!” Right, selected areas after the event for photo ops you can bet. Put up your hand if you voted for this idiot! More

14.01.20. Australia’s ‘climate’ fires are fast becoming the biggest fake news scare story of 2020. All the world’s stupidest, most annoying, hand-wringing, virtue-signalling leftists, luvvies, eco-loons, shyster politicians, second-rate activist scientists and other bottom feeders are jumping on the bandwagon. The fires themselves are all too real: no one is disputing that – or the damage they have done. At least 27 people have been killed – including four firemen; an estimated 15.6 million acres have been burned; hundreds of properties have been destroyed; hundreds of thousands of animals, both livestock and wildlife, have been incinerated. More

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13.01.20. As Jack so sadly wrote in his message this morning:
I am so fatigued I don’t think I’ll have the strength to write anything more. My best for all the faithful at Morning Mail. It’s been a great journey for me for many years now.
Please scroll down for Jack’s 10th and perhaps final entry!

16.05.19. Jack Richards in his battle against the evil cancer is most appreciative of the kind thoughts of support from commenters on this blog. Such kindness has prompted Jack to share a mini journey through his interesting life. We will include such updates if and when Jack chooses to share.
Update 2 begins: Thank you everyone for your kind words and support.

13.01.20. Those who have followed Scott Morrison’s political career would have learned that Scott is a good follower as proven operating under the leadership of then PM Tony Abbott, but a very poor leader as proven by his inaction with the continuing drought—a disaster that did not sneak up one night. With the current bushfire situation Mr Morrison continued with the same failed mantra, promise everything to everyone although completely unaware of how to deliver. But the voters are no longer fooled by sales spin and that is reflected with the “Coalition now trailing for the first time since the election, with a six-point turnaround in the two-party-preferred split to put Labor ahead 51-49.” The PM has admitted that, “In hindsight, I would not have taken that trip [to Hawaii] knowing what I know now!” It becomes clearer that Mr Morrison ignores his advisors because he knows best. A five-year-old schoolboy could have told him that regardless of family obligations the timing of that trip would surely be fodder for his detractors, including a global media ever ready to punish. And so it was and still is! More

13.01.20. Much has been written lately about the government’s worrying slide into secrecy and even greater control of its citizens. Their motives and methods  are similar to that of the bloody Greens who yell in your face, “Don’t you agree with fresh air and clean water?” Who would say no—until you search for their true agenda. And so it fits the government agenda to spruik draconian measures to control cash—your cash that you worked for, paid inordinate amounts of tax upon it, and by shrewd management managed to squirrel away a few dollars for what ever you chose.
“The theory that the real motive behind the Federal Government’s proposed cash ban is to create an Orwellian state that gives banks greater control over people’s money — and authorities greater control over people’s behaviour during recessions — is “far-fetched”, according to the Reserve Bank.”
“Far-fetched” my arse! Ask all those burnt out in the recent and continuing bushfires that tried to escape. Communications gone, credit card use gone. Those using cash only: petrol stations, accommodation, food and water supplies all demanding CASH and no ATMs functioning. What would anybody give for a pocket-full of cash in predicaments like that. I’d dearly love to see an idiot from the RBA preaching at the petrol pumps not to use filthy cash as they try to fill up and save their and their family’s lives. Please God save us from such fools who will have you jailed for spending $10,000—two years in the slammer! More

12.01.20. When it comes to our political class this editor is a cynic, an avowed ‘doubting Thomas’ and Liberal MP Craig Kelly’s embarrassing performance on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan only fortifies my stand. The headline substantiates the timbre of Kelly’s political career as one of a bloated ‘troughster’ spouting segments of data gleaned from others hoping that his boastful footy scrum tactics will fool—and it does for some. But in this case the fool is Kelly who should have feigned severe diarrhoea and therefore unavailable. But no, the ego is commensurate with the bloat and to wolves he trudged willingly. The Liberal Party now distances themselves from Kelly who presents like a used car salesman who uses a kerosene rag to shine the curves on an over-priced clunker in the dazzling sun. Such is life in Kellyland! Will he be preselected again?
Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly would be well advised to follow the lead of Britain’s Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In the days before the British general election on December 12, Johnson was confronted by an ITV producer who wanted him to do a live cross to Good Morning Britain co-presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid. More

Boy! You could really have fun with this one. Just press the horn!

12.01.20. It might well be the “white bastards” who, in the end will fell Bruce Pascoe along with his most spectacular foray into Aboriginal ‘Dream Time’ ever concocted, but a leading complaint about Pascoe’s claim to Aboriginality comes from a genuine Aboriginal businesswoman, Josephine Cashman. Ms Cashman has a double degree in journalism and law and served on the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council, she was also invited to speak at the United Nations Human Rights Council about the role of the justice system in Indigenous communities. Cashman now dedicates her time to Big River, the social impact investment group she founded in 2013 to ensure money spent in Indigenous communities delivers results. Her complaint about Pascoe the Dark Emu author was made in a letter to Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton. Read here about Pascoe.
The Australian federal police has received a complaint via the office of the home affairs minister, Peter Dutton, that accuses the acclaimed author and historian Bruce Pascoe of benefiting financially from incorrectly claiming to be Indigenous.

12.01.20. A comment from JS on MM’s forum yesterday raised the matter of “Cemtrails”. While it’s not the latest pitch from the global warming warriors who are adroit at inventing anything and everything that might even remotely, even stupidly, suit their rampant agenda to reshape the path of all mankind have settled on “Chemtrails”—government pumping deadly chemicals into jet streams which rain down upon us all. What governments around the world are doing to us is really frightening. Strontium, Barium, lithium, thorium, magnesium and a dozens more “ums” are settling in the lungs of people and in the forests where only water added will ignite the lot, and you thought they were lightning strikes? Of course, this grand plan from the minds of morons has one fatal flaw—the politicos who shovel this muck into the atmosphere live in the same regions and breathe the same air as the victims, as do their families and friends. So, until we see all the political class, their families and friends all running around wearing military-grade full-face gas masks regard “Chemtrails” as pure bullshit! It could be called “Death from above” a rock band from the 70s. Also used by US 101st Airborne Div and others and was true to the words. More