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07.07.20. Following his hugely successful radio career spanning over 35-years, Sky News host Alan Jones is back, and now with his brand new program, will be the voice of the voiceless for all Australians. The Alan Jones Show will focus on all regions and will be a platform for all Aussies to get in touch with the host himself. “Wherever you are watching us, if your world has been turned upside down you may need a voice,” Mr Jones said. “We are here for you”. The Alan Jones Show will run from Monday to Thursday on Sky News at 8:00PM. More

07.07.20. “Pauline Hanson has blasted Channel 9 for banning her from the Today Show over her attacks on migrants and addicts living in Melbourne’s nine COVID-19 lockdown towers, saying the network is telling everyone with controversial views to stay silent. Senator Hanson sparked outrage on Monday morning when she said in her regular Today Show spot that the tower residents should not get extra financial support from the Victorian Government while in quarantine. She also accused some residents of not following social distancing rules and not learning how to speak English.”
After the social media backlash, Nine’s news and current affairs director Darren Wick announced hours later she would no longer be a regular contributor to the program. Senator Hanson told The Australian that while she did not care about the ban, she believed Channel 9’s actions were “detrimental” to free speech and that she stood by her comments. More

07.07.20. The theory of the COVID-19 virus being man made is not new, US President Trump often intimates such. Despite China’s best efforts to expunge any trace in its laboratories to avoid discovery and global condemnation is now beyond their control as scientists track down the source via all known coronavirus genetic descriptions.
A shocking new report has revealed that China discovered a form of coronavirus in a vermin-infested mine and studied it in the Wuhan lab seven years ago without alerting global authorities. Chinese scientists secretly found a virus strain similar to COVID-19 in an abandoned mine in 2013 but kept the discovery secret, according to a shocking new report. More

07.07.20. It is astounding just how far an experienced in media person like Ita Butrose can drift away from reality. Whether Ita believes it or not, but she did say when asked the years of complaints about bias were true, “No I don’t!” Is it case of just take the money and shut up? There can’t possibly be any great sense of accomplishment and success knowing things are worse—if that’s possible? Nah! It’s got to be the money—the selling of one’s soul for a price! Madame Bumfluff is simply following the leaders of this nation.
Buried away in the safe waters of afternoon radio with Deb Knight on 2GB and 4BC on Wednesday, Ita Buttrose conducted her first interview since the ABC cuts. It was meant to be all about mental health but things became a little less sedate when Knight dared to ask Ita about whether the ABC was too left-leaning. “No one in the media is perfect,” she pointedly told Knight. “Not any of us. And no organisation! So I think that less than perfect organisations should stop chucking stones at us.” More

07.07.20.  Politics Australia is distinguishing itself as broken and repugnant, but you already knew that. Deceit, lies and contempt is entrenched and any attempt to rectify same is blocked. Aristotle said that the two noblest professions were teaching and politics. Two thousand years on were he here that opinion would not stand and the words, “It’s a rort only if you are not in it!” The Liberal Party has officially appointed a former ICAC boss to investigate allegations the prime minister’s right-hand man Alex Hawke doctored party minutes which removed potential new members. Mr Hawke has been accused of allegedly altering party minutes in Sydney Liberal Party branch which excluded ten new members from joining the branch, a claim Mr Hawke has denied. More

07.07.20. Although lockdowns are preventing some deaths, they are undoubtedly causing deaths by other means. The coronavirus is killing people not only by infecting millions but also by inducing a policy response that kills people. First, amid this policy-induced isolation, we should be concerned about deaths from despair. People need connection and community. Isolation kills in many ways. We don’t have data yet that the lockdowns are causing more suicides, but plenty of health experts believe they do. People struggling with drug addiction are finding it harder to get the treatment they need. This could cause relapses, withdrawls and eventually, death. It’s also reasonable to worry about increased drinking, and thus addiction and other alcohol-related deaths. (Though, with less driving, we’ll have fewer DWIs.) There is a “surge” in reports of domestic abuse and People are also missing out on crucial medical care because of the coronavirus shutdowns. Today’s article, an interview in Spike magazine with Dr Malcolm Kendrick on the disastrous response to the Chinese flu supports these contentions: More


06.07.20. Weeks before the advent of the Eden-Monaro by-elections NSW National’s Leader John Barilaro jousted with NSW MP Andrew Constance over who would contest that vacant seat. That all fizzled accompanied by a public, vitriolic exchange from Barilaro to the village idiot and National’s leader Michael McCormack. It would appear that PM Morrison and McCormack did not support Barilaro—hence Barilaro’s bizarre behaviour. But that fails to eclipse that of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party that has seriously shot itself not in the foot, but squarely in the head. Such a crazy choice to preference Labor has shocked its supporters. The political future of the SFF party seems bleak indeed. Meanwhile rancour will continue until the Nationals dump their village idiot who is a catalyst for division!
There can be little doubt that one man’s vanity — or insanity — project looks set to rob Scott Morrison of what would have been a historic victory at the weekend. The NSW Nationals leader and Deputy Premier, John Bari­laro, made no secret of his desire for the seat of Eden-Monaro ­to remain in Labor hands. More

06.07.20. It seems most likely that any success or voter influence GetUp has in Australia’s political affairs is pretty much on the back of MSM that views the activists as a story and gives them oxygen, which, without would see the rabble suffocate. It simple—if people ignored any and every word they spruiked there would be no GetUp because supporters would stop donating to a no-performance bunch of hucksters!
GetUp used a campaign blitz in Saturday’s Eden Monaro by-election to road-test a 2022 federal election issue it reckons will take skin, and seats, off the Coalition. The pitch? “Protecting the ABC.” Diary hears GetUp made its presence felt in Eden Monaro during voting, ahead of Labor’s apparent narrow victory, with a vocal campaign against government funding levels. But what was more interesting was that GetUp’s ABC pitch seemed closely synchronised with Labor’s. More

06.07.20.  Remarks by President Trump at South Dakota’s 2020 Mount Rushmore Fireworks Celebration Keystone, South Dakota
Issued on: July 4, 2020
Source: The White House Website: 8:50 P.M. MDT
THE PRESIDENT:  Well, thank you very much.  And Governor Noem, Secretary Bernhardt — very much appreciate it — members of Congress, distinguished guests, and a very special hello to South Dakota.  (Applause.)
As we begin this Fourth of July weekend, the First Lady and I wish each and every one of you a very, very Happy Independence Day.  Thank you.  (Applause.) More