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17.04.19. Sports are not a frequent topic on this blog, there is any amount of it 24/7 on all other media. But the affair of Israel Folau by the disgraceful Australian Rugby begs comment here. And no matter what you think of Alan Jones many might think he gets it right in this article. People like the Qantas CEO poof Alan Joyce who seems to believe that Australia’s national airline is his toy to further his perverted sexual agenda needs to told by the board that the entire world is not queer—yet!
Alan Jones:
The so-called Israel Folau affair, if we dismantle the humbug, can be summed up quite simply. If the young man is not free to state his religious views, let alone Christian views, then we are all in trouble. It would be helpful if people analysed what he said before condemning him to rugby oblivion. He issued a warning to “drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists, idolaters, hell awaits you, repent, only Jesus saves”.
“Jesus Christ loves you and has given you time to turn away from your sin and come to him.” More

17.04.19. It’s the bloody PC brigade again pushing the gender crap. Ah, yes they’ve found a target at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. This time it is Barry Humphries, more specifically, his “Barry” Award. Don’t you see, “Barry” is a bloke’s name—can’t have that, it’s sexist and outright offensive. MICF Director Susan Provan should be tarred and and feathered on stage, just for a big laugh at an even bigger dope. She said “removing gender from the award was appropriate as a third of the recipients of the Barry are women.”  I had the misfortune to see their shoe on TV. I will laugh at nothing and there was nothing to laugh at—a smile for the only performer that did not let fly with a string of “Fs”.
Melbourne International Comedy Festival is rebranding the Barry Award, which honours comedian Barry Humphries, in order to make the award gender neutral and to better reflect the city of Melbourne. more

17.04.19. This is a happy story for dog lovers and we have plenty of those on Morning Mail.
This very lucky dog was found paddling in the ocean 220kms off the coast Thailand. One can only wonder what was in the mind of that poor dog as it paddled for its very life, but in what direction so far away from land? They say a cat has nine lives. This dog surely has more than one? This story is much preferred to the leis being told by Bill Shorten in his desperation for the Lodge by any means. Labor’s reforms have been deleted from their campaign website?
A dog discovered some 220km (135 miles) off the coast of Thailand has been rescued by a team of oil rig workers after the exhausted pooch was spotted paddling near a drilling platform. The brown aspin swam towards the workers when they called out to him last Friday afternoon. He was then pulled to safety. More

17.04.19. A wonderful court decision for the sacked James Cook University Professor Peter Ridd, a win for free speech so wickedly under attack these days, and a breath of fresh air for democracy. The dictatorial Left at JCU has been put on notice and if proper justice is to follow vice-chancellor Sandra Harding, and those in league. must now be sacked as a warning to other Marxist thinking cabals plotting their narrow agendas in other universities around Australia. The sour prigs involved in this gang-up on Mr Ridd are already crying foul just as the Left always does when it loses—never accepting the umpire’s call. Throw the ball again crap!
Professor Cocklin, who was involved in Professor Ridd’s disciplinary process, said the university was “considering its options” on the matter.
“We disagree with the judge’s comments and are also troubled by the fact he fails to refer to any legal precedent or case law in Australia to support his interpretation of our enterprise agreement, or academic freedom in Australian employment law,” he said. More

17.04.19. In March this year Australia’s High Court has awarded reparations to the Ngaliwurru and Nungali groups of Aboriginal people from the Northern Territory of Australia.
The judgment is especially significant because, in addition to compensating the Ngaliwurru and Nungali for the economic losses they sustained by losing use of their land, the High Court awarded what amounts to damages for the cultural and spiritual losses endured.
This follows earlier Aborigine representatives who launched compensation lawsuits for victims of discrimination policies that lasted from 1910 until the late 1970s with calls for the establishment of a $1 billion compensation fund. More

WARNING: This is frightening stuff and the “F” word is used liberally. Turn your sound off first! More

  Two tales of one reef

16.04.19. In September 2015 scientists discovered a never-before-seen coral reef off the southern coast of Australia, and they claim that its diversity of colourful coral, sponges, and abundant fish species could rival the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef.
Reported in the Guardian December 7 2018: A team of researchers says it has discovered the most diverse coral site ever recorded on the Great Barrier Reef.
Great Barrier Reef Legacy, a non-profit organisation and scientist Charlie Veron, known as the godfather of coral, have identified the site on the outer reef.
In a space no longer than 500 metres, the researchers say they recorded at least 195 different species of corals on a research expedition last month.
“I’ve spent eight years working on the Great Barrier Reef in just about every nook and cranny,” Veron said. “I thought there would be nothing new for me on the Great Barrier Reef.”Veron said the reef was located in a general area that had been affected by widespread coral bleaching and coral mortality.It also appeared to have been unaffected by cyclones and other factors such as crown of thorns that threaten coral health. More

16.04.19. If you think Labor isn’t determined to take government its massive $200 billion war chest speaks otherwise. A question that goes begging  is, where did such huge money come from? And first cab off the rank should be every dues paying unionist. In September 2017 Simon Benson in The Australian wrote that, “The nation’s largest trade unions have amassed a political war ­machine totalling more than $1.5 billion in assets and a combined income stream estimated at $900 million a year, despite a continuing decline in their membership base. The first comprehensive analysis of union financial records has revealed the real wealth of the Labor Party’s industrial wing, now largely funded through “rivers of gold” from superannuation funds and workers’ entitlement trusts. More

16.04.19. Section 44 of the Constitution has brought down bigger scofflaws than the socialist’s pin-up lesbian MP (for now), Dr Kerryn Phelps. Taking the chapter on moral conduct from the Greens Marxist handbook of governance, observance to Australian law is but a mere inconvenience to be ignored—a trivial matter of no consequence. And they have not been called to account in the past. That can be repaired at the polling station!
Things are warming up in Wentworth where both Phelps and Sharma have asked the Australian Federal Police to re-open an investigation into a volley of “bigoted, racist” and anti-Semitic emails they both say are targeting them. Prhaps the same loons pinching Phelps’ posters?
Anyway, Barnaby Joyce has popped up and called on independent NSW MP Kerryn Phelps to drop her bid for re-election after the revelation she has continued to treat patients as a general practitioner In violation of S44? More

16.04.19. Perhaps the Turnbull family gentlemen should give some consideration to their families. The patriarch’s propensity for poisonous vengeance is likely to brand the Turnbulls as persona non gratis in much of Australia—particularly in the snobbish Point piper coffee shops—if not Kmart, and certainly so at Trump’s house. The Waffler’s personal wealth may not overrule popular disdain for practitioners of bastardry and thus civility is withdrawn to be replaced with derision. Very thick skin will be required. Bring back the stocks, please!
Coalition MPs are playing down a threat posed by Malcolm Turnbull’s son, Alex, to build momentum for a permanent political movement in which independent candidates would continue to challenge sitting Liberal MPs after the election. The former prime minister’s son is supporting the independent campaigns of Zali Steggall in Warringah, Julia Banks in Flinders, Oliver Yates in Kooyong, Helen Haines in Indi and Kerryn Phelps in the seat of Wentworth. More