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17.07.19.  After the rock-and-roll earthquake near Broome WA the seismologists at Geosciences Australia have advised that the 6.6 magnitude earthquake that rattled the West coast last weekend was on par with the largest ever recorded in Australia. The movement was felt along several thousand kilometres of coastline from Darwin down to Perth and around to Esperance. It was 100 times more powerful that the Newcastle quake in December 1989.
While it certainly gave residents a scare, damage appears to have been limited to some roof panels and stock that tumbled from supermarket shelves. Geosciences Australia earthquake seismologist Trevor Allen said a quake of that power could have been devastating, but the country dodged a bullet. More

17.07.19 It’s often the really small things that change history. There are many examples of these small things. One holiday in 1878, Young Alfie Price, 16 at the time of the incident, from Devon smacked the nose of Kaiser Wilhelm II, 19 at that time, for throwing stones at the beach huts in Ilfracombe. The hatred that caused influenced the touchy Kaiser to begin the First World War. Napoleon suffered from an acute hemorrhoids attack that it prevented him from riding his horse and keeping close supervision on his soldiers at the Battle of Waterloo, he lost. Emily ran in front of the King’s horse at the Epsom Derby 1913 that give women the right for suffrage. Return train ticket to London showed it wasn’t suicide. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel joined his wife Lu for her birthday celebration the fateful day the Allies launch the Normandy Landings, wasn’t there to fight back. A trigger which made US drop the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima in August 1945 resulted from the misinterpretation of one Japanese word. What was meant as “no comment” was translated into “ignore”. Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer’s story below could well describe on of those small things.

17.07.19 You watch chat shows on TV, particularly on our favorite channel 2, you see so much false anger. Often aimed at the “big” things such as “global warming deniers”, anti-abortionists, Christians, conservatives and others of the right. The anger allows the angry person to feel superior to those being attacked. It’s often hard to believe these angry people believe what they are saying, often lacking in any common sense or logic, but on the other hand it is good entertainment for the viewers. Sadly, this also means their anger lends credibility to their argument. There are indications that general public’s belief in climate change is as result of what is seen as the commitment to the belief argued by the angry one. In the US it’s the “little” things that make people argue with angry as Ben Shapiro discusses: More

16.07.19.  It’s never a dull moment with Donald Trump as President of the US. It should give courage to all the other mealy-mouthed politicians that embrace the substance less path of Political Correctness. Of course, treading your own footsteps is all very well when you are the big boss of the most powerful nation on earth. It has to start somewhere and Trump has kicked off in the contentious game of women in politics (Democrats) and their ethnicity.
President Donald Trump is not backing down from calling on progressive Congresswomen critical of the U.S. to move out of the country, saying Monday, “If you’re not happy here, then you can leave.” “If you’re not happy here, then you can leave,” President Trump said, prompting cheers from the audience at a planned “Made in America” event at the White House. “As far as I’m concerned, if you hate our country, if you’re not happy here, you can leave.” More

16.07.19.  Jim Molan mixed it with the ever  whinging Labor troll, Linda Burney, and another smart-arse never funny but always boring comedian Sami Shah as the usual Q&A bias continues unabated despite mutterings of possible bias (although they don’t know they are biased) from CEO Ita Buttrose.
PM Morrison had better ignore his interfering factions that seek to install a lesser person to the vacant senate seat and regard carefully the popularity and will of the voters in NSW lest he cop plenty of flack similar in weight to that concerning the Ken Wyatt madness hatched in league with the PM to dived the nation by skin colour.
Retired general and former senator Jim Molan used last night’s episode of Q&A to make a bid to return to politics in Arthur Sinodinos’s newly vacant Senate seat. General Molan said in the federal election he received a historical high of over 137,000 first preference votes after a campaign urging people to vote below the line, causing anger in the NSW Liberal Party. More
16.07.19.  Scott Morrison was granted a miracle when the totally stupid Bill Shorten flogged his winning horse to death inches before the finish line at the May elections. Now, the weary-looking old queer, Bob Brown has had an Epiphany whereby understanding that the high cost and “unintended consequences” of renewables is a Greens secret conspiracy. Oh dear! Prepare to soon read that Mr brown has been suffocated by the Greens enforcer, Sarah Hanson-Mungbean who sat on his head until the deed was done.
Environmental crusader Bob Brown has exposed a conspiracy of silence by the Greens and their supporters on the true cost and ­unintended consequences of ­renewable power. Dr Brown yesterday stood by his comments slamming a proposed $1.6 billion Robbins Island wind farm in Tasmania’s northwest. The response from the Greens party and environment groups to Dr Brown’s outburst was as quiet as a wind rotor on a dead-calm day. More

16.07.19.  We have just had NAIDOC week, with emphasis on HAD, and most of us have HAD it with the ABC who is still jamming its airwaves with stale propaganda about recognition, inclusion, equality (stolen from the poof brigade) treaties, no challengers of course) and best of all, running commentary about what is turning into a rather superior race that settled long ago in what we call Australia. Now we learn the Aborigines had an observatory that someone said, “And what’s really incredible is it seems it’s older than Stonehenge.”  And so the bullshit is perpetuated. Read here for a probable source of that BS that MM published in April.
Some of the earliest astronomy on the planet happened right here in Australia and the science of Indigenous astronomy is still relevant today.Kamilaroi woman and Monash University student astrophysicist Krystal De Napoli said that many early discoveries in Australian Indigenous astronomy preceded modern science by thousands of years. More

16.07.19.  The death toll from South Australia’s influenza outbreak has been revised to 92 — an increase of 10 on figures released last week. The number of confirmed flu cases this year has now ticked over 20,000, with more than 500 of those in the past week alone. SA Health updated its figures on flu-related deaths and also provided a more precise breakdown of when the deaths occurred. More

16.07.19.  Australia’s great trading partner China, as our leaders are quick to point out, are continuing to bully us into behavioural reconstruction whereby we dutifully obey their every command. Next step is that Xi Jinping orders the Coalition to build re-education camps in the outback—for recalcitrant Australians of course. Many a true word said in jest. Our grandparents would have laughed their heads off if anyone had suggested a 99-year lease to China for the Port of Darwin. Now see what the little bastards are up to.
Some 15 million tonnes of Australian thermal coal worth more than $1 billion is waiting to clear customs in China, according to industry analyst Platts, with no sign of an easing in processing delays imposed since February. “Thermal coal market participants say they are yet to see any changes to Beijing’s import policy for seaborne traded coal, including Australian origin, which has endured long holdups at Chinese ports for the past several months,” Platts’ Asian thermal coal editor, Michael Cooper, told The Australian. More

16.07.19 When they find the persons or persons that leaked the confidential brief by the UK ambassador to the USA, they should allow the ambassador ten minutes alone with him. What’s more interesting than the police hunting down the leaker is the reporter and paper that published the information get off scot free. Why, they are the just as traitorous as the leaker, they must have known the harm they would do. But of course an attack on Trump is a must, no matter who gets hurt in between. Here we have the same thing, “not my fault if I print something secret someone stole and gave to me”. There is a need for Press Freedom but not at the cost of National security. More