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21.09.21.  MSM media has given the lockdown demonstration in Melbourne small attention when it came to a 72-year old woman being knocked off her feet, her head crashing to the ground on a tram track while to hero coppers pepper-sprayed her. Andrew Bolt last night showed several video clips of the shocking incident. They can’t be found on this morning’s rollout of news, nor on YouTube! There are some clips which we can’t capture. After more than an hour of search we found the Tweet below. Be warned, it is a disgusting display of police brutality in Victoria under the Labor bastard Dan Andrews! This is what Australia has come to. Something has to be at the top level of authority—if we had a leader. The world is watching and can’t believe what they witness. This disgrace must be sent to everyone you know and every damned politician of every persuasion. More

21.09.21.  Queensland’s PalaceDuck at her ‘mad hatter’s tea party’ flagged a 90 per cent vaccination rate for the state’s reopening, deviating from the 80 per cent target as agreed in National Cabinet. The Duck is said to be “very comfortable” with a 90% target to begin reopening the state’s borders, despite lagging behind the rest of the country in the vaccine rollout. Queensland currently has the lowest rates of vaccination per state in the country, with just 59.7 per cent of the population having received their first dose of the vaccine, and 41.4 per cent for both doses. The Duck is yet to commit to a formal roadmap, unlike New South Wales and Victoria which have recently released plans for increased freedoms with corresponding targets. More

21.09.21.  As the great John McEnroe often said, “you can’t be serious!” Queensland deputy premier Steven Miles has used his considerable media platform to assume the unofficial role of the Queensland government’s attack dog on everyone from Scott Morrison to Josh Frydenberg, Peter Dutton and even Donald Trump. But now, even some of Miles’ greatest allies in the union movement where he made his name are worried his regular TV attacks on rivals around the country are damaging his standing with mainstream voters.
Diary has received reliable word Queensland’s top unionist and the pivotal backer behind Miles’s entry into politics, United Voice state secretary Gary ‘Blocker’ Bullock, commissioned secret high-level polling to establish exactly what voters think of his protégé. More

00.09.21.  Explosive revelations about the origins of COVID-19 have been revealed in a documentary by award-winning journalist Sharri Markson.
Ms Markson spent more than a year investigating the potential leak of the virus from a top-secret laboratory in Wuhan, China.
Her ‘What Really Happened in Wuhan’ documentary on Sky News Australia uncovered evidence a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology first occurred in September, 2019. More

21.09.21.  Well! Macron, the European pond frog sashays onto the EU stage and cries foul about the cancelled submarine swindle. Ans so began a day of orchestrated a day of, “let’s all have a big dump on wicked Australia.” Ans so it came to pass. Liberal MP Dave Sharma says Australia “had no other choice” than to put their interests first when deciding to exit the French submarine deal. Mr Sharma said all the Australian government had done in exiting the $90 billion French submarine deal was “exercise our commercial options under a commercial arrangement”.
“I understand it’s not the decision the French would have liked, and from their perspective, I can empathise with that,” he told Sky News Australia. More

21.09.21.  The NSW government has announced a further extension of COVID-19 restrictions for all of Greater Sydney, including the Blue Mountains and Wollongong regions with all Churches closed to the public until at least Thursday 30 September 2021.
No baptisms or church weddings only funerals may proceed, with a maximum of ten members of the congregation, following a four-square metre rule.
We have seen police violently breaking up prayer meetings as well as attacking Jews who met on their holiest of holy days. For religious people their God is far more important than premiers or health Hitlers so it’s not surprising they are passionate about their worship, stopping them is cruel. Michael Brown discusses the issue in more detail: More

iEven in a troop of monkeys there’s a showoff! 😊 More

20.09.21.  Former attorney-general Christian Porter has been forced to quit the Morrison government frontbench over mystery donations supporting his legal fight with the ABC after the public broadcaster launched a campaign against him over unproven rape allegations. Mr Porter on Sunday defended his innocence against the historic allegations and accused the ABC of constructing a narrative of guilt around him that set a dangerous standard of “trial by accusation”. The ABC and Mr Porter reached a settlement earlier this year that required the public broadcaster to permanently place an editorial note on the initial February 26 article saying it did “not intend to suggest that Mr Porter had committed the criminal offences alleged”. More

20.09.21.  Through feeble leadership during the continuing pandemic whereby the Labor states decided to become provincial dictators, thereby splitting Australia into political tribes directed by confused witchdoctors seeking stardom, ScoMo has made a rod for his own back. Allowing lunatics to run the asylum carries a political penalty.
THERE is no easy explanation for Scott Morrison’s current predicament.
The Prime Minister has become the lightning rod for the disaffected, which in the Covid world would appear to be the majority. People are grumpy, some more so, and that isn’t likely to change until an assurance is given they can enjoy life free from the dead hands of state premiers. And therein lies the Prime Minister’s conundrum. More

20.09.21.  Donald Trump has accused his former top medical adviser Anthony Fauci of staying silent in Oval Office meetings at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic about the risky research under way at the Wuhan Institute of Virology his agency had funded. In a Sky News documentary to air tonight, the former US president said he would grade Fauci “D” as a doctor and said it was “ridiculous” he funded coronavirus research in Wuhan at the lab where he believes Covid-19 leaked to spark the pandemic. “They were even making payments for certain kinds of research. Certain payments and I ended that, I stopped that when we found out about that,” Mr Trump says in his first Australian interview since becoming president in 2016. More