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aaaaaaaaForum for Delcons and Deplorables # 57


iA missed vocation! More

18.05.21.  For the past year this blog has been warning that our governments have learned how to keep its citizens cowering under their beds lest they catch COVID-19 and die an ugly death—and it works, with the ill imformed—and that group is clearly the majority. For example: Andrews’ Victoria, McGowan WA and the PalaceDuck in Queensland. All three are held in high esteem in the polls—a big win in Queensland for, “keeping her people safe!” Although, conomic disaster in all cases. All three are Labor. However, after such success no government in Australia can effectively organise the rollout of vaccines! Hotdod vendors are better organised. ScoMo is now copying Labor by using their successful subjugation of the public as he steers toward an early election! What political detritus good people must suffer!
Sky News host Alan Jones says, “the nation has been “brainwashed” by alarmism with so many Australians living in fear. More

18.05.21.  If the Labor Party is ready for government, Anthony Albanese succeeded in hiding it on Thursday evening when he delivered his budget reply. His speech contained neither substance nor rhetorical flair, leaving the distinct impression of a man unconvinced that there was likely to be a change of government in coming months, much less that he might lead it. The difficulties for oppositions in general during the pandemic offer only part of the explanation for Albanese’s lacklustre delivery and the cursory nature of his policy. When you find yourself walking a narrow ledge between outworn technocratic socialism and the ideology of wokeness, it is probably safest to say nothing much at all. More

18.05.21.  Sky News host Andrew Bolt says “you cannot trust” the mainstream media to report fairly on “this war against Israel”. “Not when you have the ABC, the national broadcaster, claiming that the Islamic terrorists who have fired more than 3000 missiles now at Israel from Gaza, were just retaliating against Israel’s bombing of Gaza, when the truth is exactly the other way around,” Mr Bolt said. “Israel starting bombing Gaza to stop the rocket attacks which had already started,” he said. “It was retaliating”. Mr Bolt spoke to the Co-CEO of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry Alex Ryvchin about various aspects of the conflict and its reporting in the media. More

18.05.21.  There is only one thing that could derail the ABC’s agenda of extreme bias, heaped with a shovel load of Woke added to its Marxist stew and that is money—the removing of it! At last the penny might have dropped as ABC managing director David Anderson may have been warned. After a series of tweets by senior staff members directly trolling PM Scott Morrison and senior Coalition ministers, Anderson has drawn a line in the sand, writes Nick Tabakoff.
In a nutshell, his message is that any anti-ScoMo social media activity by ABC staff will no longer be tolerated.
Diary has uncovered a statement by Anderson in response to a question on notice by a Senate committee to the ABC, in which he reveals Aunty has commenced a “process under its Enterprise Agreement” to discipline ­Sebastien Maury, one of the government broadcaster’s senior in-house ­lawyers. More

18.05.21.  Australia will face ‘collateral attacks’ if war breaks out between China and the US.
Liberal Senator Jim Molan says if a war between China and the United States does break out, Australia will be subject to “collateral attacks from China directly”. “Probably by missile, by cyber, by blockade,” Mr Molan told Sky News. “That is a given”. “It’s what happens after those first clashes in the war between China and the United States that worry me more”. “You see, the United States is not convinced that it can win this war”. “And if it gets pushed out of the Pacific, what do we do then?” More

18.05.21.  The appalling suffering in the Gaza Strip, and the equally appalling rocket terror in Israel, are at least partly the fault of Joe Biden’s shockingly misguided ­approach to the Middle East. Welcome back to the pre-­Donald Trump Middle East, where Iran is empowered and its proxies, of which terror group Hamas that rules Gaza is one of the most deadly, are much more lethal. Welcome back to the dismal, failed paradigm of Barack Obama’s Middle East. The Biden presidency has two contradictory faces on its two most important issues. More

18.05.21. Whether wildfire or pandemic, disaster offers a fertile paddock for the sowers of misinformation.
Disaster creates doubt and distrust at a time when people need truth and certainty.
Many blame social media, but behind every false and malicious post is a human, or a human-programmed bot.
Long before ‘post’ became a digital practice, those with a political, financial or merely mischievous intent traded in the lies and half-truths of fake news.
The invention of something naughty that happened years ago becomes factual, no consideration of false memory syndrome, nor that The Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) suggests the percentage of false sexual assault accusations may be as high as 10%, or the damage to individuals is taken into account and no apology is given when the truth comes out.
The Sydney Morning Herald and the Age in Melbourne are masters at reporting the leftist ”truth ” only to find out later that the story was untrue. Loyd Pettegrew tells us it is just as bad in the US. More

iPigs can’t fly but Corvettes can! More