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18.04.19. Judith Sloan from The Australian is getting plenty of air time lately prompted by Labor’s Bill Shorten, Chris Bowen and others living in LaLa land. Every time they breast the cameras and talk finance people’s eyes glaze over as they should because the figures chanted are pure twaddle. The real problem is that they appear to believe the rot. Surely it follows that Labor ran up the largest debt in living memory while in government? Something to remember on May 18th.
If you’ve come to the conclusion that Bill Shorten doesn’t have a clue about economics, you wouldn’t be wrong. Yesterday, when pressed for an answer about the cost of Labor’s climate change policies, he replied this way: “I don’t accept the characterisation that it is a cost. We’re going to grow. And we’re going to grow because we are going to move to a lower carbon pollution economy.” more
18.04.19. Teenagers are normally embarrassed by their mothers. Germaine Greer was particularly so. Elizabeth Kleinhenz in her new biography writes: ‘Germaine learned to be selective when choosing which boys to bring home, because her mother was quite likely to open the front door wearing underpants on her head (to protect her hairstyle) and little else “except [her] sun-tan”…’
The biography is the first to draw on Greer’s 487-box archive which she sold to Melbourne University in 2013. Kleinhenz concludes that Greer is a genius, but I’d exclude finance from Greer’s cornucopia of talent.
Her style was hazardous both to counter-parties and herself. Her father Reg signed as guarantor for her four-year Victorian Education Department studentship that paid eight pounds a week. More

18.04.19. The image of Scott Morrison, the prime minister of Australia plodding through a carrot patch speaks volumes. Dressed for the occasion, the poor bugger looks as though he missed his bus for work and decided to take a short cut across the paddock to the railway station. The bloody carrot farmer probably votes Green anyway. You can bet he won’t be doing that again. But the bent carrot in the bunch is George Christensen MP who clearly in love with a lady, I think. who lives in Asia, and where Georgy Porgy spend a lot of time. What next George?
The Coalition caravan headed south in its bid to revive its extinct Lower House MPs but ended up battling a northern saga that risks extinguishing the career of one of its own. The Prime Minister needs seats if he is to form a majority government and thinks Tasmania is prime for his picking (carrots included).
He had arrived on the Apple Isle keen to exploit a Labor blunder on superannuation. More

18.04.19. Two ladies of Chinese heritage will battle for the seat  of Chisholm in Victoria. One is Labor and the other Liberal. Once all donations have been declared a donor list might make interesting reading. Given the Dastyari saga and China’s political interference in so many areas including political, one does become rather cynical, eh what?
Jennifer Yang hesitates when she talks about making history.If you believe the bookies, Labor’s candidate for the marginal seat of Chisholm is on the cusp of becoming the first Chinese-Australian woman to win a seat in Federal Parliament’s Lower House. Born in Taiwan, Ms Yang has already earned her political stripes as a local Councillor and Mayor. More

18.04.19. This ABC Exclusive by Alex Mann and Benjamin Sveen, a couple of scribblers in the ABC’s kindergarten sand box, might be in line for a Morning Mail “Wankley” Award. The correct division will be up to the judges after the elections in May. However, in a clear strike to sully Queensland Senator Fraser Anning in his bid for re-election and a snide poke at Clive (of India) Palmer, this very long ramble could be mostly fake and could give votes for Fraser Anning. MM simply does not have time to verify all the implications in this muddle. What do MM’s sharp readers make of it?
Leaked messages have revealed the Australian alt-right’s secret plan to use Queensland Senator Fraser Anning to expand its extreme agenda in the Australian Parliament and beyond. The texts, seen by Background Briefing, offers a rare insight into the strategy the movement intends to use to further its goals and spread its ideology. More

18.04.19. The Australian covered this article about Huawei’s intention to make “Australia pay for 5G restrictions.” The original article written By Li Qingqing was published in the Communist party owned Global Times under, “Australia to pay for 5G restrictions on Huawei.”
According to Reuters on Saturday, China told Australia at the World Trade Organization (WTO) on Friday that Australia’s restrictions on Chinese 5G technology was “obviously discriminative” and appeared to break global trade rules. However, Australian Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said on Sunday that the Australian government “stands by its decision on 5G, which was not aimed at any one country or telecommunications company.” More

18.04.19. While the world focused on France, Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram, wiped out a Nigerian town killing 2000 and there are reports that they are using abducted girls as suicide bombers.
Five Years after kidnapping them: Boko Haram terrorists still hold 100 Chibok girls yet it is rear that our bleeding heart greens, feminists, Muslim apologists and labor people actual mention them or show compassion. In fact all during the savaging of white supremacists after the killings in Christchurch by one moron, nothing was said about these children and their terror. It is hard to imagine what happen and is happening to these young girls and what the west should do to rid ourselves of Boko Haram, a very nasty Wahhabi, Salafi jihadist Islamic group who continue killing innocent people in Chad, Niger and northern Cameroon. To make up for a lack of interest by our left in this we are publishing their story by Penny Starr. More

17.04.19. Bill Shorten’s web of policy deceit is fraying at the edges. His figures of fantasy are being called out by interviewers. His belief that, “bullshit baffles brains” is running out of puff. Bill spruiks with dull, robotic monotony—one mantra fits all. But this bullshit has become poor camouflage, see-through in fact leaving Slick Willy flat-footed before the cameras. The success of past lies and deceptions have lost their fizz—like a warm, flat beer. Someone at Party HQ has seen the tide turning and removed the embarrassing rot from their website. Ben Packham and Greg Brown in The Australian give the details. Slick Willy will be wary now of any interview outside of a union gathering where figures are a dark mystery.
Bill Shorten was blindsided ­yesterday when Labor’s official campaign website deleted reams of information explaining his ­signature reforms to negative gearing and capital gains tax, and reposted simplified “fact sheets” with key details stripped out. More

17.04.19. Never missing an opportunity for interference the man with the ‘Faecal Touch’ thinks it a good idea, “…that the government should establish a charitable fund for people who wanted to donate to Notre-Dame restoration efforts.” At the moment donations mostly from within France are nearing one billion Euros. It would appear such an amount pledged in 24 hours puts the Cathedral in good stead. Perhaps I missed it but I don’t recall France or any other country, except for Queen Elizabeth herself, that donated to Australia’s recent devastating fires and floods? Horrible photos of the tragedy went viral around the world also. Animals and people in despair are trumped by antiquity it seems!
The Australian government won’t be setting up a local fund for people who want to contribute to rebuilding the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris after a fire. Scott Morrison has scotched the idea of having a government-backed Australian fund for people who want to help rebuild the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, saying the French can pay for it themselves. More

17.04.19. President Donald Trump may have trumped the Democrats who won’t give him his wall. The Democrats, just like our Labor Party, loves the idea of people streaming across borders. Never mind who they are and what they can bring to the table, that doesn’t matter. The Lefties still want to live in the time when immigration welcome was stamped at the base of the famous Statue of Liberty with. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”  All very noble and fitting the era. In today’s world things are markedly different and a better sign might say, “but not your drug cartels and bludging ways, nor your murderous traits and filthy ways, leave off your religious vendettas, foreign beliefs and lawless traits  and be as one, not many ignorant tribes.”
US President Donald Trump agreed with singer and liberal activist Cher that California can’t even take care of its own citizens, but tweeted he will follow through on his threat to start sending illegal immigrants there. More