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14.11.19 How often do we hear that the ABC got a report, complaint, information from an anonymous source in Government, the department, hospital etc. How often does the information come to nothing as it is sourced by person with an axe to grind. One has to wander if reporters tell such informers that coming out and reporting on the record is a far safer long term approach. If the information provided is valuable and true they will be a hero, if not then stay anonymous. The Accused should always be able to face the accuser to defend against the accusation. This is true for a group, an organisation or a government, it’s a basic human right. Trump has been targeted by the anonymous as much as any body ever has. Derek Hunter piece below is satirical in nature but describes those who claim anonymity perfectly. More

13.11.19. The Sydney, Turramurra fire which broke out yesterday is thought to be deliberately lit. Several people have already caught and charged. Some were idiots not complying the Total Fire Ban. To avoid copy-cat arsonists, particularly in the time of “Catastrophic” fire turmoil one can only imagine that authorities are saying nothing about that—for the moment. The timing would be the perfect blind for those who want to push the Greta Thunberg theory of global damnation. If some people are prepared to invade farms, block city traffic and glue themselves to middle of a busy intersection to bring impetus the ‘government-caused’ Climate Change, why would they not light fires to further their cause?
The NSWRFS Boeing 737 Large Air Tanker burns 3,000 litres of Jet-A1 fuel per hour. Has 3 CFM 56 turbos, two pilots and can cruise at 850km/h and depending on model drop about 15,000 litres with three types of fire retardant. Add to that costs of ground crew, etc. Imagine the cost to taxpayers?
Up to 50 properties were lost in NSW bushfires on Tuesday and four people have been charged with breaching fire bans, and 83 blazes are still burning across the state on Wednesday. More


13.11.19. The self-funded and part pensioners have a champion in Liberal MP Tim Wilson who has dared to send a message to the RBA’s governor Philip Lowe who continually tries to prove wrong Albert Einstein’s insanity test of doing the same thing all the time with rate cuts, (15 times since 2011) expecting a different outcome. Hell, you wouldn’t let him anywhere close to dynamite, would you? Read here.
The chairman of a parliamentary committee has accused Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe of hurting savers and retirees with a series of economically damaging rate cuts and laying the groundwork for “radical” money creation programs. More

13.11.19. It would appear, if reading between the lines, that Macquarie Media chief executive Hugh Marks might be telegraphing a push on Alan Jones whom is in a roundabout way being blamed for a advertising revenue decline.
In August Macquarie’s Adam Lang muttered that Jones and Hadley should be shoved out to make way for younger and more left-wing voices.
Marks should tread warily among Jones’ listeners who have a very simple business formula of their own—no Jones, listeners walk. When listeners walk so does advertising revenue. If Jones goes elsewhere, so his flock will follow! Lesson: Conservatives 101.
Alan Jones has vowed he will never be silenced by anyone, despite a high-profile advertising boycott of his show being blamed by his network’s owners for contributing to a profit downgrade. The longstanding ratings leader extended his reign on Tuesday, collecting an unprecedented 223rd consecutive win for 2GB in the heavily contested Sydney breakfast radio time slot. More

13.11.19. Federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has always been one to face the crowd to explain his point. This time, however, the grief and anger, if not understandable hysterics, from a Nimbin resident whose house just burned down was not to be quelled as Albo quickly found out and turned on his heel for escape. Nimbin in NSW is renown for its hippie collection of pot growers and potheads.
Federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese and Labor state MP Janelle Saffin have been heckled by angry residents during a visit to fire-affected parts of northern New South Wales. The Labor leader promised local fire crews in Nimbin that he would lobby parliament to provide all possible assistance to impacted communities. But he said the unfolding bushfire emergency was not the time to engage in party politics. More

13.11.19. More blessed news from the Middle East today as Israel kills one of the most senior commanders of Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad, Baha Abu Al-Ata and his wife in their home in Gaza City in a well executed and targeted attack. No doubt this will stir the possum as retaliation is sure to follow as the ISIL blight on mankind figures where and when.
Israel’s military has killed one of the most senior commanders of Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad in a rare targeted strike in the Gaza Strip, prompting retaliatory rocket fire and fears of a severe escalation in violence. More

13.11.19. Maybe, just maybe the voters of Australia had a front seat spectacle of precisely what the Greens stand for. It’s as though they have become politically unhinged in a marvellous display of what is hoped to be their political suicide.
The outrageous senate performance by Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John’s rhetoric around the fires proved he has not an original idea in his head when with same gusto he stole the Greta Thunberg, “How dare any of you suggest that in this moment at this time it is appropriate to be prosecuting a piece of legislation with the aim of propping up coal,” he said. Joron must believe that being in a wheelchair gives him special licence to be an idiot in league with his two idiot masters at the top—it won’t wash! See video below.
Greens MP Adam Bandt has seized on the “catastrophic” bushfires burning across Queensland and NSW, urging Scott Morrison to implement an urgent policy response to the blazes similar to that put in place after the Port Arthur Massacre. Mr Bandt told reporters in Canberra on Tuesday the Prime Minister should make a National Climate Agreement and follow the lead of former prime minister John Howard, who announced a National Firearms Agreement in the wake of the 1996 massacre that claimed 35 lives. More

13.11.19 As we spent the time reflecting on the world wars last Monday it is hard not to also think of those that have died when tyrants achieve power. There is no day to remember the tens of millions who died at the hands of despots. To offer some acknowledgement of those that died today we include a story of one woman.
Russia’s Bolshevik regime dedicated itself to hatred and killing to maintain a strangle hold on Russia: their first leader, Karl Marx’s hatred for the “bourgeoisie” whom he blamed for society’s ills; Lenin and his successor Stalin pushed that philosophy farther, exterminating the so-called “rich” who came to include peasants with one cow. But most of all they hated those that led the country before, the Tsars and their families. Larry Provost discusses this most amazing lady: More

13.11.19 Formal diplomatic relations were established in 1989 with Cuba who opened an embassy in Canberra in October 2008 and the relationship has enjoyed renewed momentum in recent years. Australia and Cuba previously worked together to support the integration of Cuban-trained doctors into Pacific Island health systems. Australia’s Ambassador in Mexico holds non-resident accreditation to Cuba. The United States maintains a trade embargo against Cuba. While Australia does not have any trade or economic legislation or measure which restricts or discourages trade or investment to or from Cuba, the embargo remains an impediment to bilateral trade. Since 1996, Australia has voted in favour of Cuba’s annual resolution in the United Nations General Assembly calling for an end to the US trade embargo of Cuba. Humberto Fontova article below suggest we should vote for embargo to stop: More