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27.09.20.  Summing up the COVID-19 mess when all is said and done will precipitate down to the headline. “Governments around the world are busy trying to convince themselves and their constituents that they can stop a virus. Sadly, they have more chance of doing that than they do of curbing their own inexorable spread. One of the most worrying aspects of our pandemic over-reaction has been the growth of government; the unsubtle intrusion of government into every aspect of our lives and the massive economic expansion that has millions of people and businesses now reliant on government payments.”
Governments have been prepared to kill off private enterprises to defeat the virus, before attempting to fill the void themselves. The private sector would not do this to itself; left to its own devices it would adapt to weather the storm. More

27.09.20.  Martin Luther King Jr. said: “There is nothing more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Most diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives fall into that former category—sincere ignorance. They look and sound great and they are usually well-meaning too. But most of these initiatives prove ineffective or fail within a year or two. Why? Sincere ignorance: having someone do something because they are a woman or a minority when they have neither the capacity nor competence nor experience to do something which is bound to fail. Our Universities have overcome this by making rubbish courses available that can be filled with people to fit the diversity, equity & inclusion profiles but don’t have the ability to perform in more academic courses. Clearly this contributed nothing of value to society and there has to be better ways to educate. Townhall’s Loyd Pettegrew discusses the downside of such academic thinking: More


26.09.20.  Everything went awfully quite with North Korea. There was much ado about  the little fat blob Kim Jung-un’s possible death and his sister’s takeover to conduct business as usual. Nope! The corpulent pest has stepped out of character and obscurity to write a letter of apology to South Korean leader Moon over a shooting and alleged burning of the body of a South Korean official.
North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un has issued a rare personal apology for the killing of a South Korean official, Seoul says. Mr Kim reportedly told South Korean leader Moon Jae-in that the “disgraceful affair” should not have happened. South Korea has said the 47-year-old man was found by troops floating in the North’s waters. More

26.09.20.  On 9 April 2019 the ABC reported that the Federal Government’s Snowy 2.0 project faces a significant cost blowout and delay from the original estimate detailed in a feasibility study a little over a year ago. As always, things change quickly for the worse when government is involved and Snowy 2.0 will now cost at least $5.1b and take eight years to build, according to the winning contractor. However, $5.1 billion may be on the conservative side according to David Leitch, a veteran energy analyst and principal at consultancy ITK.
“The final cost is more likely to be more than $6 billion,” Mr Leitch said. Enter Paul Broad who is managing director and chief executive of Snowy Hydro and a possible mate of the genius who blessed us with Snowy 2.0.
It’s no surprise that Snowy 2.0 is attracting lots of attention. Lately we have achieved several milestones including environmental and planning approvals and the fin­ancial green light to proceed. This project will facilitate renewable energy, put downwards pressure on prices and create jobs post COVID-19. Intermittent wind and solar energy needs to be supported by a fast-response, reliable energy source to store excess energy. The estimated 6000 megawatts of wind and solar projects under construction will need to be firmed. More

26.09.20.  Andrews spoke ‘hours of weasel words’ during hotel quarantine testimony and then some. Sky News host Peta Credlin does not mince her words when she says despite listening to several hours of testimony from Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews about the disastrous hotel quarantine program, Victorians are no closer to knowing who made the fateful decisions about security. It comes as Premier Andrews was subjected to hours of questioning about Melbourne’s hotel quarantine debacle during the last day of the state’s inquiry into the program on Friday. “After listening to several hours of testimony from Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews … Victorians are no closer to knowing who made the fateful decision to put untrained bouncers in charge,” Ms Credlin said. “We got hours and hours of weasel words from the premier about the prime minister’s offer of military assistance More

26.09.20.  “At long last. On Wednesday evening, the ABC’s 7.30 program discussed the Victorian COVID-19 hotel quarantine inquiry. Headed by former judge Jennifer Coate, it began proceedings on August 17. This first event was covered by 7.30, which presents itself as Australia’s leading news and current affairs program. And then the inquiry was dropped completely by 7.30 until Wednesday.”
A stunning misjudgment, on any analysis. Without question, the pandemic is the greatest social and economic disaster to affect Australia in at least a century. The second wave of the virus, which took off in Melbourne in July, has decimated Victoria and had a deleterious effect on the Australian economy. It was caused by lax security in some designated quarantine hotels in Melbourne. The task of the Coate inquiry is to find out how this happened. More

26.09.20.  Just in case you hadn’t noticed but this year’s Archibald had a surprising number of Aboriginal entries which coincides with Minister 3% Wyatt’s push for constitutional recognition. Vincent Namatjira took the top prize with his politically motivated bum-kissing display of himself beside a wild splodge of uncomplimentary images of the disgraced Adam Goodes. Art is like beauty, it rests in the eye of the beholder. One can only wonder what the artist’s great-grandfather would have said about Vincent’s talent which gives no clue to the wonderful skill of Albert Namatjira’s  brilliant  landscapes? It’s more than obvious that the Archibald gang have lost their way ans serious artists may choose to exhibit elsewhere because of, “Art Stacking!”
It’s fourth time lucky for Vincent Namatjira, great-grandson of acclaimed artist Albert Namatjira, who has become the first Indigenous Australian to win the $100,000 Archibald Prize in its 99-year history. The Western Arrernte artist was an Archibald finalist for the fourth consecutive year in 2020 (having been the runner up in 2018), with a double-portrait featuring himself alongside former AFL player and 2014 Australian of the Year Adam Goodes, entitled Stand Strong for Who You Are. More

26.09.20.  Daniel Andrews’ State of Victoria, once the Garden State. Its coat of arms boasts ‘Peace and Prosperity’. On some of its vehicle number plates it say, “The Place to Be!” That’s all gone. Dumped down the drain by a Labor megalomaniac—an Adolf Hitler clone? Yes, it sure is “The Place to Be” for political branch stacking. A romper-stomper police force harassing old ladies for all to see on the nightly news. Black gangs only diminished by the coronavirus curfews. A rapidly disintegrating economy. And now it is a state distinguished by its virus death toll. The tale-of-the-tape below spells it out without any doubt—and who is responsible? Why, the leader who repeats that the buck stops with him—of course. More

26.09.20. More than two-thirds of Australians believe that political correctness has “gone too far” and that their fellow citizens are too easily offended. This disapproval of political correctness is a majority view across all age groups, according to the nationally-representative, Australia Talks National Survey. It is also a majority view for all income brackets, for both men and women, across white and non-white Australians and in all states and territories. The quiet Australians are being “drowned out” by left-wing activists as the culture of political correctness is given rise to the more insidious “identity and gender politics” – where people are increasingly divided and pitted against each other along racial, sexual, and gender lines. The same is true in the US as described by Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter while quiet voters are picking those leaders dragging us back from the PC disaster. More