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05.08.20.  COVID-19 team had ‘extensive discussions’ with scientists in Wuhan. The World Health Organization (WHO) says a team sent to China to probe the origins of COVID-19 had “extensive discussions” and exchanges with scientists in Wuhan, where the outbreak was first detected. The WHO says the virus most likely came from bats and probably had another, intermediary animal “host”. What is never and won’t be mentioned is that it did not come from bats but from the, “another, intermediary animal “host” being a Chinese scientist!
The talks included updates on animal health research, WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier said on Tuesday. “The team had extensive discussions with Chinese counterparts and received updates on epidemiological studies, biologic and genetic analysis and animal health research,” Mr Lindmeier told reporters, saying these included video discussions with Wuhan virologists and scientists. More

05.08.20.  China in their supreme arrogance probably looks upon media the world over being absolutely jam-packed with the mention of China as wonderful PR? Just wait until from the rubble and ruin is pulled China’s contribution to that ruin. Blame will be laid by the people, if not by their political leaders who were reactive rather than proactive. Australian leaders are plum in the department of reaction. Droughts that suddenly happened—eight years in the making. Catastrophic bushfires—no hazard reduction for up to 30 years! And floods—Nah, ‘aven’t seen them things for… when was it? And of course China co-opting an Australian politician—Nah, nothing to see there, was there Sam? Oh, look, another surprise!
The national security investigation targeting the possible foreign interference of NSW Labor backbencher Shaoquett Moselmane is being challenged in the High Court by his part-time staffer, John Zhang, whose home and office were raided as part of the inquiry. Details of Mr Zhang’s legal challenge were made public in NSW Parliament on Tuesday as the upper house prepared to examine a claim of parliamentary privilege sought by Mr Moselmane over key documents sought by the Australian Federal Police. More

05.08.20.  Question: Why does a person keep hitting themselves on the head with a hammer? Answer: Because it feels so good when they stop!
Why does MSM keep returning to political has-beens, all of which have-been royally turfed out of office on the useless ears? Why would any sane person consult with a doctor that almost to killed you via a very wrong prescription—and now you want his opinion about his replacement’s foul prescription? We are so weird! We are expected to listen to Kevin 07 and take him seriously—a Chinese scholar? Ha, Ha, Ha!
Kevin Rudd has warned a crisis between the United States and China ahead of the US presidential election in November could spiral into a “hot war” that could “torpedo the prospects of international peace and stability for the next 30 years”. The former prime minister and China scholar said the risk of armed conflict between the US and China over the next three months is “especially high”, amid immense domestic political pressure on both Donald Trump and Xi Jinping. More

05.08.20.  Completely ignorant of Global and, one might have thought, more important national matters like the coronavirus and recession with all its loss of jobs, the Aboriginal ‘treaty’ industry might have put their nonsense on hold for betters days—of course not. None of the afore-mentioned matters have effect on people receiving government assistance. It’s nice to be living in such a dislocated bubble. Also, once the nasty, sneaky agenda concocted by our politicians is presented it will be dealt with in the negative as it should be for a harmonious society not divided by skin colour and avaricious activists. And so many other twists known only by the nonsense authors.
Marcus Stewart admits the First Peoples’ Assembly is looking at an “ambitious timeline” as it aims to get the key pieces of treaty architecture into place to allow Aboriginal sovereign nations to begin negotiations with the Victorian Government by the end of 2022. And that timeline, like so much in Victoria’s treaty process, is still up for ongoing discussion within the Assembly and the Aboriginal communities it is working to represent. More

05.08.20.  Body Cam Footage of George Floyd Encounter has been leaked. The UK Daily Mail has published leaked footage of the Memorial Day encounter between George Floyd and the four Minneapolis, Minnesota, police offers who were implicated in his death, triggering nationwide and global unrest and controversy. The footage, apparently filmed while the body cam footage was being shown in court, appeared on the Daily Mail website and includes over eight minutes of the fatal encounter which have not previously been seen or scrutinized by the public. At the very least and to the average person, resisting arrest first come to mind and by the noise Floyd makes indicates a person out of his mind.
Some new details emerge in the video. At the start of the encounter, police aim a weapon at Floyd, 46, as he sits behind the steering wheel of a parked car. (The Daily Mail describes officers as aiming at his head, though the angle is not clear.) Floyd is handcuffed without a particular reason being given, and two people traveling with him are questioned. One tells officers that Floyd was mentally or emotionally disturbed by having a gun aimed at him, having previously been shot. More

05.08.20. COVID-19 has taken Australia and the world by surprise. Coming after severe droughts in eastern Australia, concerns have been raised about Australian food security, however, those concerns are misplaced. Despite temporary shortages of some food items in supermarkets caused by an unexpected surge in demand, Australia does not have a food security problem. We rank among the most food-secure nations in the world and are in the top 10 countries for food affordability and availability. We import about 11% of the food and beverages we consume by value. Australia typically exports about 70% of agricultural production. However, regulation could change all that as other countries reduce production it provides us with opportunity. Townhall’s Paul Driessen discusses the food issues elsewhere: More


04.08.20.  The coronavirus pandemic, ‘Dandemic’ in Victoria, has taught Australians just how bizarre their fellow brethren can be. Punch-ups and hair-pulling in supermarket aisles over toilet paper and hoarding of tinned foods and pasta, lots of pasta to go with the toilet paper. The cool cats laughed, until they fronted the shop for a roll or two of dunny paper to find the shelves bare. No one knew when stocks would be arriving—a month or two, maybe! Prepare now for another madness—a meat-rush! Life without a sausage, hell no? Plenty of dunny paper, though! Victorians may well have to sneak across the NSW border to strip local butcher shops of anything that “Mooo’s, or ‘Oinks’!” And, spread the virus! Do you think that will that happen?
Victoria faces meat shortages after the state government announced the number of workers allowed onsite at abattoirs and meatworks would be reduced by a third. Meat businesses will also have to prepare safety plans addressing the risks of any potential coronavirus outbreak, including staggered shift times. This would see abattoir workers donning medical-grade personal protective equipment and being regularly temperature checked, with the onus on businesses to ensure sick employees stay away. More

04.08.20.  Victorian Shadow Health Minister Georgie Crozier says the confidence of Victorians in the Andrews government is ‘waning each and every day’ due to the lack of transparency in the government’s handling of COVID-19. Melbourne moved to six-week-long stage four restrictions – and a state of disaster – from 6pm Sunday night which included dramatic limitations on people’s freedoms. The Andrews government has allegedly chosen to enforce restrictions in response to the data received from certain health experts and epidemiologists. Ms Crozier is not alone in her complaints over the lack of data shared by the Andrew’s government with the public. The University of Melbourne’s Professor John Matthews said on Monday “If the government wants to have the confidence of the population, then is should be prepared to be transparent on what data it has and what it hopes to do with that data.” “If he’s got nothing to hide – then put it out there,” Ms Crozier told Sky News. More

04.08.20.  Despite China’s exposure as an international bully and interferers in other sovereign nations political affairs, the condemnation has not shamed them into backing off, in fact,they have raised the ante by doubling down as this article indicates without reservation.
A UNSW law academic whose criticisms of China’s human rights record were pulled offline by the university — after a backlash from Beijing — says it is “deeply worrying” Australian higher education institutions are self-censoring. Australian Human Rights Watch director Elaine Pearson, an adjunct lecturer at the university, had her comments on China’s conduct in Hong Kong made online and later posted to social media platform Twitter pulled on Friday. More