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25.07.21.  The pandemic has addled the brains of our leaders as they quickly become self-important dictators in their segregated realms, making a lie out of the song, “we are one!” As declared by top coppers making threats into media cameras, law enforcement is now consolidated to a comprehensive ‘manhunt’ for Covid scofflaws. Each state already has its own police force. But given that maximum resources are now being mustered to catch people without masks and breaking any other of the countless laws to bring Covid criminals to heel. Perhaps the day has come to recruit a parallel squad of ‘flying’ Covid Cops that is solely Covid bound with unlimited “manhunt” powers?
NSW Police will spend hours combing through footage of Saturday’s “freedom” rally to identify about 3500 protesters who flouted health orders and ran riot across the Sydney CBD over the course of three hours, resulting in more than 50 arrests. More

25.07.21.  Ray Hadley has been pounding the airwaves for a long time. And like his once stable mate Alan Jones such commentators of the conservative flavour amass influence. As witnessed by most veteran 2GB listeners the station has veered Left. The ineffective Ben Fordham has not performed as expected with his boring play, thus attracting the term, “Ben Boredom!” Jones, the ultra conservative has departed 2GB and Hadley has become a bit too much ‘full of himself’. Given another suing is in the offing one must wonder about Mr Hadley’s future at the station that doesn’t seem to know what its dwindling audience wants! “Go Woke, go Broke!”
NSW racing chief commissioner Alan Brown is suing Sydney radio giant Ray Hadley and 2GB for defamation over a series of on-air segments he alleges portrayed him as a liar who was “callously ­indifferent” to bullying claims that had been raised by a well-known chief steward at the Greyhound Racing Integrity Commission. More

25.07.21.  Conservative party members in a crucial Queensland coal mining seat will stage a formal push against Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s creep toward cutting greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Branch members in George Christensen’s central Queensland seat will use the annual Liberal National Party state convention in Brisbane this weekend to call on the federal government to “oppose net zero emissions if job losses occur for little gain”.  Mr Morrison is under pressure from international leaders to commit to a fixed target before the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow this year, but the resurrection of Barnaby Joyce as Nationals leader has put obstacles in his path at home. And, you can just imagine what Barnaby Joyce will be saying at that meeting scheduled for today. More

25.07.21.  Well, well, well! Who would have thought? This blog rarely, if at all, deals with anything that comes from Peter Van Onselen’s Leftist views. His article herein portrays a clear vision for reality rather than the wishful thinking of Labor dogma. To wit:
How is a federation supposed to function cohesively when states are permitted to close off to one another without the agreed say-so of the federal government? Where does that leave citizens who might like to travel – indeed, need to travel, for work or personal reasons – between states within the country? This pandemic has exposed the fragility of our national compact. It has highlighted just how limited the rights of citizens are in Australia; how isolated we are from one another. Individual compliance with the long arm of state-based law also has been on show. We are a subservient community, having never really had to fight for anything internally. Not in the way federations such as the US have, for example. More

25.07.21.  Message to all politicians:
‘You have made a rod for your own back’!
NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and police have lashed protesters at a violent rally in Sydney, as thousands stormed streets in Melbourne and Brisbane. Protests have turned violent as thousands of anti-lockdown protesters take to the streets in Sydney CBD. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has said she is “utterly disgusted” by the illegal protestors who stormed the streets of Sydney on Saturday, whose “selfish actions have compromised the safety of all of us”. See videos at bottom. More

25.07.21. We are lucky, to date, in Australia that very few people hate each other because of their tribe, colour, religion, or looks.
However, by treating groups such as Aboriginals, Muslims, Ethiopian youth, and some other designated disadvantaged groups we are setting ourselves up for problems in the next while.
When someone from these selected groups breaks the law, they should be punished the same as anyone else who does. We live in an equal opportunity society and pretending it is not and suggesting that is why some people become criminals serves no one well. Ilana Mercer discusses South Africa and has some lessons maybe we should heed: More

iThe smartest virus ever will be hard to beat! 😊 More

24.07.21.  There’s a lot to be said about never giving up, but rarely can that be applied to failed politicians, although it did for John Howard. Depending on your point of view, however, Bill Shorten’s dreams of being Commander-in-Chief of Australia is a very admirable notion indeed—for eternal life of the Coalition, that is! Poor old Willy had his bags packed with plans made to alter the commander’s lair in the Canberra Lodge ready to execute—until a shock loss from the people toppled his tri-corner hat thereby crushing his ascendancy to greatness! Nevertheless, Labor might be ready to do the same thing again and the result will be the same. Albert Einstein said wise words about that sort of ‘insanity’!
When Bill Shorten lost the “unlosable election” in 2019 after two terms as Labor’s federal opposition leader, he and his party colleagues were devastated. Inside Labor, this was a catastrophe. Confidence had run so high close to election day that defeat was almost inconceivable. Opinion polls indicated voters were disenchanted with the Coali­tion’s internal bickering and prime ministerial implosions during two terms in office. Commentators and election bets predicted a Shorten-Labor win. It didn’t happen. More

24.07.21.  Jim Molan has warned the Australian Defence Force would be defeated within days in the event of a Chinese attack, even with the benefit of $270bn in new military hardware to be delivered over the next decade. The Liberal senator and retired army major-general, who headed the multinational force in Iraq, has urged the Morrison government to go back to the drawing board to rethink the nation’s defence posture. As Australian and US troops sharpened their interoperability at Exercise Talisman Sabre in Queensland, Senator Molan said the belief the US would always come to Australia’s aid had left the nation vulnerable. More

24.07.21.  Well, didn’t the petulant Caleb Bond cop a sound thrashing by MM’s commenters yesterday with his infantile tantrum against the elderly regarding vaccines? Bond showed himself as not the voice of reason in social matters which is the persona he spins but a nasty shit who seems hell bent on control—a mere puffed up schoolboy at that.
Welcome to the column where you provide the content. Sorry no longer seems to be the hardest word for Scott Morrison, who apologised for the nation’s behind-schedule vaccine program while urging young people to get some AstraZeneca vaccine into their arms so we can get out of lockdown. More