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30.03.20.  Police Officers will allege in court that just after 5pm, they attempted to stop her Audi while on patrol in the suburb of Greenacre. As they conducted a U-turn to pursue the vehicle, it allegedly accelerated at a speed of about 120 km/h.
The speed limit on that street is 50km/h, police said.
She then allegedly ignored a red light signal at the intersection of Mimosa Road, and crossed unbroken lines to overtake a vehicle, police said.
In footage captured by bystanders once the vehicle was pulled over, the arresting officer told the handcuffed driver “not to spit on me”, before bringing her to the ground when she did so a second time.
The woman was taken to Bankstown police station and charged with drive recklessly/furiously or speed/manner dangerous, motor vehicle exceed speed more than 45km/h, drive motor vehicle during disqualification period, and assault officer in execution of duty. Of course, we can expect cries of racism and police brutality! More
30.03.20. Countries should be “asking for reparations” from China after its insistence coronavirus posed no danger to the rest of the world says Sky News host Rowan Dean. “The damages done to the world by the Chinese cover up … is running into the trillions of dollars,” he said. Mr Dean’s comments come in light of recent revelations of Australian-based Chinese companies buying pallets-worth of medical supplies like masks, hazmat suits, and gloves to be sent over to China in January and February. Mr Dean said these supplies are “the sort of stuff we desperately need now but don’t have because they bought it all up and took it back to China”. He told Sky News host Peta Credlin China basically “treats us like a shopping mall” with Chinese companies stripping away “whatever it wants (to) take it back home”. See further article at bottom and who is involved. More

30.03.20. This is a bit like when the politician, Kep Enderby became the last Minister for Supply—a portfolio which had been established at the beginning of World War II. It was then that he made what has become his most famous utterance: “Traditionally, Australia obtains its imports from overseas.” Therefore, as you are reading this you obviously have online capabilities!
From today, Australians will be able to access bulk-billed telehealth consultations with their doctors and many other health professionals — meaning they won’t have to pay any out-of-pocket costs. It’s part of a $1.1 billion government funding boost designed to protect against the widespread impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and has been heralded as a “life-saving” measure by some. But which specialists can offer the service, is it for free, and are you still allowed to see your doctor face-to-face? More
30.03.20. Except that the scourge sweeping the globe with coronavirus is a damned worry we wouldn’t be adding to the countless opinions flooding media. However, a raft of scientists in this field at the Imperial College London have explained what VOVID-19 is all about in about 20 pages for those with time and interest to browse, here . A condensed version below.
Change course or a quarter of a million people will die in a “catastrophic epidemic” of coronavirus – warnings do not come much starker than that. The message came from researchers modelling how the disease will spread, how the NHS would be overwhelmed and how many would die. The situation has shifted dramatically and as a result we are now facing the most profound changes to our daily lives in peacetime. This realisation has happened only in the past few days. More

30.03.20 All MM contributors are stuck at home, getting bored and frustrated as they do the “right” thing. If they are lucky, they have a grandchild or two who is willing to spend time on Viber, Skype, Oovoo, Google hangout, Tango, Facetime or one of the many video chat apps chatting to them. An hour or two with grandparents is hard on the oldies but lots of games can be played amusing both sides of the chats. Something that is worth while for all ages is found on https://chatterpack.net/blogs/blog/list-of-online-resources-for-anyone-who-is-isolated-at-home. For those that love to understand history, nature, life this is an invaluable recourse, the result of an academic doing something useful. Dennis Prager continues with more good ideas to help pass the time for those that have self-isolated, however having a mate around for a cuppa is good from a mental point of view: More


29.03.20. China Has Stripped Us Bare
As our economy teeters, the communists are poised to strike. Instead make them pay!
By David Flint
No one should have been surprised by the Wuhan virus, according to the respected research group, EcoHealth Alliance.
As argued here (21/3), the blame for playing down earlier pandemics lies with the U.S. mainstream media, who cynically tailor their reporting for blatant political purposes. EcoHealth attributes increases in the number of pandemics, taking over 300,000 lives since 2001, to massive increases in urbanisation, international travel and chicken and pig consumption as well as those sickening ‘wet markets.’
The incidence of pandemics, they ominously warn, will only increase exponentially. Just on increased urbanisation, Australia’s politicians are committed to bringing in 100,000 immigrants every quarter, provided none is a persecuted white South African farmer. More
29.03.20. Up to 800,000 Queenslanders who were eligible to vote in one of the 77 local government elections, and two by-elections held this weekend may not have voted. The 77-78 per cent voter turnout fell well short of the 2016 local government election, in which 83 per cent of voters cast a ballot. The figures provided to the ABC by the Electoral Commission Queensland (ECQ) were:
• 3.3 million voters were eligible
• Around 1.2 million voted at a pre-poll
• 570,000 people applied for a postal vote — there’s no indication yet how many of these were returned
• 750,000 voters turned out on the day. And the band played on, and on! More

29.03.20. Regurgitating Democrat smears now passes for ‘news’
ABC-TV 7pm news provides a nightly drip-drip of Democrat propaganda in its US coverage. The ABC’s US correspondents cut, clip and paste it from the liberal TV and print media. Thus all Trump items involve a sneer or smear – visually, verbally or in combination.
Will the taxpayer-funded ABC hacks give Trump derangement a rest during this Covid-19 crisis? Sorry, nope. It cheered me up to catch Kathryn Diss telling a porky to the Australian public recently, on Saturday night, 14 March. I’ve sent in an official complaint. An Ita Buttrose apology to Trump would also be polite. More

29.03.20. It has taken the coronavirus, China’s gift to the world, to cause some media to boldly step up to the plate and apportion blame. According to Sky News host Rowan Dean “China willfully inflicted” the coronavirus upon the world, a spectacular display of “communism” at its very worst”. “Let’s be absolutely crystal clear, this is an inevitable consequence of communism and totalitarianism,” Mr Dean told Sky News host Peta Credlin. “First of all they tried to shut it up and suppress those individuals who were sounding the alarm” after which they panicked “attributed the blame to the United States which is just laughable,” Mr Dean said. “China must be held to account for this…and countries around the world need to start looking at their relationship with China in light of this disaster”. “If it were a company or if it were an individual… that had caused such worldwide damage other countries would be asking for reparations,” Mr Dean said. More