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20.05.19. China’s Politburo in Beijing has again showed its intent, if not arrogance, for its interference in the sovereign order of Australian politics.We have seen it grow since the then senator Sam Dastyari ran foul of Australian security agencies via tip-offs to a Chinese business man on how to evade being tracked. Beijing has also contacted Chinese media publications in Australia seeking to control their content. In both cases mentioned there were economic penalties imposed from small potatoes of pulling sponsorship for a Western Sydney multicultural day to a very serious halt of Australia’s coal exports to China. Do as we say or else!
More currently, no doubt China will be watching closely the two Chinese/Australian ladies contesting the seat of Chisholm: Gladys Liu, Liberal with 50.11% and Jennifer Yang, Labor at 49.89% at time of writing, as they vie to make history as the first female Chinese-Australian MP. More

20.05.19. Trump May Be Preparing Pardons for Servicemen Accused of War Crimes, so runs the headline in yesterday’s New York Times. The story continues, President Trump has indicated that he is considering pardons for several American military members accused or convicted of war crimes, including high-profile cases of murder, attempted murder and desecration of a corpse, according to two United States officials.
That’s the way every article on Trump begins in the demented US left-wing newspapers – shock, horror, awe.
Anti-war sentiment has the result that soldiers are by default criminals. They don’t go to war with the intention of killing anyone, they go with the intention of raping the women of the country they are fighting in. When they run out of women to rape, or suddenly find someone is shooting at them, then they become murderers.
Anti-war sentiment is a great way for a journo these days to signal his virtue. More

20.05.19. It’s no longer just who you are but who you are friends with. Can you imagine how bad it would be if you were Tony Abbott’s best mate or you would like to meet and have a drink with Cardinal Pell or invite Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer over to dinner? Can you imagine all your friends cutting you in the street because of your desire to be friends with the undesirables?. You cant imagine then you must be right wing, therefor another reason to hate and despise you. It’s sometimes said that the left devour their own babies when they act like normally sensible beings, no logic, just trying to be as nasty to their perceived enemies as possible. Derek Hunter discusses the reaction of the left to the worlds best golfer. More


19.05.19. It’s time for this editor to pause a while and smell the roses. Morning Mail was conceived more than five years ago to polly-bash and to bring information to its readers not on the agenda of MSM. We use satire, we lampoon and make fun of the many fools that have their hands on the levers of power—a little bit of sugar helps the medicine go down. Besides, this is the only place I can try to be funny and witty.
Several weeks ago the board decided that if Labor were to win government the country would be lost, stuffed, and therefore MM’s contribution would be pointless. And as such, lack of quality sleep to the detriment of us aging codgers would be like spitting into the wind. 3:am comes early 24/7 with last post around 7:am. Then comes frequent visits to weed out naughty words and libelous statements that might offend some PC bastard or abolitionist of truth. More

19.05.19. What a rotten time for Australian politics. We said it would be dirty and it was—disgustingly so. Democracy is a casualty as violence grew. Is this the new way of politics? Is this the result caused by the political dross we elect? Now begins three years in which the man elected to do the job will be blocked at every turn in the senate. What was that which Einstein said about insanity?
Scott Morrison has declared “I have always believed in miracles’’ as he pulled off one of the biggest electoral recoveries in modern history and retained government for the Coalition. Emphatic swings to the government in Queensland and Tasmania dashed Bill Shorten’s hopes of becoming Prime Minister, forcing his resignation as Labor leader. More

19.05.19. For two years the polls had Labor as a sure bet for the Lodge. A couple of weeks back one punter placed $1 million for Labor to win—wonder what he’s feeling this morning? Even as the polls were opening yesterday morning MSM was tipping Labor to win. Thank God they didn’t! Shorten’s ‘death wish’ policies did the job!
Former Liberal Prime Minister John Howard has said the election result showed Australians rejecting Bill Shorten’s “class warfare” tactics and his “radical” action on climate change. “I think one of the ways where he (Mr Shorten) went wrong was to try and divide the country,” Mr Howard said. “I mean, running on class warfare. One of the proud boasts of this country is that we are not driven by class. We treat people equally.” More

19.05.19. Tony Abbott’s defeat in Warringah will be blamed on any number of things. There is no doubt that he was hounded by evil forces that have soured the very concept of politics for the foreseeable future. Peter Dutton and Josh Freydenberg were also hounded but retained their seats. Tony Abbott was simply disliked by the people—and most had good reason. Some would say karma!
Tony Abbott said tonight he’d “rather be a loser than a quitter” as he conceded defeat to independent Zali Steggall in the seat of Warringah he has held for 25 years. “I always knew it was going to be tough here in Warringah — and I can’t say that it doesn’t hurt to lose,” Mr Abbott said at a campaign event at Manly Leagues Club in the heart of the electorate. More

19.05.19. The polls and MSM have got it wrong again. Why would the Australian voters trust them about anything?
Clive Palmer’s campaign to re-enter federal parliament has crashed, despite his multimillion-dollar advertising spend. The billionaire businessman appears to have missed out on a Senate spot in his home state of Queensland where he headed the upper house ticket of his United Australia Party. More

19.05.19. Ian Plimer, the man who dares to tell the truth about climate change would be rather pleased this morning to read that Bill Shorten’s dash to the Lodge has failed. Shorten took the populist climate change guff as his ticket to glory.
Ian Plimer writes:
Bill Shorten and his allies, the Greens economic vandals, believe climate change is a moral issue. So is telling the truth. With his elite private school education, the Oppo­s­i­tion Leader would have learned about the Roman Warming, the Dark Ages, the Medieval Warming and the Little Ice Age. These took place before industrialisation and were all driven by changes in the sun. More