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03.03.21.  China is a rogue state! To believe otherwise is to bury your head in the sand—deeply! Beijing’s ambassadors have become openly arrogant and threatening in their lectures to the West. To better appreciate the following column, see Monday’s Four Corners airing about the rising of China. Video at bottom. It will put the seemingly unstoppable regime of Xi Jinping unambiguously right in your face. If not already being organised behind the scene, Western nations will surely need to consolidate. The reason for such unity will become patently clear from the ABC video.
A senior Chinese diplomat in Canberra has blamed the Australian media and “totally ridiculous” security concerns for the breakdown in Australia’s relationship with China. Addressing an audience of business people at a Chinese Lunar New Year dinner, China’s deputy head of mission Wang Xining said the rising power would remember who was on its side during the bilateral dispute. More

03.03.21.  Although the NSW Police have reportedly ‘closed the book’ on the historic rape case which allegedly occurred in 1988, the accused fellow will breast the press sometime today to claim his innocence. As his name and the deceased alleged victim’s name with all the details were released yesterday afternoon it may not surprise many as it is likely to jog the memory about similar matters widely reported last year. However, for PM Morrison’s part in all this ‘old’ rape issue and the more current rape accusation that happened in minister Linda Reynolds office, the timeline he espoused is likely to be further questioned. These matters are not over yet and the pot is on the cusp of a rapid boil—and one or more players will get third degree burns—if justice avoids being swept under the carpet on a technicality.
The Morrison government minister accused of raping a woman when he was a teenager will on Wednesday publicly declare his innocence for the first time after police investigating the matter said it was “now closed”. With Scott Morrison under ­unrelenting pressure to take ­action against him, the minister plans to make a public statement. He has sought legal advice following days of claims and after former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said everybody knew who he was. More

03.03.21.  The Australian’s Ticky Fullerton says rules surrounding coronavirus vaccinations will be an “absolute mess” in businesses. “Safe Work Australia has sort of set out a few scenarios and guidelines, but they just reveal what a extraordinary liability that business actually are having to bear,” Ms Fullerton told Sky News host Alan Jones. “For example, if you are employing a workforce and somebody gets COVID-19 at work, you can be forced to pay workers compensation. “Now if somebody gets the flu at work you don’t have to pay compensation, but partly because of the great traceability and the ability to actually pinpoint where this COVID outbreak happened, this is now part of keeping a workplace healthy. “Now if you take the other view and say ‘well now that’s the case and we have got that liability, then we actually must get all employees vaccinated’, well then you’re up for discrimination.” More

03.03.21.  ♬Where have all the people gone, long time passing.♬
South Australian Liberal MPs are refusing to back their own party’s extension of coronavirus emergency powers for fear it would permanently give the state too much authority that could be misused in the future. State Attorney-General Vickie Chapman wants to extend a number of pandemic-related arrangements and outlined proposed legislation to cabinet and then to the partyroom on Monday. The Australian understands that at least two MPs said they would “reserve their rights” on supporting the bill, while others questioned whether the proposed changes meant the Police Commissioner would continue to wield special powers as State Emergency Co-ordinator for the remainder of 2021. More

03.03.21.  OK, the US Democrats and their Leftist media have laughed away any notion of voter fraud in the recent presidential elections. A curious thing considering that probably more than a hundred million Americans believe there was vote tampering backed up with video and sworn statements. Judges are still finding reasons to abort legal challenges but the following article advises that Georgia has passed huge changes to their election laws—why make wide-ranging election reform if there is no problem to cure? Hmmmm! Maybe they have nothing else to do?
Georgia’s House of Representatives passed an omnibus bill that would reform a range of election rules, including over absentee voting, voter ID for absentee voting, time limits for voting, and more. The 66-page bill, HB 513 (pdf) passed the Republican majority chamber on a party line vote of 97-72 and is headed to the state Senate for further debate. More

03.03.20. There was a time when Australia was something like the Taliban government in Afghanistan.
Like them, Australia banned books like The 120 Days of Sodom, and Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and Lolita.
It seems such a long time ago, so do many Australians realise that Australia still bans books?
The Peaceful Pill Handbook (2007) Philip Nitschke and Fiona Stewart; You: An Introduction (2008) Michael Jensen and No Game; No Life (Volumes 1, 2, 9) by Yuu Kamiya have all been banned in the last few years.
There is no doubt, in many minds, that anti-vax books will be banned soon.
There can never be a free society if any book is banned; they can be restricted to adults but should never be banned.
The really scary thing, however, is the story Michael Brown recently wrote about the world’s largest book store: More

iWish I hadn’t said that! More

02.03.21.  Since Friday I’ve heard her called the “alleged victim”, the “accuser” and — this is the one that slices between the ribs each time — “the dead woman”. Writes Nick Ryan. That’s how you know her. To me she’ll always be the girl who made my jaw drop the first time I saw her get to her feet to speak. The woman at the centre of this storm is the girl I first met in 1986 when she suggested I raid my local TAB because the betting slips made the best palm cards for debating speeches. Debating is a honey pot for precocious kids. I would stand there and speak, my feet on a firm foundation of self-regard and cockiness. A minute listening to her showed where all the cracks were. Fifteen-year-old kids just don’t have shoulders topped with a head like this one. More

02.03.21.  You have to wonder if slick operators around the world look upon Australia as a market Mecca. A land of ‘cottage industries’ under the stewardship of ‘village idiots’ ripe for the screwing. Slow of wit, large on gullibility. Eager for political expediency, blind to shocking ramifications—after the official X is attached to the contract. Any doubts about all that? Heed carefully the damning video in which South Australian Senator Rex Patrick has told Sky News the government should consider “walking away” from its “mess” of a French submarine contract. Australia currently has a contract with French manufacturer Naval Group to convert 12 nuclear submarines to normal diesel engine submarines which are not expected to be ready until around 2035. The Morrison government has appointed two former senior naval officers to review the program, which is running over-budget and set to run over-schedule, according to the Australian Financial Review. More

02.03.21.  Scott Morrison is in an invidious predicament regarding the possibility of a rapist cruising within his flock of saintly politicos. Perplexing is that the victim’s letter is deemed, “An anonymous letter sent to Mr Morrison.” The obnoxious Green’s Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is calling for Morrison to, “stand aside” the alleged rapist. That would certainly expose the person. But Morrison might know more than he lets on as he keeps yaking about, “the rule of law”! If so, the “law is indeed an ass!” It indicates that if you rape someone in NSW and the victim dies before charges are laid, no charge can be laid—even though the victim had been laid—to use the vernacular! Nevertheless, politics being the disgusting game it is will soon enough leak the ‘perp’s’ name, just as it was with the Higgins alleged rapist in minister Reynold’s office at the popular Canberra ‘Bonkers Paradise’! What a lovely diversion from our massive debt?
A senior cabinet minister accused of rape has denied the allegations, and Scott Morrison has rejecting calls to stand him down and hold an independent inquiry. The Prime Minister, in his first comments on allegations which have engulfed the government, said he had raised the claims with the minister on Wednesday. More