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01.12.21.  Firstly, the matter of sexual predators whether they be male or female, or whatever of the available more than 60 other imaginative genders, such behaviour must not be tolerated. Now down to work.
The Government, PM Scott Morrison in this case has landed his ‘sex inquiry’ with great fanfare. Two hours and more of television with various players throwing in their two bits. More that 400 pages, that’s more than 800 page reads, nearly two years after the event—the Brittany Higgins alleged rape—that happened just down the hall from the PM’s office in Parliament House. But the news took about two years to reach the PM’s ear, or did it? You may recall that ScoMo had to ask his wife what he should do—after all he has daughters—much was made of that at the time. More
01.12.21.  This will put the taste of crap in your mouth at the disgusting occurrence in the Australian Senate yesterday from the embarrassing, ill mannered Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe, “who should never have made it to Canberra”, says Sky News host Chris Smith.
“Yesterday, she was true to form, carrying on like a pork chop again, and was promptly kicked out of the chamber,” Mr Smith said.“Lidia’s an exhibitionist through and through.” More
01.12.21.  While Australian billionaire Twiggy Forrest  traipses around the world, landing hither, thither in his jet whooping the gullible into the hydrogen power throng, the full lesson is not being told—by Twiggy, at least.
Industry and popular billionaires have been promoting hydrogen as a reliable, next-generation fuel to power cars, heat homes and generate electricity. It may, in fact, be worse for the climate than previously thought. It is seen by many as the clean energy of the future. Billions of dollars from the bipartisan infrastructure bill have been teed up to fund it. But a new peer-reviewed study on the climate effects of hydrogen, the most abundant substance in the universe, casts doubt on its role in tackling the greenhouse gas emissions that are the driver of catastrophic global warming. More
01.12.21.  While state governments run about the political barnyard like headless chooks, each vying for notoriety at the news of Omicron, a virus apparently and possibly losing momentum already, American and Australian military heads are not being sidetracked by China’s CCP Wuhan inspired flu pandemic as they look to a more deadly matter—Chinese military aggression, against Australia in particular!
A classified review has laid out how the US military plans to beef up its forces and infrastructure in Australia and Guam as part of a concerted effort to contain growing Chinese aggression in the Asia Pacific. The Biden administration announced it had completed a much-anticipated review of its global military “posture” on Monday (Tuesday AEDT), which laid out how the superpower plans to reshuffle its military and defence assets following the withdrawal from Afghanistan in August. More
00.12.21.  Regardless of massive public demonstrations in Melbourne against Chairman Dan Andrews’ draconian law for lockdowns at his whim, his parliamentary rats rally to his support.
Senior Victorian Liberals have condemned “weak amendments” to the Andrews Government’s pandemic powers and have vowed to “rip them up” if the Opposition wins the next election. Victoria’s shadow Attorney-General and shadow Treasurer have declared that the new amendments to the pandemic bill are “nowhere near far enough”. The controversial Victorian Pandemic Management Bill is expected to pass in Parliament after the Andrews Government found one vote to end the deadlock. Transport Matters MP Rod Barton will vote in favour of the legislation after the Government agreed to six amendments to the bill. More
01.12.21.  Queensland’s PalaceDuck, once more bereft of an original thought in her head pulls her favourite fear campaign at the news of yet another ‘deadly’ scourge being touted on the pages of foreign news papers about Omicron, a word the silly Duck can’t even pronounce properly—and thus she crusades to “keep Queenslanders safe”! That can only be when the wretched fibber goes missing. Nevertheless, and perpetually vigilant, the Duck jerks the reins of freedom for good measure.
A new vaccine mandate for teachers and students has been announced as one state readies to bring its rules in line with most other jurisdictions. “High risk” workers and teachers in Queensland will soon have to get a Covid-19 vaccine or face losing their jobs under new rules to be announced. More
01.12.21. If anyone ever wanted proof of how unreasonably spooked the world is, he needs to go no further than WHO’s statement that Omicron is a “variant of concern” in the absence of any evidence that it is more transmissible or is better at evading vaccines. Once WHO pushed that button, it created chaos around the world.
We should only be ramping up our response dramatically, including closing borders, if there is a genuine variant of concern, meaning that it’s causing more severe disease or deaths and evading the immune response. What little is known about the virus is that it is likely it will cause mild or no symptoms and build immunity all around the world, giving medium to long-term support to the billions yet to be vaccinated. Dennis Prager discusses the damage irrational fear can be: More

iWhen God compensates with a special gift! More

30.11.21.  Novak Djokovic’s father Srjan claims, “Tennis Australia’s stance on players being vaccinated was tantamount to “blackmail”.” We call absolute bullshit on that statement sir. Everything we do in life has rules of one kind or another—even for tennis elites. It is Novack’s right to say no to the vaccination, just as it is for him to choose which rule to obey as laid down by the International Tennis Federation—he wants three serves not the requisite two, for example. The great tennis number-one does, however, have a choice—observe the rules or refrain!
Novak Djokovic’s father says his son is unlikely to play at the Australian Open if rules on COVID-19 vaccinations are not relaxed. Australian Open organisers confirmed earlier this month all players must be vaccinated against COVID-19 if they want to compete at the tournament in January. More