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26.02.20. It had to happen! The Aboriginal industry has co-opted Cathy Freeman to join the cause for Constitutional interference—ie forcing the will of a 3% minority down the throats of a 97% majority. “Recognition” is the catchword for a multitude of pushes. Cathy Freeman’s public persona has always been gracious, therefore, hanging off the tail of Minister marsupial’s Kanga-Cape in a street disturbance is not Cathy’s thing, but fixing what is not broken is benign—change the national anthem. The whinging cries for change, this one from the Recognition in Anthem Project, are just too numerous and to change anything will open the floodgates of derision from both camps. The great Olympian Cathy Freeman is being used! Most Australian’s are now fully cognitive of the insatiable “Recognition” scam and will vote NO!
One of the most respected indigenous voices in the land, Sydney Olympics gold medallist Cathy Freeman, has broken her silence on the national anthem debate, joining a growing list of high-profile sporting figures who ­believe Advance Australia Fair is disrespectful and needs to be changed. Freeman expressed support for the Recognition in Anthem Project, founded by former Victorian Supreme Court judge Peter Vickery QC, which launched its proposal last year for an updated version of Advance Australia Fair. More

26.02.20. South Korea has seen by far the highest numbers of coronavirus cases outside of China—within a week confirmed cases jumped from a few dozen to more than 900. The country had seemed well prepared and so the skyrocketing numbers have many asking how this happened – and whether a similar sudden outbreak could happen elsewhere. In South Korea, more than half of the Covid-19 cases have been linked to a religious sect and its critics say the group’s secretive nature helped the virus go undetected. Authorities have identified the fringe Christian group Shincheonji Church as being at the heart of this outbreak. More

26.02.20.  The obnoxious Labor MP Ged Kearney has “lost the argument” by comparing Scott Morrison’s rhetoric to 1930s right-wing nationalists [Nazis], according to former NSW Treasurer Michael Costa. Ms Kearney refused to withdraw the comments she made in Parliament on Monday which likened Mr Morrison’s “rhetoric on negative globalism” to right-wing nationalism in the US and to similar [Nazi] sentiments disseminated in the 1930s. Mr Costa told Sky News host Andrew Bolt the climate change debate is actually a “secular religion” which looks for “confirmation bias” and events which confirm their beliefs that are “not factually accurate”. Also, Liberal Dave Sharma (Wentworth) stupidly admitted donating to GetUp! What in hell have we elected here? And by the way, the headline says $2 million. That is the lifetime average for every politician, including pensions, etc—each!

26.02.20 This is a Christian country built on Christian principles but when you listen to the news, especially on the ABC and SBS news, you often hear about the discrimination of Muslims, by non-Muslims. Around the world probably the greatest threat to Muslims come from other Muslims. The same is true for Christians, their greatest threat is Muslims. Unless it’s young Christian girls taken as sex slaves by Boko Haram you won’t hear about the genocide of Christians. Raymond Ibrahim describes just a few countries where Christians are being killed. Why in God’s name do we allow those that belong to Islam in to Oz without the most searching checks? More


25.02.20. The well orchestrated destruction of Bettina Arndt by the PC army, already apprised of the pending Order of Australia award, leaped like starving jackal to have the Order withdrawn—jealousy being the prime mover and the application of ‘word twisting’ on a par with the recent insane delivery from the High Court of Australia regarding ‘Aboriginality’. Referring to the murder of Queensland mum Hannah Clarke, 31, and her three young children by her husband Rowan Baxter, Ms Arndt said Baxter might have been “driven too far”. Although Baxter had to have been insane to commit such an atrocity, what does drive a person to such end? There would be tens of thousands of men that could explain that, although not excuse it!
Controversial men’s rights activist Bettina Arndt has hit back at a growing campaign to strip her of her Member of the Order of Australia (AM) honour, calling any assertion that the governor-general has established a formal review of her prestigious award “fake news.” More

25.02.20. Although first aired on Sunday this article remains topical and very important in that it exposes a Labor Party totally unhinged! Sky News host Paul Murray says Labor’s emissions reduction target policy – which will cost the Australian economy $660 billion – operates under the assumption “the private sector will pay it all (and) you will feel no impact financially”. In an interview with David Speers, Mr Albanese outlined how the private sector will bare the burden of the investment to ensure Australia meets a net zero emissions target, which he said will implemented “economy wide”. Mr Murray said Labor and other proponents of this target “want to pretend that there’s a couple hundred thousand beautiful green jobs that are going to fall out of the sky,” because ‘transition’ does not mean more jobs, it means “job losses”. “This is extinction rebellion stuff”. “This bloke wants to pretend 2050 is the job that we’re hiring him for.” More

25.02.20. Chris Kenny is far too gracious or gentlemanly to the always up-himself Waleed Aly, a spinner who will fudge whatever facts to press his superior intellect to his audience of adolescent halfwits. As you will note MM always calls it as it sees it without fear or favour, for in the end the truth will out! We Hope!
There is no topic in journalism and media where assertions are less inclined to be interrogated and tested against facts and reality than green-left posturing on global warming and climate policies. Journalists tend to be green-left, crave the approval of their peers and fear few things more than the social ostracisation that might come from appearing sceptical about emissions reduction policies or, even worse, being accused of being right of centre. More

25.02.20. UPDATE: 06:30. $7.2m paid to more than six top GetUp executives. And that’s just the start of the money drain GetUp has got up to with donors money. Who will forget the methods used by GetUp to red the political landscape of Tony Abbott. Same goes for Turnbull’s old seat of Wentworth when his arse-hole son recommended donating to GetUp. We saw GetUp’s bullying of voters when that dragon Dr Phelps got her five minutes law-wrecking, fast track of scumbag refugees in to Australia forever! Will any clear thinking Australian vote for GetUp ever again?—a rhetorical question.
GetUp spent more than 70 per cent of the $12.4m in public donations it raised last year on staff salaries, administration costs and travel, despite telling supporters “every dollar” they gave would be used to build a fairer Australia with spending on billboards, hard-hitting TV ads and rallies. More

25.02.20. Intelligence agencies have a way of trying to appear diligent, effective, while keeping us mushrooms safe in our beds. Of course, they can’t blab everything, and although that makes sense, they then resort to scaring the tripe out of everyone with non descriptive twaddle and this article is replete with such. By not once mentioning the word “China” when it comes to the business of snoops at large in Australia, the matter becomes good comedy. Almost daily the media exposes yet another episode of Chinese spying, we all know it is a serious situation. But we also know that they won’t be called out because China will get angry. Anyway, as for national secrecy and security, Mike Burgess, Director-General of Security of Australian Security Intelligence Organisation at the ASIO headquarters in Canberra, has his mug splashed on front page of today’s Australian. The Chinese spook department has made posters of it for distribution among their “sleepers”! They probably already have one of Mike sitting on the crapper in his house? We put one above, in case you bump into him disguised as a figurine of Mao Tse-tung in some Chinese restaurant! Mike looks a bit like the Chinese bloke below?
ASIO has revealed it uncovered a “sleeper” agent running a major spy ring and providing logistical and financial support for ­foreign agents engaged in intelligence-gathering missions and harassing dissidents in Australia. More