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17.01.20. Clearly still suffering from shock, NSW Minister for Transport and Roads  Andrew Constance did something during an interview with Sky News that few politicians do these days—he spoke the truth! While trying to hold the Party line of a bob-each-way on climate change the minister could not avoid what most Australians know about the current bushfire disaster and two words sum it up—fuel and Greens, although Mr Constance avoided using the name Greens his thoughts were obvious. For too long the people have been saying about social injustice, “if it happened to a politician or one of their family members something would be done quickly!” Minister Constance now finds himself in that sad place. However, to make the essential changes he will have to battle his ever appearing useless boss, Gladys Berejiklian who is not convinced about wildfire causes. She needs the input of more bloody experts of which there are more than enough crawling out of the ashes for their moment of fame. It was about two years ago that Andrew Constance distinguished himself amid a big fuss when he chose the the name Ferry McFerryface in a name choosing contest which he was found to have circumvented the true result. Regardless, in the dog-eat-dog of politics will he try to take the rambling Berejiklian down sometime soon? What do you think? More

16.01.20. Nobody has accused Scott Morrision of being a good leader. His political tin-ear is only a half note different to his predecessor Malcolm Turnbull who has remained mercifully silent during the bushfire crisis—no doubt characteristically happy to see the man not-born-to-be-king wallow in the strife. Morrison has yet to learn that serving two masters in the climate debacle is fraught with danger. He now has a chance to assume the mantle of leader and put the chattering class back in the respective boxes—they would never vote for him anyway! Nothing lost, much to gain. Is he smart enough to make a stand and be decisive without apology? Any takers?
Scott Morrison has been warned by Coalition MPs to avoid major changes to emissions reduction targets and revisiting Malcolm Turnbull’s failed national energy guarantee, as leading business and industry figures urge him to deliver a “stable” long-term energy policy, electrify Australia’s transport sector and introduce tougher green vehicle standards. More



temperatures falling

16.01.20. “The hottest decade on record!” Just like the ABC you can count on the BBC to cherry-pick prime global warming tactics to keep the uninformed informed. Such time consuming results from a vast army of uselessly employed so-called academics appear to be keeping to some form of honesty given the well remembered IPCC lies and fraud put out as gospel, until exposed. Nevertheless, the best they dare trumpet is a ONE degree increase in a century. Funny thing, The lowest natural temperature ever recorded at ground level on Earth is −89.2 °C (−128.6 °F; 184.0 K) at the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica on 21 July 1983. According to a new “Maunder Minimum” (look it up) our climate has experienced a much more dramatic change than the Little Ice Age. Over the past 400,000 years, the planet has experienced ice age conditions, punctuated every 100,000 years or so by brief warm intervals. These warm periods, called interglacials, typically last around 10,000 years. Our current interglacial began around 11,000 years ago. Therefore, just like we could soon be fried to a crisp we could also be on the brink of the end of our interglacial? Don’t toss out your winter woolies just yet! More

16.01.20. Killer temperatures plunge Afghanistan into a harsh winter with bombs and bullets from a near-decade long war against a Taliban-led insurgency not the only threat—just trying to light a home and stay warm can be even more deadly. But some young lads still enjoy a game of footy.
Another matter just as deadly is heating and cooking smoke, which the World Health Organization said kills 54,000 Afghans a year. Most of those killed are children under five, it said. More than 95 percent of Afghanistan’s 30 million people burn solid fuels, such as wood and coal, in their homes, said the World Health Organization, making it one of the top 10 countries worst-affected by indoor pollution. By contrast, 2,412 civilians were killed by conflict-related violence. The severe cold has now claimed more than 130.
ISLAMABAD: Avalanches, flooding and harsh winter weather killed more than 130 people across Pakistan and Afghanistan in recent days, leaving others stranded by heavy snowfall, officials said on Tuesday (Jan 14). More

15.01.20. Bushfires came early this year. Let Spring do the same and armed with buckets of RoundUp sally forth into your political garden and with much glee poison every slimy creature and crawling vermin that scurry into hiding. The well being of the ecology demands such action, and you will feel good too!
Wildfire is natural, cyclical and regenerative. Australian flora has adapted to survive bushfire and some indigenous species thrive on it. However, the ferocity of recent fires that scorched the country is shocking. The recovery will be painfully slow for those directly affected. Communities will be rebuilt or left behind as people seek safer ground. As city folk return to work, they will forget. But for people in disaster zones, the fires will stalk them by day and haunt them by night until they burn out or the rain comes. More

15.01.20. Under the Yum Yum Tree was a 1963 comedy film. But Tasmania, with accentuation on “mania”, likes to dedicate trees to living personalities. And climate activist Greta Thunberg has been chosen. Unlike the cornerstone of a church, or the keystone of a great bridge, or even a brass disc on a footpath outside the men’s toilet that people trip over, but a tree means the person identified was to be of fleeting importance. If memory serves, the large, Sydney department store, Anthony Hordern and Sons, was at one time the largest department store in the world, 52 acres of retail space. It was demolished in 1986. The company claimed a large Port Jackson fig tree on Razor-back Mountain near Camden NSW. After the demise of the Hordern dynasty vandals tried to poison the tree and in 2014 it is thought that lightning split the tree in two and blown over by the storm. And so died the Hordern motto,”While I live I’ll Grow!” I think I’d prefer a rose in dedication, “The Chaucer Bloom” might do! More

15.01.20. This alarming news issued by the Rupert Murdoch family could have far reaching ramifications for journalists in the News Corp stables, whom, according to the flavour of the following article, might be forced to dance to the tune of the global warming warriors or find work elsewhere.
In The Australian today are a couple of indicators that push the climate Kool-Aid but nothing to the contrary.
*David Atkin, the chief executive of the $57bn construction industry super fund Cbus, has urged the private sector to step up its action on climate change in the wake of the bushfires.
*The world’s largest fund manager, BlackRock, has said it will ditch investments including thermal coal as part of a response to rising climate change concerns.
*The US asset management giant headed by Larry Fink said the investment risks posed by global warming were set to trigger substantial changes in how it invests $US7 trillion ($10 trillion) in assets. “Climate change has become a defining factor in companies’ long-term prospects,” Mr Fink wrote in his annual letter to corporate bosses late Tuesday. More

14.01.20. Caveat: the little symbol in the MM heading advises that we are not PC. If you can’t get a belly laugh from the following it’s your fault—the PC brigade has won by numbing the Aussie irreverence that kept us happy souls instead of bitter mind-benders!