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iEven in a troop of monkeys there’s a showoff! 😊

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  • Pensioner Pete 20/09/2021, 6:58 am

    PP heard a rumor this monkey is named ScoMo for some reason regarding fences.

    • Geoff L. 20/09/2021, 7:05 am

      And that would be the state premiers holding the rope tight at each end.

      • Penguinite 20/09/2021, 7:39 am

        Slymo couldn’t work out if he was meant to skip or simian limbo!

  • Disgruntled 20/09/2021, 8:01 am

    The first three comments are real beauties and ever so true!

    Good on yer Ed. for giving us something to think and laugh about!

  • Bluey 20/09/2021, 3:20 pm

    Actually, this is a Macaca radiata Bidensis – a class noted for its incredible ability to make a total shipwreck of anything undertaken, in spite of possessing a complex brain.
    The are the closest, genetically, to humans and it is well known that zoo-keepers around the world predicted chaos when a Homo sapiens Bidensis was placed in the White House.

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