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 Olympic athletes debunk ‘anti-bonking’ bed myth

25.07.21.  Parts of the nation are still in the throes of a mouse plague as they do  proliferate with frightening speed. Can we now anticipate another phenomenon, an Olympic athlete plague direct from Japan’s “anti-bonking” beds? We shall see if raging hormones in the extremely fit athletes will obey Covid rules? It was claimed that beds were designed to collapse under the weight of more than one person? The amount of broken backs will determine the truth of that. As for the increased supply of condoms, they are being hung off the end of one’s nose to limit the need for swab testing. Athletes have debunked reports of “anti-bonking” beds in the Olympic Village despite being subjected to a raft of restrictions amid Tokyo’s ongoing state of emergency. Listen to the restrictions in the video below.

Source: Sky News


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  • Theydon Wood 25/07/2021, 1:59 pm

    The Olympics needs shutting down. The contestants would all obviously fail drug tests.
    Anyone else see the poor doped fools waving to the crowd at the opening ceremony in an empty stadium? (wink)

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