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 NZ: Ardern retains the crown!

18.10.20.  Two worlds have changed. The world of global doings, international incidents like wars, an aggressive China and of course, the coronavirus pandemic together with  interest rates on cash unprecedented. Then there is the world of politics, in this case, New Zealand which has just returned Jacinda Ardern with a resounding yes! Left wing wokeism seems to be favoured with policy failures not only ignored but rewarded. The only thing moving ahead are growing egos and Marxist theories embraced by the young—all cloaked in euphoria. Now that money in the bank is worth nothing interest-wise, maybe it’s time to mass withdrawal and delight in the chaos as bank assets plummet? That will be a test for the young and inexperienced youth that seek eternal comfort on the taxpayers’ purse? Will Queensland return the PalaceDuck and likewise for disastrous Andrews? In the ACT Labor wins with a surge for Greens!
Jacinda Ardern’s dream run as New Zealand’s leader is set to continue, after her Labour Party romped home in a general election seen by many as a referendum on her handling on the COVID-19 crisis. In a historic win, the party looks to have secured enough seats to form majority government without the help of a coalition partner, the first time that has happened since proportional representation was introduced in the mid-1990s.

Source: ABC

Jacinda Ardern led New Zealand through a terrorist attack, a volcanic eruption and COVID-19. Now her toughest challenge begins

The system was designed so that minor parties would get to play an influential role in New Zealand politics, but this time the voters seem to have placed their faith in one woman’s party.
It’s been a tumultuous three years in power for the now 40-year-old, who has led New Zealand through the Christchurch terrorist attacks, the Whakaari White Island volcanic eruption, then the pandemic.
But the hard yards may be still ahead.
Young New Zealanders put Ardern in office the first time
Prime Minister Ardern may be a global celebrity renowned for her compassion and leadership during New Zealand’s darkest years, but for people living in New Zealand, it’s more complicated.
“When Jacinda first got elected there was this sense of euphoria and ecstasy and everyone was super excited,” said Verity Johnson, a columnist with the Dominion Post and frequent commentator on youth issues.
“This time it’s not so ecstatic”.
The 26-year-old recognises that Jacinda Ardern has had quite a bit on her plate that no-one could have foreseen, with the nation gripped by domestic and global crises.
She did it all after becoming a mother for the first time, less than a year into her first term in office.
Yet that alone doesn’t quite make up for the failure of Kiwibuild, a bold initiative to build 100,000 affordable homes now a synonym for government failure.
By August only around 600 homes had been built.
Then there’s the lack of progress on a light-rail in Auckland, initiatives young people in particular were crying out for.
“We’re grateful, we’re glad [that she has won the election],” Ms Johnson said.
“But there is a quiet sense of disappointment that has taken off the stardust from this time last election when we were all ecstatic and texting each other in night clubs being like, ‘yay, Jacinda got in!'”
After multiple tragedies, a recession awaits
Labour’s slogan in the election campaign was ‘Let’s Keep Moving,’ a statement that seemed less inspirational, and more an acknowledgement that they hadn’t delivered.
Labour has the strong, stable team that New Zealand needs to lead our economic recovery. So let’s stick together, and let’s keep moving.
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It’s all a far cry from the transformational government Jacinda Ardern promised when she came to power.
“I stand by my record,” Jacinda Ardern said in the final televised debate before the election.
“No one for a moment would believe that we could fix an issue that takes decades to build in three years,” she said.
The trouble is, they did.
Child poverty is a particular sore point.
The Prime Minister insists her Government has made progress, but the increases on some key indicators of child welfare are so minimal they are not considered statistically relevant.
New Zealand ranks a shocking 35th out of 41 developed countries on UNICEF’s child wellbeing report card.
“The Labour Government has really been a failure in terms of delivering on key promises,” said Jennifer Lees-Marshment, Associate Professor in Political Marketing at Auckland University.
Despite her landslide victory, she says it’s now going to be “very difficult” for Jacinda Ardern going forward.
“That’s the main challenge for the Labour Government. They can’t just be a manager of crisis and a really relatable leader, as much as that has been successful to date,” she said.
“They’ve really got to start fulfilling the desires of their supporters to make transformational change.”
The most immediate challenge is getting the country out of recession and back on its feet after the coronavirus pandemic.
Jacinda Ardern’s mantra of “go hard, go early” on the pandemic may have kept the virus more or less at bay, but the strict lockdowns and border controls have threatened livelihoods.
The country’s GDP was down 12.2 per cent in the June quarter.
The longer the crisis drags on, the more dissatisfaction could grow.
“Having solved the health aspect of COVID-19, she’s still got to deal with the long-term economic crisis which is the slower burn crisis,” said Professor Lees-Marshment.
‘This is not business as usual’
In a campaign light on policy details, it’s not entirely clear how Labour intends to do that, aside from saying it will invest in ‘shovel-ready’ infrastructure projects.
The phrase doesn’t sit easily with Verity Johnson.
The youth commentator and columnist says not enough attention is being paid to helping out industries many women work in, including hospitality, retail and tourism.
“These shovel-ready projects do sound quite skewed towards men,” Ms Johnson said.
Women have disproportionately been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and the situation is no different in New Zealand.
Ninety per cent of people who lost their jobs to the COVID-19 crisis in New Zealand were women, according to official data.
“We want to know what’s been done for the she-recession,” Ms Johnson said.
“I would like to have seen more to be done on areas where women are working and less of an emphasis on just giving men shovels.”
Political marketing expert Jennifer Lees-Marshment agrees Labour needs to formulate and deliver on some concrete policies soon.
“They need some new policy thinking and [to start] thinking outside the box, because this is not business as usual,” she said.
But Jacinda Ardern, now one of her country’s most successful politicians in decades, remains defiant and optimistic.
“I am not done yet;” the Prime Minister promised ahead of the poll.
The electorate isn’t done with her either, entrusting her to lead them out of this crisis.
With New Zealand’s election night over though, the reckoning is just beginning.

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  • Pensioner Pete 18/10/2020, 6:53 am

    One trusts there will not be a ‘flow on’ effect in Queensland Saturday 31 October.

    However, the Labor scare tactics are in full swing, ensuring maximum benefit is gained from the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ quoting from today’s The Courier Mail (pay walled), headline

    ‘Could be 10 cases, could be 100’: Alarming sign virus still in Qld’

    “Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young yesterday confirmed virus fragments had been detected in sewage water in Wynnum, Sandgate and Maroochydore, despite the state recording no new cases of coronavirus.

    It follows other virus fragments found in wastewater at North Bundaberg, Townsville, Airlie Beach, Goodna, Fraser Coast and Cannonvale.

    Virologist Ian Mackay said the positive tests were “a flashing red light” that could indicate undiagnosed COVID cases and should prompt further testing.”

    Refers: https://www.couriermail.com.au/coronavirus/could-be-10-cases-could-be-100-alarming-sign-virus-still-in-qld/news-story/6183e333b3661b1ca9fe09c045ba55c4

    • luk1955 18/10/2020, 7:38 am

      Anything to keep the conjob19 scam going. With so much crap in the sewage system, the presence of “viral fragments” cannot be really confirmed. But I can truly say there is a lot of sewage in the political system with some thinly scattered fragments of clean viral particles scattered across the Antarctic plains of ice. If you get my drift.
      This plandemic is not about a virus. It is about little hitlers exerting powers they have stolen from the people, who ignore the laws that they are supposed to abide by but never do, and the lil hitlers are pushing us to see how far they can go in taking our lives away by making us prisoners in our own homes and destroying our society. The conjob is only a small sideshow on the way to the dictatorial world order, especially in our corrupt western political system.
      Note how none of the politicians mention the protections afforded to us by our Federal Constitution, esp sections 92, 109, 117 and 118.

      • Aktosplatz 18/10/2020, 8:56 am

        Well thanks to our Qld Medical Officer, I have learned that it is not safe to swim in sewerage because of COV-19. Well, there you go, I’ll put my swimmers away!

  • Ian A 18/10/2020, 8:18 am

    MM says “Now that money in the bank is worth nothing interest-wise, maybe it’s time to mass withdrawal and delight in the chaos as bank assets plummet? ”

    Well under Modern Monetary Theory, the government is a magic pudding. The more you spend, the more the money grows. So no fear, Ardern is going to make NZ the richest country on earth. NZers will be able to go back home now that their wages there are no longer a reason to leave.


  • Aktosplatz 18/10/2020, 9:12 am

    Don’t want to rain on Ms Ardern’s Parade, but I didn’t see any credible alternative, apart from the despicable turncoat, Winston Peters, withdrawing his support for her.
    We have the same problem looming here.
    Pallychook vs Freckles!!

    • Lorraine 18/10/2020, 9:32 am

      Freckles is the same class of boring as Michael McCormack, they must be related down the line…I cannot see her getting votes and Queensland deserves better than the Chook and Labor

  • Lorraine 18/10/2020, 9:28 am

    Winston Peters no more, there would be no Ardern if not for this ego driven man, giving the PM ship to Labor when they held the least votes . His party is no more and now we need never hear from him again LOL

    • Disgruntled 18/10/2020, 12:46 pm

      What a real big a++e-hole that Winston Peters has finally proven to be. He was always dodgy but he put the big foot (or should we say teeth) in the door for N.Z. to get used to “that thing” and they didn’t know any better yet by now and they sure didn’t look intelligently at the reality of the Covid effect!! And now they have got to wear it!!

      Covid will play a big part in Qld as the pally duck is already milking it for all that it is worth and then some with all her twists and turns and scowls and smiles; all planned to happen in the right places at the right times so as to con the suckers!!! The average “Joe” is too blind to really see what is going on and the MSM are right on for their unhindered support too. O Woe is Qld. Anna is also reported to be in constant contact with Henry for advise on how to con the suckers.

  • Bill the Bumyip 18/10/2020, 9:40 am

    Finally the lunatics have a clear majority and in a sane world will have to own the disasters they create. That they will create a disaster or three is a foregone conclusion so it will be interesting to watch how they go about finding scapegoats to blame for their own failures. Tragic for the people of NZ but they voted for their own serfdom, just like the Victorians.

    • Pensioner Pete 18/10/2020, 10:00 am

      ACT also voted to have a Labor/Green alliance govern whilst not long ago the NT voted similar. Things often come in threes, so now the three are done and dusted, I trust Queenslanders are more astute and will turn from the Commos and vote in a conservative government, for if not, the Queensland we once knew, is done for.

      • Disgruntled 18/10/2020, 1:00 pm

        PP. re. ACT result; it shows conclusively what is happening to Australia as in all the public “servants?” living and voting in the ACT who advise (or mostly run the bloody show) the various Govt sections; just shows where their ideologies lie and shows the conservative views are behind before they start. So much continuous left electing must surely rub off somewhere! Now there is a swamp that needs draining!

        My comment is a little disjointed but you all should get my drift! What I’m trying to say is most ACT rely on and advise to our Govt and it seems they are way much to the silly side so what hope do we really have

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