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Crazy, woke

Small l liberals the world over are a group that need to be woken up and brought into the real world. Australian Greens are a particular group that certainly need to join humanity that use their brain. One group fight to bring about the end of capitalism because “Capitalism is a violent and antagonistic relation between workers and those who exploit them. “As workers, whether or not we are waged, we experience perpetual violence and this violence must be brought to an end.” These are adults. We see the same in Universities, adults that don’t grow up, cant tell the difference between …

… a penis and a vagina, of course don’t like sarcasm, feel that an opposing view point is a criminal threat, that any white old man is a curse on society etc. It’s a worry but as Derek Hunter writes it there may be light at the end of the Tunnel.

There appears to be a direct correlation between how “woke” a liberal is and how crazy they are. And every single day, liberals are becoming more and more woke.

The idea of being “woke” is, for the uninitiated (meaning “sane”), the state of being hyper-conscious and aware of everything liberals hold dear – mostly victimhood and the supposed societal structures that perpetuate it. There’s no real need to understand it, unless you’re one of them you will never, ever, under any circumstances be “woke enough” to appease liberals.

Saying they’re crazy is an understatement.

That being said, it doesn’t mean we should ignore them. After all, they do control two of the three cable news networks, all the broadcast networks, most newspapers, the entertainment industry, academia, and much more. Just because the “wokest” are the fringe is no reason to rest easy, the political left is a movement led by its fringe – what is crazy now will be hosting shows and writing books soon.

Knowing your opponent is the best way to beat them. And, in keeping with their rulebook, Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” I want to focus on Rule Five: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” As such, there was an article from New York Magazine that both gives a peek inside the liberal mind and is in desperate need of ridicule.

Entitled, “Donald Trump Is Destroying My Marriage,” it’s actually crazier than it sounds. It’s a series of testimonials, of sorts, from liberals who still can’t bring themselves to accept Hillary Clinton lost the election and Donald Trump won, so much so that it’s impacting and even ruining their relationships. Not because any of their significant others are massive Trump fans wearing MAGA hats 24/7. It’s because Trump exists and, by extension, you exist.

One 50-years-old man from New York City (where else?) going by the name “John” described the new problems in his relationship as, “Pre-Trump, we got into it now and then, probably on something about women’s reproductive rights. But it was a fraction of what’s happened since. Back then, Samantha was also much, much, much less engaged in political and civic life. She’s gone from zero to 60. And while I think I hate Trump as much as she does, Samantha is much angrier and almost more obsessed with it.”

While “John’s” wife, or partner, or whatever the Hell she is, “Samantha” and her obsessive Trump-hatred is impacting their relationship, he says, “The flip side is it’s also given her a new community and some new projects that have been meaningful to her.”

Frankly, these people deserve each other. Actually, it’s a good thing these people have anyone to be in a relationship with, if only because it prevents them from inflicting themselves on others.

Though, unfortunately, some of them are now single again because of their hatred for the president. Someone calling herself “Sarah,” only described as from the “southwest,” is watching her marriage end over the election. But don’t worry, she isn’t as bothered by it as this 30-something is by the fact that people who don’t share her rage exist in the world. “What’s funny is talking about the Trump election makes me more emotional than the end of my marriage,” she said.

“Sarah’s” combat veteran husband isn’t “woke” enough for her anymore. When they finally do divorce, which seems like a foregone conclusion because she’d rather be an activist than a wife or mother, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be a great loss to the people she will leave behind. “I’ve never thought, Maybe I should just stop all this and save my marriage. That would teach our kids something I don’t want to teach them,” she said. Who would want to teach their children that family is more important than activism, right? What a horrible lesson that would be.

A 56-year-old woman form St. Louis left her husband for “the cause,” which is just liberal-speak for drum-circling and chanting like that makes a difference. Don’t worry, “Kristen,” as this winner is known, romanticized her break-up, saying, “I told him I really wanted to work on making the world a better place, and I didn’t feel I could do that within the confines of our marriage. He downloaded a divorce agreement, and we went to the notary public at the UPS store.” Does Hallmark make something for that? Maybe a, “Sorry your marriage got in the way of your marching, but on the plus side, you never have to shave your armpits again” card? Seems like there’s a market for it.

These are just a few examples of the absolute insanity that a few years ago would have embarrassed the person doing them. Now it’s not only accepted, it is celebrated by the political left.

So don’t fool yourself into thinking these are normal people who can be reasoned with, they are not. They’re “smoking bath salts and eating someone’s face” crazy without the excuse of the bath salts. And they are no longer the fringe, they are the entire Democratic throw pillow. Act accordingly.

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  • Pensioner Pete 07/12/2018, 7:47 am

    Nothing to worry about, there is nothing in this situation a good blast from me mate Lee won’t sort out, and quickly at that.

  • Albert 07/12/2018, 10:03 am

    “Adults that never grew up”. That is about as close to the best description of today’s universities and the intellectually challenged morons that reside almost permanently therein.

  • Neville 07/12/2018, 10:43 am

    There is one aspect about certain of these individuals as I see it. After a while, it becomes clear that their brains seem to operate at a different level of meaning, and their particular reality doesn’t correspond with the way the world works.
    So … “adults that never grew up” ?? Yes, I think so.

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