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 NSW: unprecedented bushfires

09.11.19. The NSW Rural Fire Service is in uncharted territory with so many fires in “emergency” status at the same time. During the past 24 hours homes have been lost, more than a thousand firefighters deployed and 70 aircraft. High winds cause enormous heat which can evaporate water before it falls to ground and spot fires from burning embers are starting as far as 12 kilometres down wind, way above the norm. See Video below.
The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) is desperately trying to protect properties around the state, with 17 blazes given emergency warning status and 50 burning out of control. RFS commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said parts of the M1 motorway and the New England Highway were closed and he warned other road closures could leave people trapped. 

Source: ABC By Paige Cockburn and Bellinda Kontominas—wearing personal protection gear we hope!

NSW RFS in unprecedented fight to protect homes as 17 blazes given emergency warning status

“You’ve got to understand a lot of the access roads in and around many of these fires are more dangerous than staying in a shelter or a safer place in your local community or your property,” he said.
“The principal message is about sheltering and sheltering in place — it’s simply too dangerous and too late to leave.”
Mr Fitzsimmons said more than 1,000 firefighters and 70 aircraft had been deployed “to save as many people as possible”.
“We cannot emphasise enough the volatility and danger associated with all these fires,” he said.
Mr Fitzsimmons also said the energy produced by each fire was influencing the behaviour of those nearby due to their close proximity, and most were spreading at twice the normal pace.
Between Forster, on the mid-north coast, and the Queensland border emergency warnings had been issued for fires at Wandsworth, Torrington, Nymboida, Tyringham, Buckra Bendinni, Willi Willi, the Tapin Tops National Park, the Crowdy Bay National Park, Port Macquarie, Hillville, Muck Creek, Coombes Gap, Bora Ridge and Shannon Vale.
A blaze is also burning at emergency level in the Woodford area of the Blue Mountains and those in the area are advised to seek shelter.
Residents around the bushfires at Hillville and the Crowdy Bay National Park, near Taree, have been advised to leave now or seek shelter as fire fighters and aircraft battle the blazes.
The blaze at Tyringham, west of Coffs Harbour is spreading quickly due to strong and gusty winds.
Residents around a fire at Torrington near Tenterfield have been advised to monitor the situation.
Those in the Nymboida area should leave now towards Grafton if they do not plan to defend their property.
The fires around Port Macquarie have given the entire region an eerie orange tinge, with one resident describing the scene as “apocalyptic”.
Hillville resident Derek Eastham’s home was spared but the fire completely wiped out his vintage collection of cars.
This was the fourth fire that has closed in on his property in the last week.
“It’s devastating … [the cars] were really special to me … I’ve lost quite a lot of money in them,” he said.
Mid-Coast Council Mayor David West said 92,000 people in the major centres of Forster, Crowdy Bay and Harrington were affected.
“I’m looking out of my office window and all I see is what I’m assuming people in London saw during the Second World War — it’s a horrible, horrible sight,” he said.
“It doesn’t seem that we as human beings have anything we can throw at this beast that can control them.”
He praised the firefighters battling the blaze, including many being deployed from other parts of the state.
“These guys and ladies are doing this without any fear. They’re laying their lives on the line for us — it’s unbelievable,” Mr West said.
Mr West said his own farm was now within 4 kilometres of a fire burning at Lansdowne.
“We don’t have any vegetation but it is incredibly dry, there is no moisture in the air, the wind is ridiculous and we are just being hammered and I guess everyone is fearful from the fallout from the ash,” he said.
RFS Commissioner Mr Fitzsimmons said drought conditions meant there was a high fuel load and strong winds were causing embers to spot up to 12 kilometres ahead of the fire fronts.
“Those embers are landing in very dry, highly flammable vegetation and starting new fires very, very easily … so you get this exponential growth of the fire front and acceleration of the fire front moving across the landscape,” he said.
“It’s a very dynamic, volatile and dangerous set of circumstances we are experiencing across these fire grounds,” he said.
‘Everything is on fire’
Yesterday, a bushfire came within metres of homes in Forster as terrified residents scrambled to flee.
“Everything is on fire and we’re stuck in traffic,” one woman was heard saying in a video posted to Facebook.
“The fire has jumped across to Harvey Norman and it’s burning everything there … we saw two cars on fire over there.”
NSW RFS deputy commissioner Rob Roger said he was concerned about some fires that had been burning for up to two months.
“While we are dealing with some fires near properties, there are a lot of fires that are more remote that have been burning now for a month or six weeks and in some two months,” he said.
“Those fires have the potential to keep burning, getting bigger and coming out into populated areas.”

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  • luk1955 09/11/2019, 5:34 am

    The greens know full well the dangers of leaving too much brush on the ground along with dead wood that is soaked in oil due to the oily nature of bush trees. As the greens are huge advocates of depopulation this is one of their tools to accomplish that. Also to make the land devoid of life, another green policy. The people living in these areas are need to defy the advice of their “government” and start taking matters in their own hands. The abos were right to burn the land every 7 years, in this regards they were not ignorant. The fire services will also need to defy the “government” and start backburning operations like they used to do but have been prevented from doing so because the Labor and Libs also support the green policy of killing the land so nothing can grow there.

    • luk1955 09/11/2019, 5:47 am

      And it seems a lot of the bush people have swallowed the green cool aid and lost the lot. When will they wake up and see what the “government” is trying to do to them. Personally I think the “government” likes this as burnt land can be quite cheap to the chinks. And I think the “government” is in bed with the chinks to remove the bush people and replace them with almond eyed folks from commieland.

  • Pensioner Pete 09/11/2019, 6:27 am

    The time has arrived for a massive ‘class action’ against the government for failure to employ fire hazard reduction to protect life & limb and property.

    Should such an action succeed in the courts, as it must, then we may see some common-sense re-appear at government level with responsible vegetation management in the future to minimise fire hazards.

    • TL46 09/11/2019, 8:11 am

      PP, you, like so many others, are making a mistake blaming the Government, it is the politicians we employ to manage the affairs of Government who are to blame. We (the people) must also accept some of the blame as we have failed to excise control of our employees. Until we (the people) take back control of Government from the major parties and the UN, nothing will change.

    • DT 09/11/2019, 8:21 am

      PP as we discussed here previously, starting with UN Treaties, then trickling down from Commonwealth to States to Local (reporting to States) Government, to offices, councils, tribunals the green and red tape has been applied and to unravel it without cooperation from the left leaning unionist dominated bureaucracy (Yes Minister) it is now a very tangled web.

      And this ignores also taxpayer funded Non Government Organisations.

      But I do believe that exiting the UN or at least following the President Trump attitude towards the UN would be the first step.

      “We’ll always have Paris, unless ScoMo gets us out”

      PM Morrison in a speech to the Lowy Institute in October warned of the dangers of “negative” globalism; which “coercively” seeks to impose a mandate from often ill-defined borderless global community.

      “And worse still”, Morrison added, “from an unaccountable international bureaucracy.”

      The Paris Agreement is an exemplar of this “negative globalism”.

      [extract from The Daily Telegraph Friday November 8, 2019]

  • DT 09/11/2019, 8:08 am

    Mayor David West was on local talkback radio a couple of days ago and was describing the fires and the devastation they are causing, and mentioned that an elderly indigenous man told him that when the Aborigines managed the vegetation with seasonal burning there were few very hot wildfires and creatures could escape, it has been estimated that a couple of hundred Koala at a Port Macquarie wildlife park are estimated to have died, and others.

    The radio presenter responded that the bushfires are the fault of Council and Greens for not issuing permits often enough, and Mayor West changed the subject.

    I have never experienced a fire situation like we have now, in so many places at the same time.

    The recently introduced Boeing 737 bombers arrived just in time and have been very successful. They can reach any part of NSW within one hour. Flying low with retardant flowing behind makes them an awesome sight,

  • DT 09/11/2019, 9:12 am

    Another day, another fire or still burning somewhere;


  • ibbit 09/11/2019, 9:15 am

    Makes you wonder just how many brains the Green have among them. These fires suggest very few. People living in bush land should just ignore Councils – mostly comprised of greens these days – and have working bees to clear the scrub from forest areas.
    Makes you wonder how sensible it is to have so much area locked up in mostly uncared for national parks which you generally have to pay to enter. Just one more money raising con, perhaps?
    Those who cleared around their properties, or bush areas, would be fined, for sure. They should fight councils in court and point to this disaster, in particular, and argue the lunacy of green and GW theories. Surely no sensible judge or magistrate could point to GW as the cause of the drought as absolute, concrete proof could not be argued about GW on any level – plenty of hysteria, but no hard evidence.
    But then where are sensible judges or sensible, fair councils?
    Besides, how are they managing for water to fight these fires? Isn’t this another reason Australia should be drought proofed instead of useless politicians tinkering around the edges with people’s lives, for that is what they do.
    If SloMo lived in a fire area things would change very rapidly – at least in his area.

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