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No free speech in Australia.

Sexual Orthodoxy
Under Politically Correct tyranny, truth is not merely discouraged, untruth is truth and you will acknowledge the untruth or else.
This particularly applies to sex.
A “transgender woman” is what we are expected to call a deranged man who presents himself as a woman. We are also expected to refer to such men with feminine pronouns so as to actively endorse the lie that they really are women despite the objective biological fact that they are not.
One way of doing this is to prosecute someone for a ‘hate’ crime for calling Arthur, Martha.
But this is slow, doing it one at a time is not what the gender-benders want.
Here is one trick they tried on in the US. Coming to a local council near you.
In Wisconsin a towns made a ruling that declares all places of worship “public accommodations.”
Clever, you see, all places of public accommodations are under the direct control of the local council, not just for their building but how they operate.
The De Pere City Council having made the declaration declared that any church with speech discrimination based on gender identity was against local government law which provided for, get this, “sexual orthodoxy.”
“Sexual orthodoxy” was what the council proclaimed it was.
So the church went to court.
The town had argued that whenever a church is open to the public, other than “as a house of worship,” the council rightfully could impose its own value system on the church. Such occasions would include providing a polling place or handing out out water to runners at an event.
“Whether such programs and activities can be construed as commercial or open to the public does not transform the nature of a church,” the judge said and called the ordinance an “egregious free speech violation.”
The court clearly recognized and rejected this latest attack on the bedrock principles of church autonomy and religious freedom.
It looks like the old cry of “Sanctuary, Sanctuary” as the Hunchback of Notre Dame called out, is still alive. Churches are still allowed to call homosexuality wrong and gender-bendering wrong provided they do it inside the church.
And of course, the recent decisions with bakers showed that you cannot be compelled to call a man a woman no matter what the occasion is.
However – that is the US. Not Australia.
We have no freedom of speech.
Nor freedom to practice religion.
18 C saw to that.

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  • Penguinite 25/03/2019, 9:48 am

    Me thinks the light is beginning to dawn in Australia that we’ve been dudded by our politicians?

    • Albert 25/03/2019, 10:58 am

      Penguinite, I think that light has been on for some time and it more a case of the PC morons and the Thought Police cementing their demands in place.

  • Ross herman 25/03/2019, 9:09 pm

    Really, they are just trying to gauge how guillable (stupid) the populace is and what they will cop. The Elites every now and then have to reassure themselves that that their arrogance is justified so they set these little tests of credulity. As for me I’m about to write a letter to Soros and ask to join because I’m coming to the belief that they may have a point about culling five or six billion who are so daft or lazy they would believe anything the MSM dishes up.

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