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 Morrison may yet rue the day he exploded in Holgate!

04.05.21.  “Former Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate is considering legal action against her former employer over her departure from the publicly-owned organisation.
Ms Holgate stepped aside from her role late last year during an investigation after she revealed she had gifted luxury watches to four staff members in 2018 as a reward for securing a lucrative contract — she resigned from her position shortly afterwards. In a parliamentary inquiry into her departure last month, Ms Holgate told senators that she was “humiliated” and unwillingly pushed out of her job. In the inquiry, she also alleged she was “unlawfully” stood aside following the scandal.
The Australia Post board has denied the allegations.”

Source: ABC

Christine Holgate threatens legal action against Australia Post

In a statement, Ms Holgate’s legal representative Rebekah Giles said she had offered to enter into mediation with Australia Post and its shareholder ministers but had been told they would not be able to speak with them by their preferred Wednesday deadline.
“We offered Australia Post and the government ministers a two-week window to conduct this mediation in order to minimise the ongoing harm that has been caused to Ms Holgate as well as the distraction to Australia Post which ultimately must focus on its important service to the public and its obligations to its employees and operators,” Ms Giles said.
“Given there appears to be an absence of agreement to mediate this matter expeditiously, Ms Holgate will now have no option but to consider her legal options after the [Senate inquiry] report into these matters is released on May 17.”
The entire Australia Post board appeared at the inquiry into Ms Holgate’s departure on Monday for the second time in a week.
Australia Post chair Lucio Di Bartolomeo told the inquiry that Australia Post wanted to enter into mediation with Ms Holgate, but the timeframe given by her lawyers was unreasonable.
“We are willing, and we wish to prepare — at this stage, we don’t even know the details of what the claims are but that’s part of the process that we had to go into, there’s no debate here over wanting to mediate,” he said.
Mr Di Bartolomeo also told the inquiry he had spoken to Communications Minister Paul Fletcher directly about Ms Holgate’s litigation letter.
A spokeswoman for Mr Fletcher has told the ABC the dispute was a matter for Ms Holgate and Australia Post.
‘I don’t want to be drawn on that’
On Monday afternoon, Australia Post board member Tony Nutt appeared at the inquiry into Ms Holgate’s departure for the first time, after falling ill last week.
Mr Nutt, a former Liberal Party director and principal private secretary to John Howard, was asked if Ms Holgate deserved an apology.
“By Australia Post? Not by Australia Post,” he said.
But when asked if anyone else owed her an apology, Mr Nutt avoided answering the question.
“These matters are still on foot, including issues of mediation being discussed at present, so I don’t want to be drawn on that,” he said.
In his opening statement, Mr Nutt also said the inquiry had morphed in “high farce” and denied that he “seemed to be running the show”.
“Senators I can assure you if I’d been directing events, the wretched watches wouldn’t have been bought two and a half years ago,” he said.
“Had I been directing events, Ms Holgate — faced with an unexpected, rapidly escalating level of deeply hurtful criticism, which she clearly found almost inexplicable — might have stayed the course over the next month or so.
“By ignoring the short-term politics and the increasingly inaccurate, on occasion completely false, and sometimes rather vile commentary, and concentrating on methodically sorting through all the queries of the investigation, Ms Holgate would be the CEO today.”

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  • Graham+Richards 04/05/2021, 6:50 am

    Where is the Chairman’s report. Make it public & we can draw conclusions from that.

    • DT 05/05/2021, 1:12 pm

      Yes, excellent point to make, after all taxpayers are shareholders and the Federal Government has the shareholding on our behalf, in other words the chain of command is through the Board of Directors to the Chief Executive, and in this case the Chairman and the Directors have responsibility for the proceedings and conflict.

      A comment by the Prime Minister in the Parliament is under privilege and he has no responsibility for OzPost operational and board matters, and noting that it was Labor that raised the matters, yes the watch gifts is one of several questionable matters raised by Labor after research by Senator Kitching.

      However, shareholders in organisations have the right to contact the Board of Directors to express views and opinions.

  • Penguinite 04/05/2021, 8:09 am

    To decipher the Nutt comments it would appear that he was suggesting Scomo should not have allowed himself to be dragged into the Labor trap at Question Time. Don’t think the (toss-pot) Minister comes out smelling of roses either!

    • DT 05/05/2021, 1:15 pm

      Ignore several matters raised by Labor in the Senate and House of Representatives?

      And what would the media game then have been?

      Or Labor allegations that ignore the chain of command but grab every opportunity for headlines and mud slinging.

  • luk1955 04/05/2021, 8:37 am

    The big problem here is the Boston Consulting Group, an entity that puts out reports in favour of turning taxpayer owned enterprises over to private large multinational companies in order to deprive us taxpayers of a paying asset that funds our entitlements from the government. Bcg are like black matters movements to the taxpayer. Consulting groups need to be removed from government matters. Bcg is an evil enterprise and is behind this matter or selling off AP to the large multinational companies, facilitated by government ministers who are in line for big commissions for pulling off the privatisation of AP. Secret reports are the enemy of the people, more so than the commies from up north.
    There is a very mean and antihuman agenda behind the Holgate affair, and the banks are pushing this agenda, as Holgate turned AP outlets into community banks to push back against the communist agenda of the big banks, who debank people and corporations under the least understandable reasons, but mainly people who provide competition for the banks.
    All this ruffling over $12,000 of watches, yet our government funds islamic terror schools in Indonesia $500 MILLION a year, with no outcry from the community, or even knowledge in the community that such generosity to terrorists takes place.
    AS anyone in rural Australia knows, the AP outlets providing bank services, that the banks should be required to provide, are now being funded by our overly profitable banks for AP’s real cost of providing this community banking. And that upsets scomo big time because he is a slimy banker advocate.

  • Lorraine 04/05/2021, 8:44 am

    wonder why a CEO that had improved Australia Post, a woman, denied a fair go by our PM. And being a woman my self ,on the side line and watching the old boys club doing what the old boys clubs have done for my life time.That Labor started the cry of foul and folded into “who me, not me” This stink smells to high heaven…….Did the PM just do politics and against a woman and we are all to believe he was justified…..$20,000 in a extra bonus ,given the public servants and their huge add on’s, that is indeed laughable

    • Knight Templar 04/05/2021, 10:23 am

      Christine Holgate done nothing wrong… in fact she did a great deal right … just ask all the thousands of small family run post offices that are stillin business thanks to her.
      This situation is what happens when you get a motor mouth PM who has never run a private business and all his lacky advisors who don’t have a clue.. shooting off their mouths.
      Scomo will rue the day he opened his big mouth and tried to take down this very successful woman.

      • nev 04/05/2021, 10:53 am

        Thank you, KT…….Nailed it.

    • nev 04/05/2021, 10:49 am

      If you have time Lorraine, I hope you can read the article below that I have put up, also from a very capable woman from within a party that so far as I have seen, has no “Oldboys clubs” or time for any form of “affirmative action”.
      There is substance aplenty from both sexes in our organisation without resorting to lowering the bar, Here in ASP our women raise it.

  • JK. 04/05/2021, 9:45 am

    All this is just banking corruption and political corruption, and we think we live in a democracy???? dream on.

  • nev 04/05/2021, 10:28 am

    The Australian Citizens Party has been a strong supporter of Christine Holgate and Australia’s struggling, country Post Offices. Noelene Isherwood enunciates the reasons in this interparty communique.

    Hi Nev,
    National Party have betrayed Christine Holgate: Time to deliver them a clear message that this will finish them politically!
    Christine Holgate’s explosive testimony to the Senate laid bare the way the management of Australia Post has been corrupted to serve the underhanded political agenda of stealing the national postal service from the Australian people through privatisation. She got in the way, so the Prime Minister seized the chance given to him by Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching’s dishonest ambush of Ms. Holgate to drive her out of her position. Justice for Christine Holgate is therefore also justice for Australia Post, its 3,000 longsuffering licensed post office (LPO) operators, and the Australian people, who are all stakeholders.
    It has been proven that THIS FIGHT IS NOT ABOUT WATCHES OR THE MIS-USE OF PUBLIC MONEY, and yet Nationals Member for Lyne, David Gillespie wrote to a constituent this week:
    “The concern has never been with Christine Holgate. The issue was the inappropriate use of taxpayer’s money for luxury items.
    Ms Holgate was stood aside for a period while an investigation was underway, and then made a decision to resign from her role, with immediate effect – she was not fired.
    The investigation report found that the purchase of watches was not a proper use of public money, as required under the PGPA Act, and was not supported by internal Australia Post policies.”
    Licensed Post Office operators consider this a total betrayal by the National Party, whose majority of constituents live in rural and regional Australia, which is most affected by the survival and success of LPOs. In fact many National MPs owe their election in large measure, to support from the Licensed Post Office group.
    WATCH this 10 min video: Exposing the lies! The Morrison gang’s dishonest response to Christine Holgate
    Call and Email, and send the link to this video to as many National Party MPs and Senators as you can, and deliver the message that nothing less than the following is acceptable to the Australian people.
    • Remove the Chair of Australia Post and the entire Board of mainly Liberal Party hacks;
    • Restructure the Board to include a qualified chair, qualified directors, and a representative each from the staff and LPOs;
    • Reinstate Christine Holgate as CEO to continue the excellent work she had started, including the expansion of retail financial services.
    If you have time, also call and email your local federal Member, and as many of your state’s Senators, as you can. Click here for the contact details: https://www.aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members

    Noelene Isherwood
    Executive Member & Political Organiser
    Australian Citizens Party
    PO Box 376,
    595 Sydney Road
    Coburg VIC 3058
    Desk: 03 9081 4603
    Reception: 1800 636 432
    Email: nwi@citizensparty.org.au
    Web: http://www.citizensparty.org.au

    • Disgruntled 04/05/2021, 12:16 pm

      Nev; Thanks for the link; just watched it and found it to be very very interesting; These blokes are in so so deep “effluent” that they should by now be having trouble blowing bubbles.

      Even if A.P. was a taxpayer show which there could be debate on that statement I would say that a One dollar only bonus for an Eleven thousand dollar benefit would be a bloody miserable amount and be somewhat an insult!

    • Lorraine 04/05/2021, 2:16 pm

      Nev until you told me I had never heard of the Australian citizens party, I am glad they are standing up for Christine Holgate.

      • DT 05/05/2021, 1:18 pm

        Same, never heard of them, so just another minority party.

        Maybe they will overtake One Nation and have balance of power somewhere if we wait long enough?

  • DT 05/05/2021, 1:07 pm

    “The Australia Post board has denied the allegations.”
    Source: ABC”

  • DT 05/05/2021, 1:21 pm

    “It has been proven that THIS FIGHT IS NOT ABOUT WATCHES OR THE MIS-USE OF PUBLIC MONEY, and yet Nationals Member for Lyne, David Gillespie wrote to a constituent this week:
    “The concern has never been with Christine Holgate. The issue was the inappropriate use of taxpayer’s money for luxury items.

    Ms Holgate was stood aside for a period while an investigation was underway, and then made a decision to resign from her role, with immediate effect – she was not fired.
    The investigation report found that the purchase of watches was not a proper use of public money, as required under the PGPA Act, and was not supported by internal Australia Post policies.””

    The questions raised by Labor via Senator Kitching in the first instance cover more than the expensive watch gifts. A lot more.

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