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  • Albert 04/02/2019, 10:29 am
  • Neville 04/02/2019, 7:30 pm

    Welcome back, MMEd! Hope ya had a fabulous break!

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 06/02/2019, 4:21 pm

      Yairs, welcome back, a bit late but we ex bushies always wait for a bit and roll a smoke or two before we are sure that yr are going to stay back after yez have come back.

  • Aktosplatz 05/02/2019, 10:13 am

    This Election is not about Liberals (Nationals)versus Labor(Greens) anymore.

    It’s about Australians versus Globalism. In the UK it is Brits versus Globalism, as Brexit has demonstrated.

    Turnbull, Bishop, Morrison, Shorten, Plibersek, Albanese, etc are all Globalists from each party.

    Abbott, Kelly, Christensen, Dutton, are examples of Australians for Australia, which is why the Globalists in the Coalition are trying to shift them out.

    We need to be aware of the true divide as this election.

    How do you detect a Globalist? Ask them about Climate Change.

    Don’t vote for a Globalist.

    • Neville 05/02/2019, 10:46 am


    • Pensioner Pete 27/03/2019, 9:23 am

      Akto: You are completely correct.

  • Albert 05/02/2019, 11:11 am
    • DT 07/02/2019, 5:28 am

      When Mansion left the people’s House Tony Abbott said on Radio 2GB that the worst is over.

      Peter Dutton lost the leadership spill vote 45 to 40 but since then it is becoming clearer that Black Hand Faction MPs no longer support the Mansion agenda. Turnbull & Son have turned on them savagely; Hunt and Frydenberg so far in their sights.

      After Mansion travelled as a representative of the government to New York and then to Bali where he embarrassed the government by talking outside of his brief PM Morrison commented that he was not impressed, and that there will be no more opportunities. I believe he finally found the real Mansion.

      Of the 45 who voted for PM Morrison I wonder how many remain BHF members and how many who are not but supported Morrison?

      Battlelines organisation is of course the Abbott Liberal opposition to Green Union Labor’s GetUp organisation. Apparently PM Morrison supports it and the national executive of the Liberal Party does.

      I expect Bill Shorten to be exposed for AWU days activities before the federal election, and Juliar Gillard. It is going to be an interesting campaign period.

      • Ivan 02/04/2019, 11:04 am

        We can only hope that the True LNP are keeping their powder dry, only to let it off in staggered releases of truth about the ex-union scum that is the Shorten Labor pardy. Hope there’s some publicity re the Michael Smith private action vs Juliar in the leadup to the election. Plenty of skeletons in Billy Bigtits cupboard also, methinks.

  • Gregoryno6 05/02/2019, 8:27 pm

    Matt Hayden reminds us that Nathan Phillips aka Talks Through Tuchus has a couple of local precedents.
    ‘Here in Sydney’s Martin Place, a buncha homeless folk set up a camp. This “tent city” was presented zif it was all a genuine and spontaneous phenomenon; an inspiring coalition of downtrodden folk who were sick and tired of being ignored…
    The leader of the group was an old bloke called Lanz Priestley. Like Phillips, he certainly looked the part. But after he gave several respectful interviews about what this whole demo was trying to achieve, some journos did some real digging on his history. It turned out he wasn’t quite the “rough diamond” he appeared to be.’

  • DT 07/02/2019, 5:19 am

    Go to Michael Smith News, there you will find an article regarding a new book exposing Gillard and Shorten based on the AWU slush fund fraud, and the Trade Union Royal Commission and Commissioner for failing to deal with them.

    “I commenced writing this material during 2015. Initially, it dealt with two prominent members of the Australian Labor Party, former Prime Minister J.E. Gillard and current Leader of the Opposition, W.R. Shorten. Originally the material comprised two lengthy essays which criticized the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption (which I shall refer to as RC whether about the Commission or the Commissioner) in relation to these two prominent figures in that in both cases it was recommended that no prosecutions be instituted against either of them in relation to particular past conduct which had been investigated by the RC.”

    • DT 07/02/2019, 8:06 am

      Julian Lucas is a humble, uncomplicated, man.

      He’s also fearless.

      He’s just produced a 30,000 word book, a scholarly analysis of the Trade Union Royal Commission’s investigation into The AWU Scandal.

      It’s no mean feat to take on and critique former High Court Justice John Dyson Heydon AC QC as Lucas does.

      And he doesn’t hold back.

      Heydon’s conclusions that Thiess Contractors was a victim of deception “were erroneous”.

      Heydon was “wrong in his judgements”.

  • Albert 10/02/2019, 9:26 pm

    Bloody amazing:

    Defence Force Equality

    Extract from the Australian Defence Force recruiting brochures – read the selection criteria for the ‘Application’ and the ‘Fitness test.

    Discover career opportunities
    in the Australian Defence Force
    You’ve checked your eligibility to serve in the ADF, selected a Service (or are open to guidance)
    and chosen a role (or would like to discuss the options with a Defence Recruiter). Now you are just six
    steps away from an exciting and rewarding new career.

    You will be asked to provide your:

    Personal details
    Contact details
    Academic achievements
    Job preference(s)
    When applying you do not have to state your sex but can if you wish use the word ’trans’ in area where this is required to be nominated. The definition of the word trans is as follows:

    “Trans is an umbrella term that includes, but is not limited to, the following identities: transgender, transsexual, a person of trans experience, genderqueer, androgynous, third gender, agender, non-binary gender, two-spirit, and any other non-normative gender identity,”

    You will also be asked to do a fitness test as the Defence Force requires people to be fit for active service. All applicants will be treated equally.

    TAKE A
    During the Pre-Entry Fitness Assessment you will need to show us you can:

    Do push-ups (Navy: Male-15 Female-6, Army: Male-15 Female-8, Air Force: Male-10 Female-4 , Trans – exempt)
    Do sit-ups (Navy: Male -20, Female 5, Army: Male -45, Female 10, Air Force: Male 20 Female 10 Trans – exempt)
    Complete a beep test (Navy: Male Level 6.1 Female 4.3, Army: Male Level 7.5 Female 5.4, Air Force: Male Level 6.5 Female 4.3 Trans – exempt)

    Is it just me or do others think that ‘equally’ mean everyone does the same or has the same standard?

    • Bwana Neusi 31/03/2019, 12:30 pm

      You forgot the bit about feather duster tutu dancing.

  • TheBagMan 13/02/2019, 8:02 am

    As a retired ADF person I find this completely offensive. WTF is going on with our defence force. Totally unbelievable letting Trans into the ADF in the first place but to exempt them from a fitness test is sheer madness!

  • Sir Peter 13/02/2019, 6:35 pm

    I had always hoped that when the neomarxists eventually go too far, as they will, the defence force would be our saviour as the source of MEN with the skills and the balls to begin disappearing the bastards a la South America.

    I suspect the neomarxists realise this and have set out deliberately to remove said MEN, and balls, from the forces.

    So now they will have to start within the services and clean out the evil bastards there before they can save the nation. Sadly the rot has started at the top among the very highly ranked and well protected, and this will be difficult.

  • Albert 16/02/2019, 1:36 pm

    Thought for the day:

    99 percent of lawyers give the rest a bad name.

  • Pensioner Pete 17/02/2019, 9:30 am

    Seems like news.com.au are beginning of the light, now they have ‘true stories’ so I assume all the rest are fake news. Refers: https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/true-stories

  • Albert 17/02/2019, 4:16 pm
  • Gregoryno6 20/02/2019, 11:34 am
  • Gregoryno6 21/02/2019, 4:58 pm
    • Aktosplatz 21/02/2019, 5:18 pm

      I haven’t listened to Greg’s song for Julie Bishop, because I know how I feel about her going. Bloody Good Riddance!! She wants a Woman to replace her, No Ms Bishop it will be on merit and on merit alone ( as it should be),

      Here’s something more suitable, ” Good Moaning.” (And it’s not a song)


  • Pensioner Pete 22/02/2019, 6:10 am

    Obviously Global Warming is hard at work still. Refers: https://www.9news.com.au/2019/02/22/02/13/world-news-las-vegas-weather-snowfall-snow

  • Gregoryno6 22/02/2019, 7:35 pm

    I wish my parents had identified as millionaires.

  • Albert 23/02/2019, 9:15 am

    The levels to which our Clayton’s politicians sink and the manure that the MSM is prepared to spread around:


  • Albert 03/03/2019, 8:02 am

    Julie Bishop says she is not that concerned about not becoming PM. I think Bishop is upset about that because she is having a sook about being betrayed by the little twerp Pyne. Says one thing and displays another. No wonder the LNP is on the rocks; they are all as bad as each other:


  • DT 03/03/2019, 8:16 am

    Don’t have the money or whatever to make your home environmentally friendly?

    Then too bad, the Vic government will take it from you …


  • Aktosplatz 04/03/2019, 4:01 pm

    The Daily Closure of the Border Ceremony between India and Pakistan.


    (It will remind you of Monty Python).

  • Albert 05/03/2019, 9:08 am

    This is what is coming to you should Labor ever get into government backed by the Green scum:


  • sheldon bowden 06/03/2019, 5:53 pm

    Coal fire power stations being built in hunter region .. The liberals are going to win .. The best news Ive heard in a long time..

    • Ex ADF 06/03/2019, 11:27 pm

      If this is fact, the Hunter will be the main source of power for the Eastern States.

    • Neville 07/03/2019, 11:00 am

      But it’d be YEARS away yet, even if “approved” quickly. And by “approved”, I mean if the proposal survives the absolutely massive blitzkreig of bullshit it’d face from assorted pissants and ‘progressive’ groups, led with banners held high by the great green glob which is labor-greenies-lefties all around the country (even though it’d be in one small corner of one city in one state).
      [ sigh ]
      And YEARS away means higher prices due to massive money thrown at MORE ‘unreliables’.
      [ double sigh ]

  • Aktosplatz 06/03/2019, 6:59 pm

    Morrison has banned Milo Yiannopoulos from entering Australia. He’s obviously a threat to National Peace & Security. Another Cowardly decision in the face of Left Wing Protesters.

    • Aktosplatz 07/03/2019, 4:21 pm

      Not only a cowardly decision by Morrison, but also appeasement to those who really want to harm us.

      From the ‘Daily Mail’:-

      “Provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, 34, has been banned from entering Australia
      Briton was banned on ‘character grounds’ by the Department of Home Affairs
      It occurred as Egyptian Muslim sheikh toured Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney
      Dr Omar Abdelkafy has previously described September 11 as a ‘comedy film’ ”

      That’s gutless – Morrison is afraid of violent protests from the Lefty militants.

      Milo could go to town on this – banned on ‘character’ grounds? He should accuse the government of being homophobic towards him (Milo being gay). They would sh–t themselves then.

  • Aktosplatz 07/03/2019, 10:06 pm

    Something more cheerful. ‘It’s a mans’ world’. Enjoy the pics and the music.


  • DT 08/03/2019, 8:42 am
  • Albert 08/03/2019, 8:54 am
  • DT 10/03/2019, 7:58 am

    Professor Ian Plimer quoted at JoNova …

    “Where Does the Carbon Dioxide Really Come From?

    Professor Ian Plimer’s book in a brief summary:

    PLIMER : “Okay, here’s the bombshell. The volcanic eruption in Iceland. Since its first spewing of volcanic ash, it has, in just FOUR DAYS, NEGATED EVERY SINGLE EFFORT you have made in the past five years to control CO2 emissions on our planet – all of you.

    Of course, you know about this evil carbon dioxide that we are trying to suppress – it’s that vital chemical compound that every plant requires to live and grow and to synthesize into oxygen for us humans and all animal life.

    I know….it’s very disheartening to realize that all of the carbon emission savings you have accomplished while suffering the inconvenience and expense of driving Prius hybrids, buying fabric grocery bags, sitting up till midnight to finish your kids “The Green Revolution” science project, throwing out all of your non-green cleaning supplies, using only two squares of toilet paper, putting a brick in your toilet tank reservoir, selling your SUV and speedboat, vacationing at home instead of abroad,nearly getting hit every day on your bicycle, replacing all of your 50 cent light bulbs with $10.00 light bulbs…..well, all of those things you have done have all gone down the tubes in just four days!

    The volcanic ash emitted into the Earth’s atmosphere in just four days – yes, FOUR DAYS – by that volcano in Iceland has totally erased every single effort you have made to reduce the evil beast, carbon. And there are around 200 active volcanoes on the planet spewing out this crud at any one time – EVERY DAY.

    I don’t really want to rain on your parade too much,

    but I should mention that when the volcano Mt Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines in 1991, it spewed out more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the entire human race had emitted in all its years on earth.

    Yes, folks, Mt Pinatubo was active for over One year – think about it.

    Of course, I shouldn’t spoil this ‘touchy-feely tree-hugging’ moment and mention the effect of natural solar and cosmic activity, and the well-recognized 800-year global heating and cooling cycle, which keeps happening despite our completely insignificant efforts to affect climate change.

    And I do wish I had a silver lining to this volcanic ash cloud, but the fact of the matter is that the wildfire season across the western USA and Australia this year alone will negate your efforts to reduce carbon in our world for the next two to three years. And it happens every year.

    Just remember that your government just tried to impose a whopping carbon tax on you, on the basis of the BOGUS ‘human-caused’ climate-change scenario.

    Hey, isn’t it interesting how they don’t mention ‘Global Warming’ anymore, but just ‘Climate Change.

    It’s because the planet has COOLED by 0.7 degrees in the past century and these global warming advocates got caught with their pants down.

    And, just keep in mind that you might yet have an Emissions Trading Scheme – that whopping new tax – imposed on you by your government, that will achieve absolutely nothing except make you poorer.

    It won’t stop any volcanoes from erupting, that’s for sure.

    But, hey, …..go give the world a hug and have a nice day”

    • Pensioner Pete 10/03/2019, 11:16 am

      DT: No doubt, Professor Ian Plimer will soon be burnt at the stake for heresy by the Global Warmistas. After all, we cannot let the truth get in the way of a complete and total scam, can we?

  • DT 10/03/2019, 11:37 am

    On Outsiders this morning (Sunday) an interesting explanation about the warming statistics doctoring to produce a warming trend, making the past colder and the present warmer and then the difference is highlighted.

    When the fact is that there has been no appreciable warming trend.

  • DT 10/03/2019, 11:48 am

    March 10, 2019 at 8:03 am · Reply
    It would be interesting to know how many wind turbines would be required to match the generating capacity of, say, Bayswater Power Station, Hunter Valley, NSW?

    I do realise that because of the wind factor and compliance factor no wind farm could match Bayswater for reliable generating capacity 24/7. However, the transition to unreliable energy side continues to claim that renewables are becoming cheaper and coal fired power stations are no longer viable.

    Of course there are other factors involved including the amount of land area that would be required for wind turbines as compared to Bayswater Power Station land.

    March 10, 2019 at 9:17 am · Reply

    Bayswater as a Nameplate of 2640MW. Bayswater generates 17TWH of power each year.

    EVERY wind plant in Australia has a Nameplate of 5661MW. They generate 14.9TWH of power each year.

    There are 51 wind plants and approximately 3100 individual wind towers, keeping in mind that those wind towers have been constructed over a number of years, so their generators on top of the towers have differing sizes, so an actual number can only be totalled by visiting the site for each wind plant and adding the number of towers together.

    So how many wind towers to equal Bayswater’s yearly output of 17TWH, keeping in mind this is a theoretical exercise only.

    Using a standard 3MW generator on top of each tower, then to achieve that 17TWH, you need a Nameplate of 6485MW, so, using that 3MW ‘tower’, you will need 2153 towers.

    Use a current example.

    Round the Nameplate to 6500MW.

    Macarthur has 140 of those 3MW towers for a Nameplate of 420MW.

    So, that means you would need 15.5 Macarthur (6500MW divided by 420MW) wind plants to generate the same 17TWH year as Bayswater.



  • Aktosplatz 10/03/2019, 9:37 pm

    I think we should stand against those trying to rewrite political history, the truth is :-

    1. The VOTERS awarded The Tony Abbott Leadership an increase in seats in the elections of 2010 and 2013.

    2. The VOTERS rejected Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership in 2016 whereas he lost all of the seats Abbott had gained.

    3. The Only successful leader of the Coalition post 2007 has still never been offered a place on the front bench.

    Now that is quite cowardly from Morrison. He’s a coward.

    He has an election in May – what does common sense tell anybody in the Liberal Party to do, therefore, based on Seats won previously.?

    But have they the guts?

    • Albert 11/03/2019, 9:25 am

      No they haven’t, Akto. In addition to Morrison’s lack of spine we have the media enthusiastically promoting the downfall of Abbott and telling voters that Shorten is given Winx like odds that will result in the end of the LNP and the end of civilisation as we have previously known it.
      It is almost unbelievable that there are so many who are prepared to face the prospect of Labor’s sovereignty destroying plans and his promise to flood the country with dangerous uneducated third world peasantry with 6th century mentalities.

    • Neville 11/03/2019, 11:08 am

      Yeah, agree with Albert a bit here. Sure, the LNP is largely responsible for the current state of the polls, but the media has a more than enough share of responsibility too.

      • Aktosplatz 12/03/2019, 11:30 am

        I agree, Albert. Andrew Bolt continues to reveal the unbelievable lies and mud being thrown by the MSM against Tony Abbott for instance. However there are the wrecking balls of Turnbull, Bishop, and Banks very active out there. The contrived stories of male bullying have reached fever pitch. But there are no names, no dates, no events, just filthy innuendo by Liberal/former party members. The MSM are just fanning the flames.

  • Biking Voter 14/03/2019, 2:58 pm

    I just had a look at the LA ballot paper for the NSW seat of South Coast, I get a choice of three candidates, that’s it, three.
    The LC ballot paper is going to be a donkey voters wet dream come true. what utter dross.

    We are doomed I tell you, doomed. The sky is going to fall.
    I’m to scared to look at the seat of Gilmore to see what disaster is going to jump out at me there.

  • TommyGun 14/03/2019, 9:01 pm

    I noted with interest today that the GayBC and SBS announced with solemn tones that “Boeing has decided to ground all 737 Max jets in the USA…”
    Donald J. Trump ORDERED the Federal Aviation Administration to ground the jets in the interest of public safety! So when the FAA passed on the President’s order, Boeing carried it out.
    The Leftard, Socialist Trump-Haters in the media would rather choke on their own bile than say ONE COMPLEMENTARY WORD about the guy.

  • TommyGun 15/03/2019, 6:47 pm

    My only comment about the “Elephant in the Room” is that I’m surprised it took so long.

  • Graham Richards 15/03/2019, 7:28 pm

    Surely these ” terrorists” in NZ are “lone wolves ” who have mental problems??
    Oh, sorry they’re not Islamic terrorists!!
    I’m surprised it’s taken this long for another western “uprising”. Be prepared for more such acts. I’d not be surprised when the attacks focus on western “leaders”!

    • Biking Voter 15/03/2019, 8:05 pm

      Equally now stand by for reprisal attacks by the religion of pieces.

      • Pensioner Pete 16/03/2019, 10:03 am

        BV: The ‘reprisal’ attacks have been going on since the 12th century.

  • DT 18/03/2019, 10:50 am
  • DT 19/03/2019, 11:30 am

    “This week Business Council of Australia chief Jennifer Westacott played the reality card on Labor’s 45-50 per cent targets for emissions and renewables: “We don’t have a plan to do this.

    How are we going to do this? If it’s economy wide, what is the mechanism by which we (Labor) are going to do this? Is it a cap and trade system? Is it the national energy guarantee? Is it a base-loading credit system? Are we going to exempt the trade-exposed sector?

    Are we going to allow the ‘carry over’ for Kyoto?

    I think the Australian people are entitled to understand how these things will be achieved. This is the history of the problem – people say stuff, then they try to implement it and everyone goes ‘Oh, hang on, we didn’t mean for those jobs to be gone’ – now we’ll have to have a compensation scheme. Then we stop and then we go backwards and then we make no progress. This is the history.”

    Yet nothing Westacott said – policy realities that must be faced by any Shorten government – impinge on the current climate change mantras that dominate our public debate. Just listen to the independent progressives crusading on climate change in leafy Liberal seats to grasp how much this debate has regressed over the past 15 years.

    They talk endlessly about saving the planet and the urgency for Australia to do more, as though the policy and political obstacles of the past 15 years never happened….”

    The Weekend Australian
    Paul Kelly

  • TommyGun 19/03/2019, 11:00 pm

    A question for the Editor:
    Given some of us contributors make, from time to time, what the Left would call comments that should attract lawsuits under 18C, what protection (if any) do we have should the spooks come calling to you, the website owners/managers?
    Will our contact details be divulged?
    I ask this because of the witch hunt that has now taken place after the NZ massacre. I am sure the spooks are combing the internet traffic looking for anyone who is remotely “anti Islam”.

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 20/03/2019, 8:44 am

      That question is probably in the backs of all our minds TG and we aren’t protected by parliamentary privilege as is Pauline or Fraser. One supposes that we must have some protection somewhere in the legal system but as we Airline Dispute pilots found out the hard way there is no freedom of speech or any of the freedoms we thought we had, only the freedom of religion which any sane and rational person would associate with the freedom of speech, for the two go hand in hand. Some of us found ourselves in the Supreme Court on charges trumped up by Hawke/Abeles et al and most of us hadn’t taken any direct action in the dispute at all so imagine our surprise to find ourselves in the bloody court. Thankfully, the court tossed all the charges out twice! We figured out afterwards that all of us charged lived close handy to the City and one poor bastard charged was an ex TAA bloke who had been retired for two years. The sheriff and some goons from TNT came to my place armed so I met them at the door and said, hang about blokes, I see you have shotguns so I am just going to duck inside and get mine so we are about equal. They shot through which was pretty lucky really because I didn’t own a shotgun, never have owned one and never will own one.

      • Pensioner Pete 21/03/2019, 8:51 am

        TG: I gave Tails on a USB stick which uses Tor browser a burl, however, MM spam detector had a hissy fit, so couldn’t post messages therefrom, no doubt something to do with the IP address used by Tor which is likely used also by spammers. The same thing happens using Tor from Ubuntu, (sigh).

    • Pensioner Pete 20/03/2019, 9:23 am

      TG: I suggest you do what I have done, have a reliable and secure VPN which makes it difficult, (but not impossible), for the thought police to come and drag you off for re-education.

      A VPN also protects your online financial dealings which is the principal reason I use one. (I learnt the hard way a few years ago, when my bank account was pilfered!!)

      There is some sound advice to be found here: https://www.vpn.ac/knowledgebase/57/Important-Privacy-Measures.html

      • Pensioner Pete 20/03/2019, 10:37 am

        This link is worth a read too: https://restoreprivacy.com/5-eyes-9-eyes-14-eyes/

      • TommyGun 21/03/2019, 7:42 am

        Thanks PP & Bots.
        I already use a VPN; NORD-VPN, which was rated as one of the best by one of the tech-websites. Yes PP, I also got it principally for financial security, so I can still do my banking etc even in airport WiFi places and suchlike.
        I also have an anonymous email, too.

  • Aktosplatz 20/03/2019, 4:08 pm

    Theresa May should quit NOW. The EU don’t take her seriously, and the UK politicians ( and the UK public) believe she tells ‘porkies’. The new PM should steer the UK through the No Deal Scenario and allow a soft border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. After all it became that way years ago. Also Irish republicans always had unhindered entry into the UK via Liverpool.

  • Graham Richards 20/03/2019, 7:14 pm

    PM Morrison, suggest you expel the Turkish Ambassador immediately.
    Those people are not to be trusted. Throw them out now. A spot of sanctions will also help get the message across.
    An apology will be given with their fingers crossed.
    Do you have the courage of your convictions Mr PM.
    No I thought not!

    • TommyGun 21/03/2019, 7:45 am

      Waste of time, GR.
      Morrison is having the lace hanky dry cleaned so he can use it on Erdogan.
      Erdogan won’t give a toss; there’s not much leverage Australia can put on the Turks. Stop people going to the ANZAC Day service? Yeah, that will hurt a few bus companies and tour guides and hotels. Not much else.

    • Pensioner Pete 21/03/2019, 8:41 am

      GR: I am still waiting for the outpouring of outrage from the MSM, the Greens, the leftards, Labor, Channel 7’s David Koch etc., over Erdogan’s hate speeches.

  • Graham Richards 20/03/2019, 7:17 pm

    What exactly are your convictions? Any at all?
    Please explain……soon!

  • Albert 21/03/2019, 9:50 am

    Good grief, what next? NZ’s PM, that silly little girl that is making a feast out of the Christchurch massacre, has now ordered, repeat ordered, the NZ National Radio network to broadcast the Muslim call to Friday prayers.

    • Pensioner Pete 21/03/2019, 10:40 am

      Albert: Surely, you are kidding? Next the SBS and ABC will jump on the bandwagon, not that it will bother me as I don’t watch/listen to any of them anymore.

  • Margaret 23/03/2019, 6:06 pm

    “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” A proclamation by the pigs who control the government in the novel Animal Farm , by George Orwell.

  • Gregoryno6 24/03/2019, 5:11 pm
    • Neville 24/03/2019, 11:29 pm

      Is your site down, G6?

      • Gregoryno6 25/03/2019, 8:17 am

        Perhaps a temporary fail somewhere in the interwebs, Neville, but it’s okay now.

  • Gregoryno6 25/03/2019, 8:55 pm

    One of the great voices of the Sixties has fallen silent.
    Scott Walker, who rose to fame with The Walker Brothers and then embarked on an eccentric solo career, has died at 76.
    This is the song they can play at my funeral. Scott Walker sings it, Jimmy Webb wrote it – If Ships Were Made To Sail.

  • Albert 26/03/2019, 9:13 am

    Shorten is set to shoot pensioners up the backside yet again. Shorten’s pensioners tax promises to remove up to $5000 a year from the pensions of some 300,000.

  • Rob 27/03/2019, 7:56 am

    Jo Nova’s website has apparently been down for two days. Can anyone say why and if/when it may return?

  • Albert 28/03/2019, 9:06 am
  • Albert 28/03/2019, 10:07 am

    What a wonderful idea it was to create a policy of sending migrants into regional areas and away from the major cities. How are these migrants (that is code for Muslims) going to be employed? Are they going to take the few jobs available for real Australians? Who is going to pay to build dozens, if not hundreds, of mosques as these migrants(code for Muslims) are supposed to be on the bones of their backsides and bludging on Centre Link because they have a definite distaste of work?

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 29/03/2019, 10:42 am

      Instead of slaying the obligatory goat for a bit of entrail gazing each Friday, we could have a substitute and (I had better not continue for the good of the editors but you get my drift.)

    • Pensioner Pete 30/03/2019, 6:50 am

      With statistics showing unemployment in many rural and regional areas at 60%, added to Queensland Treasury reports showing the vast majority of rural and smaller regional councils not having sufficient funds to adequately maintain existing infrastructure such as water, sewerage, roads, buildings, I can see a disaster looming on the horizon for we who live outside the major centres.

      As per usual, the federal government brushes aside the FACT, Australia does not have the infrastructure in place to support the influx of immigrants, no matter where their origins are.

      Surely, the federal government can see the need to build the infrastructure in the first instance, then seek immigrants at a level consistent with the infrastructure to support them?

  • Biking Voter 28/03/2019, 4:07 pm

    Please MM Ed, could you restore the time date stamps on posts as the absence of these makes it impossible to know how old or relevant a previous post is.

    • Bernadette Houghton 02/04/2019, 4:12 am


  • Albert 29/03/2019, 8:50 pm

    What a load of bullshit based upon a handful of rocks:
    Randwick has been long established and this claim has just raised it ugly head?


  • TommyGun 31/03/2019, 8:54 am

    Hi Editors,
    What’s with the “new look” on the website?
    Is it going to be like this from now on? (I like the old version myself, but then again I’m conservative!)
    Was it related to the site being down yesterday? (I thought maybe hackers had done a job on it.)

    • Pensioner Pete 31/03/2019, 8:58 am

      TG: My first thought was also that perhaps hackers were hard at work

      • Deano 31/03/2019, 11:37 am

        Same thought here. I’d just heard a federal Labor guy promising he would seek jail time for any media executive that allowed proponents of ‘hate speech’ like…(get this)….Pauline Hanson and Rowan Dean to be aired. So naturally I assumed MM had been banned by Chief Censor Morrison just to keep bidding up the Stupid Idea Auction.

      • Aktosplatz 31/03/2019, 1:00 pm

        I was being redirected to the ‘Battery Doctors of Australia’ every time, so I just assumed the site had been hacked.

  • Albert 01/04/2019, 11:41 am

    As our hard working editorial team try to thwart the efforts of the “hackers”, let’s keep the ball rolling here.
    While some find Spectator Australia the Duck’s Nuttzz the latest from Tom Akhurst leaves me cold in its support of the MSM, pathetic ignorance about our gun laws and an equally pathetic effort to sink Pauline Hanson.
    Akhurst says, “She and her party have been exposed by the media as hopeless hypocrites who are not in Canberra to save the Aussie battler, but to chase power and political office for themselves.” Really? What childish drivel. For a start chasing political office is what politics is all about. Akhurst hasn’t twigged that there is support for her and her party because she really does care about the ordinary Australians who are being shafted daily by LNP/ALP/Greens and media.
    Secondly, she was exposed by the media?? Quite the opposite, it was she who exposed the lies and the spiteful concoction of fake news and dodgy editing by the MSM, who have been on her case for 20 years odd, with special emphasis on the ABC, that seems to be the flavour of the week with one-eyed scribblers such as Akhurst.
    Then we are able to read how John Howard’s gun laws have saved the lives of hundreds of people because we haven’t had a mass shooting in Australia since their inception. What utter bullshit. The authorities class the death by shooting of three or more people as a mass shooting and on that basis we have had quite a number of “mass shootings”. The truth is that Howard’s gun laws punished law abiding gun owners while having had no effect upon criminals being able to access any type of firearm they wish and nor has it had any effect upon the number of shootings carried out by the criminal element.

  • DT 02/04/2019, 1:04 pm

    The Sky Fell last month, but almost nobody noticed.

    The sky fell on Hawaii last month, all because carbon dioxide levels peeped above the much-hyped 400 ppm hurdle. Chicken Littles all over the world squawked into their friendly media megaphones about numerous imminent global warming disasters. One warned: “the fate of the world hangs in the balance.” (Similar alarms were rung when the 350 ppm level was passed).

    But nobody else noticed anything scary.

    Four pieces of well-established evidence say that 400 ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not a concern.

    Firstly, there has been no increase in global temperatures since 1998 despite 16 years of rising carbon dioxide levels and heavy usage of carbon fuels. Clearly, CO2 is not the main driver of global temperatures.

    Secondly, the ice core records show clearly, with no exceptions, that all recent ice ages have commenced when the atmosphere contained relatively high levels of carbon dioxide. The temperature fell first, and then carbon dioxide levels fell. This proves that high carbon dioxide levels do not guarantee a warm globe, but could suggest that they may be a harbinger of a coming ice age. Ice will cause far more damage to the biosphere than the even the worst warming forecast.

    Thirdly, current levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide are not extreme or unusual. Carbon dioxide reached 2,000 ppm in the luxuriant era of the dinosaurs, and ten times current levels (4,000 ppm) when the great Devonian coral reefs were flourishing. There is no tipping point into runaway global warming, or we would have tipped eons ago.

    Finally, current carbon dioxide levels are just above starvation levels for plants. All vegetation would grow stronger, faster, and be more drought resistant and heat resistant if carbon dioxide levels trebled to 1,200 ppm. Such levels are no threat to humans – US submarines operate at up to 8,000 ppm for cruises of 90 days. Topping 400 ppm should be a cause for celebration – it shows that Earth is emerging from the cold hungry years of the ice ages.

    Climate Cassandras have blown false trumpets once again.

    Viv Forbes,
    Rosewood Qld Australia

    • Aktosplatz 02/04/2019, 2:23 pm

      100% correct Vic and DT.

  • Albert 02/04/2019, 5:07 pm

    Just watched that fool Morrison on afternoon news. Weeping and hand wringing in parliament about Christchurch. That bloke has been bought and sold by the Islamics.

  • Sir Peter 02/04/2019, 10:30 pm

    Ms Foxx is a Monkkey

  • Gregoryno6 04/04/2019, 2:41 pm

    “Hillary… you know I’ve always had a soft spot for you. That is, a hard spot for you… heh heh heh.’
    ‘Get your damned hands off me, you f***ing sleaze! Hey! Secret Service man! Do something!’
    ‘I did it already, ma’am. I voted for Trump.’


  • Gregoryno6 08/04/2019, 2:21 pm
  • Botswana O'Hooligan 09/04/2019, 9:39 am

    Driving behind a Tesla with a number plate “NO OIL” yesterday and kept a safe distance for several reasons, one being that only deluded wealthy lunatics would buy one so should be avoided at all costs, and another of the bastard thing catching fire or blowing up my small Opulent and incinerating it along with my good self. Queensland electricity is generated by coal so that thing was running on coal, oil is in the various moving parts for lubrication, the tyres are probably synthetic and made from oil and carbon black or more oil, the plastic components made from more oil derivatives, titanium underbody made in a furnace, ditto copper wiring, ordinary steel, and so the list goes on without mentioning battery components and the disposal/reuse of same when the batteries wear out or most probably blow up when someone tries to charge them in eight or ten minutes. So much for Tesla and no oil.

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