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More discrimination against women.


Will discrimination against women ever end?

Bret Harte

Green’s leader, Christine Milne, has demanded action by ICAC or somebody following startling revelations that kickbacks and bribes disproportionately favour men.

Speaking in the Senate last night, Senator Milne said,”ICAC investigations unquestionably show that while males get stuffed brown envelopes, expenses paid trips with a nice fat credit card for use in Europe, plus tickets for every major cultural or sporting event, the most a woman ever gets is a bottle of perfume, a book, and a box of chocolates.”

“It is even worse when we have foreign delegations. The males get millions for pretended use in bogus housing projects or roads back home, the women get a pack of DJ’s gift cards.”

“It is disgraceful that after 100 years of female emancipation bribes are distributed on the sole basis of possession of a penis.” she said.

FIFA Chairman Sepp Blatter supported Senator Milne in her call for ICAC intervention.

“I promised to resign as Chair and I had made my plans but with these revelations from ICAC I am now determined to hang on. We have just completed an investigation here [at FIFA] and after speaking to Senator Milne I called for an immediate breakdown on the bribery and corruption in FIFA. I was appalled to see the figures are just as bad as ICAC as revealed. Some women executives in FIFA has never been offered as much as a packet of Tim-Tams.

“But this culture of discriminational bribery did not grow overnight, and it will not be removed overnight. I am determined to stay on to see women get equal rights. After all,” Blatter continued, “We are not Muslims you know.”

“The leader of the opposition, Bill Shorten, refused to speak on any individual case, but pointed out that the Labor Party has a policy of anti-discrimination in relation to kick-backs which was applied across the board. The fact that men appear to get bigger bribes than women is purely a matter of job description. Obviously there is far more bribery in the building industry than in, say, nursing and therefore more opportunity in one profession than another.

“If I might give some advice to Sepp. I would urge him to look at our tax laws. Provided you declare the bribe in your tax return that is the end of the matter so far as the Federal government is concerned.

“And that is the way that business should be done – quietly and in confidence.”

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  • Albert 21/06/2015, 9:36 am

    Really, how could anyone take seriously anything that comes out of the mouths of Milne, Plibersek or that other serial pest Hanson-Young. I wonder if these three ever go back over what they have said and realised how imbecilic it is?

  • The Jeweller 21/06/2015, 9:49 am

    o mores. o tempores

  • Lorraine 21/06/2015, 9:50 am

    What class , jealous of a man , because he gets big bribes, I think they call her dumb and dumber

  • Zoltan 22/06/2015, 3:31 am

    What about us blokes who don’t get bungs, who aren’t bribed? Typical! As a WASP I guess I’m bottom of the pile again.

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