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 MM’s forum for Delcons and Deplorables #49

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  • Jefferson 01/09/2020, 9:35 am

    replying to Geoff: everyone is entitled to their opinion. In the PM’s lack of leadership, as in the article the Ed. said it correctly, “mediocrity replaces excellence.” We have been dumbed down to where bad becomes acceptable. Saying that the alternative, Shorten et al, would be much worse indicates a surrender of reasonable standards. How very sad that is—the white flag flies!

    • Bwana Neusi 02/09/2020, 10:20 am

      Gifted mediocrity Please.

  • Bwana Neusi 01/09/2020, 10:40 am

    It is a toss up these days as to whether our Western Civilisation will capitulate to the Marxists (BLM, Antifa, etc) or Islam.
    History shows that civilisations have a finite life cycle from “Aggressive through to Assertive, then assured, followed closely with affluence, then decadence”
    When it has become more important to ponder the conundrum as to which of sixty three genders applies or whether a man can be a woman and that sexual gratification takes precedence over morals and ethics, then civilisation is in its death throes.
    Enter stage left an aggressive culture and the cycle is repeated.
    The question is: Do you prefer a Gulag or the prayer mat?

    • Bushkid 02/09/2020, 9:54 am

      Well summarised.

      What we have to fight for is the only acceptable alternative – our freedom.

    • Ian A 13/09/2020, 1:37 pm

      I’d say that the wokists are merely parasites on Western affluence. If the West crumbles into a new dark ages they’ll be the first to perish, since they rely on others for all their basic needs and will “positively die, darlings”, when the aircon is switched off.
      The Muslim world is mired in self- inflicted poverty and dysfunction, hardwired into their religio-cultural belief system. At best they’ll take over Belgium and the UK (almost there already).
      Wokists and Islamists are merely softening us up for President Xi and the People’s Liberation Army to take over. We’ll all be consigned to sweat shops making plastic cr*p for our new Han masters. The Islamists will be sent to concentration camps and the wokists, in this scenario, will become quisling petty officials writing shrill Chinese propaganda jingles to play over the public loudspeakers.

      • Philippe Armstrong 14/09/2020, 1:01 pm

        If the West crumbles or Australia is invaded, the woke and SJW’s will be the first to go. They are mostly dependents, just signal their virtue and the millennial generation are addicted to social media, never got into an arm wrestle, receive prizes just for showing up and are diagnosed with anything and everything imaginable with their daily pills plus an education system which strokes their fantasy claims of victimhood and oppression. These people will be the first to hide away or cave in when the crunch comes.

  • Aktosplatz 02/09/2020, 10:07 pm

    This event in Victoria is very disturbing. A pregnant mother handcuffed in front of her kids by the VictoriaStan Stasi.


    • pattoh 03/09/2020, 6:32 am

      Well I must say it is very appropriate that their uniforms are black.
      The VicPol guys must have a streak of Retro Tragic flowing through their veins – just sayin’.

    • Albert 03/09/2020, 8:44 am

      The conduct of police in Victoria is inexcusable. Any remaining respect for those intelectually challenged thugs is being flushed down the dunny by the day.

    • Biking Voter 04/09/2020, 9:01 am

      What is the motto of the Vic Stasi again? …….. Oh yeah “Uphold The Right”

  • Aktosplatz 03/09/2020, 12:43 pm

    The Palaszczuk Labor government is being accused of “recklessly causing a security risk by allowing Chinese-based coders to write critical software for the Electoral Commission of Queensland,” according to Sky News host Peta Credlin.

    The outsourcing of coding by the electoral commission “potentially gives China access to the QLD electoral roll, and the ability to manipulate digital information around elections in that state,” she said.

    Queensland Liberal MP Fiona Simpson said one of the reasons for the “train smash” reporting of the local election results in Queensland, was because the Chinese-based coders were in lockdown due to the coronavirus crisis in Wuhan.

    “It’s a compromise and it risks the security of one of the most critical things which is our elections, she said.


  • John 06/09/2020, 6:56 pm

    Was watching NBN News and there was a news item that, as we speak, HCQ therapy is being rolled out across British Hospitals as they have just discovered there was a 93%~ improvement in “cures”. No mention of combo zinc/antibiotics as an adjuvant therapy. That breathless announcement didn`t astound me, what did was the absolute shamelessness of the network and the announcer when not weeks ago that very same therapy was pronounced useless unproven twaddle and its supporters fascist Trumpians. No prizes for guessing where the rusted on “dan the man” or “anustascia” supporters get their news.

    • Philippe Armstrong 14/09/2020, 1:08 pm

      The msm, anti Trumpists, big pharma and WHO have blood on their hands. Dan Dickears Andrews knows many treatments are available and work but he plays hard politics and loves his autocratic regime. See Sutton’s links to the institute funded by Uncle Bill Gates and Morrison has invested HIS OWN money into vaccines. SCUMmo is a disgrace. Australia had thought we’d turned the corner from hard leftism but then you hand over more money to the UN and we find out you are part of the globalist cabel. You are pure SCUM and unpatriotic and a disgrace.

  • DT 07/09/2020, 2:15 pm

    Election concerns are playing a key role in shaping the National Cabinet’s political debate on the controversial topic of borders according to Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell. “The view within National Cabinet and at senior levels of the federal government is that although Queensland and Western Australia are now very firm on their hard borders … both state governments are likely to change their minds after their elections in October and March respectively,” he said. “One thing seems certain; if the Queensland Chief Health Officer continues to insist on no community transmission from a city over 28 days it will be very hard to see Queensland ever opening up again to Sydney and Melbourne”.

    Mr Clennell also pointed out Prime Minister Scott Morrison was aware he could lose the next federal election likely to be held in late 2021 if he pushed the border debate too far. The Prime Minister has the option of taking interstate border closures to the High Court, forcing border legislation through parliament, or threatening to withdraw JobKeeper support if Premier’s refuse to open the borders, he said. Commenting on the situation Mr Morrison said Premiers “need to ensure they are not putting needless handbrakes on our economic recovery,” however his frustration was evident when he compared National Cabinet to “having to get kids in a car” after failing to get a national hotspot definition at Friday’s meeting. “The PM soon rescued himself from this by pointing out to the reporter they were all adults in the room,” Mr Clennell said.

    Sky News

  • Sir Peter 07/09/2020, 4:45 pm

    When will the police with brains turn on their marxist leaders? Time for some ‘disappearing’

  • Pensioner Pete 10/09/2020, 6:22 am

    This should do the Demorats, Antifa, BLM, someone’s ABC, MSM, you name it, heads in good and proper. Donald Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for his bringing about Israel and the United Arab Emirates peace deal.

    Refers: https://nypost.com/2020/09/09/trump-nominated-for-nobel-peace-prize-by-norwegian-official/

    • Pensioner Pete 12/09/2020, 11:35 am

      Quote: “President Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for a second time this week — this time for brokering a historic peace deal between Serbia and breakaway republic Kosovo.”

      Donald Trump has done it again, he is causing peace to envelop some nations which have not known real peace for decades and longer.

    • Philippe Armstrong 14/09/2020, 1:17 pm

      The Democrats in the 60s invented a softer form of slavery and control. Is called the Democrat Plantation of social welfare. The cost: breakup of low income families, systemic poverty, higher crime. The number of African Americans harmed by Democratic welfare policies would exceed the dreams of any white supremacist Klansman. Current welfare spending per year in the USA exceeds fivefold what the cost would be to eliminate poverty. The war on poverty started in the 60s with trillions spent with deep state bureaucracy. America fought a war on poverty and lost. Poverty won.

  • John 10/09/2020, 4:28 pm

    Henry Lawson wrote this in 1905 excerpt from,
    “Australia`s Peril”

    Keep the wealth you have won from the cities, spend the wealth you have won on the land,
    Save the floods that run into the ocean – save the floods that sink into the sand!
    Make farms fit to live on, build workshops and technical schools for your sons;
    Keep the wealth of the land in Australia – make your own cloth, machines, and guns!

    Havn`t learnt much in 115 years.

  • Graham Richards 10/09/2020, 6:42 pm

    Trump & The Nobel Peace Prize.
    Trump must decline the nomination on the grounds that one does not get prizes for doing the job you’re elected do. IE, run the country for the BENEFIT OF ALL & help spread peace & harmony throughout the world.

    No doubt he might just do something along those lines closer to 2020 day.
    Milk the nomination a bit then tell them “thanks, but no thanks”.
    I’m sure he feels the same about accepting rewards from lefty NGOs as do many hundreds of millions world wide.
    Was he to accept the left will devise something to denigrate him for accepting.

    • Neville 11/09/2020, 7:04 pm

      and if he doesn’t accept, the lefties will seek out something to attack him for rejecting …

  • Soroako 10/09/2020, 9:50 pm

    Tonight I watched the despicable Ana Palawhatsit make her equivalent of Gillard’s misogyny speech in which she declared that she wouldn’t be bullied by Scott Morrison who asked her to give permission for a 26 year old to attend her father’s funeral.

    She then ranted on about how it was the role of the Chief Medical Officer to permit or deny the request.

    This is our the ABC told the story today. Note the comments made by CMO doctor Young. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-10/annastacia-palaszczuk-scott-morrison-bullying-covid-19/12649008

    Compare the above with this ABC article back in April regarding the funeral of a “significant elder of the community” in Mackay and her [Young’s] explanation as to why it was OK for up to 400 people to attend said funeral.

    Denying the lady an opportunity to unite with her family at the funeral of her father was nothing short of a bastard act. According to Young it is OK for huge crowds to attend a funeral if an aboriginal is being buried / cremated but a no go for everyone else.

    This despicable woman then went on to state that allowing sports people, film stars and others to be exempted from border controls and quarantine is justified because it brings money into the state.

    It comes as no surprise to me that the ABC would push the Labor party perspective in both these incidents.

    Notwithstanding the distraught family, the biggest loser today was Scott Morrison.

    Palawhatsit will survive her cruel and callous act, she’ll find plenty of takers to replace the 3 ministers who have resigned and when she wins the election Jacky Chad will be back in the cabinet ready to take over as Premier within 12 months.

    The Labor gerrymander won’t be broken in SE Qld. The only hope left is for One Nation to wipe out Labor in the sticks so that there is an effective opposition.

    • Graham Richards 10/09/2020, 10:36 pm

      We have not had a conservative opposition of any significance in 31 years. Sir Joh was last one, Campbell Newman ran a distant 2nd.
      If Labor are returned it will a disaster for Queensland!

      • Philippe Armstrong 14/09/2020, 1:27 pm

        Australia thought it had voted in at least a moderate conservative in Scomo but found out later he is a UN globalist puppet and is now called SCUMmo. And he calls himself a Christian siding with the UN and Bill Gates. Scomo will keep any confession box busy for years if he sees anything to feel guilty about. Lost his soul to evil. Liberals (increasingly since post Howard) are no different to Labor. I would not even call them a centrist party. They are left make no mistake. They are all for the social contagion of the welfare state, no different to Democrats in the USA. They believe people are entitled to what others produce and ever since that mentality took hold, Australia has turned to s***.

    • John 15/09/2020, 7:13 pm

      Young will be rewarded. In the same way as Bryce was apparently given the Governor Generalship as a reward for services provided to Dr Death aka Kevin Rudd . Something about evidence re the Heiner affair that somehow got destroyed was it????.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 11/09/2020, 8:08 am

    The LNP should be all over this like a badly fitting suit and hammer the fact that ordinary people be they Labor voters or not, the Premier and her medical mate are a pair of callous bastards.

  • Pensioner Pete 11/09/2020, 8:38 am

    The LNP have pulled off a master stroke of self-destruction within the Queensland Parliament this week, with the LNP voting with Labor and Greens to curb Queensland coal mining and to drop support for coal-fired power.

    Refers: https://cairnsnews.org/2020/09/10/lnp-betrays-bush-again-votes-with-alp-greens-to-shut-down-coal-fired-power/

    The local LNP MP, shall be reading some of my thoughts about this betrayal, today.

  • Cliff 12/09/2020, 8:43 am

    With the upcoming Queensland election, it will be interesting to see if the voting patterns change (if the Covid restrictions continue to be enforced as strictly as Anastasia says they must be) meaning that Labor Party ‘helpers’ will be unable to go to every old people’s home in the State to ‘assist’ the oldies to vote, as they have always done in the past.

    Or will exemptions be granted to allow this ‘vital service’ to be offered to the elderly?

    Oh, and if there’s anyone out there who does not believe this happens, I have worked in an aged care facility for over ten years, and I can assure you, it does.

    • Pensioner Pete 12/09/2020, 10:23 am

      Cliff: I know what you state is true, Labor not only ‘assist’ the elderly in aged care facilities to vote, they have proven form in ‘assisting’ those in Indigenous communities to vote ‘properly’ throughout Queensland, particularly Cape York Peninsular and the Torres Straits Islands.

      Also, Labor have proven form in ‘assisting’ the dead to arise and vote, a miracle in itself, causing my surprise in that Labor have not created a new religion.

      • Botswana O'Hooligan 12/09/2020, 10:29 am

        The dead in Fitzroy Melbourne are famous for being able to rise to the occasion at election time and vote Labor every time ere resuming the great silence until needed at the next election.

  • Albert 12/09/2020, 10:23 am

    Disgruntled: Also with respect, it is not I who is “dreaming”.
    What I wrote on the 9th about the supposed disarming of the population and gun ownership was not a “dream” but cold hard fact. To add a finer point and assist with recognition of the reality of the matter; if you are a registered and licensed shooter and own a gun then you are not disarmed. If you are able to obtain a licence to own a gun then you are not disarmed. You may be restricted in the type of gun you can own but, I will say again, you are not disarmed.
    I can understand the feeling of those such as yourself who are not happy with gun control regulations but it really gets down to the fact that you are upset because you cannot own the type of firearm you think you should be entitled to own and so you believe that you are disarmed.
    I might also add that if you are on the land or a professional shooter then you may be able to access heavier types of repeating firearms, however, those are just ordinary people who are doing a job and have a real need and are definitely not disarmed. And so, mate, I wonder who needs to “get real”.

    • Pensioner Pete 12/09/2020, 10:29 am

      Albert: I have a friend who owns a musket plus a couple of other rifles, the coppers drop in from time to time to check on his weapons in every aspect.

      The situation is this, should there be a need, the government has intimate details of every licensed firearm owner and it should come as no surprise, should there be any kind of uprising of the people, the first who will be clobbered and ‘relieved’ of their legally owned firearms, will be the registered firearm owners.

      • Botswana O'Hooligan 13/09/2020, 9:22 am

        After each amnesty we used to haul heaps and heaps of weaponry back to be chopped up, some beautiful pieces too that a collector would pay a large sum for. I think that getting ammo would be the main problem these days although the crims don’t seem to have a problem with that unless of course they just shout or threaten to shout “bang” as they wave their pieces around at some poor shopkeeper. The bit that always gets me is that for the amount of weaponry lying around until JWH did his thing there were surprisingly few gun crimes as compared to the USA if their statistics are correct.

      • Albert 13/09/2020, 10:24 am

        PP; I agree but, that will not be so for those who have in their possession unregistered firearms.

      • Philippe Armstrong 14/09/2020, 1:36 pm

        Andrews is cracking down on sales as he did in March during this coronavirus. What did firearms have to do with Covid? Nothing! There are attempts by Andrews to revoke licenses of those who are fined through breaching restrictions and refusing tests. The laws in 96 aimed to reduce ownership rates and it reduced the number per 100 of holding firearms. It reduced registered owners and the overall number of gun owners. However, the number of guns has increased a lot and is concentrated in fewer hands. The left abhor gun ownership because it is liberty and the concept of responsibility and guns is a weird idea to them.

  • Cliff 12/09/2020, 10:49 am

    I think it was Gough Whitlam who was reputed to have said to one of his Ministers who lost his seat in the 1974(?) election: “Comrade,” (Whitlam’s normal form of address), “You have three cemeteries in your electorate and you still lost? That was exceedingly careless of you.”

  • Sir Peter 12/09/2020, 4:52 pm

    1. License guns
    2. Impose conditions on their storage and transport
    3. Collect data on all ammunition purchases
    4. Require storage in a central govt secure location
    5. Deny access

    We are at Stage 3

    • Philippe Armstrong 14/09/2020, 1:37 pm

      Sir Peter. Was also a UN objective. UN had a key role in 1996 decision.

  • Bob Tee 14/09/2020, 10:40 am

    Dan Andrews has signed up the entire VIC state to the ‘Strong Cities Network’, who I suspect are briefing VIC police on their strong-arm tactics. ‘Strong Cities’ is an international association that at first sounds like a good idea until you look further into them. This body is run by the left-leaning ‘Institute for Strategic Dialogue’ based in London. It is a registered ‘charity’ rumoured to be funded by George Soros.




    • Sir Peter 14/09/2020, 12:35 pm

      Scomo, grow a pair and send the army to take over the people’s republic of vicdanistan. put andrews on trial

      • Philippe Armstrong 14/09/2020, 1:39 pm

        Sir Peter. Totally utterly AGREE. SCUMmo-not a chance. Have more chance of winning in lotto.

  • Pensioner Pete 15/09/2020, 3:00 pm

    These days, it is very difficult to tell the difference between Queensland Labor/Greens and the LNP with the LNP voting with Labor/Greens to destroy our coal industry, coal fired power stations and continuance of the Green lunacy of 50% renewables by 2050.

    In today’s news, the lunacy continues in regard to the Olympic Games with the LNP supporting the Labor Party to bring the games to Queensland thus ensuring Queensland never, ever is free of debt.

    Refers: https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/politics/queensland/queensland-s-2032-olympic-dreams-remain-on-hold-20200914-p55veg.html

  • Albert 15/09/2020, 4:09 pm

    Just watched a presser on the ABC, centred around the mentally ill bloke they first hit with a police car and then kicked in the face before stomping on his head, with another of the top Victorian thuggery trying to convince his audience that Victorian coppers really don’t want to use such force and don’t go to work every day hoping the opportunity would come their way. That was a bit hard to swallow in consideration of the almost daily thuggery undertaken by the Victorian coppers.
    Yesterday I couldn’t believe that the head honchos of VicPol were investigating the actions of their own personnel. What a joke.
    Time for an independent investigator, completely divorced from the coppers, to look into the repeated and continuing instances of police brutality.

    • Pensioner Pete 15/09/2020, 5:09 pm

      The issue is, Albert, the ALP/Greens/LNP exposed themselves in the Senate earlier this year, when One Nation put to the vote “All lives matter” to be voted down by the ALP/Greens/LNP, which is actually declaring open season on we who built this nation.

      It is no wonder then, the cops are waging war on law-abiding Victorians, whilst Black Lies Matter and Antifa are permitted to run amok when they feel like it, unchallenged by those who are employed to protect law-abiding citizens.

      Quote: “The government used its numbers to squash debate on the motion that asked the Senate to “note that all lives matter”.

      Coalition politicians joined with Labor, the Greens and cross-benchers to vote 51-2 against Senator Hanson’s attempts to pursue the matter.”

      Refers: https://www.sbs.com.au/news/pauline-hanson-s-all-lives-matter-motion-overwhelmingly-defeated-in-the-senate

  • Neville 15/09/2020, 9:08 pm

    Can anyone tell me WHY the Vic police are now blackshirts? I don’t live in that highly desirable state (/sarc), so I don’t know why they switched away from the more or less world-wide police uniform of (some shade of) blue.
    I note that in many countries, the extreme “minders” of society, such as the secret police and other assorted thugs all had black uniforms; the Waffen SS comes to mind, the Cheka, the NKVD, and so on.

    • Cliff 16/09/2020, 6:40 am

      I think you’ll find that the shirts are still blue Nev, but now the very dark navy blue in the American style rather than the light blue traditionally worn by police down here in the 51st State.

      If there are any Victorians out there who are close enough to a library to get out a book, there are two on the same subject that might explain what we’re seeing today with VicPol, ‘Ordinary Men’ and ‘Hitler’s Willing Executioners’.

      Both deal with German police (not SS, just ordinary coppers), who were posted to Poland early in WW2 and who obeyed orders, orders that most people would find extraordinary, like killing the entire populations of rural villages, right down to babies and pregnant women. But these ‘ordinary men’ apparently did not.

      If I can find the ISBNs, I’ll post them here.

      Hard as it might be for some to believe, the commanding officer of one of these police units brought his new bride back to Poland for their honeymoon and she assisted in the mass executions. And there are photographs of her at one such execution.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 16/09/2020, 8:49 am

    We all know that the government is going to tax the bejesus out of all taxpayers after this non event, actually everybody for we all use fuel, buy stuff etc. but now they are discussing including the family home in a means test for costs associated with old age care homes. A pre death tax would be the right description one supposes. Just how they would do that would be interesting and provide more employment for an army of public servants. Let us assume the PP’s mansion on a vast estate out in the sticks is worth a tenth of a backyard outhouse sans choko vine in Brisbane, so PP’s contribution to this pre death tax is less than that of the one in Brisbane. More interestingly in this very “actual” socialistic country of ours, is who will want to work their guts out for half their life to get a decent home when the government is going to tax them out of it when they are old and vulnerable?

  • Albert 16/09/2020, 9:53 am

    Bots, that little gem come from a university professor who is advising the RC on how the country could get out of debt after the covid hysteria is over. I bet his advice doesn’t say anything about polliticians, bureaucrats and advisors have to chip in for the damage their and incompetence has caused.

  • seadogger 17/09/2020, 6:47 am

    BLM has new meaning in the States now… Bowel Liquid Movement

    • luk1955 18/09/2020, 8:57 am

      I prefer Burners Looters Murderers movement.

  • Pensioner Pete 17/09/2020, 1:32 pm

    This action will surely be interesting with Avi Yemini taking on the Victorian government in the court.


  • DT 17/09/2020, 4:09 pm

    Green Steel, for woke people …

    David Maddison
    September 17, 2020 at 3:04 pm · Reply
    “Green steel” is the latest Leftist economy-destroying fantasy.

    It involves using supposedly green hydrogen for the chemical reduction of iron ore rather than carbon in the form of carbon monoxide from coal.

    It represents a lack of understanding of the chemical and economic processes involved.

    Some analysis here:


    However, steelmaker Arcelor Mittal has acknowledged that industrial scale-up is likely to take 10-20 years and the cost of the steel is projected to be some 60 to 90 per cent higher than existing methods, calling into question not only the timeframes but fundamental commercial feasibility.


    • DT 18/09/2020, 1:26 pm

      There is 500 Billion barrels of oil in the lignite in the Gippsland Basin. A new process separates it inexpensively. At US$50/barrel, that’s US$25T at a profit margin of over US$30/barrel. Every Victorian could do nothing for a very long time. Then there is another 1,200 Billion barrels stuck in coal seams under Bass Strait.

      The Labor Party and many corporate Climate Change worshipers eg BHP, think this oil is bad and the coal that it comes from is also bad. It could produce CO2. They are all barking mad.

      JoNova comment

      • DT 18/09/2020, 1:29 pm

        Add …

        * Capped oil wells in Western Queensland (Commonwealth Oil Refineries).
        * Oil and Gas field (huge) below the SA Coober Pedy District.

        * Oil and Gas field offshore WA south west.

        * Shale oil and gas around Newnes-Lithgow NSW and elsewhere in the State, also in Queensland.

        Commonwealth of Australia should be right now the wealthiest nation of all, or one of the top five.

        UN treaties/agreements deny us this wealth, but no wonder China is focused on untapped natural resources here.

  • Aktosplatz 18/09/2020, 8:29 am

    This jungle like behaviour of Sudanese gangs in Zillmere (north of Brisbane) has resulted in one death of a gang member and murder charges are being sought by the Police.

    As many as 10 are charged and it may be more. Thanks for nothing, the Do-Gooders who let them in in the first place.

    I am assuming that if this all goes through in court, deportation back to the Sudan will be swift (virus or no virus), as they are obviously homesick anyway.

    • Cliff 18/09/2020, 9:15 am

      Can we assume you forgot to add the necessary ‘/sarc’ after that last paragraph Aktop?

      • Aktosplatz 18/09/2020, 10:46 am

        That’s right, Cliff.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 20/09/2020, 9:34 am

    On Crocodiles. The place is lousy with them in the North and I have often wondered why Jimmy Cook and his mob didn’t comment a lot about them from the time they spent in Cooktown for the Endeavour River is full of them. On surveillance we saw them as far as forty miles offshore swimming along as happy as steam but were two that were bigger than average, probably more than twenty feet long, one in Princess Charlotte Bay we called “Wally” after a bureaucrat from Canberra tho Wally was a decent bloke originally from FNQ, and Vince, the other one in the passages around the tip, Possession Island etc. for Vince was a Canberran higher up the pole than Wally. That was forty odd years ago and barring accidents as in warning shots between the eyes, one would assume that both are still around and somewhat larger. One biggie comes ashore for a spell and makes the fresh water lagoon on Horn Island “home” for awhile and I tend to think that he/she/it may be “Vince.”

    • luk1955 28/09/2020, 9:05 am

      I would like to turn a few thousand of those hungry crocs loose in Parliament House in Spring Str Smellbourne. And listen with glee to the screams and gurgles of dying politicians. Better entertainment than Freddy Kruger.

  • Albert 21/09/2020, 4:12 pm
    • Botswana O'Hooligan 22/09/2020, 11:33 am

      When you watch that clip and ponder on the polls showing Dan Andrews approval ratings you have to think about the Stockholm Syndrome and allow that the old adage of “the flogging of the populace will continue until morale improves” is true.

      • Soos 22/09/2020, 2:36 pm

        I’ve read that the Polls are being rigged. Cannot provide the Link though, sorry.

      • DT 23/09/2020, 12:38 pm
      • Pensioner Pete 24/09/2020, 9:34 am

        The only accurate poll I am aware of, is election day when the booths close and counting is finalised under the watchful eyes of the scrutineers.

        For those of us concerned at the direction our nation is taking, the Queensland State election on 31 October this year will give a clear indication of where to from here for all of us.

      • Cliff 24/09/2020, 3:54 pm

        Re the Queensland election result: I fear you’re going to be very disappointed, PP. Too many Victorians who will all vote Labor (because that’s what Victorians do) have moved to the SE Qld seats and far, FAR too many people now holding jobs in the Public Service know that if Labor is voted out, they’ll be out of sinec… sorry, job.

  • Sir Peter 24/09/2020, 6:39 pm

    Re the portrait of the fauxboriginal Bruce Pascoe as a possible Achibald entry.

    Reminds me of the classic line from Al Pachino’s movie “Serpico”in which Al, an undercover cop with a big beard, is told by his superior officer that he looks like a c#nt with teeth.

  • Sir Peter 25/09/2020, 11:15 am

    Dictator Dan’s 3 big chicom virus hotspots. Cedar Meats, quarantine security guards and a certain NW suburb.
    My goodness, what could they have in common?
    A Mohamed coefficient of 100%

  • Aktosplatz 25/09/2020, 2:25 pm

    According to Bronwyn Bishop, the Commonwealth Government does have the power to over ride the States where there is conflict. I would have thought so anyway, Morrison has to become a PRIME MINISTER and step up.


    • luk1955 28/09/2020, 8:58 am

      Yes, A, it is sec. 109 of the Australian Constitution. Did BB mention sec. 92 about free trade and social intercourse between and amongst the states and territories? I bet not.

  • Pensioner Pete 25/09/2020, 4:07 pm

    Some very alarming facts on crime in Queensland under Labor/Greens and to be continued by the LNP who are now proven to be in lockstep with Labor/Greens in destroying Queensland.

    Last year in Queensland alone:

    Murders and related offences increased by 32%, to 103 victims

    There were 2621 robbery victims (a 19% increase), which was the highest number in a decade and the fifth consecutive annual increase

    There were 41,912 victims of “unlawful entry with intent”, which is a terrifying crime. This was 8% more than in 2018 and the fourth consecutive annual increase

    Motor vehicle thefts increased to 14,466 victims, which was the highest number since 2010, (this is 39.6 car thefts per day – no wonder vehicle insurance premiums are increasing).

    There were 136,877 victims of other thefts, which was the highest number in ten years

    Labor/Greens/LNP have no answers or plans to deal with this dreadful attack upon law-abiding citizens living in Queensland.

    The only mob I see with the energy and policies to deal with these dreadful crimes are One Nation.

    Queenslanders do need to carefully consider the consequences of allowing a return to government of the same old tired major parties, because the outcomes will be continuation and escalation of these awful crimes.

    • Neville 26/09/2020, 6:51 pm

      Have a look for a mob called Australia One.
      Saw a video of a presentation by the organiser just yesterday.
      Very interesting …

  • Sir Peter 25/09/2020, 10:13 pm

    It’s Time Auntie Retired (or was put down)

    Technological change long ago undermined the case for a Government-owned broadcaster. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, affectionately known as ‘Auntie’, or as I prefer ‘the Australian Bolshevik Collective’ is long overdue for the chop. (I speak as a loyal listener of 70 odd years. As ‘Hercules 50’ I was member of the Argonauts club in the 1940s and 50s – Younger readers can Google it! I was a devoted fan of My Word and My Music, two of the best shows to come from the BBC when programs didn’t need sex or foul language to be considered ‘clever’.

    This need for change is true for an even-handed broadcaster abiding by its founding charter, let alone an organisation now lurching leftwards and antithetical to our country’s history, values and interests. I was prompted to write this article after seeing Leah Sales’ deranged hatchet job on Sarah Huckabee Sanders, without doubt one of the nicest people associated with the Trump presidency. Although Sales’ Trump Derangement Syndrome is probably about ‘normal’ in Their ABC, to me it was the last straw. I am no longer prepared to see my tax dollars supporting such disgusting evil.

    What may be called The Old ABC was created when ‘wireless’ was in its infancy. Achieving nationwide coverage was difficult with the technology then available. The sparce population of what is now called, rather redundantly, ‘rural and regional’ Australia meant it would not be a commercial proposition for private enterprise, and thus needed government ownership and subsidy.

    Times have changed. Radio stations can broadcast more powerful signals with greater digital fidelity. Radio receivers have also improved out of sight. Microwave transmission and repeater stations with or without satellite technology mean virtually any point in the country can be seamlessly joined into a vast efficient network costing less than one year’s budget of the massive top-heavy sheltered workshop for neoMarxists the ABC has become.

    Although TV transmission is line-of-sight and creates more difficulties, the increasing coverage of the broadband optical fibre network makes accessibility concerns old hat. Large commercial news and entertainment providers can reach remote audiences virtually at little extra cost. Consumers are increasingly moving to smaller specialist websites and blogs anyway.

    As well as these geographical, technical and commercial factors, problems of focus and content were also perceived as the rationale for intervention by the state. It was thought, probably with good reason, that news, documentaries and maybe even music programs would have a decidedly urban bias and thus not cater to the interests of country folk. The services risked being captured by urban interests.

    Nowadays what may be called The New ABC has certainly been captured by an urban elite – the inner city latte Left – alienating not only rural Australia but also the vast majority of city dwellers whose taxes pay for it. Fortunately many of us can now rely on the internet for our music, current affairs and news. If taxpayer funding dried up and the market ruled Auntie would be the quintessential case of ‘get woke, go broke’.

    Many of us on the conservative side of politics, known in ABC newspeak as far right extremists, have for a long time been concerned about ABC bias. Uncritical acceptance and promotion of Anthropocentric Global Warming pseudoscience is now routine in virtually every facet of their programming, from kids drama to gardening, science reporting and of course the weather. This is coupled with continual touting of ‘renewable’ energy projects, which anyone with a scintilla of science and engineering knowledge combined with basic economics, knows is a solution that doesn’t work to a problem that doesn’t exist. (Yes, I’m a denier too!)

    More topically the ABC’s sensationalist, unscientific and mathematically ignorant reporting on the Chicom flu ‘pandemic’ has certainly contributed to the groundless panic which has enabled Dictator Dan and his ilk to leave us cowering obediently under house arrest as we slide into a police state with an economy destroyed and children uneducated. It is possible of course that this is the state of affairs the Left desires, like the Demorats in the US who would much prefer to rule a wasteland than be the opposition in paradise.

    The Collective’s subservience to the the ‘Peoples’ Republic of China and the CCP is even more disconcerting. Their shameless and cowardly hit job smearing Falun Gong was almost beyond belief – a taxpayer-funded Australian quasi-government organisation producing and disseminating propaganda for a fascist and racist nation with whom we are in a (cold) war – and possibly soon a hot one – is tantamount to treason.

    Falun Gong is a peaceful religious group focussed on meditation which could in an ideal world contribute to the CCP’s overthrow. Naturally the Chinese authorities suppress it vigorously even, it is reported, to the extent of harvesting the organs of Falun Gong members to help prolong the life of CCParty officials. More like SS Party one could suggest. About the other great ‘enemy of the state’ being persecuted in China, and which is in fact a dangerous ideology, we hear little, and when we do the victim is lauded, not smeared.

    The ABC of course is happy to attack Falun Gong, as the movement is associated with The Epoch Times, one of the few reliable media agencies left (because it isn’t ‘left’) when it comes to reporting events in China.

    Of great concern too is the ABC’s promotion of any fiction which furthers the cause of identity politics. Am I alone in being nauseated on being told, with every change of location in Gardening Australia, that we are now on land of the watsamattabrudda people, sorry – ‘First Nation’? All based on a very creative and imaginary map devised by activist academics and professional aboriginals?

    An organisation prepared to serialise Dark Emu, a work of fiction posing as history written by a whitefella posing as an aboriginal, MUST be defunded immediately. Clearly they hope to assist the creation of a racist Constitution, treating aboriginal Australians, mostly of mixed decent, as a favoured – dare one say ‘pet’ group – and duplicating the US Democrat Party’s left-voting ‘plantation’.

    It will be interesting to see how that works out on 3rd November. I forecast Trump returning with a much expanded majority largely due to the black vote.

    These sins of commission go hand-in-hand with sins of omission; the list of things Auntie doesn’t report. Where is the balanced debate about hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the chicom flu, or about academic integrity and free speech at James Cook University? Will the ABC ever broadcast the disturbing videos, freely available on line, of Dictator Dan’s Stasi handcuffing a pregnant woman when serving a summons would be the norm? Or that her ‘crime’ was to post on Facebook urging people attending a rally to wear masks and observe ‘social distancing’ rules?
    Will ABC viewers ever see the VicPol thugs beating up little old ladies, stomping on the heads of the mentally ill or throwing accredited journalists to the ground? An ABC viewer is unlikely to ever learn that Sleepy Joe Biden’s family has received a billion dollars and more from the sinofascists, or that while Vice President he was caught on camera blatantly using US aid as a lever to stall a Ukrainian investigation into possible corruption involving his son.

    This is what we get for a mere billion dollars per annum.

    The Australian Broadcasting Corporation must be broken up and sold off. The windfall should be paid into consolidated revenue and, although only a one-off, would be a welcome addition to the Budget. Any real estate remaining after the carve-up can also be sold and added to the Government’s revenue, sorely needed in the straitened times we now face paying off massive government debt and the bureaucrat-created depression.

    The “news” and current affairs department of Auntie however, must not be included in this sale. It might well be taken up by a billionaire socialist and simply become the on-air version of the Saturday Paper. An outcome which involves the current ‘news’ personnel keeping their jobs is not acceptable. These Social Justice Warriors must be thrown on the scrap heap and suffer the consequences of their own stupidity. They must not remain protected within the Public Circus cocoon like the rest of the parasitic class which brought us the Chicom flu fiasco.

    Like many conservatives I am conflicted about some of the ABC’s offerings on both radio and television. I am a regular listener to Classic FM and and a keen viewer of Gardening Australia, Vera, Backroads and many other programs. Am I prepared to see these disappear? Or, to ask the real question, ‘will they disappear?’ The answer of course is ‘no, they wont’.

    The Left naturally defends public funding for the ‘Yarts’, as do I – within limits. I haven’t examined the ABC’s budget, but I am sure Classic FM’s share is minuscule compared with the ‘news’ and current affairs department, with its overseas bureaux and all, and could surely exist with funds redirected from the plastic and dramatic arts currently wasted on jars of urine or two hours of silence, or whatever treat the next cunning but otherwise unemployable confidence-trickster grant-dependent ‘artist’ dreams up.

    We will have to accept that many worthy programs currently aired by the Collective will of necessity migrate to commercial channels, and be funded at least in part by paid advertising. As I rarely watch anything in real time these days anyway this would not be much of a burden. I mostly watch prerecorded shows and zap through the ads, and the process is virtually the same whether I am watching the commercial channels or the ABC – the only difference is that the Collective’s ads are usually for itself rather than goods or services produced by dreaded capitalists.

    Gardening Australia with commercials is no problem, and has the additional benefit that the realities of the market ensure its now private-sector owners can be held to account by the viewers. When I and many like me stop watching, because I can no longer stomach their full-on PC virtue-signalling aboriginal schtick and climate alarmism we can hope that the lower ratings for the show will cause them to mend their ways. Currently, taxpayer funding gives them a bully pulpit.

    We need a fully researched account of all the ABC’s failings, and a carefully costed plan of just how this misbegotten anachronistic and socially destructive organisation can be abolished.

    A similar case can be made for abolition of the SBS, the Special Broadcasting Service aka Soccer Before Sex, for all the reasons above, with additional problems of the tax-payers subsidising the Balkanisation of our country and creating disincentives to integration. Perhaps I’ll write another diatribe on that topic!

    All of these issues, and the suggested solution, would be considered a common sense and unremarkable policy for any true conservative political party.

    It is a great pity that in Australia we don’t have one.

    • Pensioner Pete 26/09/2020, 5:16 am

      Sir Peter: I thank you for such a well written piece, I trust many will read your well-informed ‘take’ on the leftist monolith known as the ABC, particularly our politicians who have the power to take the necessary action to bring the ABC/SBS to heel, or to oblivion.

    • Cliff 26/09/2020, 6:30 am

      Sir Peter, this is official advice to you that my solicitor will be contacting you to serve you will a charge of plagiarism.

      So close to my own feelings are your comments that you can only have garnered them by planting a bug in my family room and listening in as I froth at the mouth to my long-suffering wife over the latest EhBC outrage.

      Seriously, you echo my feelings to the letter, but I know that if I forwarded your article to my family members who are of ‘the Collective’, (one worked for them for years and is still very much in ‘the Club’), it would achieve nothing more than a falling out within the family.

      Sadly, there are definitely two Australias today, and the Leftie latte-sippers have captured, not just everyone with an on-air voice at the EhBC, but many if not most of the younger generation, who seem unable to see the consequences of their blind woke-ness.

      Well done for writing an excellent and all too accurate article.

    • PW 26/09/2020, 8:10 am

      Wow, you and Cliff’s words are possibly echoing all the readers here today.
      Have you considered sending this article to the few conservatives in the LNP and media outlets?
      This needs to be placed out there for the masses to absorb.
      I’d be happy to see it shut down. As for missing some of the good British shows; most have been taken up by the commercial channels so not lost.
      Pity commercial radio has not penetrated the rural bush listeners for real competition.
      Please send your article to Sky News.

    • Soroako 26/09/2020, 12:41 pm

      Sir Peter – I read about the Sales / Huckabee-Sanders interview on Gerard Henderson’s MWD last week [updated yesterday] and then watched the clip on YouTube.


      Sales was in full bitch mode and like the smug idiot she is, she thought she could bully Sarah H-S into admitting that Trump is a deranged misogynist. Sarah stood her ground – didn’t lose her cool even though she soon realised she had been set up to get a flogging.

      Other than Sales being a smug and downright rude to her guest there were two things of note that I took from the interview.

      [1] Unlike her interview with Jordan Peterson whom she fawned over she did try the “What you’re saying” route with Huckabee-Sanders. Sales prefaced one of her attacks with “So to believe you – somebody watching this interview has to believe … ”

      [2] The ABC requested the interview and Sarah H-S thought it was to promote her book but instead it was nothing more than an outright attack on Trump.

      Sales came from a typical working class suburban background but now sees herself as a heroine of the elite & ultra woke Green class who believe that they know what is best for all of us hoi polloi.

      Whilst ardent supporters praise her as a heroine of the woke left the reality is that the 7:30 show is watched by a handful of people compared to the numbers who watched it in previous decades. It has become as relevant as Q&A and the Drum.

      • Disgruntled 26/09/2020, 1:11 pm

        Yep Soroako, I can no longer stomach the 7:30 show and only watched the Sales / Huckabee-Sanders interview after reading somewhere about it and that Sales is a horrible horrible piece of work.
        Now all I watch on ABC is Landline and Sunday morning I switch back and forth with out and in siders as since Speers has taken he spot there has been some balanced comment and hopefully we have seen the last of Marr (grrrrrrrrr I hated him).

    • Neville 26/09/2020, 8:44 pm

      Excellent essay there, SP!
      Nice work, well thought-out and clear.
      (oh yes, I agree with pretty much every word! LOL)

    • luk1955 28/09/2020, 8:55 am

      The BBC, ABC, and NPR all need to be terminated. These services were useful at one time but now we have newspapers, internet, satellite and cable tv, books, and youtube news services to report the real actual news, not the propaganda arm like the USSR used to have with Pravda. And the above 3 are all opinion broadcasting of the government side now, and as such do not serve as true news services.

  • Ian A 26/09/2020, 8:28 am

    To MM editor. Great website content. But it really needs “likes”. It feels like a lot of the commenters are talking past each other, or talking to themselves in an empty paddock. I want to “like” a lot of the comments because I agree with them. Coming here makes me feel more sane and I value the comments for that reason. There’s probably some open source package you could port this website to that has likes etc.
    Also, please put Sir Peter’s essay under its own article heading.

    • PW 26/09/2020, 6:42 pm

      Totally agree Ian.
      Sometimes all that is needed is s tick to advise the writer that their post is resonating with oneself.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 26/09/2020, 8:56 am

    Thanks Sir P but they won’t disband the ABC or SBS for the supposed conservative politicians themselves are pretty much city trendies and wouldn’t have a clue about the forties and only being able to get the ABC on “short wave” through the static crackles, so they don’t really care. Labor and the greens love them for we conservative taxpayers foot the bill for them to broadcast propaganda that are against our principles.

  • Ian A 26/09/2020, 9:05 am

    Great essay Sir Peter, right on target. I was an ABC lifer, but as I’e said here before, began to feel I might be the frog being slowly cooked in an ever hotter woke soup. Had that feeling for about ten years, but we didn’t have the word “woke” to crystallize the thought. I slowly began switching off selected shows, Q&A, The Drum, and others. When I realised the ABC was actively propagandising the fraudster Pascoe’s lies in the face of irrefutable evidence, I switched off completely. I’m done with the ABC.

    As to what to do with it. Politically I think it will be bad to advocate for dismantling it. A lot of centrist people who haven’t yet turned off the ABC will interpret that as an attack by a faction. It just won’t happen. The Liberals can’t afford to lose the Wet vote, and anyway that kind of debate would easily be hijacked to one about the role of the far right in Australia — on the ABC of course!

    Best course of action is the long-game frog boiling technique used by the wokists themselves when they took over the ABC. Yearly budget cuts, “we need to be real about the capacity of our post-Covid budget” is a perfect Scomo line. Commercials to replace taxpayer funds. At some point, if ever politically possible, wholesale privatisation.

    I’m not an advocate for cancelling the woke. Unlike them, I’m not a totalitarian. Let them bleat on. I’ve got a feeling that eventually their latest BS, all the CRT and BLM stuff, will die of its own racism and implicit white supremacy. All I care about is that taxpayer dollars aren’t used for their propaganda. A fully privatised ABC would be perfect. If not, budget replacement via commercial advertising is an acceptable interim compromise.

    • Neville 26/09/2020, 8:47 pm

      Agree mostly with your proposed best course of action, and letting them bleat on; BUT .. we DO have to keep exposing them all the ridicule, and how they are distorting and manipulating the facts.

      • Ian A 26/09/2020, 8:49 pm

        Yes, I completely agree Neville.

    • Sir Peter 27/09/2020, 4:25 pm

      Ian A.
      Agreed – Nowhere do I recommend ‘cancelling’ the woke, I’m simply saying ‘not on my dime’ as the Septics say.

      The luvvies are more than welcome to go and get another job somewhere else in the media if they can find one, and spout their pernicious neoMarxist rubbish till the cows come home.

      However they have to do so from a platform that allows feedback, not the bully pulpit they currently enjoy at our expense (in all meanings of the word).

  • Aktosplatz 26/09/2020, 11:17 am

    And here’s the latest from Angus Taylor the ‘Minister-for-keeping-electricity-prices-down’.

    Carbon Capture at a cost of $18 billion (so far). I presume he means ‘carbon dioxide capture’, well he would obviously know!


    I got some very good news for Mr Angus Taylor the ‘Minister-for-keeping-electricity-prices-down’.

    Every green pigmented plant or organism does it all for free!! Not $18 billion, but for free!!.

    It’s called ‘Photosynthesis’ and it builds plant tissues as well as releasing oxygen, and it’s all free!
    It requires that “pollutant” (hah!) carbon dioxide and water and sunshine , which all happens most days as well.

    I bet the so-called ‘Carbon Capture’ $18 billion plant doesn’t produce oxygen as a by product either.

    It will all come to sweet nothing and a huge waste of money again. Turnbull’s curse is still within the Liberal Party who have all certainly betrayed their traditional calling.

    • luk1955 28/09/2020, 8:50 am

      Photosynthesis only happens during daylight hours. At night, the plants consume oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. PS means “make by light”.

      • Bwana Neusi 28/09/2020, 10:42 am

        Net positive result is still the capture of carbon dioxide.

    • Aktosplatz 29/09/2020, 11:16 am

      Luk I said the same as you (quote from above) ” It requires that “pollutant” (hah!) carbon dioxide and water and sunshine , which all happens most days as well.” (Unquote)

      Yep. carbon dioxide, water and sunshine which is daytime. Yes at night CO2 is released again. but with all the green pigmented (chlorophyll a and b) plants and organisms there is more than enough oxygen produced to supply all around.

      There’s always one half of the earth (approx) in daylight all of the time.

      Otherwise we would all be dead!

  • Ian A 29/09/2020, 2:28 pm

    Here we go … ABC, the ever-faithful Protector of Aboriginal Identity, has deemed it within their duty to dox someone pretending to be Aboriginal:
    You’ll notice it’s not Bruce Pascoe. So why is Bruce still on the loose, while this guy has been picked on. You tell me, but here’s two guesses:

    1. Bruce’s BS is just too useful for the woke BLM/CRT movement, and he knows too many high-profile people in the cultural elite, so they all cover his ass. Plus, totally embarrassing for them now, if he’s exposed.

    2. But ABC has felt the heat from websites like Exposing Dark Emu, Quadrant, and the Bolt Report. So they need to show how tough they are on race impostors. This helps give cover for Bruce. They’re gonna crucify this schmuck for that reason. He’ll be burnt on the stake, while Bruce prances around doing a corroboree in his red headband with the woke ooohing and aahing at how Aboriginal he is.

  • seadogger 29/09/2020, 3:46 pm

    The Non main stream media tell me Wuhan virus has claimed its 1 Millionth victim in the world today.
    Please tell me how many were born today ???????
    Get real… the Wuhan virus numbers are dodgy at best.

  • Aktosplatz 30/09/2020, 12:26 pm

    I had mentioned that Tony Abbott’s appointment to the UK Board of Trade was also because of his experience in ‘Stopping the Boats’.

    The UK is being invaded by Illegals thanks to Merkel’s stupid ‘open borders’ policy. And now because of Brexit, France is assisting illegals traffic from France To the UK.

    Enter Tony Abbott – this has his fingers all over it, good on him.


  • Tom 01/10/2020, 6:29 am

    This should be required reading for every parent AND school leaver. It is long, but well worth taking the time to read.


  • Soroako 02/10/2020, 2:20 pm

    Over the past month I’ve watched a fast talking ranga lash out at the madness prevailing across the UK. Alex Belfield posts on YouTube as The Voice of Reason and he [a 15 year veteran of the BBC] is gaining popularity as he exposes the BBC, Sadiq Khan, Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and other political wackos for what they are – i.e politically correct control freaks with a penchant of wasting taxpayers funds.

    We need an Alex here in Oz to lash out at Scotty, Anna, Dan, Ita, Leigh, McMansion, McCormack and the rest of the wankers who piss us off and remain aloof from our protestations.

    In this clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGjw4iYcVxk&ab_channel=AlexBelfield-THEVOICEOFREASON
    he describes how one Mayor is defying Boris on his latest madness in trying to eliminate Covid-19 by copying the antics of our own Dictator Dan.

  • nev 04/10/2020, 11:14 am

    Bank Bail In….. We are not there yet, the hillside wailer has gone quiet but hasn’t given up and won’t. Totally disdainful of the Australian people’s interests and as deceptive as ever always looking for the right moment to deceive.
    Have listen to Robert Barwick and consider signing the partition.


    • nev 04/10/2020, 11:50 am

      Also you may be interested……
      To whom it may concern,
      Feel free to forward this message to your contacts as they should be aware of the possibility of losing their life savings in coming months.
      The Senate will vote (November) on our amendment to exclude the deposits from APRA bill of 2018 which has the power to bail in deposits .

      Below link is for all sitting senators, click on the one from your State and it will give you the details of each including phone #’s and email.


      Sample letter:
      Feel free to make changes in order to personalise your message.

      This is the email that one of our contact Berice sent to the Senate Economics Committee while our amendment was subject to the Senate enquiry 2 months ago.
      I will get this letter off to all senators involved in enquiry in time.

      Subject: Banking Amendment (Deposits) Bill 2020
      Dear Senator ,
      As an 89-year-old self-funded retiree with profits from the sale of the family farm “safely” in the bank…enough to see me out and leave a legacy for my family…. I should not be lying awake at night worrying how to safeguard my deposits from “bail in” by predatory and profligate banks….
      But I AM.
      I have a Greek friend who lost 300,000 Euros in a 2008 bank bail in.
      I do not trust APRA to protect my interests and certainly don’t trust the bank I dealt with for over 40 years. When they saw the proceeds from the farm sale in my account, they sent a bank representative to my home to pressure me to buy bank bail in bonds returning 9% but failed to give any explanation as to what they were. They were surprised and disappointed when I refused.
      What do you intend to do to protect your family’s bank deposits? Withdraw cash……not easy to do….and store in a vault?
      Buy land, property, gold, silver?
      I really would like mine to stay safely in a bank earning a modest amount of interest … but with uncertainty over the government’s intentions this is not an option.
      Your vote to include Malcolm Roberts (Banking Amendment (Deposits) Bill 2020) will give Australians, many of whom have no idea of what “bail in” entails an opportunity to understand and take action to protect their savings and create confidence in the system. This of course is exactly what APRA and the banks do not want to happen.
      More ideas below to consider if needed when writing or calling the Senators
      Call and email the Committee and Senators!
      The bottom line is the Banking Amendment (Deposits) Bill 2020 will put the issue beyond all doubt. If it is passed, there can be no bail-in of deposits! Concerned Australians should flood politicians with phone calls and emails demanding they pass Senator Malcolm Roberts’ bill. Make these points to the politicians:
      1. There is confusion over bail-in, which the bill will clarify;
      2. APRA is saying it won’t bail in deposits because its “paramount objective is to protect depositors”, but it is deliberately not saying that under the law that objective is balanced against “financial system stability”, which is the reason used worldwide to bail in deposits;
      3. Treasury’s submission didn’t mention that Australia is part of the FSB, which says bail-in should include deposits, and lied that the Banking Act already contains “explicit” provisions that “expressly” protect deposits from bail-in, when it doesn’t;
      4. The entire purpose of Senator Roberts’ bill is to insert into the Banking Act an “explicit” provision that “expressly” protects deposits from bail-in—why is the government trying to stop it?
      5. Call the members of the committee to demand they take advantage of the cancellation of the next sitting of Parliament to extend the inquiry to hold public hearings at which experts on all sides can testify.

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