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 MM’s forum for Delcons and Deplorables # 39

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  • Sir Peter 08/10/2019, 2:02 pm

    Q. – What is the collective noun for a group of bankers?

    A. – a ‘wunch’

    • Sir Peter 08/10/2019, 4:22 pm

      As in “a wunch of bankers”

    • Neville 09/10/2019, 12:23 am

      Oldie, but a goodie.

  • Aktosplatz 08/10/2019, 9:53 pm

    Regarding this ‘Extinction Rebellion Nonsense’

    Some straight speaking (naturally!) from Alan Jones

    “There is no ‘Climate Emergency’ because of CO2”


  • OPA 09/10/2019, 2:40 pm

    But to keep the ‘con’ going labor politicians talk of ‘carbon’ pollution, knowing that most people are stupid enough to equate it with sooth and grime that should be cleaned up. On top of that the media will always show you some chimneys belching smoke in the background of their latest piece of climate news. Of course they’ll not tell you the ‘smoke’ is just innocent, clean steam coming from the cooling towers of a power station.

    • Neville 09/10/2019, 11:06 pm

      Yup! Liars, basically.

  • Aktosplatz 10/10/2019, 8:51 pm

    Some home truths about Soft Magistrates and Judges, with Pauline Hanson and Peta Credlin


    • Pensioner Pete 11/10/2019, 7:27 am

      As usual, Pauline Hanson is right on the money.

  • Aktosplatz 10/10/2019, 10:48 pm

    A man went to a urologist because he could not get an erection.

    The doctor examined him and told him the muscles around the base of the organ were damaged from a previous viral infection and there was nothing he could do.

    He did however know of a new but unproven treatment that might work if he was willing to take the risk.

    The treatment consisted of planting muscle tissue from an elephant’s trunk into his ‘old fella’.

    The man did not want to go through life without sex, so with the assurance that there would be no cruelty to the elephant, he decided to go for it.

    After recovery he was told he could try it out.

    He planned a romantic evening with his girlfriend and took her to a very nice restaurant.

    In the middle of dinner, he felt a strong stirring in his loins that became overwhelming.

    To release the pressure he unzipped his fly and his manhood sprang out, slid across the table, grabbed a bread roll and returned to his trousers.

    His girlfriend was stunned, but then with a sly grin said “can you do that again”?

    With tears in his eyes he replied, “I think I can but I’m not sure if another bread roll will fit up my backside.”

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 11/10/2019, 8:18 am

      Gave me a smile, thanks Akto, I needed it for I just discovered an infestation of white ants in the joint (rental luckily) and some lunatic swerved across in front of me earlier and my little Suzuki now needs a new radiator, bonnet, and mudguard, and Telstra gave us the option by email just now of NBN or no service at all and the rain they forecast hasn’t arrived. Going to be “one of those days.”

      • Aktosplatz 11/10/2019, 9:52 am

        Greetings Bots, and Pensioner Pete, ‘One of those Days’ happens to me as well, too often in fact. My wife and I recently have suffered Identity Theft and an attempt to lift $5k from our Bank Account, I’ve no idea as to how they can do that

        And when that happens all our Bank Accounts are frozen, wife’s mobile has been disabled by Optus ( been waiting 3 weeks so far, to resolve these issues).

        So, yeah, things suck sometimes but we’re all here, and I enjoy these Life Stories coming from you, and Jack Richards, and others, who have achieved much.

        Hope things improve for you,



  • Pensioner Pete 11/10/2019, 7:29 am

    Akto: Thanks, this was a beauty to read first thing in the morning for a good kick off to the day.

    • Aktosplatz 11/10/2019, 9:52 am

      Thanks P/Pete, I have replied to you and Bots in the above post. Go well.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 11/10/2019, 11:03 am

    The white ant blokes are here tapping away with implements like those three supposedly blind Jamaican crims did with walking sticks in that James Bond Movie. I am waiting for them to burn a bunch of feathers, cast runes, and mutter incantations as they slaughter a goat. The white ants don’t care, couldn’t give a rats rectum one might opine, and only a good dose of poison will stop them. Meantime, an old bloke is being entertained.

    • Pensioner Pete 11/10/2019, 11:49 am

      Bots: When I bought my house, there was a little termite damage to soft timber D molding and nothing else as the walls are masonite, the framework is hardwood (like bloody steel to drill), and the opinion of the pest bopper orfer was the bastards wouldn’t touch the hardwood. He was right.

      However, when I was doing reno’s, before I had the concrete paths around the house poured, I installed dripper line (inlet and outlet accessible) under the paths. After the concrete was done and dusted, I got the pest bloke to pump the good gear through the dripper line under pressure until all 300 litres were expended. This setup plus a few termite baits in strategic locations around the yard seems to be keeping the white chewers at bay for now. I reckon the chooks wandering around the yard help out too.

      • Botswana O'Hooligan 11/10/2019, 3:31 pm

        You have done “good” PP and in conversation with the Flick bloke it is going to cost the owner about $900 to get rid of this lot and then there is the restoration work. We used dieldrin (cattle dip) under the slabs of the couple of houses I built in Cairns although it is banned now and we never had a problem. They used “Penda” in FNQ for stumps long ago for it is as hard as steel but they still had holes bored in it, poison poured in and a wooden peg inserted, and then the stumps had tin caps on the tops. The young Flick bloke said that they now put a bait in and the worker ants carry it back to the Queen and she dies, but what happens if there are a bunch of nests around all containing Queens, fair dinkum ones and not those limp wristed types?

  • seadogger 12/10/2019, 6:49 am

    Well MalMo you can follow the Donald if you have the agotts (which I dont think you do)
    Trump has just concluded the transfer of ownership of the Long Beach California Container Terminal from the Chicoms to Macquarie Bank (Aus). This terminal handles about 80,000 containers annually and is a very strategic assett
    Port of Darwwin is also a very valuable assett to OZ and is only under lease to the Chicoms so turfing them out should a lot easier than than forcing them to sell as the Trumpster did.

  • Xword 12/10/2019, 11:37 am

    Just when it seems a handful of brunettes making news worldwide seem to be making blonde jokes somewhat redundant, our very own Zali Steggal leaps in with a stated plan to turn her Warringah electorate into a “mini California.”
    Has anyone informed this cretin that California is edging towards a 250 billion dollar debt, it’s workers are the highest taxed and its motorists pay almost twice the national average for petrol?
    But I hope she succeeds, personally I’d love to see Mosman residents dodging blue plastic hovels and human faeces on Military Road.

  • Pepperpete 12/10/2019, 12:04 pm
  • Aktosplatz 16/10/2019, 9:02 am

    This is a cut and paste but a good read! Dedicated to all fathers of teenage daughters:

    “Cotton Edwards Anderson
    After our daughter of fifteen years of age was moved to tears by the speech of Greta Thunberg at the UN the other day, she became angry with our generation “who had been doing nothing for thirty years”.
    So, we decided to help her prevent what the girl on TV announced of “massive eradication and the disappearance of entire ecosystems”.

    We are now committed to give our daughter a future again, by doing our part to help cool the planet four degrees.

    From now on she will go to school on a bicycle, because driving her by car costs fuel, and fuel puts emissions into the atmosphere. Of course it will be winter soon and then she will want to go by bus, but only as long as it is a diesel bus.

    Somehow, that does not seem to be conducive to ‘helping the Climate’.

    Of course, she is now asking for an electric bicycle, but we have shown her the devastation caused to the areas of the planet as a result of mining for the extraction of Lithium and other minerals used to make batteries for electric bicycles, so she will be pedaling, or walking. Which will not harm her, or the planet. We used to cycle and walk to school too.

    Since the girl on TV demanded “we need to get rid of our dependency on fossil fuels” and our daughter agreed with her, we have disconnected the heat vent in her room. The temperature is now dropping to twelve degrees in the evening, and will drop below freezing in the winter, we have promised to buy her an extra sweater, hat, tights, gloves and a blanket.

    For the same reason we have decided that from now on she only takes a cold shower. She will wash her clothes by hand, with a wooden washboard, because the washing machine is simply a power consumer and since the dryer uses natural gas, she will hang her clothes on the clothes line to dry.

    Speaking of clothes, the ones that she currently has are all synthetic, so made from petroleum. Therefore on Monday, we will bring all her designer clothing to the secondhand shop.

    We have found an eco store where the only clothing they sell is made from undyed and unbleached linen, wool and jute.

    It shouldn’t matter that it looks good on her, or that she is going to be laughed at, dressing in colorless, bland clothes and without a wireless bra, but that is the price she has to pay for the benefit of The Climate.

    Cotton is out of the question, as it comes from distant lands and pesticides are used for it. Very bad for the environment.

    We just saw on her Instagram that she’s pretty angry with us. This was not our intention.

    From now on, at 7 p.m. we will turn off the WiFi and we will only switch it on again the next day after dinner for two hours. In this way we will save on electricity, so she is not bothered by electro-stress and will be totally isolated from the outside world. This way, she can concentrate solely on her homework. At eleven o’clock in the evening we will pull the breaker to shut the power off to her room, so she knows that dark is really dark. That will save a lot of CO2.

    She will no longer be participating in winter sports to ski lodges and resorts, nor will she be going on anymore vacations with us, because our vacation destinations are practically inaccessible by bicycle.

    Since our daughter fully agrees with the girl on TV that the CO2 emissions and footprints of her great-grandparents are to blame for ‘killing our planet’, what all this simply means, is that she also has to live like her great-grandparents and they never had a holiday, a car or even a bicycle.

    We haven’t talked about the carbon footprint of food yet.

    Zero CO2 footprint means no meat, no fish and no poultry, but also no meat substitutes that are based on soy (after all, that grows in farmers fields, that use machinery to harvest the beans, trucks to transport to the processing plants, where more energy is used, then trucked to the packaging/canning plants, and trucked once again to the stores) and also no imported food, because that has a negative ecological effect. And absolutely no chocolate from Africa, no coffee from South America and no tea from Asia.

    Only homegrown potatoes, vegetables and fruit that have been grown in local cold soil, because greenhouses run on boilers, piped in CO2 and artificial light. Apparently, these things are also bad for The Climate. We will teach her how to grow her own food.

    Bread is still possible, but butter, milk, cheese and yogurt, cottage cheese and cream come from cows and they emit CO2. No more margarine and no oils will be used for the frying pan, because that fat is palm oil from plantations in Borneo where rain forests first grew.

    No ice cream in the summer. No soft drinks and no energy drinks, as the bubbles are CO2. She wanted to lose some pounds, well, this will help her achieve that goal too.

    We will also ban all plastic, because it comes from chemical factories. Everything made of steel and aluminum must also be removed. Have you ever seen the amount of energy a blast furnace consumes or an aluminum smelter? Uber bad for the climate!

    We will replace her 9600 coil, memory foam pillow top mattress, with a jute bag filled with straw,with a horse hair pillow.

    And finally, she will no longer be using makeup, soap, shampoo, cream, lotion, conditioner, toothpaste and medication. Her sanitary napkins will be replaced with pads made of linen, that she can wash by hand, with her wooden washboard, just like her female ancestors did before climate change made her angry at us for destroying her future.
    In this way we will help her to do her part to prevent mass extinction, water levels rising and the disappearance of entire ecosystems.

    If she truly believes she wants to walk the talk of the girl on TV, she will gladly accept and happily embrace her new way of life.”

    • luk1955 19/10/2019, 7:54 am

      Hello Akto, could you please publish the link to this article? This is great and I want to see if it is really true. Thanks.

      • luk1955 19/10/2019, 9:14 am

        The original is on fakebook, or farcebook, which I stay away from. But putting the first paragraph into a search engine comes up with other sites with this writing.

  • Aktosplatz 17/10/2019, 9:50 pm

    As expected -the Public now taking the law into their own hands as payback against the Cimate Protesters in London


    • Pensioner Pete 18/10/2019, 6:21 am

      And so it begins. The police and the government will not act, so the people will.

  • Albert 18/10/2019, 8:26 am
  • Pensioner Pete 18/10/2019, 3:09 pm

    Yet another act of utter bastardry against the rural sector of Queensland, being the closure of the Emerald and Longreach Agricultural Colleges precipitated by the deliberate reduction of funding and resources, the deliberate act of removing local governance followed by the deliberate act of a dodgy review to cover political arses.

    This Queensland Labor Government has much to answer for, particularly, its demonstrative hatred of the rural sector, a sector which is the second largest contributor to the Queensland and the National economy.

    Refers: https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2019-10-18/end-of-the-road-for-queensland-ag-colleges/11611372

    • luk1955 19/10/2019, 7:46 am

      PP this hatred of the farmers is a way of the elites pitting people against each other, so that while we bicker they keep taking what we have worked for. As the elites want a 95% population reduction, one of the 3 goals of agenda 30, the elimination of food for us is one way of doing this. Drive the farmers off the land, sell the land cheaply to the chinks, and watch us starve as the food from the newly owned chink farms all goes to China. Our governments are very cooperative with commie china in the imposition of agenda 30.

  • seadogger 18/10/2019, 5:23 pm

    I want a green and yellow MAGA cap…get it???. does anyone know if that is obtainable ????

  • Albert 19/10/2019, 8:38 am
  • DT 19/10/2019, 9:10 am

    MM Ed please check out the WIN SKY Credlin Show Friday night discussion on Snowy 2.0

    Now likely to cost several times the Mansion estimate, now $10-12 billion most likely, and not cost effective, would not achieve the electricity supply claimed.

    And I add that for less than that amount of money we could have a new coal fired HELE technology power station built generating much more electricity reliably day and night if required

    The suggestion was that the government holds an inquiry commissioning engineers and other independent experts to produce a report and advice.

  • DT 20/10/2019, 9:36 am

    Geologist, Professor Ian Plimer now on WIN SKY Outsiders speaking good sense on climate change hoax.

  • DT 22/10/2019, 7:49 am

    One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts questioned BoM about their climate reporting, but all I can find is a brief SBS mention on line?


    • Pensioner Pete 22/10/2019, 2:39 pm

      At the Senate Estimates hearings October 2016, Senator Malcolm Roberts asked a number of questions and requested evidence of claims of Global Warming.

      This link may assist. https://www.desmogblog.com/malcolm-roberts

  • JG 22/10/2019, 9:25 am

    Media has no problems with the truth or half truths its just gets in the way. Now it wants to be put above the rest of us, seeking exemption from the law. Then it can run its own agenda be it climate change, socialisum, gender etc without bothering about who or what it brings down be it the truth or not.
    Yes some aspects need to be changed so pollies can not hide behind secrets that we should be told BUT media should NOT be above the law.

  • DT 22/10/2019, 1:21 pm

    The Australian today, Tuesday, a secret Queensland Labor Government plan discovered to close all Queensland coal mines.

    • Pensioner Pete 22/10/2019, 2:21 pm

      DT: Yair, I saw that and it augers well for One Nation come Queensland elections October 2020. Despite being utterly useless, the LNP may fall over the line too due the the backlash against Labor on this issue.

      It appears to me Labor learnt absolutely bloody nothing from the recent federal election outcome, which is good for Queensland.

      My hope is for One Nation to hold the balance of power in Queensland, then, and only then will we see change for the better. The LNP are incapable of making the changes we want, however reading the policies of One Nation gives me hope.

      I understand Qld Labor are looking to rent an old style telephone box, in the style of Dr Who’s for occupancy post election. 😉

      • DT 22/10/2019, 3:36 pm

        A glimpse in The Australian newspaper of where Australia would be heading if Labor had succeeded in forming government last May 2019, and PM Shorten was implementing his climate change plans that he refused to say how much the cost would be …

        “It is a plan that could forever change Queensland’s economy — possibly putting Australian-first environmental hurdles in the way of new projects, particularly in mining — but until now its existence was a secret. And the Palaszczuk government wants to keep it that way. Commissioned last year by the Labor government, Australia’s top environmental lawyers were asked to “explore the issue of climate risk litigation’’ as part of its “Advancing Queensland Priority Action: Protecting the Great Barrier Reef’’ policy. At the time, the Left-dominated cabinet was talking down the coal industry and putting up 11th-hour roadblocks to Adani’s Carmichael mine that ultimately cost Labor seats in regional Queensland at the May federal election. An application under state Freedom of Information laws for internal emails canvassing the Adani project by veteran anti-coal activist Tim Seelig — controversially appointed last year as the Department of Environment’s top policy adviser — unearthed the existence of “the proposal for Queensland’’. The Palaszczuk government is, however, refusing to answer questions or release the document, ­attached to one of the emails, ­arguing that its contents are “commercial in confidence’’…………… continues”

    • Aktosplatz 23/10/2019, 8:04 am

      Elected Governments keeping secrets from the people who voted them in, otherwise they would not be voted into power in the first place.

      That’s very deceitful and obscene actually.

  • saedogger 22/10/2019, 5:29 pm

    Well Mrs ED from NZ has a doosey of a deal for NZ navy ..personnel are now allowed to wear false eyelashes and make up. Hey Bro your your mascara is running.Hey Bro can you zip me up?, Hey Bro I can’t go to action stations without my face on.
    God help them

  • Pepperpete 25/10/2019, 12:18 pm

    Irish Joke:

    An Irishman wants a job, but the foreman won’t hire him until he passes a little math test.
    Here is your first question, the foreman said.
    “Without using numbers, represent the number 9.”
    “Without numbers?” The Irishman says? “Dat is easy.” And proceeds to draw three trees.
    “What’s this?” the boss asks.
    “Have you ain’t got no brain? Tree and tree plus tree makes 9” says the Irishman.
    “Fair enough,” says the boss.
    “Here’s your second question.
    Use the same rules, but this time the number is 99.”
    The Irishman stares into space for a while, then picks up the picture that he has just drawn and makes a little smudge on each tree… “Ere you go.”
    The boss scratches his head and says,
    “How on earth do you get that to represent 99?”
    “Each of da trees is dirty now. So, it’s dirty tree, and dirty tree, plus dirty tree. Dat makes 99.”
    The boss is getting worried that he’s going to actually have to hire this Irishman, so he says,
    “All right, last question. Same rules again, but represent the number 100.”
    The Irishman stares into space some more, then he picks up the picture again and makes a little mark at the base of each tree and says,
    “Ere you go. One hundred.”
    The boss looks at the attempt. “You must be nuts if you think that represents a hundred!”
    The Irishman leans forward and points to the marks at the base of each tree and whispers,
    “A little dog come along and poop by each tree.
    So now you got dirty tree and a turd, dirty tree and a turd, and dirty tree and a turd, which makes ONE HUNDRED!”
    The Irishman is now head of Qantas

  • Pensioner Pete 26/10/2019, 9:48 am

    $10,000 cash ban snuck through the House of Representatives Thursday, with a Senate review to conclude February 2020. This occurred despite acknowledgement every sitting MP had been contacted by constituents demonstrating significant community opposition against this legislation.

    Proof, if any needed, our elected officials completely ignore the wishes of the electorate.

    Refers: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-25/cash-ban-law-under-inqury-post-mp-concerns-on-freedom-breach/11640124

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 26/10/2019, 10:48 am

      They always throw in the criminal gangs bit as an excuse but that has never stopped the criminal gangs has it? Firearm laws, then the $9999 amount to take out or bring in, now this one. It is almost an impossibility, in fact an impossibility as in Labor losing the last election but Morrison and his mob are trying hard to emulate labor for the next one.

      • Captain Outrageous 07/11/2019, 1:56 pm

        Labor and Liberal are joined at the hip. Two sides of the same socialist coin.

  • DT 27/10/2019, 12:51 pm

    From Amazon book website;

    The industrial age of energy and transportation will be over by 2030. Maybe before. Exponentially improving technologies such as solar, electric vehicles, and autonomous (self-driving) cars will disrupt and sweep away the energy and transportation industries as we know it. The Stone Age did not end because we ran out of rocks. It ended because a disruptive technology ushered in the Bronze Age. The era of centralized, command-and-control, extraction-resource-based energy sources (oil, gas, coal and nuclear) will not end because we run out of petroleum, natural gas, coal, or uranium. It will end because these energy sources, the business models they employ, and the products that sustain them will be disrupted by superior technologies, product architectures, and business models. The same Silicon Valley ecosystem that created bit-based technologies that have disrupted atom-based industries is now creating bit- and electron-based technologies that will disrupt atom-based energy industries. This is a technology-based disruption reminiscent of how the cell phone, Internet, and personal computer swept away industries such as landline telephony, publishing, and mainframe computers. Just like those technology disruptions flipped the architecture of information and brought abundant, cheap and participatory information, the clean disruption will flip the architecture of energy and bring abundant, cheap and participatory energy. Just like those previous technology disruptions, the clean disruption is inevitable and will be swift. The industrial age of energy and transportation is already giving way to an information technology and knowledge-based energy and transportation era.



    • DT 27/10/2019, 1:18 pm

      Several years ago I followed a documentary television series on Nano Technology research and development, it was a fascinating programme.

      What I posted above refreshed my memory of the future and maybe the creators of the website link are not industrial age people with a foot in the door of the information technology age like older people like me being just over seventy years old.

      An aside but relevant, the book The Sovereign Individual was written late 1990s by two UK stockbrokers, they warned about the IT Age we are now in and give advice about how dramatically our lives will change, and how to survive, and even prosper in future years.

      For example, few people will be employees, self employed contractors will replace employees, no accountants office, contractors working from their homes instead, etc. In my opinion the Howard Government’s Work Choices industrial relations legislation was not perfect, but it was a blueprint for the future of working people. And didn’t Union Labor Inc oppose it.

      Nano technology is miniature whatever replacing the technologies of now. A robot vacuum cleaner with little helpers programmed to work at night or other time the premises have no human activity (keep the cats and dogs outside) to pick up the dirt and at a programmed time dump their loads in the path of the robot cleaner.

      Machines smaller than a pin head injected that attack various medical problems like cleaning arteries that are powered by static electricity. So often science fiction becomes reality, wrist watch phone anybody?

      Autonomous EV, noting the present limitations and handicaps for all but suburban travel including cost price, if I ever lose my driving licence for ageing reasons I would prefer a robot car to an electric scooter or wheelchair.

      During the 1970s I was told by a university student doing social studies to become a social worker that in the distant future most people will not have a job as we know it. And most will choose a government supported welfare lifestyle and be provided with a genuinely comfortable income package which will be paid for by new (Information Age?) revenue sources.

      According to a friend who was born in the USA Australians should already be enjoying life as one of the world’s wealthiest country citizens. He refers to our common wealth and that much of its potential is being locked away by governments federal and state. UN based treaties being implemented. Socialism globalism politics.

      I agree, but then I have to reconsider technology advancing, do the faceless very wise people know that our minerals and energy wealth are, as the extracted story above points out, soon to be as redundant as rocks when the stone age ended. Well for many people it has. Nobody today would buy the Flinstone’s vehicles.

      And I thought the old blokes know everything.

      Final thought: so why is China building so many new HELE coal fired power stations?

    • Attachook6 10/11/2019, 7:13 pm

      I am not sure there will be many of us left to enjoy all these technologies.
      We are being slow killed with 5G, glyphosate, mercury et al in vaccines, crap being sprayed in the air, carcinogens in food supply (try atrazine for starters), processed foods that are sold as food, demonisation of healthy meats, miserable satanic TV shows, damn fluoride that is hardening kids pineals and setting their bodies up to reject the good halogen iodine which a growing deficiency and so on the list bombards us.
      All the while the cheap and free energies are released, the freedoms we value are eroded. Have been watching this for 50 years. Who cares about technologies when freedom in non-existent?

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 27/10/2019, 8:26 pm

    ABC Compass had a show on about aboriginal light horse ANZACS blah. blah. blah. so I asked Google how many light horsemen there were in WW1 and the answer was 9,000 and then I Googled the numbers of aboriginals in the light horse and the answer was 28. I may be wrong but 28 out of 9000 is 0.3% so why in the name of all that is holy are the ABC making a fuss about 28 blokes who no doubt did it all with the best of intentions? Mind you, it was grand to see some old footage of our blokes sitting as only Australians sit a horse with long leathers (Cossacks did too) but I got a bit pissed off because one of my great uncles was at Beersheba, one Patrick McNamara and no bastard ever said that he and my grandfathers and great uncle Francis Augustine McNamara (Darby) were bloody hero’s just because they were light horsemen too. The push for constitutional recognition is on in earnest.

    • Aktosplatz 27/10/2019, 9:07 pm

      The Australian Light Horse charge at Beersheba was a magnificent event, considered by many to be impossible to achieve.

      This keeps coming back to the fact that real history is no longer taught in schools.

      Otherwise the ABC would never get away with their own twisted versions.

      This deliberate airbrushing of Historical Australian Heroes from over the years is despicable.

      • Neville 29/10/2019, 12:31 am

        Just like the Ministry of Truth – change history to suit the PC line one wants to promote today.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 30/10/2019, 9:20 pm

    Just rummaging around trying to figure out just where I misplaced a bandolier of tucker for PP’s mate, one Lee Enfield, and thought that we just accept as a matter of course the stuff MM dishes up to us daily as a given, and we never thank them/he/she/it/they and we should, so thanks fm an old bloke. Night MM keep up the good work. B M.

    • DT 31/10/2019, 7:42 am

      Once upon a time as a school Army Cadet I was permitted to carry a .303 on Sydney trains after returning from military camp end of week required to hand it in at the school armoury on Monday morning.

      My how times have changed.

      • Cliff 01/11/2019, 6:05 am

        I did the same with my .303, and on one occasion, with a *** Bren Gun. Could you imagine the luvvies today if 60+ schoolboys appeared on the platform in Central doing the same today?

  • DT 31/10/2019, 7:57 am

    You probably have seen this link before, but have you read the content and noted the business transactions based on wind turbine business?

    I am of the opinion that while the government is focused on meeting emissions targets the business people are taking advantage of subsidies to establish profitable business assets that they intend to sell before the replacement of turbines or solar system is reached, and while the businesses still look good for investment in shares.

    And when the times comes that “renewables” are no longer viable without massive injection of new funding for replacement we taxpayers will be told why governments must invest in power generation again.


  • seadogger 31/10/2019, 8:29 am

    AJ on 2GB this morning was urging people to go marching in the streets re MALmo,s stupidity.
    The last time I marched in the streets I was a member of the Honour Gaurd at the Mothers Memorial in Toowoomba on Anzac Day many years ago. I was armed on that occasion with Lee Enfield Rifle .
    Hopefully there will be no need for more marching unless MALmo keeps on with this drivel.

  • Pensioner Pete 31/10/2019, 8:46 am

    Quote: “Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned a range of ”hostile actors” are intent on undermining our democracy, particularly when it comes to terrorism and online threats.”

    Yet, he continues to import the barbaric bastards who’s sole intent is milking our welfare system whilst causing mayhem and murder.

    • Aktosplatz 31/10/2019, 8:25 pm

      Yes Pensioner Pete, Morrison is a two-face.

      I now realise that what he says is not necessarily the same as what he does.

      So he’s trying to implement Turnbull policies while appearing to have distanced himself from Turnbull. He’s being found out already with his support of the Paris Agreement and a filching of $1 billion taxpayers money to support his corrupt Renewal Energy Investments (No wonder major shareholders Turnbulls are over the moon about all of this).

      • Botswana O'Hooligan 31/10/2019, 9:18 pm

        Beware a wolf in sheep’s clothing and that is what Morrison is, and he is pulling that wool over the eyes of the Australian people. First rule from a naïve bloke from the bush who has looked after himself from age fourteen when he started work a million miles from home, don’t ever trust a God botherer or a do gooder.

      • DT 01/11/2019, 6:46 am

        Hillnong Tribe worship Fullabull

        See on Twofacebook or Twits


  • DT 01/11/2019, 7:23 am
  • Botswana O'Hooligan 01/11/2019, 8:33 am

    Bondy, Skase, Palmer, Branston, Musk, shysters or entrepreneurs, and gullible governments and or crooks who give them funding, a very fine line? How long will it be before Musk comes undone or is he in the US governments pockets too deeply to be allowed to come undone?

  • Albert 01/11/2019, 9:04 am
  • Aktosplatz 01/11/2019, 4:59 pm

    A General Election ( at last) in the UK . The Political Divide is not entirely Labour vs Conservatives vs Lib Dems but EU Remainers vs EU Leavers.

    This is the Point:- It’s actually Globalists (Remainers) vs Patriots (Brexiteers) that’s the Divide today.

    Nigel Farage is a Brexiteer, but Boris Johnson has a (?) with his new EU Agreement or Treaty.

    Globalists here are the Greens, Labor Party, and most of the Coalition Members. Patriots are One Nation. Scott Morrison is definitely a Globalist.

  • seadogger 01/11/2019, 6:09 pm

    Peta Credlin has been off the air all this week. Has she been in Washington DC being interviewed for the position of DJT,s Chief of Staff????????????

  • Pensioner Pete 03/11/2019, 8:28 am

    Pauline Hanson and Bob Katter teaming up is a good thing, in fact, a very, very good thing, sure to rattle the cages of Labor/Greens/LNP useless gits in Queensland.

    Refers: https://www.9news.com.au/national/pauline-hanson-bob-katter-team-up-over-drought-relief-touring-queensland-politics-news/c8b0342b-e0b0-4960-bb9a-8750cceac42a

    • Aktosplatz 03/11/2019, 2:01 pm

      I am glad these two are trying to do something about the drought. The situation seems desperate.


      And we gifted the Great Barrier Reef Authority $144 million, and now $1 billion for Renewable Energy’s continuing wasteful and expensive ideas, Morrison is a real tool.

      • Pensioner Pete 03/11/2019, 3:45 pm

        Things are certainly crook for this bloke, so spare a thought for those out this way, farmers and small businesses approaching the eighth year of unrelenting drought, which seems to have dropped completely off the radar of the likes of the media and the government. To top it off, the Queensland Labor government are ceasing all drought subsidies next year, what a pack of bastards they be.

        We out here, shall handsomely reward Queensland Labor, come State elections October next year with a quick trip for them all, to the political non-recyclable rubbish bin.

  • TommyGun 03/11/2019, 6:28 pm

    I see today that fat wanker Guterres of the UN has lectured Asian nations that they are “addicted” to coal and that they should reduce their addiction because of all the flooding that will happen due to global warming.

    I’m no big fan of Asians, but I do know they don’t like being lectured to and they also have a right to generate cheap power to keep their people fed and their factories turning over.

    So I think it will not be long before one or other Asian leader quietly tells Guterres to shove it.

  • Albert 05/11/2019, 8:55 am

    Methinks there is a little more to this than Morrison sitting on his thumb. I have a feeling that he is being directed by outside influences who are more interested in their own agendas than the welfare of our farmers.

    • Aktosplatz 05/11/2019, 9:35 am

      Albert, I have had that feeling too. The only other plausible alternative is that he is plain stupid, and I don’t think it’s that.

      I also think that Government Policies are directed where their private investments are. Turnbull for instance has invested in renewables as well as Carbon Trading ( so had Joe Hockey).

      Yes, I think they are that dishonest.

      • Pensioner Pete 05/11/2019, 9:45 am

        Albert & Akto: I couldn’t agree more, chuck into the mix, anti farmer anti mining Puzzleduck/Triad of Labor Queensland and there you have it. I have no doubts there is a hidden agenda being rolled out, an agenda which we peasants will have no knowledge of, until too late.

        Consequently, I will continue to vote for One Nation and independents, maintaining my practice of placing LNP/ALP/Greens absolutely bloody last on each and every ballot paper.

      • Botswana O'Hooligan 05/11/2019, 4:03 pm

        Morrison is a city bloke and wouldn’t know his behind from his elbow like most city slickers. People on the land want water, not bloody prayers or even a lot of money and the only way the poor bastards are going to get water is from building dams and lots of them.

  • Pepperpete 05/11/2019, 7:21 pm

    What’s really happening in Sweden? This young woman tells you. Look out Greta.


  • Pensioner Pete 06/11/2019, 7:57 am

    This young lady from the bush, is telling it how it is on Alan Jones. The government, in particular the National Party, need to take heed, failure to do so will consign the National Party to the history books as the party which failed abysmally, those who they claim to represent.

    Refers: https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6100605266001

  • Aktosplatz 06/11/2019, 7:49 pm

    The Australia BS is starting up again, already. This interview pleased me very much.

    Centre for Independent Studies Director of Indigenous Research Jacinta Price says a Sydney council’s plans to cancel Australia Day celebrations in favour of an Aboriginal festival called Yabun is enabling “the victimhood mentality”.


    Good interview by an Aboriginal Woman

    • Pensioner Pete 07/11/2019, 6:50 am

      Given Local Governments are not recognised within the Australian Constitution, there is no reason the government cannot dissolve the entire council and appoint an administrator. Doing so, will stop this rot in it’s tracks.

  • Pepperpete 07/11/2019, 6:55 pm

    I’m told we are at war with the younger generation. Millennial bastards. I’m too old to fight but, I will make it my mission for the rest of my life to offend and insult as many under 40 year old’s as is possible. Bunch of ignorant pussy, brainwashed morons that they are.
    Fall back, re-group…. advance!

  • Aktosplatz 07/11/2019, 10:16 pm

    Tony Abbott’s Farewell, good interview with Andrew Bolt


  • Biking Voter 08/11/2019, 8:42 am

    The poem that’s gone viral after NSW farmer Joanna Collett

    posted it on the Prime Minister’s Facebook page:

    G’day Mr Morrison, I trust that you are fine,
    Sorry to be bothering you, but there’s something on my mind
    I listened to a bloke last week; he had a bit to say
    You lot may have heard of him? He delivers all that hay?

    He spoke of countless hours and the distances they drive
    Feeding starving stock, to keep bush hopes alive
    They do not get assistance from your tax funded hat
    They do it on their own, all off their own bat

    I’m not politically minded and I don’t have any clout
    And I know you’ve done a tour, to learn about the drought
    But there’s just some burning questions, that have left us feeling beat
    Why did we fund a foreign land, to learn to cut up meat?

    And what about those soccer boys, who went and got all lost
    You pulled out all the bloody stops, plain just showing off
    You’ve bigger problems here at home, there’s drought up to our necks
    So what does your mob go and do ? Give them big fat cheques!

    Don’t they have a government to deal with all this stuff?
    Why should it be up to us, what’s with all your fuss?
    Should we not be reigning in and look after our own
    Have you never heard the phrase “charity starts at home”?

    I realise there’s many things, that need an allocation
    And I also can appreciate, complex trade relations
    I’m not sure if you realise, but if our stock all die,
    There won’t be any trade you see, your deals will all run dry

    As a rule we’re not a whinging lot, our requests are but a few
    Most of us who work the land, are tested, tried and true
    We respect that we are guardians, and sustain it for the kids
    But I often have to wonder, what future will it bring?

    I guess all that I’m wondering, is “where’s the Aussie aid”?
    Wrapped up in a swag of tape, only then to be repaid !
    There’s Aussie blokes and chicks out there, putting you to shame
    Helping fellow Australians, in their time of pain

    I’m just a simple farmer, grazier, wife and mum
    And even though we’re feeding stock, we’re better off than some
    I’ve never had to shoot a cow, who could no longer stand
    But many have before me, and I pray, I’m not dealt that hand

    So will you take another look; admit that we’re in strife ?
    And do more than bloody empathise, before another farmer takes their life ?
    I’d like to think you’ll do what’s right and put Australia first
    And help your own damn country, before this drought gets any worse

    Joanna Collett

    Wee Waa NSW

    If you would like to spread this message wider, please copy it and share it.
    Don’t let those who are doing it tough in rural areas just get forgotten in the news cycle.
    Charity starts at home!

    • Pensioner Pete 08/11/2019, 9:41 am

      She nailed it.

      • Albert 08/11/2019, 3:17 pm

        Unfortunately, Pete, those that can do nothing but babble and fail to recognise their own inaction.

  • DT 08/11/2019, 3:47 pm

    Taken from JoNova website, posted by Tony from Oz

    A new gas fired power plant. So South Australia gives in to CO2 emissions then, for the sake of reliable power.

    Now, think of what has happened in the U.S. over the last ten years, in just ten years mind you.

    They have replaced coal fired power. The AVERAGE age of the whole coal fired power fleet in the US barely 12 years ago was a couple of Months less than ….. 50 years. So, basically, all coal fired power in the U.S. was all but time expired.

    So, what they did was to set about replacing them all, all those ancient old clunkers.

    Luckily, due to the recent availability of Natural Gas and the approval to actually extract it, they could replace those old coal fired plants with new natural gas fired plants.

    So, over just the last ten years alone, 610TWH of coal fired power has been shut down. For perspective that’s three times the yearly power generation for Australia, from every source.

    In that same time, 560TWH of natural new gas fired power has been added, so replacement of 92% of fossil fuel burning power with, umm, fossil fuel burning power.

    Those new emissions are less than the old emissions from the old tech coal fired power, but, it’s still CO2 emitting power, and it has a life span of 50 years.

    So at least 50 more years of CO2 emissions.

    Somebody, (well a pretty large number of somebodies) way way way up near the top of the power plant approval tree obviously don’t think that CO2 is causing Climate Change, otherwise they would not have approved so many of these new gas fired power plants.


  • DT 08/11/2019, 3:48 pm

    Hey, wait a minute here! That can’t be right, surely not.

    This new gas fired plant cost $295 Million. It has a Nameplate of 210MW

    Macarthur Wind has a Nameplate of 420MW, and at its 30% Capacity Factor, that’s a year round average of 125MW. It cost, umm, $1.2 BILLION

    The AEMO all of a sudden needs an extra 210MW of power. They ring up this new gas plant and the reply is that it will be on stream in five minutes.

    Or, they could ring up Macarthur and the reply from there is that sorry, we have to wait for the wind to pick up for that. This High Pressure weather system may be gone in a day or two, and we’ll see what we can do then.

    Gas fired plant – $295 Million for 210MW

    Macarthur Wind – $1.2 Billion for 420MW – 125MW.


    Renewables are cheaper than fossil fuel plants eh!


  • Botswana O'Hooligan 09/11/2019, 9:17 am

    Before I get too old and doddery I would like to take all the warmists and climate people up into the FNQ bush where I grew up and see how their schemes would pan out over a month or so. There was no running water there except in the creek, no septics, only Earth closets, no electricity, no radio, no TV of course because there wasn’t any, at least not in Australia, no fridge, no shops of course, wood stove, and a garden that produced stuff if one could keep the goats out of it, and a couple of house cows for milk and cream to make butter. That is the future if warmists get their way, back to pre industrial revolution times.

    • DT 09/11/2019, 2:37 pm

      What, no cafes, no gyms, no internet?

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 09/11/2019, 11:05 am


    In the video the Rebel News investigation states that there is actually no such organisation as the “Alliance of World Scientists” and that it is just a private blog – a statement on some activist’s home-made website soliciting signatures from “scientists”. This is what all these mainstream media outlets have been quoting as their authority.

  • Pensioner Pete 09/11/2019, 3:26 pm

    Now I can understand why Pol Pot effected his ‘clean-out’ of the elite in Cambodia.

  • Pepperpete 09/11/2019, 3:27 pm

    Brexit or No Brexit?
    At the time Corbyn became leader of UK Labour I just could not understand how they could pick an old Stalinist styled commo as their leader. But at that time we still didn’t know what a vipers pit of socialists the EU really was. Now it is clear. What did they think would happen? Corbyn is one of the best liars I have ever seen. Almost as good as Obama.

    We have spent some time in the UK over the last 15 years (since our son married a Pom) and only see it going backwards every time we visit. London is a shit hole and has gone the same way as the US Democrat cities like LA and Chicago.

    The Left have out smarted the conservative side of politics over the last 50 years and have taken over the universities to the point where conservatives in all Western nations are now at war with every other educated person over 45. Humanities and the faux science disciplines of Environmental science and Sociology lead the charge to ignorance.

    While the UK has been a Clayton’s socialist state since WWII what surprises me, is the speed at which the socialist collective mind set has come to dominate US politics. The land of the brave and home of the free no longer.

    The best manipulators of the media are the Left without a doubt. In fact, if you may have noticed over the past 5 years all older and conservative reporters have disappeared or been set aside and replaced with a cohort of under 30’s journo’s. These people have no life experience and don’t have any first hand knowledge of the modern age outside of their Twitter feed and Facebook. Most can’t tie their own shoe laces. When you put fools in front of the camera they will say anything their Left wing producers want them to say. For fear of loosing their prestigious jobs and free lunches.

    Whatever happens in the UK. Brexit or EU serfdom, we need to be very aware that the socialsm/social justice/equality for all is a pandemic. It has infected many and we are not immune to it’s poison.

    Pepperpete 9/11/2019

    • Aktosplatz 10/11/2019, 7:15 am

      Yes Pepper Pete, absolutely right. The younger journalists demonstrate their presence with a very poor standard of English (Grammar and Spelling) compared to their predecessors. The drop in standards is quite stark.

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 10/11/2019, 8:58 am

      The place has gone all to hell in the last forty years so no wonder the Poms are coming here in droves.

  • DT 09/11/2019, 3:47 pm

    As we discussed here previously, starting with UN Treaties, then trickling down from Commonwealth to States to Local (reporting to States) Government, to offices, councils, tribunals the green and red tape has been applied and to unravel it without cooperation from the left leaning unionist dominated bureaucracy (Yes Minister) it is now a very tangled web.

    And this ignores also taxpayer funded Non Government Organisations.

    But I do believe that exiting the UN or at least following the President Trump attitude towards the UN would be the first step.

    “We’ll always have Paris, unless ScoMo gets us out”

    PM Morrison in a speech to the Lowy Institute in October warned of the dangers of “negative” globalism; which “coercively” seeks to impose a mandate from often ill-defined borderless global community.

    “And worse still”, Morrison added, “from an unaccountable international bureaucracy.”

    The Paris Agreement is an exemplar of this “negative globalism”.

    [extract from The Daily Telegraph Friday November 8, 2019]

  • Pepperpete 11/11/2019, 8:09 pm

    We have been so en-snared in the UN/Globalist agreements and treaties by our traitorous bureaucracy it will take forever to extract ourselves from these destructive agreements. Well beyond the abilities of our dear ScoMo. At least he has identified the issues but, I doubt he knows where to even start.

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