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 Mediterranean taxis

12.09.19“No boats have arrived” That was the proud claim of our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, delivered in a tone that suggested we should all cheer such a wonderful accomplishment.In fact, given the strategies employed to achieve this result, we should hang our heads in shame. We are living through a dark period in our cultural history where politicians like Morrison are actively encouraging a dulling of our moral sense by appealing to that most dangerous moral principle of all: “The end justifies the means”. Well that is the crap still argued by the left. If they had their way Australia would not differ from Europe in being swamped by illegal migrants.
Soeren Kern describes the lefties “Mediterranean taxis” for people-smugglers:
Italian authorities have seized a Spanish migrant rescue ship after a three-week standoff between the Italian government and the Spanish charity operating the vessel.
Interior Minister Matteo Salvini had refused to allow the Open Arms rescue ship, carrying more than 80 mostly African migrants, to dock in Italy. The refusal was in line with his crackdown on migrant smuggling that has effectively closed Italian ports to migrant rescue boats since June 2018.
Salvini has accused European non-governmental organizations (NGOs) of coordinating with people-smuggling mafias to pick up migrants off the coast of Libya and transport them to Italian ports. Italian officials have referred to the charity rescue boats as “Mediterranean taxis” for people-smugglers.
Sicilian prosecutor Luigi Patronaggio on August 20 ordered the Open Arms, anchored one kilometer off Italy’s southernmost island of Lampedusa, to dock in Sicily so that its passengers could disembark. He made the decision, in opposition to Salvini, after more than a dozen migrants jumped overboard and tried to swim to shore. Subsequent video footage showed that Open Arms staged the jumps to manipulate public opinion.
The Open Arms, operated by a Spanish NGO of the same name, had picked up 147 migrants off the coast of Libya on August 1. The Italian government allowed those in need of medical attention and all unaccompanied children to disembark on August 17. Five EU countries — Spain, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Portugal — agreed to take in the rest, although details of the understanding have yet to be finalized.
On August 18, the Spanish government announced that the Open Arms would be allowed to dock at the Spanish port of Algeciras in Cádiz, and at Mahón in Menorca in the Balearic Islands. The captain of the Open Arms, however, rejected the offer. He argued that it was “impossible” to attempt the four- to six-day journey given the conditions on board: “We cannot endanger the security and physical integrity of the migrants and crew. We need to dock now.”
The captain’s refusal to accept Spain’s offer fueled suspicion about the financial and political motivations behind the migrant rescues — including efforts by Open Arms and other NGOs to promote open borders by discrediting Salvini’s hardline immigration policies.
“We are facing the umpteenth mockery of the Spanish Open Arms, which for days has been wandering around the Mediterranean for the sole purpose of gathering as many people as possible to bring them always and only to Italy,” Salvini tweeted. “In all this time they already could have gone back and forth to a Spanish port three times. These NGOs are only political. They are using the immigrants against our country. I will not give up.”
Spain’s acting Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo expressed bafflement at Open Arms. In an interview with Spanish radio Cadena SER, she noted that the ship could easily have docked in Tunisia or Malta but refused to do so:
“We do not understand the position of Open Arms. We have offered all types of support: medical attention, supplies. We understand the situation is critical because of the uncertainty and desperation, but once you tell them they have a safe port, the migrants know they are going to arrive, and anybody can understand that there is no problem.”
On August 20, the Spanish government dispatched a warship, the Audaz, from the Rota naval base to pick up the migrants and take them to the Spanish island of Mallorca. The round-trip voyage, however, was estimated to take at least a week and Patronaggio acted after reports that some migrants were suicidal.
The Italian government later impounded the Open Arms after the Italian Coast Guard, in an inspection, found “serious security anomalies.” The Italian Ministry of Transport said that the ship would not be allowed to leave Sicily until the problems were remedied.
Italian Transportation Minister Danilo Toninelli called on the Spanish government to crack down on the activities of the Open Arms by de-registering the vessel and removing its Spanish flag. “I hope that Spain answers our appeal and commits to stopping Open Arms in the future with the means, and in the ways, it deems right,” he said. A de-flagged ship would legally be unable to continue picking up migrants.
The Spanish government, facing growing criticism over its handling of the standoff, has since expressed a harder line against the Open Arms NGO. On August 21, Calvo told Cadena SER radio that the Open Arms did not have a permit to transport migrants and could be fined €900,000 ($1,000,000) for violating an express ban on sailing to the seas off Libya: “Open Arms does not have a permit to rescue, as the captain of the ship knows. This is a state ruled by law. We are all subject to the law.”
In the past, however, the Spanish government has worked closely with Open Arms. In August 2018, the NGO announced that it had reached an agreement with the government to coordinate migrant rescues in the Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea. That same month, Spanish Development Minister José Luis Ábalos heaped praise on Open Arms for rescuing “tens of thousands of people since 2015.” It remains unclear if the NGO is receiving money from the government for its activities.
The Spanish anti-immigration party Vox filed a lawsuit against Open Arms and called for the arrest of the ship’s captain, Óscar Camps. “Disguising its activities as ‘rescue work,’ this ‘NGO’ is an accomplice to the people-smuggling of international mafia networks,” Vox leader Santiago Abascal tweeted, adding:
“Open Arms does not rescue shipwrecked people. If it did, it would take them to the nearest port. What it does is use immigrants as an extortion tool against countries that choose to defend their sovereignty.
“These fake humanitarian organizations, in the name of solidarity, exploit the good will of many people. Their work, however, is promoted by those who want to destroy the borders of Europe, and only benefits human traffickers.
“For all these reasons, we will act firmly and forcefully against any NGO, government, association or group that intends to continue promoting illegal, massive immigration and subject us to the interests of international human trafficking mafias.
“This unlawful and criminal activity endangers our welfare state, our sovereignty, the safety of Spaniards and even the lives they claim to rescue. They will have to answer to the courts sooner rather than later.”

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  • luk1955 12/09/2019, 7:24 am

    These NGOs are communist organisations operating and supported by the international bank cartel which is trying to subvert national identities everywhere and contaminate the world with 3rd world savage barbarians practicing a particular death cult. Everywhere they go they create disasters. No wonder Hungary want them out of the country. They think they are a law unto themselves.

  • JK. 12/09/2019, 8:57 am

    And we should be very vigelant when and if the doors are closed in Europe their boats are big enough to reach Australia from Africa.

    • Ex ADF 12/09/2019, 12:06 pm

      Do not worry. We have our secret weapon, Sea Patrol Sarah, ready and waiting for any incursions into Australian waters. She gained her knowledge of all things nautical from taxpayer funded whale watching tours, and viewing various Australian reality tv programs. Rest easily!

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