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Media Watch not accurate?

The Australian today tips a bucket on the mostly biased Media Watch over their episode dealing with wind turbines. Recent data concerning health issues caused by low frequency noise may have consequences in the near future as government will ultimately be drawn into the fray.

Media Watch ‘just skimmed my report’: researcher

A SCIENTIFIC researcher whose groundbreaking study into the impact of wind turbines on nearby residents has criticised the ABC’s Media Watchprogram, saying its journalist hounded his company about allege­d media misrepresentations without reading or understanding his report.

The study by acoustics expert Steven Cooper measured the sensations felt by a group of residents who had complained of health concerns, and matched their diary records with the wind farm operations. The study found a correlation between severe sensations experienced by the small group of residents studied and the power output of the turbines at Cape Bridgewater in Victoria.

The Cooper report has been hailed internationally as representing a breakthrough in the study of wind turbines and possible impacts.

The Australian’s environment editor Graham Lloyd has extensively reported on the findings of the study after they were released last month and has been the subject of inquiries by Media Watch journalist Flint Duxfield.

Media Watch has asked The Australian to justify the prominent coverage it gave to the study.

Mr Cooper was critical of Duxfield when contacted by The Australian yesterday, and said the journalist had failed to properly read his report before making inquiri­es into its fair and accurate representation in the media.

Mr Cooper said he was appalled by the ABC’s attempts to contact his office, which he said was “hounded” by hourly calls over a four-day period.

“In the end I spoke to them to answer questions and I wasn’t overly impressed,” he said.

“They were after Channel Seven and Graham Lloyd, and in the end his inquiries were about people not reading and reporting incorrect information.

“It got to a point where he was asking questions and I said, ‘You haven’t read the report’, to which he replied, ‘Oh, I’ve skimmed the report’, and I said, ‘Well that’s a problem, you’re here about talking about people misrepresenting but you haven’t read the report’.

“He just tried to talk about people misrepresenting. I did tell him that what Graham Lloyd had presented was correct. “

Media Watch host Paul Barry, responding on behalf of Duxfield, said he was not party to the conversation, “but I can tell you that he is always unfailingly courteous and never hounds anyone — and yes, Flint has read the report”.

Barry claimed that “some eminent Australian scientists” had concerns about The Australian’s coverage of the Cooper report.

Lloyd said the issue was about making sure minority rights were properly respected. “This is not about ideology,” he said. “The absence of high-quality research, as evidenced by the National Health and Medical Research Council’s latest statement, is astonishing.”

Source: News Limited

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  • Albert 16/02/2015, 7:37 am

    I really can’t understand why anyone with a modicum of intelligence would bother paying any attention to a word that the ABC and its resident idiot Paul Barry says.

  • Robert TG 16/02/2015, 11:44 am

    Is it true or did you hear about it on the ABC.
    Today’s journalists are interested in a story, and to be different for all the others they need to come at it from a different angle, most of them choose fiction as their angle, with a touch of controversy to add interest.

  • Lorraine 17/02/2015, 8:38 am

    MSM have lost the trust of the Australian people ,we know they are bias to the left in all things Political. the left are bias to all things that can control , the people. The left socialist has the need to tell you that they know best, ever listened to the likes of Christine Milne ,Sarah Hansen Young, their stupidety is astounding to any but the believer and to think 10% of the voting public agrees with this ilk. The ABC is not worth listening to or watching as it has only the Leftie in Charge. We that are not of the rusted on Labor/Greens, see what they are about and we do not BUY the garbage as presented the Media

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