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 McKenzie: Victory day for Pauline Hanson?

24.01.20. It will be Pauline Hanson that might be the most pleased when Senator Bridget McKenzie hands in her resignation which many expect will be today. Senator Hanson continually called for McKenzie’s resignation over double crossing contents the dairy code  bill. Then all that remains to be done in the National Party is to find another village for the useless idiot McCormack who may yet also find himself under fire over grants.
Michael McCormack’s support base in his own partyroom has dwindled to a handful. If Bridget McKenzie is forced out as deputy leader, he loses an ally and faces the likely promotion of David Littleproud and Matt Canavan. At 43, Littleproud is emerging as a favourite to claim McKenzie’s job. Canavan, who ran a ruthlessly efficient campaign in regional Queensland and is not afraid to take on the Liberals, would become the party’s Senate leader at 39. 

Source: Geoff Chambers, News Corp

If Bridget McKenzie is cactus, Michael McCormack is in peril as Nationals leader

The ambitious pairing is seen as the future of the Nationals.
With 21 MPs, Nationals partyroom elections are notoriously unpredictable.
A party insider said while McCormack would have a cabinet pick, his “locked-in” support was tenuous and he would need to tread carefully.
Outside his closest NSW confidants, McKenzie and her ­Victorian colleagues Darren Chester and Damian Drum are not considered to be rusted-on backers.
Inside the Nationals, there are ongoing anxieties that McCormack is “out of touch” and not equipped to combat One Nation and the Shooters and Fishers in regional Australia.
While there is no move on his job — continuing a longstanding tradition of not rolling incumbent Nationals leaders — the loss of McKenzie would leave him ­exposed.
McCormack, who dined with Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg at The Lodge on Wednesday night, must avoid perceptions the Liberals are giving the orders.
The public popularity of the Prime Minister and his call for “unity” inside the Coalition gives McCormack cover, but colleagues want him to be more ­assertive and show a bit of ­“mongrel”.
If McKenzie goes, McCormack will need to promote strategically. The Queenslanders want greater ministerial representation and he will need to address losing a senior female minister.
Any attempt by McKenzie to dig in is potentially disastrous for the government and Morrison wants the matter resolved before Wednesday, when he delivers his first major speech of the year.
If McKenzie survives, Labor will relentlessly pursue the government when parliament resumes on February 4. The chances of her appearing at estimates hearings, which begin on March 2, are unlikely.
The Victorian senator is personally liked by colleagues but many feel she has become “gaffe-prone”.
Once your own MPs begin canvassing your replacement, it’s time to go.

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  • DT 24/01/2020, 7:56 am

    Paul Murray Sky News, Bronwyn Bishop does not believe that the Senator Minister is in breach of the guidelines, but does believe that Labor is trying to exploit the situation and hopes that no comparison will be drawn to their terms in government.

    • Honeybadger 24/01/2020, 8:37 am

      The McKenzie saga doesn’t pass the pub test. With McCormack, leopards don’t change their spots so forget “assertive and mongrel”.

  • Disgruntled 24/01/2020, 8:37 am

    Maybe we could be rid of two duds in one go and end up with another dud leading. The party needs a leader like ole Barney and perhaps he should be it regardless of his failings.

    Canavan is bloody good value!

  • Lorraine 24/01/2020, 9:05 am

    The conservative must resign, the left doing worse with taxpayer funds just stares down all. Any one remember Gillard and the Union thief (how many of those are still up standing citizens).Looking from Victoria the socialist left just ride above any scandal , Queensland has Jackie Trad ,and all the hoo ha over her and she is still there…Media are so bias. it’s not what has been done, it is ,who did it

  • Susie 24/01/2020, 9:34 am

    Love Canavan.

  • seadogger 24/01/2020, 12:08 pm

    My mail is Littleproud will be flat out getting re – endorsed for his seat let alone get promoted.
    Canavan is the GoTo man

  • Cliff 24/01/2020, 5:26 pm

    Echoing the thoughts of a poster above, has Jacqui Tradd sold the house she ‘unknowingly’ bought in Brissie?

    • seadogger 24/01/2020, 6:15 pm

      Cliff.. she says she has but would you believe what a politicition says?????

  • Rubyred 24/01/2020, 6:31 pm

    Barnaby and Matt would be a great replacement. They would not take any nonsense from the left wing or the stupid red Greens. I think Bridget McKenzie has a tin ear. She should have stood down at least while this was being sorted out. She has made it very difficult for the PM and given Labor a chance to dig the boots in as much as possible. Labor are not squeaky clean on the rorts either.

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