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 McCormack: the village idiot to stand down—get it over with!

15.02.20. Kick your weekend off with joyful news! The National’s idiot in residence Michael McCormack, a political dope not up to the job, an embarrassment to his party and the government,  who should be whisked from sight and hidden in a basement somewhere and forgotten is to stand down. The mere sight of the rude fool laughing and gossiping over his shoulder in Parliamentary Question Time—for the world to see on TV—while the PM is answering questions from the Opposition, speaks volumes about his massive ego and rotten manners on display at every sitting! For God’s sake man GO! As the late Jack Richards would often say, “some people have a face that you just want to keep punching.”
The top levels of the Coalition ­expect Michael McCormack will make way for his deputy David Littleproud to take over the ­Nationals leadership in an orderly transition of power. Leading Nationals and Liberals now believe the Deputy Prime Minister must step down ahead of the next election to ensure the survival of the country party and maintain stability inside the ­Coalition. 

Source: Dennis Shanahan and Geoff Chambers, News Corp

Coalition leaders expect Michael McCormack to stand aside

The Weekend Australian ­understands a change in Nationals leadership — following Barnaby Joyce’s failed move against Mr McCormack — would see Mr Joyce not challenge for the top job and instead work as a minister in Mr Littleproud’s team.
While no formal agreement or timetable is in place for the proposed transition, Coalition leaders have concluded a clean change is required after talks in Canberra.
Following the collapse in support for Mr McCormack’s leadership, Scott Morrison was forced to seek backing for the government from rogue Nationals MPs and ­respond to concerns in Liberal ranks that the budget agenda could be derailed.
Senior Nationals and Liberal sources told The Weekend Australian the best way to ensure stability for the Coalition and within the Nationals was for Mr McCormack to work on a transition of leadership beyond him and Mr Joyce.
Mr McCormack told The Weekend Australian: “I intend leading the party to the next ­election.”
But he also said: “The leadership is the gift of the Nationals partyroom. A week is a long time in politics.”
Keeping a longstanding commitment, Mr McCormack travelled to Llew O’Brien’s Queensland electorate of Wide Bay on Friday to open the revamped Sunshine Beach surf club, which received a $2.5m grant two months before last year’s May 18 election. Mr O’Brien, who moved a spill motion against Mr McCormack in support of Mr Joyce, quit the Nationals on Monday. The government suffered a rare defeat on the floor of parliament after Mr O’Brien teamed with Labor, the crossbench and rogue Coalition MPs to win the Deputy Speaker’s job ahead of Mr McCormack’s pick Damian Drum.
Standing alongside Mr McCormack on Friday, Mr O’Brien said voters in Wide Bay had backed him as a Liberal National Party candidate. “That’s what they bought, that’s what they got, that’s what they’ve still got. I’m a proud member of the Coalition government,” he said.
As Nationals MPs duelled publicly and baited Liberals over coal-fired power stations during the first parliamentary sitting fortnight of the year, Nationals party president Larry Anthony and former Nationals leader and deputy prime minister John Anderson held private talks and made public appeals for peace and calm.
Across two weeks of turmoil for the Nationals, two cabinet ministers resigned, Mr McCormack narrowly fended off a challenge from Mr Joyce and Mr O’Brien resigned to sit as an LNP MP inside the joint partyroom.
The Prime Minsiter was dragged into the dispute when warned by Mr Joyce that rebel Nationals MPs may cross the floor to defeat government legislation.
A senior Nationals source said that if no orderly transition was put in place, MPs would maintain their destabilisation campaign against Mr McCormack. “It won’t stop. The past two weeks have damaged both ­Michael and Barnaby. There is now a feeling that a compromise leader is needed possibly sooner rather than later,” the source said.
With Mr Morrison and Josh Frydenberg responding to budget pressures sparked by the coronavirus and bushfire recovery, senior government figures want an end to the brawling. Concerns have also been raised about the potential for the internal warring to spill into Liberal ranks after moderates complained they had been told not to antagonise Nationals MPs over climate change and energy.
Despite rebel Nationals publicly declaring their “support” for Mr McCormack, most consider his leadership to be “terminal” after he rewarded colleagues who voted for him and shut out rivals.
A plan by McCormack supporters to entrench his leadership by requiring two-thirds of the ­Nationals partyroom to back a spill was shelved within hours after backlash from Joyce backers.

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  • Pensioner Pete 15/02/2020, 7:56 am

    Took ’em long enough to wake up to the fact McCormack is a dud as a leader.

    In my opinion, David Littleproud possesses the potential to lead and direct the Nationals back on track to actually representing the rural sector, and one hopes, he exercises the mongrel needed to end the leftard/commo types efforts in destroying our agricultural industries.

    David Littleproud does have excellent first hand rural knowledge and good ideas for the rural sector, which if reaching fruition, will benefit we on the land in the first instance and flowing on to the whole of Australia, benefiting all.

    All a bit late for the Queensland Nationals however, for unless they change leader and direction very very soon, they are in for a battle with the Labor/Green/Commo alliance come 31 October Qld State elections.

    Meanwhile, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and the Katter Party are quietly gathering more votes, strength and popularity, particularly in National Party heartland, so this coming Qld State election should be a doozy. Definite requirement is a fridge full of XXXX or Great Northern coldies needed to assist in watching the election tally after 18:00 hours EST 31 October.

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 15/02/2020, 8:42 am

      I won’t be all that surprised if Labor retain government despite all their shenanigans PP and our only hope is with Katter and Pauline.

      • Pensioner Pete 15/02/2020, 9:21 am

        Bots: Given Pauline Hanson’s veiled statements regarding Qld and the elections, I reckon you are on the money. She has made it clear One Nation is not happy about the LNP’s treachery in recent months federally, and I reckon there is ‘payback’ in the winds of politics afoot.

    • DT 15/02/2020, 8:44 am

      PP the latest opinion poll gave PHON 4% and the Greens 13% which the Greens took from Labor.

      I have no doubt that PHON will do well at the next Queensland election but won’t form a government.

      Nationally PHON is a minor party and few voters even think about them, let alone consider them to be a serious threat to the unofficial two party system.

    • Big Al 15/02/2020, 8:48 am

      If D’vid LittlePoser the fool, with his green credentials to match that lunatic Bandt, becomes leader of the Nats then they’re kaput, which will fire up Barnaby to takeover, or induce him to leave the party.

      • Tony H 15/02/2020, 12:00 pm

        Agree Big Al, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Much of the hate directed towards the Nats these days is due to their pathetic response to their constituents caught in drought and bushfires! The only reason Little Dick would replace McCormack is so there is a smooth baton change. McCormack is/ was Turnbulls choice once he got rid of Joyce through his usual conspiring and plotting. With McCormack and McKenzie the Nats were more like inner city Greens/Socialist swine. Joyce should return and thus get back the grass roots support. He speaks the language of the buyer. If they continue down the current path, or change to Littledick they will be decimated at the next election.

  • DT 15/02/2020, 8:33 am

    Asleep at the wheel?

    When the media frenzy over bushfires broke out with Climate Council Tom Foolery, Greens, Labor, Zali and the rest of the mob started attacking the PM who was away on a family holiday (as were two Premiers, QLD and VIC), and preparing for new year discussions in India regarding closer economic and defence relations via the Commonwealth of Nations post Brexit which were cancelled because of the criticism, Deputy Leader McCormack was automatically Acting PM.

    Why didn’t he speak out and remind people that he was in charge at the Federal level? That he and the Minister for Defence had received requests from State Governments for Federal help and ADF personnel and assets had been mobilised.

    And then that bushfires are the responsibility of State Emergency Services funded via the State Government Budgets with Federal grants added as applied for and provided.

    The Acting PM could have exposed the lies and deception before they became toxic.

  • seadogger 15/02/2020, 8:59 am

    The Oz has changed its headline to read the departure now leads to new Nationals leadership. Littleproud has been deleted and so he should.. He is a TURD Fox in the Nationals

  • Albert 15/02/2020, 9:53 am

    Can’t agree with DT’s comments re Littleproud. I believe that it will be replacing one dud with another. I hope there is a faction within the Nats who can close the gate on that.

    • Tony H 15/02/2020, 12:03 pm

      Littleproud is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A version of Turnbull. More at home in the Labor or Greens than Nationals.

  • Aktosplatz 15/02/2020, 1:12 pm

    The Joker in the Pack with the Coalition is cost of Energy and Climate Change. The public know the dishonesty behind this scam and these dissentions will continue until someone takes a strong hold of this policy and take us out of Paris.

    The Coalition have to reconcile real (rural) needs against the latte sippers in the city. One has real needs, the others have nothing to do but meddle and interfere because of their investments in renewable energy.

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