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McCormack: the will be deputy PM is no invisible man

McCormack: the will be deputy PM is no invisible man

You can bet MSM will overlook McCormack’s mind set. Apologies never erase bias!

As one Riverina resident remarked about Michael McCormack MP, “you could walk from Wagga to Sydney asking everyone you met, who is Michael McCormack and I doubt a single person would know—he’s the invisible man.” Although he is Minister for Veterans’ Affairs.

Today Mr McCormack, the only declared leadership candidate left standing after his NSW Nationals colleague David Gillespie pulled out yesterday after his pitch to establish a new ministry for reforming the federation failed to win support, will be deputy PM. The Nationals must be very desperate for quality people to replace Barnaby Joyce.

That maybe so, but the arrogant McCormack who treats constituent’s letters as a pain in his arse to be ignored is far from being invisible as he might wish and the Nationals have not thought wisely their choice for party leader and deputy prime minister. McCormack has a nasty skeleton rattling in his closet. An inherent bias against queers, a stand that might be popular down at the football barbie. But it is a blood stain on a white shirt for a politician that seeks to represent all Australians as deputy prime minister. McCormack’s matter of public record about the LGBTIQ community signifies a fool with extremely poor judgement. His rant is a comprehensive exposé of the man’s psyche when he wrote: Unfortunately gays are here and, if the disease their unnatural acts helped spread doesn’t wipe out humanity, they’re here to stay. The words of a clever statesman?Does it suppose that a person with a national platform with which to promulgate their personal views, so overtly constructed to inflame sentiment against those whom may now marry their same sex partners, blessing by most Australians and indeed Australian law showed good judgement? Add to that the many laws combating discrimination against those he so pilloried in an article written by him as Editor of a Fairfax publication which speaks loudly against temperate wisdom. The Nationals and the Liberal Party don’t need a ready target like McCormack in an already beleaguered Coalition led by Mr Turnbull with its sorry 27th consecutive loss in opinion polls. Mr Turnbull is now stuck with the Nat’s decision and Michael McCormack could become a lightning rod for the well organised LGBTIQ community which may react to McCormack’s writing. McCormack could bring further, if not eternal grief to that man with the renown faecal touch. How delicious can poetic justice be—Barnaby Joyce might thinkt?


Source: News Corp, February 14 2018

Homophobic column comes back to haunt Barnaby Joyce’s possible replacement Michael McCormack

THE skeletons lurking in Nationals MP Michael McCormack’s closet make Barnaby Joyce look like a saint in comparison.

POLITICALLY speaking, it looks like Barnaby Joyce is a dead man walking.
As the fallout from his affair with now-pregnant former staffer Vikki Campion continues — not to mention the scandal surrounding her highly-paid, taxpayer-funded and government-approved roles — pressure is now building to remove Mr Joyce as Deputy Prime Minister.
Meanwhile, the ABC reports Nationals MPs are holding discussions on how to get their party leader to resign and according to the Herald Sun, Veterans’ Affairs Minister Michael McCormack has been named as the “overwhelming favourite” to replace him.
But doing so would be a monumental mistake.

Because in 1993, as the editor of Wagga Wagga’s Fairfax-owned local paper The Daily Advertiser, Mr McCormack penned a shocking, homophobic tirade that has never been forgotten by many members of the community.
In his column, he demonised the LGBTI community, describing them as “sordid” and “unnatural” and blaming same-sex attracted people for the AIDS epidemic.
“A week never goes by anymore that homosexuals and their sordid behaviour don’t become further entrenched in society,” he wrote in his vile “from the editor’s desk” column.
“Unfortunately gays are here and, if the disease their unnatural acts helped spread doesn’t wipe out humanity, they’re here to stay.
“How can these people call for rights when they’re responsible for the greatest medical dilemma known to man — AIDS.”

Over the years, Mr McCormack, who represents the rural NSW electorate of Riverina, has spoken publicly about his controversial piece.
In fact Mr McCormack’s column was slammed by ministerial colleague Christopher Pyne as recently as August 2017, because in his role as Small Business Minister, Mr McCormack was in charge of the Australian Bureau of Statistics which managed the marriage equality postal survey.
Mr Pyne said the remarks were “not acceptable” in modern society, and Mr McCormack went on to issue a statement, which read: “I have grown and learnt not only to tolerate, but to accept all people regardless of their sexual orientation or any other trait or feature which makes each of us different and unique.
“I apologised wholeheartedly for the comments at the time and many times since, but I am making this statement to unreservedly apologise again today.”
To his credit, Mr McCormack has apologised for his hurtful words on more than one occasion.
But in an age when political careers have ended for far less serious transgressions, how can the National Party even consider appointing someone with a history of hate speech?
When you read Mr McCormack’s comments, suddenly, an affair with a staff member pales in comparison.

Dear readers,
“A week never goes by anymore that homosexuals and their sordid behaviour don’t become further entrenched in society.
Unfortunately gays are here and, if the disease their unnatural acts helped spread doesn’t wipe out humanity, they’re here to stay.
On Monday hundreds of thousands of homosexuals marched through Washington in a demonstration intended to show their demands for equal rights and an end to discrimination should no longer be ignored or denied.
How can these people call for rights when they’re responsible for the greatest medical dilemma known to man — Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome?
AIDS shows no discrimination.
It claims thousands upon thousands of innocent people’s lives every year.
On the very night of the homosexuals’ march that pompous critic Stuart Littlemore on Media Watch on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation had the gall to criticise various newspaper editors across Australia for “gay bashing”.
He ridiculed them for showing some moral backbone and condemning homosexuality.
It’s just as well some newspapers are speaking up and acting as watchdogs on moral issues. If it was left up to the likes of Littlemore, heaven knows some of the all-embracing attitudes society would be told it was OK to accept.”

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  • Penguinite 26/02/2018, 7:17 am

    Nothing wrong with that statement! If disease does not wipe the out their here to stay. Could have written the same about cane toads! Now there’s a blight that needs eradicating.

  • bushwanker 26/02/2018, 7:55 am

    I find McCormack’s statement “Unfortunately gays are here and, if the disease their unnatural acts helped spread doesn’t wipe out humanity, they’re here to stay” quite close to the truth and I would support him in the first instance based on that statement. What I find less comforting is his public apology for making that statement.
    More politicians speaking and acting based on what they really think has to be a good thing.

  • Lorraine 26/02/2018, 8:13 am

    The Nationals will rue the day , they decided they would not back in Barnaby Joyce, The Nationals should have refused his resignation and the hoopla caused by the Media and the loyal leader Malcolm.

  • Albert 26/02/2018, 8:24 am

    Michael McCormack, Minister for Veterans Affairs – FAIL.
    Michael McCormack, Minister for Arrogance – WIN.

  • Rubyred 26/02/2018, 8:26 am

    I think many Australians would agree with Mr McCormack.

  • TommyGun 26/02/2018, 8:47 am

    I don’t care how many laws are passed.
    I don’t care how many people march down streets, protesting.
    I don’t care how many screeching fairy floats there are in the Mardi Gras.
    None of it makes homosexuality “normal” or “natural”.
    Never was; never will be.

    • Joe Blogs 26/02/2018, 9:09 am

      … and it’s a shitty lifestyle too.

      • Ibbit 26/02/2018, 9:40 am

        Agree, Joe. Doesn’t matter how they try to whitewash it the AIDS disease was laid at the door of unnatural practices by those who treated the disease. Have we such short memories?
        It’s all very well to talk about compassion and fellow feeling, and so on – why not speak the truth? Because ordinary people fear the alphabet soup mob – they have support high up and cause much trouble, can be violent, ruin reputations and so on.
        As for the cited piece of 14/2/18 there is much wrong with it.

    • Neville 26/02/2018, 11:11 am

      S’right, TG. Sure, even in OTHER mammal species, there are recorded examples of homosexuality, just the same as our species. And of course if something can exist in nature at all, then it’s “natural”, logically.
      But … it is also the very DEFINITION of “NOT normal”, being how homosexuality always represents those few defective genes that produce about, approximately, even in the animal kingdom, around 2% of the population, which are blindingly obviously, objectively, clearly, ABNORMAL, by ANY definition or interpretation of statistics!

  • Clarion Call 26/02/2018, 9:20 am

    Pass the peanuts and chips. The Canberra liberal-lynch party (ABC and others) is about to declare war on the new Deputy Leader, no doubt via the prism of the LBGTUVWXYZ movement and its strident defence of gays whenever criticism is levelled in a bigoted manner. I think Mr. McCormack should invest in a sturdy flack jacket. They are an unforgiving bunch with looooong memories in Canberra. Best of luck, mate!

  • Xword 26/02/2018, 9:23 am

    Comment to a recent Adam Piggott piece: “We don’t hate that you’re queer; we hate that you’re proud of it.”

    • Neville 26/02/2018, 11:16 am

      I saw that one on Piggott. Perhaps the commenter may have been a little definite and emphatic, but the point was clear enough.
      In any case, maybe even allow the poor little shits to be ‘proud’ of who they are, how they’re born; compassion and sympathy and all that. Doesn’t stop the condition from being ABnormal.
      And maybe what we’re all REALLY hating is that they want to “normalise” a biological abnormality by twisting experience, science, mathematics, and common sense into some pseudo-political lefty-greeny bullshit …. oh wait …. that’s what lefty-greenies do anyway, innit ….

  • Bushkid 26/02/2018, 9:40 am

    The anti-gay piece is an opinion.

    His lacklustre performance as Minister for Veterans Affairs is actually of far more concern and directly affects far more people – people who have voluntarily literally put their life and health on the line for their country, for the benefit of their fellow Australians.

  • Penguinite 26/02/2018, 11:43 am

    Anyone noticed how much homosexual stuff we’re being asked ney expected to watch on ABC/SBS Television lately? Last night SBS had we concurrent movies about homosexuality and ABC copied suit with Riot. Another early night! At least I’m saving on power!

  • Jarrah 26/02/2018, 12:22 pm

    To quote the new leader of the National party, Michael McCormack:

    “I look forward to having a very good discussion with the Prime Minister in the next few moments. He has been an outstanding Prime Minister for Australia” unquote.

    WTF, what hope have we got, it just gets worse.

    • opa 26/02/2018, 1:39 pm

      But he is ‘outstanding!’ Outstanding waffler, hypocrite (Barnaby under the bus), ditherer, selfie enthusiast, you name it, outstanding tin ear, outstanding ability to destroy the Liberal Party all y himself, outstanding global warming idiot despite all the evidence it is a crock, outstanding…., Ahh I give up, there is no one like him and he knows it!

  • Joe Blogs 26/02/2018, 4:37 pm
  • Peetwo 03/04/2021, 9:38 am

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