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 Mark Latham: exposing fools for the fools they are!

14.09.21.  In the Southern “Republic of Dobbersnitches”, formerly known and respected by all great nations as Australia, the populace is now marshalled and ordered around like kindergarten terrorist by state governments and over zealous police. Using the long proven concentration camp psychology methods of fear and confusing orders has produced a dividend not wanted but always expected—civil disobedience, riots and hatred of police. Generations of police PR trashed by fools at the helm, silly leaders with no experience outside their political bubbles and no common sense. All that and more promulgated during the mandatory 11:am chiding sessions in which pseudo quacks dispense verbal diarrhoea and blame. In NSW that session is known as the “Gladys Hour!” A sparrow with a toucan beak lays down the law for that day—or part of it—before the curfew!
With Gladys Berejiklian entering her John Farnham phrase (a never-ending farewell tour of daily press conferences), it’s good to see NSW police are on their toes. 

Source: Alice Workman, Strewth, NCA

Thousands of allegedly locked-down Sydneysiders frolicked at the beaches this weekend as temps soared … scenes that understandably angered those without water in their 5km exercise ring of steel, especially as the NSW Premier shut down any suggestion that public pools might reopen.
Lakemba Labor MP Jihad Dib called it a “classic example of the tale of two cities”. How Dickensian. Cut to NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham, who tweeted a snap on Saturday of many maskless sunbakers with the caption: “Bondi Beach today.” The member of the state upper house — who lives in southwest Sydney, many kilometres from Maroubra — said “the lockdown has ended through civil disobedience”. “When government failed, the people took things into their own hands to reclaim their lives and their sanity,” Latham wrote. The call to libertarian arms took off, with 17K likes and counting. It also piqued the interest of Bankstown Labor MP Tania Mihailuk, who asked what Latham was doing in Bondi … a parliamentary field trip, perhaps? Latham replied: “I represent all of NSW. Water not too chilly!!” He went on to suggest the pair should get “busloads of Banky out here” because “they deserve it”. Que? The cops were already across Latham’s sandy snap when contacted by this paper. (Proving Tony Abbott was way off the mark when he said “I never thought dobbing and snitching was part of the Australian character” after getting a $500 slap on the restrictions wrist.) A NSW police spokeswoman informed us that after making some inquiries, “it appears that it is someone else’s photo and (Latham) was not at Bondi Beach”. It turns out he was just trolling. Perhaps he could channel some of that WFH energy into creating a socially distanced sequel to the cookbook he co-wrote with Alan Jones in 2018 called Conversations in the Kitchen: Good Food, Great Friends.

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  • pattoh 14/09/2021, 5:50 am

    For anybody interested; the attached link nails the whole boondoggle:-


    If you get through this & do not ask who our ” representatives” represent,
    TURN OFF THE BLOODY TV & read it again
    or the jab has probably taken effect………….

    • Disgruntled 14/09/2021, 6:44 am

      Gee pattoh; vveerryy interesting link indeed! (what has the world actually come to?)
      very long and interesting; 6 months reading at least by going to all the links available from the main one

  • Aktosplatz 14/09/2021, 9:02 am

    If there is anything that would destroy the COVID or any virus for that matter, it is sunshine and chlorinated water ( as in public swimming pools), and quickly too.

    And then we read this:-“..especially as the NSW Premier shut down any suggestion that public pools might reopen…”

    Are there any ‘real’ applied scientists in the NSW government? It doesn’t seem like it.

    Open the pools and increase the chlorine level in the water from 0.5 to 1 mg/L (available chlorine) to 3 – 4 mg /L. Encourage people to swim there or in the sea.

    IMO that’s a much better way.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 14/09/2021, 9:11 am

    Who knows what is really going on and if the conspiracy theorists are right? One wonders if the pharmaceutical manufacturing people who manufacture drugs to make a profit for their shareholders and are no way altruistic, have conned the medical profession who have in turn conned the politicians who don’t care about us unless an election is imminent. We peasants, the end users, reward them all handsomely, the politicians and public servants who continue to draw a full salary, the doctors who we pay either via taxes and out of our own pockets, and the pharmaceutical companies over the chemist shop counter. A win, win situation for them all except us and now we know how Hitler and Stalin did it.

  • Penguinite 14/09/2021, 9:20 am

    So many loose ends seem to be falling into a predetermined order from apparent chaos! For sure Slymo had experienced some form of reprogramming during his last visit to Global Control in Europe. Most Premiers have taken a step back, seemingly in unison? I have a neighbour of similar ageing status who recently bowed to the incessant “Get the Jab done” propaganda and accepted the Pfizer fix. Except for a few aches he seemed to be okay but several days later was knocked sideways by what he called ‘man-flu. His doctor declined to acknowledge any connection to Pfizer and prescribed/administered an antibiotic. He seems to have recovered but awaits Pfizer #2. I’m now even more determined to remain a trenchant sceptic.

  • Lorraine 14/09/2021, 9:50 am

    Sun and Surf , the virus will have a hard time making a dint. Salt water will kill many infections, we have known this for as long as we have lived…..the Australia today what is white will be called black, and black will be white, and leaders they are not….stay safe your way,,,,

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