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Malcolm Turnbull a ‘lying’— nah, not possible

Malcolm Turnbull a ‘liar’ says Noel Pearson— nah, not possible

Has old Tin-Ear had an awakening? Has he now discovered his ways are disaster? Is his social experiment over? Maybe he reads MM?

Moves towards indigenous constitutional recognition have reached a damaging impasse, with Malcolm Turnbull warning Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders they need to do more to get into parliament and Cape York leader Noel Pearson branding the Prime Minister a “liar” who had withdrawn his support for a key proposal.

What the constitutional change mob don’t realise is that when some of their representative dopes started up about treaties the end was inevitable. Australians have reached point where crying from Aboriginal groups are falling on deaf ears. In the real world away from the spectacular contribution to the world Aboriginal culture has bestowed upon mankind there are more pressing matters to deal with rather than pouring billions of dollars more into what has been a failure for decades.

In the real world away from the idilic dreamtime stories of ‘country’, and the accompanying sermon that we must suffer and fein guilt at nearly every public function, most Australians from all walks of life must deal with other matters too lengthy to list here. Placing anybody in parliament because of their skin colour or ethnicity, or religion is socially divisive and we’ve had enough. The Aboriginal industry should be thankful for the free ride, shut up and get on with life like the rest of us. We must be one nation with NO exceptions.


Source: News Corp

Malcolm Turnbull ‘lying’ on indigenous voice plan: Pearson

Mr Turnbull went on the ­attack yesterday in comments about a now-abandoned constitutionally enshrined indigenous advisory body, describing it as “not consistent with all of the work that had been done on the recognition agenda previously”.

The suggestion prompted a stinging rebuke from Dr ­Pearson, who last night said a ­sequence of meetings starting in 2015 demonstrated Mr Turnbull had initially backed the so-called “voice” to parliament.

“He is lying; the fact is that he once encouraged me in relation to the voice,” a furious Dr Pearson told The Australian. “He is engaged in a historic lie and the record needs to be set straight.”

In his first remarks since announcing 12 days ago cabinet had ditched the proposal, Mr Turnbull said there were already five indigenous members of federal parliament, and the aim should be for that to increase. “To have a national representative assembly, which is what we’re talking about here, which would be in the Constitution, and to which only Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders could be elected, is contrary to the principles of equality, of citizenship in Australia and it would inevitably be seen as a ‘third chamber’,” he said.

“All Australians, whether they are a First Australian whose forebears have been here for 60,000 years, or whether they’ve just got their citizenship in a ceremony last week, have the same right to vote for, stand for and serve in our parliament.”

The “third chamber” assertion put by senior Coalition figures has been widely discredited, including by the Law Council of Australia. Mr Turnbull also repeated criticism that the Referendum Council provided no detail on the body, without acknowledging a separate 78-page taxpayer-funded “design issues” research document, which was submitted to him by the council at the same time as its report.

“The drafting of the recommendations was done exclusively by (constitutional lawyer and University of NSW pro vice- chancellor) Megan Davis and Murray Gleeson — a former chief justice of the High Court,” Dr Pearson said. “If there’s insufficient detail or questions about whether it complied with the terms of reference and so on, that is down to the former chief justice of the High Court — is he really saying that?”

Dr Pearson said he had texted the Prime Minister repeatedly seeking a discussion, but his advances had been ignored.

The Referendum Council was tasked with running a series of regional indigenous dialogues in which five models for reform were canvassed, one of these being the indigenous voice to parliament. Concerned that Mr Turnbull’s previous support for the voice had waned, members wrote to him and Bill Shorten seeking clarification.

In a written response last November from the two leaders which has been sighted byThe Australian, the council was instructed that “the Regional Dialogues should proceed as planned, without delay, and that all models should be equally tested with the community”.

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  • Peter Sandery 06/11/2017, 7:23 am

    Noel, what part of the word “no” don’t you understand?
    Malcolm Turnbull is not the sharpest tool in the workshop of political ability but even he could see that the proposal your colleagues put up was a non starter due to lack of detail – don’t try to duckshove responsibility for this from yourself and colleagues to fall guys like ex CJ’s and others – you lot were in the thick of it when the idea was flying high in the media – take the medicine of political practicality like a man and show some intestinal fortitude such as that shown by Santa Ana , Mandela or Lee Kwan Yew. You do your cause no good by continuing to cry Poor Bugger Me which was perhaps appropriate for the Gurindji’s years ago but sits poorly on the shoulders of such educated tossers like you have now become.

    • Smoko 06/11/2017, 9:10 am

      I understand you, Peter, but there is another point. Pearson is saying that it was Turnbull who told Pearson to give it a go and encouraged him.
      Somehow I think that double crossing and welshing is part of the Trumble tool kit, and he never told Pearson to pack it in.
      Pearson is essentially saying, “you promised me, Malcolm.”

      • Neville 06/11/2017, 4:21 pm

        That’s true enough, as far as it goes. More generally, if Turdball DID actually give Pearson the green light to have a go, then it does nothing more than illustrate what a conniving, back-stabbing turd ball he really is – but then, we all know that anyway!

  • Lorraine 06/11/2017, 9:15 am

    The thing is Malcolm has done nothing for any Australian white coloured or aborigine . Mr Pearson can go to the back of the line, we have a lot of whinging to do and he has to wait his turn

  • Albert 06/11/2017, 9:32 am

    We could begin with all the history of the exodus out of Africa but that would be pointless because we have heard it all before. However, the bottom line is that Aborigines are not entitled to special consideration and free kicks in parliament any more than the other ethnicities that make up the population of this country.

    Divisive and out of the question.

  • Biking Voter 06/11/2017, 10:17 am

    Pearson and his crowd have had a damn good ride on the public purse for far too long and all with nothing to show for it, nada, zip, zilch.
    How much more of nada, zip, zilch does he want to produce?

  • Graham 06/11/2017, 12:15 pm

    I don’t understand what if any value or contribution a separate Aboriginal chamber would bring. It not as if they contribute much to modern Australia as it is, just covering themselves with self raising flour and jigging about clacking two sticks together or painting dots on canvas doesn’t cut it.
    If Pearson believed he had a promise from Turnip then more fool him. Most people have now worked the man out.

    • Lorraine 06/11/2017, 1:17 pm

      Yes Graham we knew him before, it was no need to work him out and it is a sorry credit to call him ,MAN every day limp lettuce

  • Zoltan 06/11/2017, 2:38 pm

    “We must be one nation with NO exceptions.”
    Shame we’re not, I’d bet Senator Hanson’s mob would soon sort it.

  • Crankykoala 06/11/2017, 3:50 pm

    The last two sentences of the preamble did it for me no need to read the rest. “One nation NO exceptions”. And, one flag not three!

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