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 M.L. King’s ‘dream’ is ripped apart by skin colour

05.05.21.  Critical race theory in national curriculum promotes ‘victim’ narrative among indigenous
Indigenous leader Warren Mundine says we should be telling all kids – no matter who they are – they have the “opportunities” in life to get wherever they want to and should not be categorised as either an “evil” person or “victim”. “We should be telling all kids – no matter who they are – the world’s their oyster there’s massive opportunities out there to do. Get out there get educated and work hard and you will get to the place that you want to get to,” he said. “We’ve got aboriginal doctors now, aboriginal lawyers, aboriginal engineers – we’ve got all these incredible people and yet – academia in the schooling system is telling them that their victims and no matter what they do in life they’ll continue to be victims. it’s craziness.”

Source: Sky News

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  • Xword 05/05/2021, 7:35 am

    Slightly off topic but the womens ’ surfing final begins today at WA’s Margaret River. Be sure to barrack for the Aussie lass who seems determined to politicise the pastime and will likely again take a knee for BLM should she win

  • jaded 05/05/2021, 8:26 am

    I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a 15yr old at the bus stop. She had just finished a 6hr shift at a well known super market. She told me she didn’t bother going back to school after Xmas holidays. I asked her why? Her answer I used to love school, I worked hard to get on top of Maths up until Year 9 as it was my weakest subject. I gave up because of all the other crap they teach in Maths, she said all the cultural crap.I won’t go into detail. You would get the drift on what she mean’t. She plans on going to TAFE in a couple of years to upgrade to become a Vet Nurse.She did tell me she got B in Maths and I knew I didn’t because I was struggling . That tells me some of these kids know they are being fed garbage.

    • luk1955 05/05/2021, 8:43 am

      Destroying society starts by corrupting the education system. Australia has truly gone down the path of corruption of education. Fortunately I am now at the retiree stage and no longer have to worry about education.

      • Penguinite 05/05/2021, 9:00 am

        It’s time to worry when the kids drop out! Look what happened to the 60’s generation! Hard drugs, marijuana, free sex and rock and roll. Kids and their immediate predecessors are already drifting into oblivion on ICE! Crime and degradation will surely follow!

  • Lorraine 05/05/2021, 9:19 am

    Every Tom Dick and Harry are complaining about the schools curriculum, The faceless people in charge of the curriculum are not for changing , and are not amused……

  • Disgruntled 05/05/2021, 4:22 pm

    That Warren Mundine fella is a bloody good bloke isn’t he!

    He should be in parliament and be the Indigenous minister instead of that Kanga man; I have always had a thought that the Libs did not really want him as per the way he was supported prior to the election and seeing the support that Scomo now gives to Kanga man it is very easy to have those thoughts.
    I do not believe that I am wrong; Anybody disagree then come on and tell me different!!

    Some time ago I was in a bookshop and saw his book on special and grabbed it. What he has achieved and how he achieved it is absolutely incredible; No free lunches and sit downs to wait for the handouts to happen for that mob; Just decent hard work and persistence. For anyone interested I can certainly recommend a read of his book. It should be required reading and study in all classrooms; Much better than all the crap is now being pushed as per what gets Mark Latham’s blood pressure up.

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