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Longman by-election

The good Burghers of Longman are not fooled by Billy liar

Billy Liar assured the nation that all his mob were squeaky-clean regarding Dual/Cit under s. 44—many were not!

Billy Liar’s attempt to besmirch the character of the Longman by-election Candidate Trevor Ruthenberg over an ADF medal mistake fooled no one. Perhaps voters are loath to re-elect labor’s Susan Lamb, the woman who ignored Section 44 of the Australian Constitution covering dual citizenship and caused great cost and bother to taxpayers. Gosh, the weekend crew at The Australian buggered the headline calling the candidate Trevor Longman, see below.

Trevor Ruthenberg appears to have survived a false military medal scandal unscathed, with new polling numbers suggesting the LNP candidate in Longman is poised to deliver Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull a historic once-in-a-century by-election victory on Super Saturday.

Source: news Corp

Longman by-election: Trevor Longman poised for historic win, according to new poll

The LNP is on track to win 51 per cent of the two-party preferred vote in Longman, according to a ReachTEL poll commissioned by Queensland’s Sunday Mail.

Mr Turnbull was in Longman yesterday to defend the integrity of Mr Ruthenberg, who apologised to voters after he incorrectly claimed to have a medal for distinguished service in peacekeeping and non-war operations.

The revelation sparked calls from Labor for the prime minister to sack Mr Ruthenberg.

But more than 40 per cent of poll respondents said they believed he had made an “honest mistake”, as Mr Ruthenberg’s primary vote jumped more than two percentage points to 37.9 per cent, ahead of Labor candidate Susan Lamb, who’s vote slumped nearly four percentage points to 35.8 per cent just a week out from the July 28 by-election.

Mr Turnbull said “Big Trev” had his full support, and that Labor’s claims smacked of hypocrisy given that Ms Lamb, who is recontesting the seat, was forced to quit parliament over the dual-citizenship saga.

“Really the Labor Party should be looking at themselves,” he said. “They had Susan Lamb sitting in the parliament there for months and months and months, getting paid at the taxpayers expense, when they knew she wasn’t eligible to sit in the Parliament.”

Mr Turnbull, who spent the morning at the Caboolture Sports Football Club, conceded the by-election would be a tough one to win.

“It’s a by-election in an opposition-held seat and the last time a government won one of those was about 100 years ago, so Trev’s got the odds against him,” he said.

“But he’s a great candidate, he’s a straight shooter, he’s as honest as he is big (and) he and he alone can deliver for the people of Longman.”

Mr Turnbull has described the by-election as a ­“contest … between me and Bill Shorten as the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader”. Mr Shorten is expected to arrive in ­Longman today.

If Mr Ruthenberg were to win next Saturday, Longman would be the first opposition-held seat to fall to a government at a by-election in 98 years.

Mr Ruthenberg has seized upon Ms Lamb’s non-­attendance at an Australian Christian Lobby candidates’ forum on Thursday night, at which five of her rivals spoke.

The LNP and One Nation also criticised Ms Lamb for not participating in two ABC radio panels this week. “She just hasn’t fronted,” Mr Ruthenberg said. “I’ve been around, I’ve been out … I’ve been facing the tough questions.”

A spokesman for Ms Lamb said she had attended other events while having a “full campaign diary”, and had told the ABC “days in advance” she would be unable to participate in one of the panel discussions. “She has already attended a public candidate forum this week, and will be attending more next week,” the spokesman said.

Ms Lamb appeared alongside other candidates at a forum on early learning at Caboolture on Wednesday. But One Nation, which has directed preferences away from Labor in Longman, referred to a “a ­silence of the Lamb”.

Its spokeswoman said she should have taken part in the ABC and ACL ­forums because “you need to talk about the issues” of voters, including abortion.

The ACL’s Wendy Francis said her absence was “unfortunate”. One Nation released its latest attack ad against Labor yesterday, claiming a “vote for Bill Shorten is a vote for slave Labor” and he “couldn’t give a stuff about workers”.

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  • DT 22/07/2018, 8:46 am

    I believe that there are more MPs with not admitted to have dual citizenship or birthright to citizenship of another country still sitting in Parliament Canberra.

    It is on the public record: book by journalist Karen Middleton, interview on ABC 7.30 Report with Leigh Sales and some other public admissions regarding Anthony Albanese’s Italian father (also half brother and half sister).

    Michael Smith News published the story a few months ago.

    Noting that Albanese completed a declaration for Parliament late in 2017 and failed to acknowledge his father’s details. Yet as an MP Anthony used government agencies to find his father in Italy and visited him a number of times, according to the public record.

    Section 44 has proven to be an embarrassment and it appears both sides are now trying to forget.

  • ibbit 22/07/2018, 8:49 am

    The great pity of the mess Australia is in, politics-wise, is that too many Australians don’t take their brains with them when they go to vote. Any old thing will do, so long as it affects others and not me. This time though, a bit of thought tells you neither side is worth voting for, so go find a decent independent to park your vote with for the foreseeable future that way we all might escape further rubbish from Turdball or Shorten. Besides – be warned, Labor will open the floodgates and people smugglers will be calling the shots again for which we will all pay, one way or another. Turdball might just back-off a bit on the immigration problem. All the indications are that he is doing a soft-shoe shuffle and he wouldn’t date to open the floodgates – he admires himself as PM too much for that.

  • Clarion Call 22/07/2018, 9:03 am

    The silence of the Lambs. This rotten POS is atypical of the Labor bred political cast infesting our parliaments everywhere. They are selected and trained specifically to take their place on the gravy train while observing all the principles of socialism. Only when the stupid, lowly-educated, welfare dependent slugs wake up to the facts about the Labor movement and its inherent social and economic dangers will we ever get and retain sound and balanced national management. Never going to happen, unfortunately, while the Labor lies and manipulation continue to split the national vote.

  • luk1955 22/07/2018, 9:22 am

    Sec. 44 of the Constitution is not an embarrassment. All politicians take an oath to this document yet have never read it. Even worse, all of them are committing treasonous activities by selling out to the chinks, bombmakers and communists. While the people have their faces and heads buried in farcebook and cooking shows on tv, instead of becoming involved in their communities. Meanwhile, the above 3 groups are actively involved in government and filling the gap created by the absence of the “people”. And destroying the country in the process.

    • DT 22/07/2018, 9:33 am

      I meant an embarrassment to the politicians who were caught in breach of S44, and those who should be.

  • Biking Voter 22/07/2018, 10:09 am

    “Mr Turnbull said “Big Trev” had his full support”

    Till he needs another scapegoat to throw under the bus

    • Joe Blogs 22/07/2018, 11:16 am

      Hey, Trev! You’re stuffed – but so’s the whole bluddy country.

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