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 LNP resists Morrison’s “Net Zero” in QLD

25.07.21.  Conservative party members in a crucial Queensland coal mining seat will stage a formal push against Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s creep toward cutting greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Branch members in George Christensen’s central Queensland seat will use the annual Liberal National Party state convention in Brisbane this weekend to call on the federal government to “oppose net zero emissions if job losses occur for little gain”.  Mr Morrison is under pressure from international leaders to commit to a fixed target before the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow this year, but the resurrection of Barnaby Joyce as Nationals leader has put obstacles in his path at home. And, you can just imagine what Barnaby Joyce will be saying at that meeting scheduled for today.

Source: Lynda Lynch and Charlie Peel, News Corp

Rank-and-file break with convention over net zero target

Mr Joyce’s return as deputy prime minister came on the back of growing turmoil in the National Party about the net-zero target.
A critic of emission reduction policies during his three years on the backbench, Mr Joyce maintains his party room will ­determine his final view.
“Show us what’s on the menu and show us what it costs and we’ll decide whether we’re going to eat it,” Mr Joyce said last week.
Central to the Coalition’s “miracle” win at the last election, rank-and-file members in Queensland mining towns fear the transition to renewables will cost regional jobs.
Queensland Nationals Matt Canavan and Keith Pitt have both warned that the impacts of committing to the 2050 target would be felt most in regional communities.
The joint party room is divided on net zero and how to sell it in the regions at the upcoming federal election after Labor’s ambiguous position on the Adani mine coal mine was credited for its wipeout in 2019.
Metropolitan Liberals, including North Sydney’s Trent Zimmerman, have urged Mr Morrison to commit to the target before the Glasgow conference to ensure Australia does not miss out on new economic opportunities.
Mr Morrison has so far avoided a hard deadline to cut emissions to net zero but he “preferably” wants to achieve the target by 2050. He says Australia will reach its goal through technology, not taxes.
Both party leaders will address the LNP convention on Sunday, Mr Morrison by videolink and Mr Joyce in person.
The state convention will consider 108 policy motions at the weekend, including a separate push from Luke Howarth’s Petrie branch for a national plebiscite to overturn the ban on uranium mining and pave the way for nuclear power.

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  • seadogger 25/07/2021, 5:47 am

    Some common sense talk at last but the Turds foot soldiers are on the march and do not want to improve things but want to destroy the LNP govt. totally.
    The Turds revenge.

  • Bob Ford 25/07/2021, 6:31 am

    It is to be hoped that “common sense Barnaby “, lives up to his reputation !

    • Lorraine 25/07/2021, 9:32 am

      I for one ,feel much better that Barnaby is reinstated to his position as Leader of the Nationals….that he is now deputy to Scott Morrison, Barnaby I believe will stand up for Coal,,,will demand Scott steps away from net zero. Put it this way the Country is far better with him than Mccormack. and Matt Canavan will assist in the fight for our future…..yes we are far better off….now if we can kick those lino’s to the gutter that would be so good.

  • Cliff 25/07/2021, 6:52 am

    Smartest thing the Queensland regional members of the ‘unified’ coalition Party could do is go back to two separate Parties and re-assume the old Party name – the Country Party.

    • Pensioner Pete 25/07/2021, 10:14 am

      Cliff: I agree, time for the return of the ‘three cornered’ contests of electorates as this strategy will keep the Labor Commo’s at arms length come election time.

      • Disgruntled 25/07/2021, 1:37 pm

        I also agree wholehartedly; It’s what I have been thinking for a long while now; One individual party cannot tout to both the inner-city latte sippers and the far more informed and sensible (mostly?) regional folks both at the same time without losing skin; and a lot at times.

        If is way way past time for the return of the ‘three cornered’ contests; Only then will the conservatives have any chance.

        Moral is win seats seperately and then coalise.

  • Ian 25/07/2021, 7:41 am

    Challenge those who want nett zero to tell you how it will be done. Not with global, warm and fuzzy statements, but with actual details. Tell us when the coal plants will be closed. Tell us who will have to live next to a windmill. Tell us what the back-up battery will be. Tell us which industries have to be eliminated from the grid. Tell us about the demand load shedding, including turning off our heaters in winter and A/C in summer.

    Tell us how much it will cost. Facts not fantasy, that is the only way to end this green dream. We can’t afford it. Not unless the unicorns come back.

    • Aktosplatz 25/07/2021, 12:14 pm

      Good One, Ian – I would like those questions answered too.

  • luk1955 25/07/2021, 7:42 am

    When are the politicians going after the real emissions that we put out? I am talking about the poop that comes from our bowels and the urine that comes from our bladders. Are these part of the “zero” emissions agenda also? Can you imagine how much hassle can be saved by cutting out these human emissions to save the planet?

    • TL46 25/07/2021, 8:23 am

      Luk, its a well known fact that the globalists plan to cull 80% of us useless eaters. Without us the windmills and batteries will be able to supply the remaining 20% . How the jab will effect human fertility will be an interesting outcome.

  • JK. 25/07/2021, 10:22 am

    We wont have to worry about any of the above in 2050 as the population in that time will be very low, they are working hard on that with vaccines and new booster shots we’ll only need half the power we consume now.

    • Cliff 25/07/2021, 4:26 pm

      You are acknowledging the proverbial elephant in the room with the comments above. The one unspoken factor in all the Greenies’ and the Bilderberg Group’s plans for Gaia’s future is population – and how they plan to limit (and it needs to be said, reduce?) the world’s population to a number that they feel is sustainable.

      The conspiracy theorists could be forgiven for thinking that the current pandemic-that-might-not-really-be-a-pandemic and the almost maniacal insistence by governments that everyone get the jab might not be a tentative first step towards implementing some Grand Plan to achieve some such aim.

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