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 Liberal’s shame: cull the powerbrokers ASAP

11.06.19. The Liberal Party may well rue the day that they allowed their factional bosses to put Jim Molan in a dud position on their senate ticket. Molan’s below the line campaign has shown the factional idiots that they are well past their used-by-date. Molan has around 120,000 votes thus proving to be a NSW choice as a senator. The powerbrokers have egg all over their collective faces having not expected such a Molan success. Voters are becoming more savvy and will no longer accept the interference in democracy by egotistic yobbos in the back office. If the Liberal Party does not address this nonsense, another party might! David Flint explains.
NSW Liberal Senator Major General Jim Molan, in an unwinnable slot on the state party’s ticket, has received a record personal primary vote for the Senate, at the time of writing, just under 120,000. This unprecedented result was achieved despite the fact that the system is designed to discourage voting for a candidate in a way which goes against the wishes of the powerbrokers. 

Source: David Flint, Spectator

Jim Molan’s the only man for the NSW Senate vacancy

It takes a really determined voter to do this. In fact large numbers of voters were put off by the sheer complication of voting ‘below the line’. For that reason, it is likely that Molan’s support is significantly larger than these figures show. That’s why he terrifies the powerbrokers. In this their reaction is not dissimilar to the Beijing communists reaction to the innocuous Falun Gong who were banned and hunted down pitilessly for the sole reason that too many people liked them.
These votes and the support behind them represent a serious rebuke to the powerbrokers and their cronies who, because of an outraged public reaction, have just had to fold up the disgraceful campaign to stain Molan, a man who has bravely served his country, as ‘dishonourable’.
They also constitute a vote of no confidence in the shady control Australia’s principal political parties have over the preselection of political candidates. Too often this is no more than a corrupt filtering exercise by the power brokers and lobbyists to ensure candidates are chosen not on merit but on allegiance to them.
Not only does this make Australia the most backward and least democratic among comparable western countries, it means that too often, instead of getting the best, we end up with too many calculating, out-of-touch career politicians, loyal only to some powerbroker and motivated principally by self- interest.
This contrast starkly with the system of primaries which dominates preselection in the United States. True, the Democratic Party has managed to rig this, demonstrating yet again that no system can be perfectly secure from the villainous. Briefly, most primaries involve the registered supporters of a political party choosing the candidates. This means an American party cannot control preselections by disenfranchising their base, or by expelling troublesome members who dare suggest the party be more democratic or refusing membership to worthy applicants.
Molan, with his distinguished military career, has served the country in a way few political candidates have. He was so respected for his crucial command role in Iraq, that the Americans awarded him the Legion of Merit. Later he was appointed the Abbott Government’s architect in working out what the mainstream media, the opposition and the left-wing Liberal Party politicians claimed was impossible, turning back the people smugglers boatloads of illegal immigrants.
The reaction of the voters to General Molan demonstrates their fundamental common sense. With his record, his impressive bearing and an ability to talk straight, he would be sought after anywhere else in the Anglosphere as a five-star candidate. He would top the list. But the Liberal powerbrokers awarded him an unwinnable place on the party ticket for the 2016 election. Then providence intervened, ensuring that because of an unplanned vacancy he would still become a Senator. You would have thought that after his superb performance in the Senate and the wishes of the base, the powerbrokers would have relented for the 2019 election . But no, once again he was given an unwinnable position.  A goodly number of the people of New South Wales have now shown what they thought of that by voting for him, despite the contrived obstacles to “below the line” voting .
And once again a vacancy has arisen in the Senate and once again those same faceless powerbrokers are plotting to ensure the people’s wishes are not fulfilled and the nation loses the services of such a distinguished and brave Australian.
This system reeks of corruption. It is grossly unworthy of our ancient democracy and of those who founded it and fought and died in its defence.
What is needed now is a significant reform first by legislation and ultimately, by constitutional amendment. The fact is the parties and therefore the powerbrokers and the lobbyists receive enormous and undeserved advantages under our system. Why should they be allowed to profit one minute more?
Not only do they enjoy exemptions from the privacy and electoral legislation, the names of the parties appear on the ballot papers, there’s even a constitutional provision protecting the parties in relation to Senate vacancies and they receive millions for the first preferences the people cast. On top of that their politicians use vast amounts of public money to campaign for their reelection and for their party throughout their terms.
In return for this cornucopia of financial and legal privileges, there should be a legal requirement that that the parties are open, transparent and democratic. The choice would be simple. Carry on as some Machiavellian cabal of powerbrokers and lobbyists and get nothing. Alternatively, become open, transparent and democratic and receive the privileges that the politicians previously awarded themselves without even importing the minimum performance requirements.
And as for the NSW Division of the Liberal Party, just do the right thing and put General Molan into that vacancy.
General Molan and 2GB’s Michael McLaren are panellists in a conversation on “Time to improve the governance of Australia’’ at Parliament House, Sydney on 18 June, to be chaired by Professor Flint.

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  • Jack Richards 11/06/2019, 7:57 am

    It’s a mystery to me what Liberal’s faceless men (and women) have against Molan? Is it that he’s too conservative? That it was he who worked with Tony Abbott and stopped the boats? It all seems just so suss.

    • DT 11/06/2019, 3:21 pm

      “I will not stand for socialism (globalism) masquerading as environmentalism” – PM Tony Abbott.

      A marked man for daring to stand up for Australians.

      • Tony H 11/06/2019, 6:57 pm

        100% correct.

      • Neville 12/06/2019, 1:29 am

        Spot on!

      • Albert 12/06/2019, 9:06 am

        Yep, the UN put out a contract on Abbott.

  • Jarrah 11/06/2019, 8:03 am

    The NSW dark back office of the Liberal party needs to be cleaned out, people like Photios and Alex Hawke need to be expunged, and the likes of Zimmerman, Falinski, all rubbish left over from Turnbull’s great failure, needs to be moved on. There are still LINOs within the party to cause damage. Morrison, as I have stated before, needs to be watched, he is not what he seems and is strongly supported by Photios, he is in my opinion still Malcolm’s man. Morrison needs to support Jim Molan to get the vacant NSW senate seat, if he does not world war 3 will break out. I wish we had more Jim Molans in this country.

    • Susie 11/06/2019, 9:03 am

      Yes, I think Morrison needs to be watched because he is Turnbull’s man, but also Freydenberg was too. The Libs haven’t been completely cleaned out yet.
      They were so into global warming with Turnbull and cannot come back from that, which is why I think they won’t go ahead and build a HELE coal fired plant. Just my thoughts.

      • Tony H 11/06/2019, 7:01 pm

        I am still sickened by that image of Morrison appearing at a press conference with his arm around Turnbull. Morrison is alleged to have put “ His people” against Tony Abbott and pretended to back Abbott in that original spill. The Liberals have a lot of baggage to get rid of from the failed Turnbull escapade!

      • pattoh 12/06/2019, 10:22 am

        “Turnbull’s man”

        Turnbull’s man or just like Lord Wind Power Poopy Pants, a Banker’s Servant……….
        Never lose sight of the pathetic “Banking RC”& the recent Senate Banking Enquiry chaired by a former NAB, Rothschild & Deutsch Banker – Jane Hume.

        Yep – No Banking Seperation there!


        Look foward to Cashless Economy & Bail-ins!

        After all, you would not want the Big 4’s Shareholders being held responsible for THEIR risk taking.

    • Steve Blackett 11/06/2019, 9:19 am

      If there is no support from Morrison then its back to the more conservative party’s next time for me,once bitten twice shy.

  • Penguinite 11/06/2019, 8:44 am

    Jim Molan was instrumental in “Stopping the boats” now the Liberal power scroungers want to stop his votes. Out dam spot out I say!

  • Cliff 11/06/2019, 9:00 am

    My fear is that promises would have been made to Warren Mundine when he was asked to stand for Lindsay, something along the lines of: “If you don’t win, we’ll slip you into a Senate seat.”

    …and as we all know, a promise in politics is a sacred thing, never to be broken. (-/sarc)

    It’s funny (as in peculiar) how quick politicians are to renege on promises in all cases except when those promises fit their game plan. Then they become sacred pledges that cannot be broken under any circumstances.

    If such a promise was made to Warren Mundine, Scott Morrison, it needs to be shifted into the “non-core promises” column and broken.

  • Albert 11/06/2019, 9:02 am

    They fear Molan because he could raise so many questions about the government’s position in regard to the Rainbow ADF and treatment of our veterans. The power brokers greatest fear is anybody who has a working brain and is prepared to speak up – thus the shoddy treatment of Molan and Hasty – and that is before he inserts some intelligence into other contentious issues.

  • Popular Front 11/06/2019, 10:53 am

    I took my spectacles along to vote and took my time voting ‘below the line’ for General Molan, and I think a lot of other folks did too, not least for the shitty position he was bumped to. The figures don’t lie, he’s won that senate seat by a country mile, I just wish the AEC would call it.

  • Aktosplatz 11/06/2019, 11:14 am

    That’s a good article, explaining the spite expressed towards Jim Molan by the Turnbull inspired LINOs.

    All the above posts are excellent, so I can’t add anything more, except to wonder if this is just a ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’ or is it more than that?

    It is clear that there is a deliberate strategy to sideline Molan, Zimmerman (of all people) described him as “dishonourable”, that would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious. Nevertheless this has Turnbull’s fingerprints all over it.

    Scott Morrison will need to learn that he got in because Shorten, Labor, and their policies were infinitely worse, and also, the Liberal Party of today still has to earn some respect, and cosying to the Left will not achieve it.

    • Neville 12/06/2019, 1:52 am

      Zimmerman’s just projecting …

      • Albert 12/06/2019, 8:48 am

        Zimmerman is an arrogant fool with a monumental hypocrisy problem.

  • Bwana Neusi 11/06/2019, 11:45 am

    I have said before that ScoMo needs to issue a directive to the NSW scumbags that Molan will be the man. “Captain’s Choice” perhaps.

  • seadogger 11/06/2019, 1:04 pm

    JM is no tall poppy, he is an achiever carried out in very difficult conditions. For proof take the time to read his biography. No big noting by the General…just a debrief of his career

  • nev 11/06/2019, 1:06 pm

    This article reaches a valid conclusion when it states……….
    [Not only does this make Australia the most backward and least democratic among comparable western countries, it means that too often, instead of getting the best, we end up with too many calculating, out-of-touch career politicians, loyal only to some powerbroker and motivated principally by self- interest.]
    There is a way, make the voting system as simple as possible, eliminate preferential votes or drastically simplify the system.
    Eliminate handing out how to vote cards at all booths.
    Eliminate compulsory voting.
    Copy the Swiss, Introduce a citizen’s referendum system that must be acted on.
    Use the Swiss rules for remunerating politicians.
    Once the trough has been removed the current crop of bottom feeders will disappear overnight to be replaced by true patriates, successful men and women who consider it an honour to give something back to their Country without the expectation of living in luxury and self-adulation for the rest of their miserable lives.

  • Tony H 11/06/2019, 7:35 pm

    Everyone recall that speech that Turnbull made at the NSW Liberals stating that there were no factions, and he was laughed off the podium? Well this proves beyond doubt that the factions are very real and functioning within the Liberals. Further recall that it was Turnbull and co that were blocking Molans entry in the first place! Morrison needs to stand up for what is right! But I will not be holding my breath. So far he has shown that he is no more than a Turnbull lacky! Endorsing the stupid Snowy Hydro Mark 2. Endorsing the economy destroying Paris agreement, and just look at some of his selections for the front bench! He has yet to say anything positive about Mr Abbott and his contribution to Government. I fear that the Turnbull influence is still there.

    • Ex ADF 11/06/2019, 10:27 pm

      I believe that Trumble, on realising he was a goner, got together with Morrison and other Trumble lackeys, to put Morrison in as PM. It was planned to ensure Dutton did not get in. Mongrels!

      • TommyGun 12/06/2019, 5:00 am

        Did you only just now realise that?!
        Jeez; Blind Freddy could see that even as it happened.

  • Cliff 11/06/2019, 10:41 pm

    Morrison needs to follow Albo’s lead and sack a few people once considered unsacksble. If Albo can sack Sekta, ScoMo can do the same with… pick your LINO.

    • TommyGun 12/06/2019, 5:01 am

      No Cliff; MOMO will “turn the other cheek”…

      • Cliff 12/06/2019, 7:18 am

        Tommy, I agree. i should have ended my post with “…faint hope”.

  • Gary Tearle 12/06/2019, 5:19 am

    I fully support Molan being a ex serviceman myself we need him to attend to servicing and ex service men and women needs in the senate.

    • Albert 12/06/2019, 9:03 am

      Gary, I think you are on the right track. There is a huge fight brewing between DVA (government) and Veterans associations for some time over the matter of the excessively high number of veteran suicides. Minister for Veterans Affairs, Darren Chester, has promised the world and actually done nothing. Jim Molan would have been an extremely strong advocate for veterans and the government (and Chester) didn’t want that.

  • Cliff 12/06/2019, 9:34 am

    I understand that there’s nothing new regarding high suicide rates for returned servicemen. There are any number of books out there that mention the alarming number of suicides among returned World War One veterans, and I’d be guessing the numbers were equally as high for WW2 vets.

    I don’t have any hard evidence for this next assertion, but my guess would be that, because of the extra dimension of how badly they were treated by society in general (a far different situation and a VERY different ‘dynamic’ than for other wars), the proportion (numbers adjusted for the fewer soldiers involved) for suicides by Vietnam veterans would be even higher than they were for WW1 and 2 vets.

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