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Labor’s refugees will flood into Australia

Labor’s refugees will flood into Australia

Partially driven by MP Phelps, Labor and the bloody Greens, that cabal of loonies will allow only two activist doctors to open our borders and Centrelink to all that choose to country shop. Make no mistake about that!

Federal Government frontbencher Christopher Pyne claims all asylum seekers and refugees on Manus Island and Nauru could “qualify” to travel to Australia, if the Opposition continues to support a contentious bill about medical transfers. On the last sitting day of Parliament for 2018, the Senate agreed to amendments to a Government bill that would give doctors a greater say on whether an asylum seeker should be brought to Australia for medical treatment.

Source: ABC

Christopher Pyne warns all asylum seekers and refugees on Manus and Nauru could ‘qualify’ under medical transfer bill

Although it has not been listed for debate, that bill could come to a vote in the House of Representatives this week, testing the Government’s control of Parliament ahead of the election.

Mr Pyne was repeatedly questioned how he could back up the Coalition’s argument that about 1,000 people on Manus Island and Nauru were so unwell that doctors would recommend they be moved to Australia.

“They could all qualify,” he told the ABC’s Insiders program.

“The bottom line is, we’re not prepared to weaken border protection.

“Because of this Government’s policies, we’ve stopped the boats, because of temporary protection visas, because of offshore processing, because of boat turn backs.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison tried to provide an alternative to the legislation that passed last year, offering to establish a new medical panel that would provide advice about the health of asylum seekers.

That panel would not be able to overrule a minister, giving the Government the final say in any transfer decision.

Mr Pyne argued the amendments already agreed to by the Senate would take that power away, and fuel the people smuggling trade.

“What they’ll find is that they will be able to appeal the Minister’s use of his discretion, Labor knows that,” he said.

“They’ll all be caught up in the court system, they’ll be coming to Australia one way or the other saying that they have a need to because of ill-health.”

Labor says Government is desperate ahead of sitting week

Labor has fired back, accusing the Government of desperation.

“Clearly, Labor’s position with regards to medical evacuations has not changed,” Opposition frontbencher Julie Collins told reporters in Hobart.

“We have two objectives; one, to make sure [refugees and asylum seekers] get the medical treatment that they need when they’re sick and, two, to ensure that there remains ministerial discretion over those decisions.”

The amendments agreed to in the Senate echo a private member’s bill put forward by Independent MP Kerryn Phelps.

“Boats never stopped trying to get here,” Dr Phelps tweeted, criticising Mr Pyne’s assessment of the situation.

“If any boat arrives between now and Election Day it will be a failure of Operation Sovereign Borders.

“Boat turn backs and tow backs are an effective deterrent.”

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  • DT 11/02/2019, 7:10 am

    Offshore processing was arranged to stop illegal immigrant asylum seekers who failed the UNHCR processing tests from using the Australian courts to continue appealing after the UNHCR single appeal was lost by them.

    Refugee advocate lawyers were using legal aid to fund detainee appeals which stopped the government from deporting them.

    The detainees offshore are free to leave Nauru and Manus Island and while remaining there are free to leave the Detention Centre and wander around, children are educated, there are doctors available.

    Behind the Phelp’s (she is of course a Green masquerading as Independent) Bill are refugee advocates who would use our legal system to force the government to allow detainees to settle in Australia.

  • Lorraine 11/02/2019, 9:00 am

    The boats will be coming, and detention centres need not open, they will be in the medical system getting treatments for ingrown toenails. The lawyers will be fed for years and our Medicare will blow any budget to smithereens . We will have to build Hospitals to house these low life’s from overseas . Keep working Australia, no whinging when your services are no longer affordable, be mindful the compassion is for illegals not for our own people………Do the old really need the pension, when it can be given to this crowd of takers.

  • Aktosplatz 11/02/2019, 11:46 am

    I don’t hold much hope for the multi-faced Liberal Party who don’t know where they stand.

    Anyway, Tony Abbott promised to stop the boats, it won the election for he and the Coalition. And it won because it touched the voters hearts and then he did what he promised.

    They can win this on the Boats issue like Abbott did. And Phelps may lose her seat in Wentworth anyway. However the Liberals should organise a Practicing Doctor to be the Immigration Envoy , so a Doctor can keep control.

    And we know Morrison appoints those straightforward people to be envoys,as he’s too scared to put them into Cabinet directly because they are too good and might show him up.

    BTW Peter Dutton is very good, and he should still be in overall charge of Immigration.

  • Ex ADF 11/02/2019, 1:42 pm

    Phelps and co are liars claiming these illegals are all sick. It is a scam, but one in which our Pollies will not call out due to the PC nature. If the reffos are all sick, then a few thousand Nauruans must also need treatment here so maybe we should look at bringing them in!

    • Aktsosplatz 11/02/2019, 5:08 pm

      Legal immigrants have had their arrivals suspended if they turn out sick, and/or visa cancellations follow if they remain ill.

      If Phelps is right, they are all sick, then shouldn’t we keep them off shore or do we allow disease to spread in this country?

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