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 Labor’s political poison—”Carping Keneally!”

14.09.21.  The Kristina Keneally debacle. Surely the Labor Party is not that stupid to run with Keneally again. The Article below by Dight Canning points out that Keneally is like a “brummy penny”, it keeps popping up in the change from a busy hotdog stand at the footie. When you notice you’ve been dudded, you ponder where to pass it on? Maybe, just maybe that is what Labor has in store for the pest Keneally? Let the banshee loose in the house of reps against a far better opponent who has all the boxes ticked. Keneally suffers yet another humiliating thrashing and like ‘Mortein Plus’ insect spray. ‘one squirt and they’re gone!” On the other hand—maybe Labor is truly stupid?
Just months from a possible December federal election, the Labor Party is doing what it does so well – knifing one of its own to make way for people regarded as True Believer royalty. This time a young, highly capable Vietnamese-Australian lawyer, Tu Le, has been shunted to make way for Her Royal Highness, Kristina Keneally, in the western Sydney federal seat of Fowler.  Going to be quite a wrench for Keneally to head west from her pad on the exclusive Scotland Island located near Sydney’s northern beaches.

Source: Dight Canning, Spectator

Carping Keneally on road to political oblivion

This grubby manoeuvre by those pulling the Labor strings in preparation for an election — whenever it’s held — raises the question of why Labor persists with so-called ‘celebrity’ candidates.
Peter Garrett proved to be a fish out of water in the parliament, Maxine McKew a flameout after three years in the house (notwithstanding she unseated a sitting Prime Minister), former AMA President, Kerryn Phelps, a defacto Labor candidate whose term could be counted in months, not years and Cheryl Kernot, who disappeared from the political stage a staggering 20 years ago, only to emerge in recent times as one of Twitter’s more miserable ghosts.
On the evidence, it seems Labor would have the multi-cultural voters of Fowler believe Keneally is also a ‘celebrity’ candidate to whom they should flock with arms outstretched.  On their record, Keneally’s switch to the House of Representatives might be the undoing of her?
Las Vegas born Ms Keneally (if we may respectfully call her that) wishes to press on with her checkered political career in the House of Representatives untroubled by ugly Senate ticket tussles such as the one from which she has just extracted herself.
Perched, as she is, firmly on the ‘high moral ground’ of feminism, woke-ism, and the retail politics of the New South Wales Right variety, Keneally thinks nothing of making others expendable when her own advancement is threatened.  Trashing the careers of others is a time-honoured caper of political aspirants with zero self-awareness and a willingness to act to enhance their own reputation.   There are many examples of this on all sides of politics.
Think Shorten’s idiotic and unconscionable attacks on big business — “the big end of town” — along with attacks on certain business leaders and Keneally’s repeated attacks on those she regards as obstacles to her trajectory. Cutting a swathe through problematic barriers (human or otherwise) is a Keneally career speciality.
Her lecturing — indeed carping — in her time as a Senator representing NSW since February 2018, has been peppered with moral instruction to Coalition members and many others besides, on all manner of issues, some relevant to her shadow portfolio of home affairs, but most not. These range from feminism, immigration, the economy, justice, the environment, human rights and even the language of politics.
There is scarcely a policy or issue on which Keneally doesn’t have a view and which she is only too eager to share with the nation — frequently trampling over portfolios well outside her responsibilities and even further, her expertise. Keneally, like Shorten, sifts and sieves the news diet daily seizing opportunities, not to make a difference, but to simply ‘get a run.’ For them, it’s their stock in trade.  Keep the name ‘up in lights’ all in the name of political expediency.
As if tailor-made for the stilted and highly-staged ABC panel show Q&A, it’s not a surprise Keneally has been a regular representing herself and occasionally the Labor Party.
In the 20 years since Keneally set her sights on a political career she managed to knock off the uninspiring former NSW premier, Nathan Rees, at roughly the time NSW Labor could not locate anyone interested in the job.
The Keneally government went on to suffer a catastrophic 16.5 point swing statewide in the 2011 state election. This was the biggest swing against a government in the nations electoral history – but it’s an achievement not frequently referenced by the remarkable Keneally.
Having done her dash in NSW, she resigned from parliament in June 2012. Undaunted by failure, it was onward and upward for her, rewriting history as she went. Having spent time on various television media shows (again for personal political expediency) she set her sights on Federal politics, initially suffering a humiliating defeat in the seat of Bennelong by-election, losing to Liberal John Alexander.
Since February 2018, Keneally has been a Labor Senator for NSW.  The Senate vacancy occurred courtesy of the departure of disgraced Sam Dastyari. During this period, Ms Keneally has served as deputy leader of the opposition in the senate, shadow minister for home affairs, and shadow minister and immigration and citizenship.
But, of course, it’s to the chamber of the ‘main game’ that Keneally wishes to further hone her political wizardry.  Like a praying mantis, she has been waiting for the retirement of a sitting Labor member in a safe Labor seat.  Outgoing Member for Fowler, Chris Hayes, has described the Keneally manoeuvre as a “missed opportunity” to properly represent the diverse electorate which includes Cabramatta in southwest Sydney.
Leaving to one side the clear view of outgoing MP for Fowler — along with the views of the voters who put him there — judgement will be handed down on Keneally at the next Federal election.
In the way of politics, it is certain that those in the electorate will be repeatedly reminded during the campaign how Keneally came to be the candidate for Fowler.
Also not to be overlooked is Keneally’s ruthless determination to shift her operational base-camp from the high moral ground to The Lodge.

Video source: Sky News

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  • God58 14/09/2021, 6:29 am

    Astute political observers have identified why KK is given such favourable treatment by, generally unattractive but generous, senior Labor male powerbrokers. Let’s just say one wonders about what ‘talents’ she has given the absence of anything related to community service.

    • Penguinite 14/09/2021, 7:58 am

      I seem to recall that, one Julia Gillard, was adept at “encouraging” support from her male colleagues that assisted her meteoric rise to infamy and killing about three marriages in the process.

      • wal1957 14/09/2021, 11:45 am

        Please Penguinite!
        Just the thought makes me want to throw up!
        How anyone could go near that ‘thing’ is beyond me.

  • Cliff 14/09/2021, 6:33 am

    KK has some serious #### on top people in Labor and has let them know she’ll make it public if she isn’t given what she wants.

    I would urge the Ms Tu Le to stand for Fowler as an independent.

    • Aktosplatz 14/09/2021, 9:07 am

      Seeing as there’s no difference between the two parties anymore, I would urge the Ms Tu Le to stand for Fowler as the Liberal Party Candidate. She might as well.

  • masalai 14/09/2021, 7:21 am

    “On the other hand—maybe Labor is truly stupid?”

    Rhetorical question, surely?

  • O'Donnell 14/09/2021, 7:55 am

    If she has serious shit on higher ups in Labor, what the hell do we have laws for?
    How are they still holding positions of power, what does she know and who can clean up this mess of Liberal/Labor abuse of Australia.

    The two party politics game is just a joke.

  • Penguinite 14/09/2021, 8:01 am

    Joel Fitzgibbon has informed his lack-lustre colleagues that he won’t be standing at the next election.

  • Lorraine 14/09/2021, 9:30 am

    Labor eating their own flesh,,,,who cares not I. Some say KK knows where all the skeletons are hidden, she can send them all to the media and no one in Australia will be surprised. Labor are crooked and have been for a long long time. Some say she just may lose this election and Labor will be in opposition again…….In my opinion we need people to come forward and hold the Liberals to account as well,,,there is little difference in policies as Morrison and the Libs head left again

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 14/09/2021, 9:46 am

      “Crocodile” Morrison has done a “you call that a pink batt and school hall disaster Kevin Rudd” and left Rudd in the shade with Job Keeper and all the other largesse courtesy of the taxpayer. A Shorten Labor government wouldn’t have been worse and even maybe a bit better for the LNP in opposition may have kept Labor on their toes.

  • Popular Front 14/09/2021, 11:25 am

    I posted the comment below yesterday but after chewing on it for a while I thought I’d repost it as I have a gut feeling I’m right. Keneally is unpopular, that much has been clearly demonstrated via election results. Suppose she DOES have dirt on her Labor rabble colleagues? Easiest way to silence her is to get her out of Parliament where no Parliamentary Privilege or Party Room confidentiality exists and therefore any public dishing of dirt can be met with massive litigation. Think on it.

    “A thought just occurred to me that in Fowler there is a large representation of Asian voters along with a local Asian candidate. I’m not sure of KK’s popularity within the Canberra Labor rabble but remember she was dropped in to the Senate without facing an election and is now mooted for a ‘safe’ Labor HoR seat. Suppose it is just a smokescreen to get rid of her? Get her to stand in a seat where she has no connection against a popular local candidate, lose badly despite being endorsed and be booted out of politics altogether. Win/win for the ALP; a vacant Senate seat, a nominal ‘independent’ who declares party allegiance after election and a yank airhead out on her arse. The Left love plots and vendettas remember.” And they are very good at them. There have been Labor men who have waited years and in a couple of instances decades to exact revenge on fellow Party members who have wronged them (in their eyes).

    One last point which may seem trivial but I believe is very important – this is Australia and no person with a corn-dog yankee accent is EVER going to be Prime Minister of this land and will never be elevated to any world-interfacing portfolio either. Again, think on it.

    • Aktosplatz 14/09/2021, 12:03 pm

      In the belief (according to her track record) that she will probably lose the election in Fowler (for Labor) she should be ‘parachuted’ into an Ambassadorial role into (say) Afghanistan.

      She could be “parachuted” into Kabul itself as well.

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