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 Labor’s victory cake: a union soufflé ready to flop

14.04.19 News Corp’s columnist, Katrina Grace Kelly, spent years in the Labour movement and thus knows lots about the Labor Party and its nepotistic unions, particularly the militant ones like the criminal activities of the CFMMEU who smell blood in the water and can’t wait to feast piggishly on the carcase of democracy. Bill Shorten, a captive of union power must lay awake savouring the constant poll predictions of his victory. How to divide up the union cake and maintain his grip on the bakehouse. Union ‘mixmasters’ under the tutelage of head pâtissière Sally McManus will demand strawberries and fresh cream slathered on their cake as a god-given right to the taxpayers’ smorgasbord of plenty. But the Labor cake is a bastardised soufflé mix and although now standing stout in the oven full of hot air a slamming of the ballot box lid can see it quickly deflate into an unpalatable gluck.
Did you see the troops this week, marching through the streets? Bless their cotton socks, they all looked so earnest, it was hard not to laugh. Those in our labour movement cannot wait to take power and turn Australia into a very different place. For many the win is so certain, they’ve taken power already.
Source: News CorpLabor’s troops scent blood but socialism isn’t inevitable
If you ask a Labor activist, they will say the system is broken, and under Labor rule much higher taxes will deliver a fair go for all and make our country so much better. Again, hard not to laugh.
Union activists are the backbone of Labor, and in every unionised workplace there exists a vocal core of militants who resent their employer. In hospitals, these are often the nurses in the operating theatres; in factories, they are usually the highest paid production team members; and in 24/7 operations they are often on the afternoon and night shifts.
Whatever the industry or workplace, malcontents cluster together, and their negative presence is bothersome for all. Perhaps their grievances are real and the result of poor treatment, perhaps they are not, but poor management allows these pockets of discontent to form and stay, and hopeless managers allow them to virtually run the company.
From afar, union officials guide and support these people, helping them agitate and sabotage the business that pays their wages. Their jobs are viewed as their entitlements to claim, and the employer is viewed as oblig­ated to provide these jobs and make them as highly paid as possible.
These attitudes towards the workplace translate to wider society. Government, like employers, is here to solve every problem.
And so it is that this week, across the country, this little army, led by their misfit generals, puffed themselves up to look as big as possible, waved their placards, asserted nonsensical propositions, placed blame at the wrong feet and vented anger about things that can and will never be ­remedied.
When it comes to this type of thing, I’ve been on the inside, so trust me — the types running these marches don’t take themselves as seriously as everyone else does.
Behind closed doors they joke about how much havoc they are allowed to get away with causing and express surprised glee at how people give them what they want.
They see Australia as a giant workplace and the Coalition as the party of the bosses. They see themselves as on the side of good, and anyone not on their side as on the side of evil.
They exhibit all care but take no responsibility. It is the glory of the latest battle that matters and the outcome is irrelevant. Collateral damage, that is expected, and if anyone on their own side is hurt, well, too bad, it is all for the greater good — and anyway, so much fun has been had.
By the way, if Labor wins this election, our marchers won’t be sated.
First, anger and grievance is their chosen state of being. It is their job, actually. They must have someone to organise against; without a common enemy life loses its meaning.
For example, the unions are raging now against Labor’s own workplace relations system. This is the Fair Work system they designed, signed off on and bragged about to the whole world.
This is the Fair Work system that has delivered union riches despite falling union membership.
Second, no matter what any government does, the market will always win.
The vast majority of people want to create wealth for themselves and their families. They do this not to be evil but because they don’t want to be a burden on the state and they want to provide for themselves in retirement. There is a pride in financial independence and a reluctance to rely on others.
The drive to create wealth is a natural one, and efforts by governments of any colour to kill it off will simply result in people changing their behaviour or, in extreme cases, leaving the country.
Higher taxes mean higher costs and any higher costs incurred by business owners and the wealthy will be passed down the chain. The adverse impacts will fall on the end user, the poor and vulnerable, as they always do.
Please don’t get me wrong — on May 18, I think the Coalition deserves to lose. The thought of punishing its dysfunction and broken promises has tempted me for ages.
However, when Labor laid out its unpalatable feast, my appetite disappeared. I don’t want to pay the plethora of extra taxes a Labor government is going to inflict on me, and no doubt I am not alone in my feelings. So despite everything, if Scott Morrison shines the light on Labor’s rotten offerings, this election is very winnable.
We are not a socialist country, yet. But if Labor wins, we will have to consider ourselves well on the way.
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  • DT 14/04/2019, 7:25 am

    As journalist Max Walsh pointed out during 2006 in The Bulletin Magazine, Labor is now fully controlled by the union movement and they have installed union trained executives into safe Labor seats.

    The objective is to control federal and state governments.

    • Pensioner Pete 14/04/2019, 7:51 am

      DT: Labor and the Unions are not unlike the Communist ideology in the quest for power.

  • Lorraine 14/04/2019, 9:04 am

    when you witness the Labor Party the Unions and the Greens all ,with in an election, of total victory over the people…..You can now figure how Hitler got to rule in Germany. The largest state NSW will it hold fast or fall for the left. and PC crap that is our lives now. Sad for Australia

  • Graham 14/04/2019, 1:57 pm

    If as the polls predict that Labour get in, how long will short Willy last if he doesn’t give the CMFEU what they want?
    None of the Labour front bench have the spine to stand up to them and most are in cahoots with them. I’d watch for Plebersek (where is Africa) making a move.

  • Aktosplatz 14/04/2019, 7:55 pm

    The Labor party are heading for victory primarily because of Malcolm Turnbull and his supporters and as to how they have trashed the Liberal Party.

    People want strong, sensible, ethical leadership, leaders they can trust. If Labor win this election it’s because the Liberals lost it for them.

    • Neville 14/04/2019, 8:43 pm


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