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Kurdi boy used as prop

Aylan Kurdi: Pictures staged for effect

Warning: The following images may offend the sensibilities of some. If so do not click on the Read more link!

The first photo flashed around the world of Aylan Kurdi was the poor little fellow was drowned, facedown on a turkish beach giving the impression that was where he was washed up.

The second photo shows where the boy was washed ashore and found by authorities. Note he is on his back.

The third photo shows the child had been shifted to a better place for the photographer and placed facedown. That image was latter cropped to remove the photographer who orchestrated the shoot.

Photographers arrange their subjects for best effects. This, however, goes beyond with body tampering!


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  • Zoltan 19/09/2015, 7:59 am

    And they had the audacity to compare the power of the shot with the picture of Kim Phuc in Vietnam….
    Strange how this story isn’t splashed all over the news like the “finding” of the body was.

    • Jack Richards 19/09/2015, 8:37 am

      Telling the truth would ruin the narrative. Brutal Europe has killed this little boy with its meanness and selfishness – and we’ll just forget about the fact that he was perfectly safe in Turkey and was on that boat, with his mother and sister, so that his father could come to Europe once they’d been officially designated as “refugees” because he really needed a new set of teeth, implants no less, and wanted the European taxpayer to pay for them.

      The call has now gone out, echoed around the world, and 35 million coloured and mostly Muslim “refugees” are now heading for Europe and using that photo as a kind of Visa to get in. They are “Demanding” their “Human Rights” to be housed, fed, clothed, educated, medicated and paid as compensation for being born in the wrong country.

  • Albert 19/09/2015, 12:33 pm

    All those fit young Muslims running away from the fight to save their own countries. Now I think they should be paid compensation under Breaker Morant’s Rule 303.

    • Zoltan 19/09/2015, 1:44 pm

      I tried to post a link the other day to a BBC story about the young Syrian blokes who are leaving to avoid conscription. Effing cowards.
      The story goes on to tell that Brazil has opened its arms to Syrians, and itsit’s safer and cheaper to fly there than pay the people smugglers to get them to Europe and of course the risks involved in that journey.
      Country shoppers? Damn right.

      • Jack Richards 20/09/2015, 8:09 am

        Why would any self-respecting Muslim refugee want to go to Brazil? They don’t have any welfare there, the schools aren’t great, no free housing of NHS and they’d be expected to work and provide for themselves.

  • FRED 19/09/2015, 1:42 pm

    looks like a dummy to me
    Take a good look to much shine on the body
    been positioned to well

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