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 Killers without Guns

13.06.19. White nutter uses guns to kill Muslims, continuous news. Muslims kill Christians with guns, a few days of news. But kill people, not using guns, very little news. Here in Australia nursing home worker Garry Steven Davis was sentenced to at least 30 years jail for murdering two elderly residents using deadly doses of insulin. The NSW Supreme Court sentenced the 29-year-old to 40 years jail, with a non-parole period of 30 years after he was found guilty of murdering two patients, and the attempted murder of a third person by giving them lethal doses of insulin. Nurse Megan Haines, meanwhile, was also convicted of 2016, in her case of killing two women at the St Andrews Village nursing home in Ballina also by injecting them with insulin. In the last week or so two cases, on in Germany and the other in the US also got little coverage, maybe they should have used guns.Former nurse Niels Hoegel has been sentenced to life in prison in Germany for the murder of 85 patients in his care. However, police say the actual number could be more than 200.
The man believed to be post-war Germany’s worst serial killer was known to colleagues as a “nice guy” who did little to arouse suspicion until well into his murder spree.
The Oldenburg court on Thursday sentenced Niels Hoegel, 42, to life in prison and noted the “particular seriousness of the crimes” to ensure he serves beyond the standard 15-year term, the DPA news agency reported.
Prosecutors said he was drunk on power over his ailing patients, whom he picked off at random out of “boredom”.
The former nurse liked to put patients into cardiac arrest because he enjoyed the feeling of being able to resuscitate them.
He has admitted to injecting patients with drugs that cause heart failure or circulatory collapse so he could then try to revive them and, when successful, shine as a saviour before his medical peers and superiors. his colleagues nicknamed him “Resuscitation Rambo”.
A Texas prosecutor says investigators have linked more than 60 killings in at least 14 states to a 79-year-old California inmate who may be the most prolific serial killer in US history.
Ector County District Attorney Bobby Bland said Samuel Little continues to cooperate with investigators from around the country who are interrogating him in prison about cold case killings dating back to the 1970s.
Little was convicted of killing three Los Angeles-area women and pleaded guilty to killing a Texas woman, and he’s serving life sentences in California.
Little, who lived a nomadic lifestyle, claims to have killed 93 women as he crisscrossed the country over the years.
Bland said Little is in failing health and has exhausted his appeals, leading him to be forthcoming with investigators.
“At this point in his life I think he’s determined to make sure that his victims are found,” he said.
During Little’s 2014 trial in Los Angeles, prosecutors said he was likely responsible for at least 40 killings since 1980. Authorities at the time were looking for possible links to deaths in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio and Texas.
But Little was not forthcoming with information at the time and Bland credits Texas Ranger James Holland with gaining Little’s trust and eventually eliciting a series of confessions.
Holland had travelled to California last year to speak with Little about cold cases in Texas. That led Little to be extradited to Texas and his guilty plea in December in the 1994 strangulation death of Denise Christie Brothers in the West Texas city of Odessa. But Holland’s conversations with Little have continued for months, even after Little was returned to California for incarceration, said Bland, who received an update from Holland this week.
Information provided to Holland was then relayed to investigating agencies in several states, leading to a revolving door of investigators who travelled to California to corroborate decades-old deaths. It was Holland who determined that Little was responsible for 93 deaths, Bland said.
He explained that Little’s victims often were suffocated or strangled, in many cases leaving few physical marks and leading investigators to determine the women died of overdoses or of natural causes.
“There’s still been no false information given,” Bland said.
“Nothing has been proven to be false.”
Gary Ridgway, the so-called Green River Killer, pleaded guilty to killing 49 women and girls, making him the most prolific serial killer in US history in terms of confirmed victims, though he said he killed 71.
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  • luk1955 13/06/2019, 8:57 am

    Strange that news of this has not appeared on Fox News. But then Fox has gone over to the dark side of the nwo. Since a few nurses have done this mass murdering by medications, maybe we should ban medical care. Like we are trying to ban guns.

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