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Je Suis Charlie Hebdo – my arse!

Muslim logicExclusive

Je suis Charlie Hebdo – my arse!

Damon Runyon

With Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller organized a “Mohammad Cartoon Contest” in Garland, Texas. It was her way to illustrate that in spite of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, she and other Americans would not be intimidated.

Two Muslims, armed with AK47’s, dressed in body armour, drove to the venue. As soon as they got out of their vehicle they opened fire, hitting a parking officer in the leg. One off-duty policeman, moonlighting as security, stood his ground and returned fire with his personal pistol. He killed them both.

After that came the denunciations. No, not against the would be murderers. But against Geller.

From all across the left press including The New York Times, came blasts of outrage against Geller for being “provocative” and “asking for trouble.”

But Conservatives? They too piled on. Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League, Don Imus – all those and others want her scalp. (O’Reilly and Donahue – what a pair of pricks they are!)

Geller tried to prove that America is not France, where 11 were murdered by Muslims for printing Mohammad cartoons, nor are they the Netherlands, where Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s partner, Director Theo van Gogh was murdered for his documentary Submission, which exposed Islamist mistreatment of women.

Muslims love the reaction of the American media. As Bill Whittle says here; “They can smell the fear!”

And why wouldn’t they?

Incident after incident after incident tells us that the US is no ally – and it is not solely the fault of President Bollocks. America is unrecognisable from the America of even 20 years ago. It’s very constitution protects free speech yet when two Muslims want to massacre the attendees at the venue they blame the potential victims.

And they would have been victims too, if that brave copper had not put himself in harm’s way.

Why does my gut churn over at the thought that if it was done in Australia, we would be just as craven?

Ask yourselves that when Whittle says – while talking about lines and exceptions and buts – “There is no line, there are no buts.”

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  • Dingodo 12/05/2015, 6:56 am

    Their are nearly 650,000,000 privately owned weapons in the USA. At last count nearly 15,000,000 of those weapons were of the fully automatic AR15 type mostly in the hands of ex military, hunters and individualists.


    • Albert 12/05/2015, 8:21 am

      I always have a smile when reading pieces like this, whether in an opinion piece on-line or a newspaper. The reason? Well, it is the love affair between writers and the mythical AK47. One would think that there was never another firearm made and the world was a wash with AK47s.

      • Lorraine 12/05/2015, 8:51 am

        Albert forget the AK47 the deaths are a result that stupid muslims will not allow the world to mock the Allah, draw cartoons of him or tell jokes about him or involving in jokes. if you do they will send someone to kill you. so the world is frightened to throw stones at an Allah most decent people know to be a child molester and a farce a war monger from 1400 years of total misery.who in Australia will do what Geller tried to do and has been slammed by all. Fear is contagious, we all need to stand up to this Islam threat

      • Avogadro 12/05/2015, 8:58 am

        Unfortunately it is true. The AK47 IS the most popular gun in the world, not just in the newspapers.
        As a weapon it is nothing special. It is notven particularly accurate because it has greater clearances between its moving parts. Though bad for accuracy this means it is less likely to jam. Sand, mud, freezing conditions are no problem to it. It is simple to use – even kids use them.
        There are fashions among those people that use weapons – and the AK (any version) is the one they want. The Soviet Union shipped giant numbers of them and even had factories there turning them out in allied countries.
        BUT you don’t see them in the Phillipines where the M16 is the weapon of choice because the US supplied them to the Phillipine Army.
        Muslims love them – it’s a status symbol. And they are cheap. Easily repaired.
        I’m afraid there is some truth in its constantly being reported.

      • Ed 12/05/2015, 3:17 pm

        There’d need to be for those inbred morons.

  • Honeybadger 12/05/2015, 8:53 am

    Geller has courage galore. I just hope she now wears a bullet proof vest. The enemy is within Western countries in large numbers.

  • Dingodo 12/05/2015, 2:37 pm

    I,ve fired both the AR15 and the AK47 weapons and I know which one is far superior and its not the ones made in Russia or the 10 times crappier ones made anywhere else.

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