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Islamic Immigration

shawIslamic immigration—a very costly exercise


by Jack Cade

The threat of Muslim terrorism attacks increases while our leaders continue to throw money at Islam.

I wonder how many of us have stopped to count the cost of Islamic immigration into Australia, or even know where to find the information? I wonder how many of us realise just what that largesse from both governments is financing and what we are getting for our money?

The associated cost of Muslim immigration into Australia is absolutely staggering and can be expressed in tens of billions of dollars that are thrown at this growing problem we don’t need or want to have.

Disappointingly, our Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, who seems blind to the problems faced in Europe and the UK, now talks about increasing the intake of Islamic refugees while the government continues to finance the unacceptable security risk it poses for the Australian community, now and the future.

NSW Premier, Mike Baird, who is a regular at the Lakemba Mosque and fasts with the Muslims, has decided that the way to fix the problem of radicalisation of Muslim youths is to scour the schools trying to ferret out those that show signs of radicalisation and send them off to de-radicalisation counselling.

He is so convinced that Muslim parents are prepared to dob-in their kids that he is going to throw a lazy $40 million at this hair-brained scheme. That is in addition to the many millions of dollars already wasted on failed de-radicalisation schemes and the $4 million demanded by the Parramatta mosque to clean up their own mess after the Curtis Cheng terrorist murder.

Almost $67 million have been handed over to various Islamic organisations. As an example, in 2013 the Malek Fahd Islamic School was gifted approximately $17.5 million. Now Government leaders, both state and federal, of which the NSW Premier is one, tell us that they need to raise the GST and apply it to everything to finance education and health. Isn’t it marvellous that while governments, state and federal, are having difficulty financing health and education, Premier Baird can still manage to rake up $44 million to finance a Baird/ASIO extravaganza?

The common thread with a number of little known Islamic organisations is that they not only shared in $1.62 million of your money for God only knows what real purpose, but they blamed Australia and Australians for the disruption and security risk caused by the 7th century ideology that they brought with them to this country.

Partial list of funding here.

Approximately $2.6 million has been provided to the Lebanese Muslim Association. That is in addition to a grant of $66,000 from the Australian Federal Police. The funding was used to run mosque open days that were supposed to teach the non-Islamic community about the ’Religion of Peace’ and thereby stop violence.

The Australian reported in March 2015 that more than $5 million had been wasted on such programs, including a $100,000 educational program run by the Lebanese Muslim Association that attracted a grand total of 12 people. That’s $8,333 per person for no result. Never mind, it’s only money—your money.

The extent of the ongoing drain on our welfare system is mind-numbing and almost incalculable. Reports say that after five years since their arrival in Australia up to 85% of immigrants are still unemployed and exist on welfare. The welfare bill is on target to cost the Australian taxpayers $190 billion per annum of which a large proportion is directed to Islamic immigrants who have access to up to 22 various welfare benefits.

There are only around 100 Muslims in our armed services but the ADF chiefs, in their collective wisdom, decided that there needed to be an Islamic Imam on the Religious Advisory Committee. This Imam is paid $717 per day plus travel allowances. To add insult to injury, it was this same Imam who called for Sharia law to be introduced in 2012 and defended the conduct of the terrorist sympathising group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

It doesn’t stop there with the ADF. Our Navy Chief decided that because the Navy is absolutely overrun with Muslims—good grief, there are perhaps 20 of them. Given such numbers there is an urgent need to appoint, in addition to the Imam, not one but two Islamic advisors. One of the advisors, Captain Mona Shindy, wasted no telling us that Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism and that we are the problem because we expect Muslims to act in accordance with our Western values, laws and culture.

Then there is the matter of the Navy Chief, Admiral Barrett, funding a dinner for Islamic leaders at the Australian War Memorial. He intends to make this offensive insult to our war dead and veterans an annual event. At your expense—of course. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the same consideration to be shown to Buddhists, Hindus or even Christians. It ain’t going to happen.

While Islamic leaders are happy to accept the millions of dollars thrown at them by our governments, the Australian National Imam’s Council opposed the proposed new anti-terror laws that prohibit the advocating of terrorism because it ‘impinged on the Islamic community’s religious freedom’.

Two other Islamic organisations claim that ‘right-wing extremism is a bigger problem than Islamic terrorism.’ Really? Can’t say I have heard of any right-wing extremists in Australia shooting a Muslim in the back of the head as he left work to go home to his family. Nor have I heard of right-wing extremists threatening to behead a Muslim during Anzac Day commemorations.

Add to the overall cost the operation of detention centres, air transport, court challenges by Muslims, formation and training of security personnel, Muslim criminals in maximum security jails, housing school security measures, etc. The total sum is frightening to contemplate. Shame!

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  • Bob Tee 11/11/2015, 10:30 am

    There is an infection mammals contract, especially mice, where a one-cell parasite called Toxoplasma gondii attacks the brain and by this changes the behaviour of its host. In the case of the unfortunate infected mouse, the rodent loses its natural fear of its predator (the cat), and in some observed cases is actually attracted to the cat, and hence its doom. This also has the effect of making life much easier for the predator. Strange but true.
    This devious parasite is also known to infect humans, causing a condition known as Toxoplasmosis, which is thought to be benign, as any self-destructing tendencies have yet to be formally observed. Indeed it is thought that up to half the world’s population may be infected with this parasite.
    I have drawn the conclusion that it is the widespread infection of this parasite that is responsible for the blind, self-destructing behaviour of the West’s leaders in welcoming the unsustainable and unchecked flood of muslim immigrants to their nations. Our leaders and their followers are actually welcoming their future doom. Unfortunately, their actions will also affect those of us who still possess some awareness of clear and present dangers.

  • Robert TG 11/11/2015, 11:07 am

    This government is also spending $700 million dollars to import an additional 12,000 on to our welfare system. Insane? Or traitors.

    • Heather 12/11/2015, 11:37 am

      Both, unfortunately for us.

  • Penguinte 12/11/2015, 8:04 am

    “Reports say that after five years since their arrival in Australia up to 85% of immigrants are still unemployed and exist on welfare.”

    And this problem will grow exponentially as they continue to breed like rabbits.

    • Lorraine 12/11/2015, 8:27 am

      there is the baby bonus, oh the good life, welfare from birth to the grave,

  • Michelle Tahir 12/11/2015, 11:30 am

    Islam is getting a free ride in Australia and it needs to stop now! The moslem men go on the disability pension and their wives (which they can have 4 wives) get a house and all the Centrelink they can have. They have has many children as they can so their population gets higher. They don’t like Australia or our laws because the only law to all moslems is sharia law and they want it here. Halal certification is sharia law and it’s a scam and something that 98% don’t need to pay for. Vegemite, water, pet food are a few things that are halal. Pet food does need to be halal because Moslems hate pets because they are dirty to them. A lot of Australians don’t know about halal slaughter that is animal cruelty! The RSPCA don’t stop it because they don’t to offend Islam but the animals aren’t stunned but the throat is sliced and it takes up to 20 minutes to die!
    Our Remembrance Day was a day to think about our soldiers die for our freedom and the minute of silence is respected by all Australians but not Moslems! They did not stop and pay respect to our diggers they just walked around as usual and many Aussies seen that to happen!
    Our media doesn’t tell Aussies about the truth about Islam and what it’s happening to our great country. The rally a few weeks ago in Sydney about moslems wanting sharia law and not democracy! Those kids walking out for our anthem was a disgrace!
    Wake up people Islam is not a religion it’s a political and military agenda and we can see what’s happening in Europe, the U.K and America!

  • Heather 12/11/2015, 11:54 am

    I notice muslims aren’t migrating to Asia, Russia or even their own ME countries. Why are the West determined to commit civilisation suicide. Yet I think the silent majority don’t want this and for good reason. Different cultures don’t mix, never have, never will. The koran is the source of their evilness and needs to be obliterated from the entire world till not one is left. An article I recently read pointed out Islam murderers are not radicals but fundamentalists because they are following what their book tells them i.e. they are the ‘good’ muslims. Good because they are doing what Mo-ham-mad did. Like it or not we are in a spiritual war IMO and must win. What will it take for Western leaders to acknowledge the truth about Islam.

  • frederick walker 31/12/2017, 1:00 pm

    I do not know what a spammer is, but I have read the muslim koran and can not understand how our leaders allow these muslims in to our country, I guess they are very rich and our leaders seem to be very good real estate people.

  • anthony kelly 01/07/2019, 4:36 am

    this is about ancient families and debt ,population replacement ,ancient laws decrees

  • v 02/07/2019, 8:07 am

    it’s money laundering, they’re being paid to let them in.

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