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 IQ test for WA voters, March 13

22.02.21.  For the past year of global coronavirus turmoil, Australia has watched helplessly as various state governments virtually locked up the populace all in the name of ‘saving lives’. That reason shall forever fester in the minds of most—as one might expect. Governments and their political elite are at the bottom of the bird cage. Well,… think again. If sane reasoning and justice be done, Mark McGowan in WA, Dan Andrews in Victoria, and let’s not overlook the PalceDuck in Queensland, all should be in the village square stocks for public revenge, and then perhaps, ‘boiling oil.! Billions of dollars in damage caused. Politicians have learned about power and control by fear! However, those Labor dictators mentioned are flying high in the polls. Maybe people have adopted the Stockholm Syndrome? Maybe they are unaware of what’s going on and or don’t care? Or, God forbid, they are right and the minority of us should become zombies also! The only saviour could be, is that the the polls are lying, and or that the people lied to the pollsters—take your pick!
After its humiliating loss in Queensland in 2012, Labor became known as the “Tarago Party” given its entire seven-member partyroom could fit in a mini-van. So dire is the situation facing the WA Liberal Party that it may soon be able to fit all its MPs on a tandem bicycle.

Source: Paul Garvey, News Corp

WA Liberals: no talent, no money, no hope

The Newspoll results confirm that the Liberal Party in WA is facing its bleakest period in memory. While the 12.5 per cent swing in Newspoll won’t be uniform across all seats, at least some former Liberal strongholds look set to fall. And two seats currently held by former leaders — namely Scarborough held by Liza Harvey and Riverton held by the retiring Mike Nahan — are likely to be among them.
Opposition Leader Zak Kirkup has brought undeniable energy to the campaign, even if some of his positions, and his policy to close two coal-fired power stations by 2025 in particular, have caused considerable angst for some of his colleagues.
His pivot this week, which has seen him warn of what may happen if Labor secures “total control” of WA’s parliament, was the right one. The public should be genuinely concerned about how effectively WA’s parliament will function without a viable opposition.
But the fundamental structure of the party should come under scrutiny if the election pans out as polling suggests. The perceived influence of conservative powerbrokers over the preselection processes has attracted plenty of criticism, and there is a clear lack of talent coming through.
Even though Labor’s success at a state level should not automatically be seen as a looming catastrophe for the 11 federal Liberal MPs who were so important to keeping Scott Morrison in power in 2019, the party’s trajectory should raise concerns at a national level.
The WA Liberals’ status as the opposition party is under threat, and its financial position has weakened markedly. Federal intervention would be extraordinary, but so too is the mess in which the party currently finds itself in WA.
While Queensland’s Tarago Party famously rebounded to defeat Campbell Newman, it’s hard to see where such a recovery would come from for the WA Liberals. Right now, it looks like a party out of talent, out of money and out of support.

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  • luk1955 22/02/2021, 6:49 am

    There has been no major differences between the major unitary party members for some time, even small differences do not exist. The minor parties go for the dictatorships like here in Vic, so voting doesn’t count. Even Biden said I don’t need your vote. Political parties around the world have noticed the results and theft of the US election and the party that is the most evil will win out. Judging by the continues face nappy wearing in Vic, the population approve of the dictatorial measures to wipe out their lives in a massively successful fear campaign waged by a few select groups. The fear addled population will vote for the most dictatorial of the candidates.

    • Ozman 22/02/2021, 7:41 am

      Stockholm syndrome!

  • Ian 22/02/2021, 7:11 am

    WA libs want carbon neutral by 2030.

    Not only are they dreaming, they are trying to win votes by being more green than labour. This policy alone will see their numbers fall significantly. They are without policy and without a chance.

    Labour will romp it in at the election and will NOT mention the 2030 plan as the reason. They’ll say it was their strong border rules and commitment to the workers etc. In reality, libs and nats sold out their voters and gave no option.

    Forget the virus, it’ll be gone due to herd immunity, (natural), very soon and then the vaccine preachers will be claiming a win. Consider India, their case numbers are falling without a vaccine. US is starting too, long before the vaccine gets out there. Who’d have thunk that?

    • Ozman 22/02/2021, 7:40 am

      Biden is the savior!

  • Graham+Richards 22/02/2021, 8:54 am

    The problems in the states are the useless Coalition parties. Sorry to all but let’s face it Qld, Vic, do not have opposition parties. They have mute parties, maybe they just have parties, paid for by the electorate of course, which is far more attractive than doing any work. In Qld there is a suspicion that there is actually an opposition. They appear anonymously just before an election, then immediately after the election after an hour or so of muttering & getting shot of the party leader of their choice, go back to exactly what they were doing before the election. Just like Krudd, is there no end to these pricks. The states in Oz have become one party states with the blessing of the State Coalition parties.

  • Penguinite 22/02/2021, 9:57 am

    Is the WA IQ test the same as their senility test? Seems so! That would explain the new Liberal Leaders BRAIN FART regarding carbon neutrality by 2030

  • Aktosplatz 22/02/2021, 10:47 am

    The Liberal Party throughout Australia has deserted its traditional conservative base with all of its values, including protecting and helping small business.

    LINOs like Turnbull, Bishop, Pyne, Zimmerman and the rest of them have ruined it all with their infiltration and theft of the Liberal Party at Federal and State level. They have betrayed their community of voters who have now scattered.

    You would have thought that they would have learned from all of this but no, the Liberals in an attempt to regain credibility have turned’Green & Progressive.’

    They have got no chance because such voters would vote Greens anyway.

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