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 India China WAR

02.09.20. China is certainly ramping up tensions around the world. Maybe they think that Donald Trump is too involved in his election at home to notice, that could be a very bad mistake. China’s verbal attack of Australia because we asked for a proper investigation into the source of the Chinese flue pandemic is a strong indicator that they are not happy chappies. Attacking our trade arrangements makes the issue more serious for us and we need to respond in a way that causes the leadership in Beijing embarrassment at home—we don’t have the power to respond directly. Trump will note that his ally India does have the power and is getting quite agro against their northern neighbor and he will be strongly supporting India. That has the potential to spark a major war. India has said very recently it managed to foil an attempt by Chinese troops who carried out “provocative military movements to change the status quo” in the contentious border region. This is detailed in the UK Daily Express’s Brian McGleenon recent report:The line of actual control in the Himalayas between the two opposing sides has been reinforced since violence erupted on the night of June 15. Today the Indian army released a statement that said: “On the Night of 29/30 August 2020, PLA troops violated the previous consensus arrived at during military and diplomatic engagements during the ongoing standoff in Eastern Ladakh and carried out provocative military movements to change the status quo.” In the latest skirmish, India claimed to have stopped the Chinese soldiers who were attempting to “unilaterally change facts on the ground”.
The recent events have happened in the Galwan valley region of the Himalayas.
Both sides claim the high altitude Pangong Tso lake and the latest incident occurred on the shore of its freezing waters.
An Indian army statement said: “Indian troops pre-empted this PLA activity on the southern bank of Pangong Tso Lake.
“Indian soldiers undertook measures to strengthen our positions and thwart Chinese intentions to unilaterally change facts on the ground.”
The two sides went to war in 1962 over their mutual border in the Himalayas.
The border is over 3,000 miles long and in some of the most inhospitable terrain on the planet.
At the last serious skirmish in late June, the Indian army said 20 of its soldiers had been killed by Chinese troops in the disputed Kashmir region.
It was the first deadly clash on this border in 45 years.
Many of the soldiers that died succumbed to the sub-zero temperatures in the high altitude terrain after falling or being pushed into a freezing river.
The Galwan river Valley area has now witnessed a build-up in Indian reinforcements.
Both India and China have deployed thousands of troops on either of the border in recent weeks.
The border between the two sides is entirely undefined and patrols overlap with each other and soldiers are often confused as to which side of the border they are on.
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  • luk1955 02/09/2020, 7:22 am

    I am hoping with all the rains in southern china that that 3 gorges dam caves in and allows downstream countries enough water to grow their food. The little yellow bastards deserve all the karma coming their way. Not content with dominating the world economically, the chinks now want the lands that other people live on. The chinks are definitely trying to replicate Hitler’s mad plan for world domination. It will of course fail, because people prefer their own culture and not that of some little yellow short changed bastards.

    • Bushkid 02/09/2020, 9:51 am

      You may be thinking of the Mekong River, that flows South through other countries. The Three Gorges Dam is on the Yangtze River system, which flows East, and not through any other countries.

      If the Three Gorges Dam fails, millions will likely die. The loss of massive amounts of industry downstream of the dam, would cripple China. While that would cause China to back off their international hegemony (or perhaps to go all out for war to secure resources etc., – the SE Asia co-prosperity sphere all over again) the cost in human life alone would be appalling, and frankly not something to wish for.

      • luk1955 02/09/2020, 1:07 pm

        You are right. The Mekong goes from China to other southeast Asia countries. But if the 3g dam goes, China will have to cancel its ambitions to take the rest of the world.

      • Pensioner Pete 02/09/2020, 1:28 pm

        Interestingly, the 3G Dam sits on an earthquake fault line, plus a number of the ‘officials’ involved in the construction of the dam were executed not that long ago when it was found, much of the concrete was of poor standard, yet approved for use by the now dead ‘officials’.

        An amount of the leaking cracking and failing concrete has been removed and replaced, one must wonder if this batch is up to scratch?

        I know there is considerable concern amongst the world dam builders, of the prospect of a massive failure of the 3G Dam and the loss of millions of lives when it occurs, NB: Not ‘if’ it fails, it is more of a ‘when’ it fails.

        A number of factors will be involved in this eventual failure, including an earthquake and heavy rainfall causing substantial flooding weakening the structure, add into the mix the likely incompetence of the dam operators, and there you have it, a recipe for disaster in the making.

  • Ozman 02/09/2020, 9:24 am

    In 2016, ex-high level international US intelligence operative, the psychiatrist Steve Pieczenik was being interviewed by Alex Jones regarding the US elections. Pieczenik said the intelligence community was behind Donald Trump and China was the biggest threat to America.

    He also said that the threat of a major war erupting anywhere was negligible except at the Chinese/India border. The danger of war between those two countries was high. They still are!

    What is also interesting Vietnam is aligning itself with Indian rather the US.

  • Eliza 02/09/2020, 9:47 am

    I said from the beginning of this chinese virus, that it was deliberately let loose on the world as china had an agenda.
    I honestly believe I am right, when you see all that china has been up to around the world. This India business, Taiwan harassment, large fishing fleets to Ecuador, interfering with American elections via the demrats, Australian harassment and much much more. Whilst here in Aussieland we have border lockdowns and our economy tanks and state pollies become ever more tyrannical.

    • Knight Templar 02/09/2020, 11:43 am

      Eliza.. good post… have to agree “state pollies become even more tyrannical”
      Having a bit of knowledge about India, I would say China is biting off more than it can chew taking on India…. this has been going on for decades and India would have the wherewithal to deal with any big offensive from the chinks. The Prime minister of India Narendra Modi has a very good relationship with Trump.. They share the same values and China would be careful not to overstep the mark.

      • DT 02/09/2020, 1:09 pm

        India also has the support of other Commonwealth of Nations countries beginning with Great Britain, the USA is of course not a Commonwealth nation but might as well be these days.

    • Neville 02/09/2020, 11:39 pm

      Agree with you there Eliza. It seems to me that the CCP is testing a weapon – this appears to be perhaps a weakened strain but still serious enough. And it also appears to have got lose probably accidentally – this hypothesis would also correspond with the level of panic exhibited by the CCP in Wuhan; the frenzied attempts to prevent it spreading, and of course, no thought or concern with the rest of the world at all, don’t tell the world, just weld residents in their apartments and disinfect anything in the visual horizon

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