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Emile Zola

“I am profoundly disappointed that you should disseminate such an article written by and commented on by people who are inadequate to put it kindly.” [DQ 22-9-15*]

In September 2015 I penned an essay [Cargo Cult] on the invasion of Europe by 3rd world economic migrants – most of whom subscribe to the Muslim faith. In that essay I mused upon the likelihood of thousands of young men behaving inappropriately towards the women and girls of Germany and Western Europe generally. The above quote is from a vague female acquaintance of decidedly left-wing views on these matters. It would seem that she considered my speculation on young migrant males becoming sexually aggressive to be extremely politically incorrect.

Given the New Year’s Eve events in Cologne, Stuttgart and other cities across Germany, I wonder if she still believes that my speculations were indicative of my “inadequacy”. (1)

Frau Merkel, perhaps the most “inadequate” person to lead Germany since 1945 immediately identified the cause of the problem and instructed German police and Security Services to ramp up their surveillance of right-wing and “Neo-Nazi” groups like PEGIDA. The problem does not lay with hundreds of thousands of young men, mostly cowardly deserters from the conflicts in the Middle East and Africa, but with racist and xenophobic Germans! All those Germans who are enraged by the events of New Year’s Eve are clearly in the wrong and need to learn “tolerance” for the guests Frau Merkel and her lackeys have invited into Germany – and thus the Schengen Zone of the European Union.

As usual the German Government, at national and local level, decided that the truth of what had occurred on New Year’s Eve was too inflammatory to be officially acknowledged. Indeed the Police Chief of Cologne, Wolfgang Albers, officially announced that NYE had been “exuberant” but “largely peaceful”. Despite the attempted cover-up from the Chancellor’s Office down, the events of that night were too expansive, too widespread, too repulsive, and witnessed by too many to be effectively swept under the carpet. The usual process is to deny that anything out of the ordinary happened, claim that there is no proof it was committed by recent arrivals if it happened at all and, if it did, that it was actually locals who’d done it or provoked it.

But despite their best endeavors the fact that well over 180 German women were sexually assaulted, robbed and beaten, 4 raped (2), and an unknown number of German men pack-bashed for trying to defend their women, the news got out. Now, in Cologne, the German riot police are out in force with water-cannons and pepper spray to … you guessed it … break up Germans demonstrating over the hideous happenings of New Year’s Eve.
If only those riot police had been around when well over 1000 young men of “North African” and “Middle-Eastern” appearance took part in a mass, and organized, demonstration of just how much contempt and scorn they have for Germans and Germany then we’d now, probably, be reading about “racist” Police “profiling” poor, innocent Muslim refugees just out to celebrate the refreshing freedoms of Merkel’s Germany. Well, that would be the story in the leftist main-stream-media if any pre-emptive action had been taken; but it wasn’t and a filthy spectacle, pre-arranged on social media, took place while the few police on duty retreated to safety and mostly abandoned German women to their fate.

It was a relatively quiet New Year’s Eve in Paris with only about 800 cars torched by “French youths” in and around the Muslim “No Go” enclaves that, despite being common knowledge, don’t officially exist. The French could luxuriate in the peaceful celebrations and proudly announce that the number of cars destroyed was a full 13% lower than last year. The glories of diversity and multiculturalism on display once more in la belle France!

Meanwhile, we’ve just had the first anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo Massacre. Just a year ago the likes of Merkel, Hollande, Cameron and Obama were strutting about like prized turkeys with “Je suis Charlie” badges and “standing in the Synagogues and on the street corners where they could be seen of men” to proclaim loudly their commitment to “free speech”.

Well, that didn’t last long, did it? Instead of free speech they’ve ramped up “hate speech” laws and, on reflection, decided that the staff of Charlie Hebdo had it coming for “insulting Islam”.

Frau Merkel has done a deal with both Facebook and Google to suppress “hate speech”. That is, she wants these multinational internet organisations to block anything that doesn’t toe her party-line about immigration, refugees, or the crimes and social catastrophe caused by the arrival of over a million of them in 2015. It’s worth noting that of that million around 750,000 are young, single, men who cannot speak German, many are illiterate (even in their own languages), completely unskilled and are almost terminally unemployable in an advanced economy like Germany’s. In all probability they will be hanging around, with nothing to do other than collect welfare and cause trouble, forever.

Though, of course, that truth will never be admitted – just like the truth that Sudanese and Somali “refugees” in Australia are mostly unemployable and vastly over-represented in crime. We’ve even had the spectacle of former Victoria Police Commissioner, Christine Nixon, telling bare-faced lies and claiming that they were under-represented when she knew full well that they committed crimes at >5 times the community average. I guess she figured that in the interests of community harmony and multicultural diversity, she’d plagiarize what Colonel Jessep said in “A Few Good Men”:

“YOU want the truth! You can’t handle the truth!”

Meanwhile, back here in the antipodes the events in Europe have been briefly reported in the MSM but, as usual, the caravan has quickly moved on to the next oasis. It seems that the ABC/SBS conglomerate and their handmaidens at Fairfax don’t want to make an issue about European events because, with the imminent arrival of 12,000 Syrian “refugees”, no-one want to enflame the bigots, xenophobes, racists, fascists, neo-Nazis and Hansonites in our profoundly “racist” society.

We know Australian society is “racist” because there’s barely a day goes by when our collective and prolonged “racism” isn’t the subject of a panel handwringing on ABC, a self-flagellating documentary on SBS (often narrated by an ex-Rugby player in a red hijab), an “oral history” memoir on NITV, a series of articles in Fairfax – or yet another groveling apology in some forum by someone of the left for the “horrors” that the white people (mostly the Anglo-Saxon-Celts) of the world have inflicted on all other races since Pope Urban II proclaimed the First Crusade in 1095 AD.

I have even read, with some astonishment, that the media outrage and Cricket Australia’s fining of West Indian batsman, Chris Gayle, for an attempted “chat-up” on live TV and a past episode of “flashing” was “racially” motivated and that Cricket Australia was reacting to the racist dog whistling of right-wing opinionistas.

As one who seeks truth, especially the truth about what is happening vis-à-vis refugees, I immediately thought of the Australian Greens who are well known for their stance on all issues pertaining to refugees. I was sure that they’d have something to say, and they did!

Sarah Hanson-Young tweeted “Look at how Peter Dutton has treated women & girls on Nauru. He’s always been terrible for women. Time to go.” While that stalwart, that aging war-horse of the Left, Lee Rhiannon tweeted: “Another survivor statement in ITJP report. Tamils continue to be tortured, raped in Lanka.”

SURPRISINGLY I could find no mention, not a word, about the events in Germany on either the Greens web site or their Facebook page. It just didn’t happen. They are very concerned about the alleged rape of Tamil women in Sri Lanka – “refugees” who attempted to enter Australia by boat but were turned back by the dastardly Abbott – and about the alleged rape of an African woman on Nauru – also a boat arrival – and alleged molestation of children on Nauru (by other “refugees – but that fact is overlooked) – but the rape of German women and girls and the sexual assaults on hundreds more aren’t worth a mention. In the finest tradition of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Maoism it has all been air-brushed from history.

I was also intrigued by Lee Rhiannon’s inchoate campaign to change the current Senate voting system – that is, the “preference swaps” that saw the likes Hanson-Young and Ludlam elected for the Greens and Ricky Muir elected for the Motoring Enthusiast Party. I can only assume that the creation of the Australian Liberty Alliance and a phalanx of other nationalist and anti-Islam, anti-immigration parties, and the resurgence of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, has rattled the Greens’ gilded cage. They have seen that the conservative and nationalist side of politics is planning to use the same tactics the Greens have been using for years to hold the balance of power in the Senate and get people like Hanson-Young and Ludlam elected on the skinniest of margins – thanks to a flow of preferences from the usual scores of independents and parties unknown before they appeared on the ballot paper.I

In every state every candidate gets some votes; a hundred here, fifty there, two dozen somewhere else – but when a preference swap has been done, all these votes become a minor snowball rolling down a hill and we get the likes Muir and Greens elected. As has happened in France, as I outline below, it would appear that the Greens are trying to change the system so as to keep the nationalist right out of Parliament altogether – even if it means they will lose a few seats themselves. I’ve often wondered how many people who voted for an independent or a party they knew nothing about ever realised that they’d effectively voted for the Greens? This sort of donkey voting or protest voting or “just don’t care” voting is one of the unintended consequences of compulsory voting and the preferential system.

If there is anything good that has emerged from this sorry mess now engulfing Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland – Western Europe – it’s that these outrages are too widespread and too public to be ignored and denied any longer – much as the Merkel regime tried to do just that for a number of days. Even the very “liberal” (in the American sense) New York Times has started to change its tune on the importation of millions of young men and has reported:

“…these trends have immediate implications for civil order — young men are, well, young men; societies with skewed sex ratios tend to be unstable; and many of these men carry assumptions about women’s roles that are diametrically opposed to the values of contemporary Europe.”


“If you believe that an aging, secularized, heretofore-mostly-homogeneous society is likely to peacefully absorb a migration of that size and scale of cultural difference, then you have a bright future as a spokesman for the current German government.

You’re also a fool. Such a transformation promises increasing polarization among natives and new arrivals alike. It threatens not just a spike in terrorism but a rebirth of 1930s-style political violence.”

I don’t claim to be an oracle, to own a crystal ball or to have had any divine revelation in what I wrote in September – because it was obvious to anyone with a brain and any understanding of human nature what would happen. I said then:

“How are all those young “refugee” men, fizzing with testosterone, going to behave in Germany when their own women are a continent away? Are they going to remain celibate as attractive, blonde and blue-eyed German girls flounce by “dressed in their summer clothes”? Are they going to “turn their heads until their darkness goes” as the Rolling Stones sang in “Paint it Black” half a century ago? …

… Without the repressive behavioural constraints of their own societies and cultures, will all those young men “respect” the traditions of their “host” countries particularly when they regard those host countries as culturally inferior and their societies as rich but decadently enfeebled? Will they regard the indigenous females with respect or will they see them simply as low-hanging fruit ripe for the picking? …

… It is also a painful truth that rape is rarely about sexual gratification. It’s an act of “domination”, an expression of “power” and is used in war to humiliate the enemy, to show him just how much contempt you have for him, to sap his strength by proving that he can’t protect his women – and it works.”

I wonder if my former acquaintance who so severely chastised me for being “inadequate” in drawing attention to the sexual aspect of mass single male immigration will now apologise. I doubt it. To admit you were wrong would take character, sanity and the ability to deal with reality: virtues sorely lacking in all with a leftist bent.

Nearly 50 years ago British Conservative MP, Enoch Powell, was savaged by the leftist media and commentariat for opposing coloured immigration into Britain and the introduction of the first Race Relations Bill. He said then:

“As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see “the River Tiber foaming with much blood.”

Powell put no time-frame around his prediction. Perhaps he thought it would happen in the 1970s, but it didn’t. But that’s

legislation designed to silence all critics

not to say that there was not widespread animosity towards 3rd world immigration – there was, but that was driven underground by ever more repressive legislation designed to silence all critics of Britain’s immigration policies. Even so “racism” – that is, opposition to immigration in a country with intractably high youth unemployment and welfare dependence – was still apparent in society when the Blair Labour Government came to power. As a senior Blair adviser, Andrew Neather admitted, the left of the British Labour Party was determined to crush “racism” and the best way to do that was to “rub the right’s nose in diversity”.

Thus they set about an open door immigration policy and allowed millions in on the theory that once whites were a minority in Britain, “racism” would disappear in the multicultural, multi-racial melting pot of Britain. The British people were, needless to say, not told of this intent. That aim’s now been achieved in London which, as John Cleese observed “is no longer an English city”. Indigenous English now make up about 45% of the population of London. The absurd persecution of native Englishmen for being English and proud of it was demonstrated a few years ago when Paul Weston, leader of the very minor Liberty GB Party, was arrested for publicly reading from the works of Winston Churchill!

In France the largest single party is now The National Front led by Marine Le Pen. Despite being the largest party, gaining around 35% of the recent popular vote, it holds no seats in the French Parliament. As an act of deliberate betrayal to their own history and platform, the French Socialists did not stand candidates in seats with strong National Front sympathies. Instead, they directed Socialists to vote for Nicholas Sarkozy’s conservative Republican Party – their traditional ideological opponents. Had they not, the French “first past the post” system would have returned a number of National Front Deputies.

The pro-immigration and Islam appeasing Socialists would rather see more events like Charlie Hebdo and the Paris Massacre of November 2015 and a continuation of a suicidal policy of mass immigration than allow Le Pen’s Party to have even one seat in the Parliament. This cynical strategy, that effectively disenfranchises 35%+ of the French population, is sealing the pressure in the boiler while the fire continues to burn. What happened in Germany on New Year’s Eve and the fact that many of those involved have, or will soon have, access to the Schengen Zone, and thus access to France, will win many more votes for the National Front. In the next Presidential election, if things continue as they are and Hollande does nothing dramatic about the tsunami of young Muslim men descending on France via Germany, then Marine Le Pen has a very real chance of becoming President. A few more attacks as occurred during 2015 and her odds shorten dramatically. If that were to happen, there is an outside possibility that the hard left would not accept an avowedly right-wing President and France could descend into protracted civil strife – if not something resembling civil war.

Some months ago when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for President, the US and the world’s media dismissed him as irrelevant, pest value only, he didn’t have a chance. He was just a flamboyant businessman trump reportand reality TV star with an absurd comb-over running on a grab-bag of naïve policies. Hell, he claimed he’d build a wall along the Mexican frontier, stop illegal immigration and deport the 11-13 million illegals currently claiming welfare and running the crime gangs across the USA. Looking down their erudite and superior snouts, the world’s leftist media confidently predicted he’d be eliminated once he came up against “seasoned” apparatchiks like Jeb Bush and others who know their way around Washington and know how the back-room deals are done – and who know that stopping illegal 3rd world immigration is an impossibility – as impossible as stopping the boats coming to Australia, actually.

Trump has gone on to say even more outrageous things: that he’ll “pause” Muslim immigration; that he’ll bring back manufacturing jobs; that he’ll make America great again. But a strange thing has happened: many of those who only a few months ago dismissed him as a “populist” and a rabble-rousing loud-mouth have begun to sing a different tune. The sneering castigation and mockery of him as an aberration, a flash in the pan (3), a clown worthy only of derision and scorn, has abated in all but the most left-Democrat media. Even “Time” magazine’s latest issue devotes its cover to him.

Week after week, state after state, Trump rolls on and his popularity increases – not just with conservative middle-class whites, but especially with blue-collar whites and blacks who have been savaged by de-industrialisation, the export of manufacturing to developing countries, competition from a river of immigrants for even the most menial of work, the big end of town ripping the heart out of the middle and lower classes and their aspirations for social mobility, and general malaise and jadedness from the endless leftist brow-beating about just how rotten they, and the United States, really are. The people and the media are used to liars and puppets of the party machines and expect that, whoever they vote for, they’ll end up feeling cheated. Obama offered “hope” and “change” and delivered neither. Obama was, and is, owned by the party machine. Trump is owned by no-body and he has nothing to lose by being politically incorrect and saying, actually saying in public (and how brave is that!) what so many people think.

Back in Western Europe, the latest news reports large “anti-immigrant” demonstrations

impertinent, insolent, ungrateful, and criminal economic migrants

in Cologne and other German cities – matched by opposing “anti-fascist” demonstrations by the usual goons from the far left. Frau Merkel may have seen which way the wind is blowing and is attempting to seize the high ground and pretend that she’ll do something about the swamping of Europe with millions of impertinent, insolent, ungrateful, and criminal economic migrants – the very people the senile old crone invited to come without the slightest consultation with the German people or the other nations of Europe who are now paying for her insane “generosity”.

Like all leftists Frau Merkel truly believes she had every right to give away other people’s possessions, give away what doesn’t belong to her, that she always knows what’s best for others. What she has tried to give away is the national identity, civilisation and culture of the German people and, by the domino effect of the EU’s open borders, all of Europe. For half a century the Fabian Socialists and Neo-Marxists have been undermining and besmirching western civilisation and culture, re-writing our history to paint us as uncultured rapacious ogres and demons, and chipping away at the foundations of all the freedoms it cost our ancestors so dearly to acquire.

As I ended my essay in September I end this one: this is all going to end badly, very badly!



1. I have included a long list of references as I don’t want anyone to think my research for this essay has been “inadequate” and that I’ve just made it all up.

2. Two girls aged 14 and 15 were gang raped by four Syrian refugees in the German-Swiss border town of Weil Am Rhein on New Year’s Eve. Two others were gang raped in Cologne.

3. For the edification of readers, the term “flash in the pan” has nothing to do with panning for gold. It dates from the days of flintlock muskets where a “pan” of powder was ignited by the hammer hitting a flint. The pan burned and then ignited the actual powder-charge in the breech causing an explosion that that propelled the musket ball. When a musket failed to fire, all you got was a “flash in the pan”.

* “DQ” is Dorothea Quimby, or perhaps Donalda Quixote – at any rate it is the actual initials of the leftist young lady who got up M. Zola’s nostrils with her trite rebuke.



Chris Gayle Incident Encourages Other Women To Share Stories Of Meeting Charismatic Black Men


Protests over Invader Rapes in Finland



Cargo Cult for Frau Merkel.

http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2016/01/07/muslim-male-refugees-are-raping-women-in-europe n2100918?utm_content=bufferde40c&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer

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  • Robert TG 13/01/2016, 7:36 am

    We must not import Rapefugees into this country, the San Bernardino terrorists were “screened” by authorities as let into the USA, the female terrorist gave false information on her application. We can not trust a left leaning public servant to properly screen Rapefugees, nor can we trust the left leaning politicians who so easily turn a blind eye to the troubles overseas and continue to spew out “It has nothing to do with Islam”. Islamic treatment of women is appalling. Islam is the problem. Islam is a hate crime.

  • joeallen 13/01/2016, 7:41 am

    Well written and so true Emile. This Merkel being is owned by the international banking cartel who, along with George Soros, is behind the destruction of the western world. It also hasn’t helped that the USA is indiscriminately creating ALL these fanatical islam mobs, and this is Ghadaffi’s payback for our destruction of his secular country of Libya. Australia is heading down this road quicker than Turncoat can switch political allegiance.

  • Robert TG 13/01/2016, 7:44 am

    The 1000 men were not “lone wolves”, but they were organised, it was a planned attack. When a crime like this goes unpunished then the criminals only get worse. Next mass riot will have more rapes from the Rapefugees.

  • joeallen 13/01/2016, 7:44 am

    Islam is a totalitarian, fascist, state run political ideology that uses allah as an excuse for its death cult activities. It is this reason politicians are so welcoming of its political ideology. The desire for politician for control of us is on a par with islamic fascism. It is NOT a religion. Just a massive death cult that exerts overwhelming control over its subjects.

  • Zoltan 13/01/2016, 7:54 am

    …… And so say all of us.

  • Honeybadger 13/01/2016, 8:00 am

    Your leftie friend would be up in arms if the attacked women were from a minority disadvantaged group but because they are white Germans it doesn’t count. Great summary of all the recent horrendous events that leave most of us wondering what sort of planet we are living on. The Internet provides us with the facts which will not be airbrushed from history.

  • Lorraine 13/01/2016, 8:13 am

    the writer tells it is all going to end badly, well blind Freddy knows this, so is it going to end and when is it going to end. With the left inviting all and sundry into Countries to keep the vote (Left) to me there is no end , this is life for us from now on. Speak up do the Donald Trump let the MSM and the left squirm, make them aware we are not for PC. Speak up vote ALA get voices in the senate, oh yes both sides will hate the fact that truth is getting an airing

    • Robert TG 13/01/2016, 8:24 am

      The ALA need more than the three candidates that they have announced.

      • Jack Richards 13/01/2016, 9:55 am

        From little acorns great oak trees grow. They don’t want to make the same mistakes Pauline made by endorsing people who were easily made fools of by the media – as indeed Pauline was herself.

      • Topsy 13/01/2016, 10:24 am

        The ALA have chosen in at least two of their candidates, people with a very sound understanding of what is not needed in Australia – radical, often out of control Muslims intent on changing our culture or killing us and the Muslim halal tax which is an injustice to every shopper in Australia. If These two succeed, that will be a very good thing as we need some sound common sense in the Senate as opposed to what is there now. If a third candidate – their WA president gets up, that would be all to the good, also.

  • Jack Richards 13/01/2016, 9:36 am

    It’s worth noting that many things Donald Trump has said on the podium would get him arrested in Great Britain, Netherlands, Sweden and elsewhere in Europe. He’d be accused of “hate speech” and breaching any number of the laws designed to silence all opposition to the left’s grand plan for the browning of Europe. Many Australians are probably unaware that, like GB, we have no constitutional right to “free speech”. Indeed, Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act makes it a crime to question any of the socialist gospels – just ask Andrew Bolt who is forever banned from writing or speaking about certain issues.

  • Topsy 13/01/2016, 10:19 am

    “…Vague female acquaintance of decidedly left wing views”. once could assume that this is a youngish female who lives in the fairy land they think the world of today is as opposed to the cold, hard reality of the world as it is. Anyone with half a wit could see the possibility in your musings about sexual depredations against females, as half an ounce of informed evaluation, sensible observations, unbiased listening and reading would tell you they are followers of a belief that brutalises women and that they come from an uncivilised and violent culture.

    • Emile Zola 14/01/2016, 12:11 am

      She’s a 65 year-old retiree; a former medical professional. Never been married, no kids, quite wealthy. An old girl of SCEGGS and Sydney University -and as mad as a two-bob watch.

  • Joe Blogs 13/01/2016, 11:09 am
  • Cliff 13/01/2016, 11:27 am

    “…Vague female acquaintance of decidedly left wing views”. I have one of those, the partner (that’s the PC term in use today) of a family member. She is so utterly sure that she is right, she will hear no counter argument and is so used to dominating all around her by using the raaaaacist/women’s “rights” cards that she cannot deal with me when I call her on some of her more ridiculous pronouncements. it’s got to the point now where the whole family howl the two of us down and demand we continue our ‘conversation’ in another room. As far as she is concerned, the only Party a thinking person could ever consider voting for is the Greens.

  • Jack Richards 13/01/2016, 11:40 am

    Emile mentions the US media slowly changing its tune about Trump. It’s happening here as well even though the moral superiority of the Left is still very evident. Here’s a link:

  • Jack Richards 13/01/2016, 11:41 am
  • Paul 13/01/2016, 1:31 pm

    Actually, the French DO have a list of Muslim ‘no-go’ areas.

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