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If ever there is another Kokoda……

If ever there is another Kokoda……

Next time there is another Kokoda……Next time there ………


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  • Ian 15/02/2016, 7:19 am

    What a sorry mess that fool has left behind. We have am armed service that is neutered, scrutinised into inactivity and due to cuts is unable to defend us.

    Where do I send my letter of thanks?

  • Lorraine 15/02/2016, 7:43 am


  • Joe Blogs 15/02/2016, 8:42 am

    Neither of those little petals would have been allowed to serve in a line unit in those days – for their own protection.

  • ttbn 15/02/2016, 10:19 am

    With the current shower of girlies and poofs, there would be no Kokoda:the enemy could fly straight into Australia without resistance.

  • TomG 15/02/2016, 11:24 am

    I think that in today’s ADF, the soldier wearing the slouch hat would be up on charges for touching his gender-inspecific comrade in an inappropriate way. That ‘missing’ left arm would be damned well anywhere! Counselling, and quite possibly confinement to barracks* would be required to set him straight.

    (*Does today’s ADF still do ‘barracks’, let alone “CB” – confinement to barracks? Both are obviously damaging to gender-inspecifc soldiers’ self esteem, so possibly not.)

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