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 “I say Carstairs!” The Queen has been ‘cancelled’?

10.06.21.  How dare they cancel the Queen! I shall write a stern letter to …er, well, somebody damned important—bloody hide of them! I shall halt my donations from this moment forth, and for ever!
The Queen has become the latest victim of cancel culture after students at an Oxford University college voted to remove her portrait from their common room. Students at Magdalen, one of Oxford’s most traditional colleges with a long association with the Royal Family, voted to remove the portrait on the basis it symbolised “recent colonial history.” The portrait, a colourised print of a famous 1952 photograph of the Queen, has hung for years undisturbed in Magdalen’s Middle Common Room (MCR).
However, a MCR committee agreed to remove it because “for some students depictions of the monarch and the British monarchy represent recent colonial history,” UK media reports.

Source: Anne Barrowclough,  for News Corp

Queen Elizabeth becomes latest victim of cancel culture

Alumni of Magdalen, founded in 1458, include the authors CS Lewis and Oscar Wilde, Tory politicians William Hague and George Osborne, former Chancellor of the Exchequer and comedian Dudley Moore. King Edward VII attended the college when he was Prince of Wales, but didn’t graduate. The Queen visited the college in 1948 to receive an Honorary Degree from Oxford University and again on the college’s 550th anniversary in 2008.
Matthew Katzman, the MCR committee president, told The Times the print was being stored securely. “The action was taken after a discussion of the purpose of such a space, and it was decided that the room should be a welcoming, neutral place for all members, regardless of background, demographic or views,” he said.
The graduates aim to replace the portrait with “art by or of other influential and inspirational people,” he added.
The move has been widely condemned, including by Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, who said: “Oxford University students removing a picture of the Queen is simply absurd. During her long reign she has worked tirelessly to promote British values of tolerance, inclusivity and respect around the world.”
Sir John Hayes, chairman of the Common Sense Group of Conservative MPs, told The Telegraph UK: “The sad thing is that you would think that the people of Magdalen College Oxford are reasonably bright, and this decision would suggest that they are not.
“The Queen is the head of the Commonwealth and respected across the world as such, and to try to suggest anything otherwise is a dishonest distortion. The people involved should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.”
The portrait was bought by Magdalen students in 2013. It is based on a 1952 photograph taken by Dorothy Wilding to mark her accession and coronation.
Magdalen has indicated it won’t intervene to reverse the decision. The college’s president, Dinah Rose, QC, defended the committee’s move.
“Magdalen believes strongly in freedom of speech, and supports the right of its students to conduct their affairs in accordance with their own democratic processes,” she said.

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  • Graham+Richards 10/06/2021, 6:23 am

    Time to cancel the students. Remove them from the Oxford campus. If they don’t like the University as it is they can go elsewhere immediately. They don’t own the place. If it’s staff causing the problem sack them immediately.
    It needs to be done immediately. No questions, just do it.
    All will be surprised at how quickly the situation will become normal once more.
    If demonstrators or rioting is imminent move troops in, not police, they cannot be trusted. The UK police would probably side with these agitators!

    • Pensioner Pete 10/06/2021, 7:41 am

      GR: Agreed, chuck out the lot of them and the vacancies created may be filled with people who actually wish to learn facts and teachers who wish to teach facts not idealism.

      • Disgruntled 10/06/2021, 7:58 am

        Totally agree,
        Students are at those places to learn something are they not?
        They surely not there to run the bloody show!!

        One thing they have not learnt and they definitely should is RESPECT.

    • Albert 10/06/2021, 9:04 am

      The whole university system has become a cesspool of ideological stupidity with so-called teachers leading the way. If universities don’t want to be places of worthwhile higher learning then close them down.

      • PW 10/06/2021, 3:31 pm

        We all knew that when we witnessed illiterate idiots passing exams so as to not embarrass dumb teachers. And so the fools that were “tort” by the fools gained access to the universities!
        The f ¥cked left are now running every department.
        Oh YES we do need the ‘re-set’ these idiots claim we need

    • Tony+H 10/06/2021, 4:27 pm

      And cancel the Uni staff that allow and promote such ingrate, treasonous behaviour!

  • Cotter Pin 10/06/2021, 7:47 am

    The motion was headed by an American – a professor. The voters in the motion were largely non-British origin.
    The argument put was puerile, deficient in logic and facts, but well-laden with buzzwords.
    The college administration are identifiable a typical snowflake bureaucrats,
    There was nobody to represent the taxpayers who support the University.
    Now let’s see them move a motion to cancel Darwin – the total 100% racist who hoped for the ‘ extermination’ of the Australian Aborigine.

    • BBob 10/06/2021, 2:22 pm

      Racist and sexist.
      Some of Darwin’s conclusions on evolution:
      “males are more evolutionarily advanced than females”
      “the child, the female, and the senile white” all had the intellect and nature of the “grown up Negro”
      “The chief distinction in the intellectual powers of the two sexes is shewn by man attaining to a higher eminence, in whatever he takes up, than woman can attain”
      some of the traits of women “are characteristic of the lower races, and therefore of a past and lower state of civilization”
      “the average standard of mental power in man must be above that of woman”
      “Thus man has ultimately become superior to woman”

  • Penguinite 10/06/2021, 8:32 am

    We’ve been Royally dudded folks! As the song says “chip chip, they take a little bit”. Democracy is fading fast! But The Rockefeller Foundation predicted it in 2010!

    • Graham+Richards 10/06/2021, 8:40 am

      The Rockefeller Foundation is basically a club for Bilderberger members
      & is full of communists/ globalists & similar dross. They’re probably very involved in the culture of today & theBLM / Antifa movement!

  • Lorraine 10/06/2021, 9:53 am

    The Oxford University will be the loser, as future Employers of the woke crowd will know that the Oxford Student is an automatic fail.

    • PW 10/06/2021, 3:34 pm

      Trouble is Lorraine, there are more employers than smart potential employees coming out of every university.

  • nev 10/06/2021, 10:20 am

    Companies are increasingly unlikely to employ woke Ivy-league graduates. Experience proves they destroy the morale of employees, drive away customers and eventually destroy your business…………..

  • Bazza 10/06/2021, 10:59 am

    How Dare They!

  • Aktosplatz 10/06/2021, 12:23 pm

    “for some students depictions of the monarch and the British monarchy represent recent colonial history,” .

    Such ignorance! The Commonwealth itself represents an important historical changeover from colonies to fully independent states. This started in 1948 with the passing of the British Nationality Act where Self governing colonies became Independent Dominions with the legal authority to award Citizenships for their own residents. India, Pakistan, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Southern Rhodesia, Newfoundland, and Australia ( our day /anniversary was 26th January called Australia Day). The Queen ( as Princess Elizabeth) was just 22.

    And from then the Current Commonwealth emerged with the Queen as its Head, and continuing to be so.

    Here’s her actual address to the Commonwealth from South Africa in 1947:-


    The ignorance surrounding true historical matters is astounding.

  • Aktosplatz 10/06/2021, 12:34 pm

    There was supposed to be a link showing the Queen (Princess Elizabeth) attached sorry I forgot it!

    Here it is:-


    Date 1947; Where:- Cape Town, Union of South Africa, her age:- 21.

  • Maryanne 10/06/2021, 1:44 pm

    Why do adults cave in to ignorant young people? Just tell them to go away and come back when they’ve grown up a bit.

  • Mustapha Bunn 10/06/2021, 2:18 pm

    Having lived in Cambridge in the 1960’s,as a proper labour voting worker at the time,I can assure you that many freshers suffer from the fact that they are no longer a top dog on the education stakes. Many while in 6th. Form at their local Grammar school are lauded by the masters at those schools for being educationally bright…… a big fish in a small pond as it were.When they arrive at Cambridge/ Oxford they discover that they are no longer at the top of the tree as there are many far cleverer than them so they have to find something else to do to get themselves noticed. Nowadays it’s this woke rubbish.The problem being that they are allowed to talk bollocks by those who are nominally in charge.

  • davey street 10/06/2021, 8:47 pm

    What else would you expect from an outfit called Magdalen (pronounced MAUDLIN) college at Oxford ? Self centred self righteous top shelf upper class boring shits who are unable to ever smile about anything that isn’t about them, are so DREARY and, well, ….. MAUDLIN. Why is this news ? It just isn’t.

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