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 Hotel quarantine inquiry recalled October 20

17.10.20.  If justice is to be served rather than swept under the rug as it has been with anything to do with Dan Andrews a recall, if you can call it that, will reexamine some aspects of the famous hotel quarantine disaster. The inquiry into that bungled hotel quarantine program finished hearing from witnesses nearly three weeks ago, but the board has made a shock announcement. The inquiry probing Victoria’s botched hotel quarantine program will hold an extraordinary sitting next week, almost three weeks after it received closing submissions.
The Board of Inquiry announced on Friday afternoon it would hold the sitting on Tuesday at 2pm, with further details “to be announced”. There have been a number of key developments since the inquiry’s last hearing on September 25 when Premier Daniel Andrews gave evidence. Former health minister Jenny Mikakos turned on the Premier after he appeared, saying his decision to “subvert” usual cabinet process caused the hotel quarantine disaster.

Source: Anthony Piovesan, NCA News Wire

Hotel quarantine inquiry calls extraordinary sitting for October 20

In the ousted minister’s final statement handed to the Board of Inquiry, Ms Mikakos said: “The haste with which this program was established saw the usual cabinet processes subverted with the Premier.”
Former health Minister Jenny Mikakos urged the Board of Inquiry to treat the Premier’s evidence with caution.
Mr Andrews and his senior staff have also since handed over his phone records from the day the state’s hotel quarantine scheme was announced, following a request from the inquiry.
Chris Eccles, the Secretary of the Department of Premier and Cabinet,resigned effective immediately on Monday morning over his bombshell phone records.
They revealed he had spoken to former Victoria Police chief commissioner Graham Ashton for two minutes during a crucial six-minute window being probed by the inquiry.

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  • Cliff 17/10/2020, 5:41 am

    Seems easy peasy to me. If the inquiry has full access to the incoming and outgoing phone records of all the main players AND THEIR SENIOR STAFF, it’s simply a matter of matching the outgoing calls of everyone in that all-important six minute period and asking the caller and the person called what it was they discussed in that/those call(s).

    I think that even the most rusted-on Fan of Dan (which would seem to include the entire Victorian media apart from Peta Credlin) would agree that “I don’t recall” would not be an acceptable answer.

  • luk1955 17/10/2020, 8:43 am

    Isn’t it amazing the first team could not find the missing 6 minutes of government conversations leading to allowing private security to undermine the gains Vic made, yet this same government has all our phone conversations and messages in their data storage banks. And this same communistic government wants contact tracing programs on our phones. Not on mine, because I just leave my phone at home. Who in their right minds would trust any of our communistic governments with tracing all their private movements and not have that used against them?

  • Eliza 17/10/2020, 10:12 am

    It seems that the lack of transparency and trust has invaded the West. Borders are closed NOT for health reasons but from the leeching of WA monies to other states!!! Labor DNA.

  • Penguinite 17/10/2020, 10:13 am

    Seems to me Andrews has conceded to easily! Does he already know the answer to the missing 6 minutes? And phone records will not provide any answers because they use encrypted software like Turnbull did with his gang of 8 when they decappitated Tony Abbott! I just can’t believe Victorians are so gullible! And two of them are related to me!

  • Knight Templar 17/10/2020, 11:58 am

    We owe Peta Credlin and Rachel Baxendale our gratitude of thanks for re examining this botched hotel inquiry.. and relentlessly probing Andrews exposing all their deceit and lies.
    Over the past 100 days Andrews has fronted up to a bunch of sycophant journos as Americans would say “shooting the breeze”
    Not anymore.. Jug Ears is now getting the blow torch treatment and will be exposed for his treacherous, devious, lying, conniving, cowardly behaviour.

  • Mark 17/10/2020, 12:37 pm

    Let’s hope the tyrants mock enquiry goes rogue……

  • DT 17/10/2020, 2:53 pm

    Apparently the retired Judge was with the Family Court.

    Could this be similar to the Cardinal Pell appeal in Victoria, two of three judges not experienced in those matters, the one who was voted not guilty at the appeal?

    • Ivan Ackeroff 18/10/2020, 11:17 am

      Deliberately chosen by DespotDan to turn it into a Claytons inquiry.

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