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Hobart: home for the hoboes?

Hobart: home for the hoboes?

You might think this story is fake news. This couldn’t happen in a first world country like Australia, could it? Well … Mr Turnbull doesn’t need any political photo ops in Tassie for a while and the homeless living in Royal Hobart Showground is a state matter anyway. Besides Malcolm is on his way to old Blighty to meet Ms May and have cup of tea and take a few selfies. You can bet quids he won’t mention what’s going on in this republic at the ROYAL Hobart Showground.

A pregnant woman has joined a growing number of homeless Tasmanians camping out in increasingly cold conditions in Hobart.Questions are being raised over what the Tasmanian Government has done to address Hobart’s housing crisis, which has led to makeshift campsites cropping up, first at the Royal Hobart Showgrounds and now at a second site at Berriedale.

Source: ABC

Hobart’s housing crisis continues as second tent site crops up for city’s homeless

Scott Gadd, the head of the Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania, said a pregnant woman was among those living in a tent at the showgrounds, and that he was worried people from the Berriedale site would soon also be sent there.
Michael Prestage has been camped there at the old Berriedale caravan site for nine weeks.
“The first day of snow, we got out and it was freezing and camping here of a night, the mud is so slippery,” he said.
“It was extremely windy here last night, we lost a tent.”
The Glenorchy City Council has said the campers need to move on by Tuesday.
Mayor Kristie Johnston said the prime concern was safety for the public and those living at the site.
“It doesn’t have the amenities required for residential living,” Ms Johnston said.
“They have received help and assistance from housing service providers for a number of weeks now.”
But Mr Prestage said there was no emergency housing available for anyone in the group.
The Mayor said housing was a State Government responsibility.

After an emergency housing summit in March, the Government announced 159 crisis beds would open by June, and promised $500,000 for emergency accommodation, $150,000 of which was for housing case workers.
Deputy Premier Jeremy Rockliff said the Government had announced a number of measures to address housing affordability.
“Our Government is doing all we can to ensure we assist our vulnerable Tasmanians and to ensure they have a roof over their heads,” Mr Rockliff said.
In a statement, Housing Minister Roger Jaensch said emergency housing was currently being provided.
“Several properties have already been secured, and Housing Connect are continuing to secure more options as a matter of priority,” he said.
No ‘movement on the ground’ at showgrounds
Mr Gadd said he had not personally heard of anyone camped at the showgrounds getting into a hotel, or any other government-supported accommodation, since the emergency housing summit.
“We’ve got single mothers and we’ve got [a pregnant woman], we’ve got people who really need to be in more secure accommodation right now,” Mr Gadd said.
“I’m hearing a lot of rhetoric and that sounds great but we’re not actually seeing much movement on the ground, unfortunately.”

He said he was concerned those people who are moved on from Berriedale would soon arrive at the showgrounds.
“Well, where else are they going to go? It does worry us that we’re going to end up with more tents.”
Labor spokesman Josh Willie said the Government needed to provide details about how many people had actually been helped into accommodation.
“We’ve seen just thought bubbles thrown at this problem,” Mr Willie said.
“We think that the Government should be acting with more urgency, more compassionate. There is a real need here for a comprehensive plan.”

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  • Muphin 17/04/2018, 5:12 am

    There are reports of over 105,000 homeless and 1.2 million people living under the poverty line in Australia.

    How is it that Governments, Federal and State, mostly Federal, can waste billions of dollars on brain farts such as:
    1) Snowy II
    2)Submarines that are very capable of of submerging, surfacing is a different matter
    3)desalination plants that sit idly rusting
    4) High speed rail that goes no where
    5) Renewable Energy Targets that rip the soul out of peoples wallets

    Yet Australia cannot house or feed its own people!!

    • TL46 17/04/2018, 8:02 am

      Don’t forget the millions “skin and bones”gives to poor people in other countries. A lot more homes would become available if our Govn. paid pensioner couples the same as two single pensioners.

      • DT 17/04/2018, 8:43 am

        I am not a pensioner but I agree with you, all age pensioners should receive equal benefits married or not.

    • DT 17/04/2018, 8:41 am

      I understand that 1 in every 8 Australians live in poverty.

      There are 24 million Australians therefore 3 million live in poverty including thousands of children.

      Over the past 10 years at least the federal governments have squandered taxpayer’s monies and borrowed to spend more increasing the interest liability with every dollar.

      The enormous amounts of money sent overseas for United Nations funding including the climate change hoax, the foreign aid monies too, while Australian citizens suffer is inexcusable.

      Clearly too many of our politicians are not representing their constituents and managing our national interests in our best interests.

      • Bwana Neusi 17/04/2018, 2:49 pm

        DT – I agree with the unjustified squandering of our tax dollars, but have you noticed that it is suddenly the Government’s problem to provide safe free housing for anyone who wants it.

        Unless of course you are a retiree that was mug enough to put a little aside for retirement.

  • luk1955 17/04/2018, 7:48 am

    Muphin, our government policies are dedicating to create the effects you just mentioned. Part of agenda 21, 30 and the other numbers they pick.

  • TommyGun 17/04/2018, 8:32 am

    Plenty of Africans & reffos down in Tasmania “livin’ de good life”, mind you. I saw a few yesterday in fact.
    Meanwhile, our own people go homeless…

  • dweezy2176 17/04/2018, 8:34 am

    For years housing “boat-folk” has been the priority in all states so the this outcome was always inevitable ..!

  • Don 17/04/2018, 8:36 am

    An article lifted from the ABC with no mention of our PM, yet the introduction manages to implicate Mr Turnbull – it would be a lot better if the introduction raised the issue of wasted resources with overlap in provision of services and the public serpents who live off our taxes. Guess that would not advance the TA cause.

    • DT 17/04/2018, 9:02 am

      Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey were handed a budget in crisis which was created for financial year 2013/14 by Labor, announced in May 2013.

      During the September 2013 election campaign Opposition Leader Abbott made it very clear that Coalition policies announced depended on the budget honesty or integrity of Labor’s budget. That until the Coalition had access to Treasury and Finance departments the Coalition had no choice but to rely on Labor’s published figures.

      After being voted into government the Coalition arranged for private sector auditors to examine the budget and conduct an audit. The accountants reported that there were a number of budgeted items for which no provision was made to fund, and therefore the estimated budget deficit for that financial year had been under stated. And that the debt would be higher than admitted when the “black holes” were funded.

      Treasurer Hockey presented the first Coalition Budget in May 2014 for the 2014/15 financial year. He and PM Abbott pointed out that it was the start of a several year budget repair plan. However, their political opponents from within the Coalition and sitting opposite immediately condemned that budget plan and sections of the media ABC/MSM joined the attack. None admitted that Labor had not funded budget items such as Gonski and NDIS and instead concentrated on the announcement that the “debt ceiling” would be raised to $500 billion to pay for Labor’s budget and with some funds in reserve to cover expenses into the future.

      As a result of the Hockey Budget the debt increase rate has lowered. PM Abbott pointed out in May 2014 that if borrowing had continued at the Labor average rate debt within, from memory, three years would be close to $700 billion. Debt is well below that at this point in time. The Turnbull Government and partners Liberal Party and National Party have been spending too much money and should have looked harder for savings. But they have not behaved as Labor did.

      PM Abbott was handicapped during his time as Opposition Leader 2009 to 2013 and people here are well aware of the Black Hand faction, the leftist Liberal rebels, led by Turnbull and Bishop. Relentless negativity, anonymously. And in the party room a lack of cooperation and solidarity. And this continued despite the defeat of Gillard Labor in 2010 forcing them into an outsider alliance and minority government and the magnificent victory in 2013 defeating Rudd Labor.

      The Abbott cause is worthy of support because, in my opinion, if he had been supported from within the Coalition would not have been damaged in the process of disunity. And don’t forget that Turnbull has been a disruptive influence way back to within the Howard years when Turnbull was manoeuvring to replace him as leader. And when Howard retired in November 2007 and Brendan Nelson replaced him as leader the Turnbull attacks commenced from the very first day.

      A fully united Coalition led by Tony Abbott would have placed us in a far better position.

  • MM. Ed. 17/04/2018, 9:13 am

    Don. It is clear that you don’t like MM and those who comment. You have, and it surprised me, posted 180 comments almost all bitching about our dislike of Malcolm Turnbull. You are more than free to find more agreeable blogs—perhaps the Liberal party web site where they love him to bits. We will let those who comment decide your fate on MM.

    • angry 17/04/2018, 9:46 am



      POS !@$@$!$!!

    • Lorraine 17/04/2018, 9:57 am

      MM we had figured this DON out , and to respond was like listening to Nicholas Reece on Fox ,true to the left

    • Don 17/04/2018, 10:31 am

      Thank you Mr Ed for your summary of my position and suggestions. Think the 180 figure is a stretch. Pretty sure many of the MM contributions are from TA backroom advisers and supporters. TA is not a model to follow – he is openly critical of Liberal policy – hardly a team player. DT (Destroy Turnbull) has taken up the reins for you. Given no alternative view is accepted here I am ready for the Lord of the Flies spears.

      • DT 17/04/2018, 11:29 am

        PART 4 | Relentless Undermining (2009 – 2015)

        This part covers Turnbull’s ruthless campaign of needling and white-anting against Prime Minister Tony Abbott. I demonstrate that Turnbull didn’t merely take advantage of Abbott’s poor polling, he helped create it.

      • MM. Ed. 17/04/2018, 11:35 am

        Don, I don’t “stretch” facts. Your first comment recorded was 7/1/2016 and was related to Salim Mehajer. We have every word you have posted on MM. Our comment editor page has provision for 20 comments per page and you have 9 pages plus 1 comment making 181 in total. For the record we neither receive nor request anything from TA’s office. You would have noticed any article posted about or relating to TA is gleaned from MSM and ascribed as such. Furthermore, I personally don’t care for TA having been a twice One Nation candidate 20 years ago. But, I do dislike Turnbull and Shorten to a much greater degree. And, I’m still not sure if I like you for your uninformed assertions!

    • Joe Blogs 17/04/2018, 11:40 am

      Donna’s even a failure as a cyber-troll.

      Sheit’s been using the same predictably tedious tactics for about a year now and has contributed nothing to MM. Neither have its imaginary cyber-friends.

      It regularly implores you to ban others, so if it’s good for the goose …

      • Neville 18/04/2018, 9:57 am


  • angry 17/04/2018, 9:45 am

    Coal hating government policies, supermarkets out of control with pricing, petrol prices out of control, out of control immigration, basically MASSIVE COSTS OF LIVING are causing this chaos.

    Do leftist vermin politicians care?????

    HELL NO!

  • Clarion Call 17/04/2018, 10:26 am

    I’ve often wondered how it is there are so many homeless people wandering the cities at the moment. Why are they in that position? What situation forced them into homelessness? It is easy to suggest the Government build more accommodation for these unfortunates….where does the money and land come from? Complex issues for sure. The first step should be a total shutdown of migration for say, three years, until this urgent matter can be addressed. No more money to foreign nations. Implement a nation-wide plan that works! Will this happen? Do pigs fly?

    • DT 17/04/2018, 11:33 am

      According to media reports in cities like Sydney there are hundreds of young backpacker tourists crowding into inner city public parks sleeping in tents and in vehicles parked on the surrounding streets.

      Apparently council rangers do issue infringement notices from time to time but not enough to deter the happy campers. However coastal district councils do enforce camping restrictions, after all there are many caravan parks for tourists to use.

  • Joe Blogs 17/04/2018, 11:43 am

    If Trumble went to any showgrounds in Oz, he’d win first prize in the floral section for “best dried arrangement” – in his case, a posie.

    • Neville 18/04/2018, 9:58 am

      Wouldn’t he need to take the stick insect as the dried arrangement?

  • Lorraine 17/04/2018, 4:52 pm

    an email to Julie Bishop brings forth $90million , so just email her she will find the funds, such a good cause, how can you miss

  • Soroako 17/04/2018, 10:38 pm

    I do have sympathy for those who for whatever reason[s] find themselves living rough but we need to keep some perspective on this.

    The Hobart Mercury has been pushing this issue for some months. They regularly claim that there is a “Tent City” full of homeless people camping at the show grounds. The number of tents has been steady at 6 or 7 usually.

    The area where they stay at the showgrounds is actually a caravan park so the tent dwellers have access to toilets, showers, hot water, laundry and BBQ facilities as well as power. The first snow fall in Hobart this year was a few days ago – but that was restricted to Mount Wellington – and at an altitude 600 metres above the riverside camp sites refered to above.

    The fuss being made about this small number of homeless is being driven by Scott Gadd. Mr Gadd is a former chief of staff of the Tasmania Labor Government and held several senior public service roles [as a director] whilst Labor were in office.

    He is a Labor stooge first and foremost. To verify check out his Linked-in profile.


    • MM. Ed. 18/04/2018, 4:11 am

      Soroako. excellent info. It’s readers like you that inject an element of truth into the stories taken from biased MSM that make this blog worth reading. Thanks!

    • Neville 18/04/2018, 9:59 am

      Top research, Soroako.

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