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 Here’s what’s wrong with Australia!

23.05.20. China is using ‘Australian coal and oil to build their warships, says Bronwyn Bishop. China is using “our coal and our oil to build their warships” and they are exploiting Australia’s dependence on Chinese trade in a bid to “control” our industries and exports, according to former speaker of the house Bronwyn Bishop. Ms Bishop said “we have to rebuild manufacturing here in Australia” in order to achieve economic dependence from China. “To make that happen it means we have to competitive,” she told Sky News host Gary Hardgrave. The “only way” to balance competitivity and high wages is to have “cheap electricity,” she said. “That means we have to use coal”. “We have to get out of the Paris agreement”. “We cannot be a vassal state,” she said. China “need” our coal and iron ore but they want to be able to “control it”.

Source: Sky News

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  • Lorraine 23/05/2020, 8:53 am

    The Chinese communists are little shits for sure, spat the dummy right badly over their bloody Wuhan flu, and the world wanting answers. Scott Morrison led that charge and we remain proud of that fact.. How we manage the grossly unfair China, is another lesson we need to learn. Out of Paris and out of the renewables for the future, seems to be a priority . Start up business of the manufacturing kind needs to be given a green light and a fast track thru .and protection from the Greens and their climate change is killing us blah blah

    • Aktosplatz 23/05/2020, 11:06 am

      The Paris Agreement refers to us as a Developed Country and China as ‘still developing’. That is a blatant lie.

      For that reason we are being penalised falsely and unjustly, and it is time we cut loose from these anti Western, Socialist corrupt Organisations.

  • ibbit 23/05/2020, 9:35 am

    Bronwyn Bishop is correct, we are a vassal state and, unfortunately, a cowardly one too. We, the Australian public would mostly wish it otherwise, but our traitorous politicians are too yellow to stand up to the Chinese dictator and put Australia first. Those like Pallas in Victoria should be tried as traitors and then deported to somewhere more to their liking.

  • Biking Voter 23/05/2020, 10:28 am

    That’s really noice of Bronny to say all that now, why didn’t she say it when she was in the government or better yet, why didn’t she do something about it.
    She was after all part of the government that helped to sign the various treaties that we are now slaved to. Typical politician while ever their snout is firmly embedded in the trough all is hunky dory but once they are an ex-politician the veil is lifted from their eyes and they see everything with an amazing new clarity.

    • Bushkid 23/05/2020, 11:17 am

      Exactly. All very well for her to say this now, when she doesn’t have to put her position and pension on the line any more.

      The likes of Craig Kelly, Mark Latham and Pauline Hanson, on the other hand, still serving in state/federal parliaments, seem unafraid to stick their heads above the parapet, even knowing there will be heavy return fire.

      A lot more courage from serving/sitting MPs would be welcome.

    • Ex ADF 23/05/2020, 1:23 pm

      Thinking the same thing. Bishop supped at the trough of plenty for years, retired on an obscene pension, and did sfa about the growing Chinese influence. Her comments now are irrelevant as we know her form.

  • Tony H 23/05/2020, 10:37 am

    There are way too many Turnbull types in Federal parliament for this to be enacted. You have that little bitch Bandt running around screaming about Climate Change and Wanting death tolls relating to it! The Chinese are also dividing Australia, by using weasel states and Premiers like Comrade Dan in Victoriastan! Many past and present Pollies are on the China payroll doing the Presidents bidding. You know who they are, there the ones speaking volumes in favour of China. Bob Carr, Turnbull, Kim Carr. As I have said many times previously anyone who thinks that Dastyari was on his own has rocks in his head. It’s not just Politicians but business men as well, men like Forest and Stokes who rely on massive investments with their Chinese masters speak in glowing terms and undermine our Political and Cultural systems in the process.

  • nev 23/05/2020, 12:15 pm

    Bronwyn always sounds hot until she’s in the hot seat of government then she goes to jelly, but she is still right. Nothing wrong with high wages as long as they come from high productivity and yes low electricity costs are essential to production. But we keep on voting in Socialist governments.
    Gerard Rennick fingers all the right priorities. The Citizen Party have the ear of many up and coming politicians and their idea of a Commonwealth Development bank is paramount.
    Gideon Rozner, Highest Energy cost in the world, Red Tape, Paris agreement, UN running our country and robbing us blind to prop up Socialist Dictatorships.
    But we keep on voting in Socialist Labor governments and their Union masters.
    We all know the problems, we’ve got the resources, we’ve got the manpower but lack the leaders.

  • JS 23/05/2020, 3:56 pm

    An in plain sight anomaly, the seemingly necessary proclamation by Morrison – the Govt. to make their call for a 3rd Party inquiry into CV-19 a public declaration. Govt. has access to the best information money can buy, a back channel communication is smart diplomacy. Morrison had to be aware in the face of mountains of monitoring, blow-back from China would be real. So dependant on China trade, essential to hold the trade pump running particularly as the Nation’s economy on mandated lock down the action taken is stupid.

    My suspicion Govt. knew what was coming from China, in shape not necessarily hard form from their announcement. Running down our country judging by the performance of Lib Govt and Labor mentality is what we get out of Canberra. Not to preserve or build this nation. We are set down the path we are falling in by design.

    If not design, but accident? Then a stronger driver to get Morrison Govt. out of Canberra couldn’t be clearer. Replace with small parties especially Hanson who do not obfuscate the political platform with lacklustre performance.

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