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 Hanson guilty says trial by media

01.12.19. Pauline Hanson poses yet another worry for the Liberal Party. Australian politics is doing what it has always done—get rid of any rising third party by foul means or fair. As expected, Morrison has circled the wagons all the while feigning the high moral ground about keeping promises. Charity be damned when it comes to self-interest. Morrison-the-‘pure’ needs to be reminded about his dirty work toward One Nation in the early days, as does Tony Abbott who in a court statement when asked why he did certain things to One Nation said—”I wanted to please my boss!” (then John Howard)
How about MSM grilling Morrison and Wyatt on their secret, before the last election, plot to force the “Voice” issue down the throats of all Australians—thus killing democracy? And what about the Paris Agreement he continually avoids, and the questions about the invitation of his spiritual mentor to the White House State Dinner that was vetoed by the US? He does not comment on gossip, he says! “Was it true” was the question still unanswered!
Senator Matt Canavan has drunk the Kool-Aid and become lack-lustre, just another political hack wanting to keep his snout in the trough. In this article below of several errors he employs all the buzzwords: backflipping, negotiated in good faith, had reassured, reneging on the deal, treated the Australian people like mugs and misleading the government. Senator Hanson is now a powerful thorn in the government’s side and should rebut this concerted attack and many will be hoping that it leaves egg on the faces of all who rush with ignorance to besmirch her!
Source: Alice Workman, Struth Editor, The Australian
Pauline Hanson ‘treated Australian public like mugs’ by backflipping on union busting bill
Resources Minister Matt Canavan has accused Pauline Hanson of misleading the government after backflipping on its union-busting bill.
Comparing One Nation to the famous Forrest Gump analogy, Canavan told Sky News from Parliament House this morning: “It’s like a box of chocolates, and you just don’t know what you’re going to get”.
Senator Canavan said the government had negotiated in good faith with One Nation and included every amendment the minor party suggested.
He said the party had reassured the government that it would vote for the Ensuring Integrity legislation.
By reneging on the deal, Senator Canavan said Ms Hanson and her fellow crossbencher Malcolm Roberts had treated the Australian people like mugs.
“Obviously One Nation are using the Westpac situation as a crutch to try and somewhat explain an amazing backflip,” Senator Canavan said.
“It think it seems to be a reasoning after the fact, though. I can’t put myself in the mind but it seems to be an excuse not a reason.”
Yesterday, The Australian revealed that a central Queensland CFMEU official condemned for his behaviour in a major industrial dispute had incited Hanson to block the Ensuring Integrity legislation.
Senator Hanson held meetings with Queensland CFMEU construction division organiser Chris Brodsky, who led the union’s fierce dispute with miner Glencore at Oaky North in the Bowen Basin, which ended in February last year after 230 days.
Then employment minister Michaelia Cash described Mr Brodsky during the dispute as a central figure in “some of the most appalling union behaviour Aust­rali­ans have ever seen”.
Mr Brodsky introduced Senator Hanson to officials at a total of 10 unions in the weeks leading up to Thursday’s vote. She was urged against supporting the Ensuring Integrity Bill that makes it easier to deregister law-breaking unions and their officials.
Senator Hanson’s unexpected vote against the bill on Thursday came despite text-message ­assur­ances to senior ministers that she would support it.
She had also given multiple verbal assurances, even on the day the bill was brought on, that she would vote with the government.
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  • Peter Sandery 01/12/2019, 11:17 am

    MM ed. After some cogitation, I am inclined to agree with your comments on this, rather than Ms Workman’s. If Morrison can obviously overtly or covertly allow Ken Wyatt to basically set up a cabinet submission and the legislation that would enact “The Voice” before the last election, he is, in my mind capable of anything. It is also clear in my mind that whilst Matt Canavan is quite capable, he has demonstrated to me in matters, some of which are not public, that his interest is really in power, not governance.

  • Pensioner Pete 01/12/2019, 11:38 am

    We, the long suffering public were assured by the ScoMo government that dams would be built, that the dairy industry would be fixed, that Islamic immigration would be significantly reduced, that the South African white farmers being kicked off their farms would be welcome immigrants to Australia, that electricity costs would be reduced, power stations would be built, that the government would help drought stricken farmers, that the banks would be held to account with prosecutions following the Royal Commission into the banking sector.

    However, none of these promises are kept.

    Where is the MSM outrage over these broken promises?

    Pauline Hanson stuck it to the ScoMo government over the flawed anti-union legislation and yet, the MSM and the ScoMo government squeal like stuck pigs, the utter hypocrites that they are and continue to be.

    ScoMo conveniently forgets the FACT, One Nation preferences in Queensland and northern NSW allowed ScoMo to hold government despite the bile heaped upon One Nation by both major political parties and the MSM.

    Maybe now, the ScoMo government will negotiate in good faith with Pauline Hanson and One Nation rather than the slippery deals done to date. I for one, will not be holding my breath.

    • Aktosplatz 01/12/2019, 1:27 pm

      I agree 100% with what you have written, but the CMFEU also needs to be put back in its box, so the net out come is that we all lose. There are no winners here.

  • seadogger 01/12/2019, 12:14 pm

    My statements pre May 2018 election to “Put your sitting member last” on your ballot paper still needs to be adhered to no matter party etc they belong to.
    Until MP’s start representing their constituents I will not be changing my thoughts on that.

    • Aktosplatz 01/12/2019, 1:30 pm

      Yes you’re right SD. The ballot paper is a ‘reverse’ ballot paper with every candidate racing for the bottom or last position.

      I try and foresee who will do Australia the least damage which is a hardly encouraging way to vote.

      There is no integrity, anywhere.

    • DT 01/12/2019, 2:28 pm

      And maybe consider Advance Australia who support the candidate they believe is the best, and field no candidates themselves.

      Please read what they achieved at the 2019 federal election.


  • DT 01/12/2019, 2:26 pm

    “The vote has One Nation leader Pauline Hanson facing accusations she told the Government’s senior leaders one thing but acted another way.

    The Coalition insists Senator Hanson repeatedly guaranteed she would support its crackdown on unions — a claim she denies.

    There were gasps and cheers from the Opposition benches, while senior Senate Coalition leaders Mathias Cormann and Anne Ruston were left visibly shocked.

    Adding to the surprise was that Senator Hanson, who had initially indicated she would support the bill, had repeatedly voted with the Government as the Senate considered amendments to the proposed laws.

    That was until the final vote when she crossed the floor and delivered the fatal blow.

    The move was so secretive that neither Senator Hanson nor One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts’ offices knew it was going to happen.”


    • Pensioner Pete 01/12/2019, 3:00 pm

      What Senator Pauline Hanson released regarding the Ensuring Integrity Bill:

      Refers: https://www.senatorhanson.com.au/2019/11/28/ensuring-integrity-bill-vote/

      Quoting in part:

      “Senator Hanson said, “Despite One Nation putting forward 11 amendments to the Ensuring Integrity Bill, there was a quantity of non-amendable changes that prevented our full support.”

      “The One Nation leader said that the Bill provided unfettered powers to administrators should they be appointed over registered organisations.”

    • Disgruntled 01/12/2019, 4:27 pm

      Hi DT. I do get the feeling that you do not like Senator Hanson at all and I guess it may be that you do not know the group at all well or not had opportunity to have been helped out by her.
      Some time ago I had the need to attend the Nanango show to help a friend set up a stall, this meant an all day stay, I’m getting old and wandering around willy nilly all day is hard work and boring. O.N.had a stand as well as a few other political aspirants and I took the opportunity to get to know Brian Roberts a bit better. Now if you were to judge him on some T V you may almost think he could be a “smart arse” but that is not the case. I had quite a few long yarns and found that what I respected so did he and what I disliked also did he, A real top guy for sure!! And quite experienced and intelligent as well!
      I have not met Pauline but see and hear a lot of her in the media and what I see I do respect her views and opinions most times!!
      She is extremely persistent with her help of the bush and a very hard worker and I give her praise and hope she can keep going as politically the regions do not have any friends quite like her and with this last contentious bill I do think she has done the right thing.

      I do think that in a lot of cases the MSM can get stuffed as most do NOT want to nut out the real story behind what happens. All they want to do mostly is scream and yell and abuse!!! And that short time grab on the news does not help anyone to get to the truth.

  • Honeybadger 01/12/2019, 5:50 pm

    Regardless of other separate issues such as the Voice, etc which Morrison deserves to be called out on, Pauline Hanson has done the wrong thing on the Union busting bill. She wasted weeks and weeks of what the Liberal party thought we’re good faith negotiations and included all her amendments, by pulling the pin at the last minute. At least be upfront and don’t mislead so parties know where they stand. This will not go down well with a large proportion of ON voters

  • Rubyred 01/12/2019, 7:52 pm

    If your word is your bond then Pauline Hanson has shown that she is not to be trusted. I was going to vote for her but now I feel that the Australian people were dudded over her supporting the heinous CMFEU. They are thugs and bullies, very much overpaid and cost an arm and a leg on any job they undertake. I think Pauline was very spiteful and deceptive in the way she went about this. The Unions do not represent their workers at all.
    Their leaders are obviously left wing communists and the workers would be better off without them. The same goes for the CEO’s of the four big banks and the AMP. They are just criminals as bad or worse than the Unions except they are white collar deceivers who don’t care if they completely destroy their clients. I think it is not the way by fining them hundreds of millions of dollars as the taxpayers have to fund that. They should be thrown in gaol for their crimes the same way as the Union thugs. Pauline Hanson is guilty of accusing the Govt of going soft on the big banks. She is guilty of supporting the other thugs and she may pay dearly for that.
    I thought Malcom Roberts would have had more sense than to go along with her but I guess he has to be wary of the fiery redhead as she obviously carries grudges for many years.

  • pattoh 02/12/2019, 9:24 am

    “The One Nation leader said that the Bill provided unfettered powers to administrators should they be appointed over registered organisations.”

    Do you reckon, with all the ex Merchant Bankers in cabinet, the ScoMo would play fair & emplace an administrator with un-fettered powers over Wespac?

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