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The Halal scam

halalHalal: A secret Muslim tax on Australians


by Jack Cade

Exactly what does ‘Halal’ mean? In terms of food it means that particular food has been slaughtered or prepared in accordance political/religious ritual as required by ‘Sharia Law’. Although, there is not much ritual in slitting an animals throat and leaving it to thrash about the slaughterhouse floor in terror and pain as it bleeds to death.

What does ‘Sharia’ mean? According to the Islamic ideological hierarchy it is the whole system by which Muslims are required to abide. Islam is not the “peaceful religion” as they would have you believe, but a whole ideological system that includes law and justice, both criminal and civil. As such, according to the Islamics, it regulates personal and moral conduct. It also has cruel consequences should followers of Islam step outside the dictates of Sharia.

Are you supporting this spirituality?

Are you financially supporting this sort of spirituality?

That Islamics have the audacity to speak of moral conduct is laughable. They are so devoid of a moral conscience that they see nothing untoward in stoning women to death or having sexual relations with children as young as nine year of age, or the genital mutilation of children as young as six years of age, or killing a pregnant woman because she doesn’t want to become a Muslim, or shooting a girl in the face because she wants to go to school. All such incidents have assailed our senses in recent media.

This reverse ‘morality’ extends also to the cruel and disgusting manner in which they slaughter animals for private consumption and the Australian government allows them to do it, but if you or I slaughtered animals in such a manner we would end up paying heavy fines at best or being given a stint in prison.

Arrogant Muslims who sell ‘Halal Certification’ spits in the face of Australians when he brags that it has made him a millionaire and we are going to eat ‘Halal’ food whether we like it or not, as can be seen in the accompanying YouTube clip: http://www.halalchoices.com.au/what_is_halal.html.  He will even tell you that bottled water is to be ‘Halal’. However, he doesn’t tell you that Australian made products other than food, such as cat food, are being pressured by Islamics flogging ‘Halal Certification’. https://www.facebook.com/BH.Australia

What that arrogant self-proclaimed and gloating millionaire doesn’t want to tell you is that Australian companies who fall into their web are made to sign a document preventing them from disclosing to the Australian public that their products are now covered by ‘Halal Certification’.

Now why don’t they want us to know that?  Because, ‘Halal’ Certification’ is nothing more than a Muslim tax deceptively and dishonestly imposed upon Australians and is used in part to support the push to have Sharia law introduced in Australia.  There are those that believe that part of that tax is used to support Islamic terrorist causes and arms purchases. I wouldn’t disbelieve that, but you can make up your own mind.

It is bad enough that:

(a)  ‘Halal Certification’ is allowed in Australia

(b) those companies that are paying this outrageous Islamic tax are not telling the Australian public

(c)  the Austraian public are not being told that product prices are rising to offset the cost of ‘Halal Certification’ – in other words they are paying higher prices as a result of an Islamic, non-government, additional tax upon their food and possibly other purchases that manufacturers and especially the Islamics don’t want you to know about. The really disappointing aspect of this is that various governments know or have known about this and chose to assist in its sale and implementation.

If you Google ‘government and halal’ and you will discover many government sites that attempt to justify ‘Halal Certification’. Not only that, but the disgustingly cruel method by which they dispatch animals in their slaughterhouses is viewed by the government through a blind eye. One has to wonder where the RSPCA and the animal rights organisations are while this is being allowed to happen.

I suppose the bottom line is that if Muslims want to eat ‘Halal Certified’ food products that is their choice, but it shouldn’t be unknowingly thrust upon the general public. Let them import their meat products from countries where the slaughter of animals under Sharia laws is the norm.  Why should Australia abandon its animal cruelty laws to satisfy an Islamic ideology that represents perhaps 2% of the population?

The most important aspect is that Australians should not be forced to unknowing purchase, consume and pay an Islamic tax for ‘Halal Certified’ products without their knowledge. The government should be told in no uncertain terms that it is not acceptable for manufacturers/producers to keep hidden the fact that they are paying an Islamic tax for ‘Halal Certification’.

Wake up Australia, before it is too late!

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  • Lynne Becker 16/06/2014, 4:40 pm

    Finally a news media willing to expose the truth. Considering this has been happening since the mid 80’s. It’s a rort how can plastic be halal and medications.

  • cecily 16/06/2014, 5:42 pm

    disgusting and will never have the approval of ordinary ppl that know there is no need for any of it here in Australia…if they want to live by their rules then i suggest they go live in their country that approves of this barbaric way of killing…shame on Australian companies that are allowing this to happen shame shame shame on you…

  • Pat Jones 16/06/2014, 5:50 pm

    I find this absolutely barbaric and disgusting we are not the middle east why does Australia have anything to do with halal certification most of the educated ones know it is a money scam and knows where the money goes under the guise of religion, we are in the year 2014 we have devices and technology and not the 7th century how can we let this torturing of animals to happen and why?

  • Trevor Kohler 16/06/2014, 5:54 pm

    The RSPCA sets the standards for handling and slaughter of animals. It is the RSPCA who even set the conditions to be followed by Pro Kangaroo shooters etc. The method depicted above does not comply with their requirements. Also the sale of meat from ‘backyard’ slaughterhouses including farms is against the law in most states if not all. I believe the problem is insufficient policing of those laws. If you are aware of any breaches of these laws I suggest you notify AQIS, the DPP with all details and other witnesses.

  • GEMMA PARKS 16/06/2014, 7:53 pm

    Halal is just another way to extort money from unsuspecting individuals who have no idea they are being charged extra at the cash register for a cruel and brutal killing method.

    It is totally against my ethical, cultural and moral standards to have anything to do with an ideology who condones and encourages pedophilia, child brides, rape, stoning of raped women for adultery, death to all religions, violence, abuse of women, bestiality and so many other barbaric and primitive cultural practices that are apart of moderate islam. I have never seen a more violent and aggressive culture.

  • marella harris 17/06/2014, 8:54 am

    Lets all fight this scam tax. The Australian people are set to take a class action against halal certification to the courts. Join us. Make you voices heard. Support your fellow Australians. Join acebook-classactionhalal… let our voices be heard.

  • Bev 17/06/2014, 3:35 pm

    Absolute barbaric horrible Cult of people – this halal certification has to be stopped – I will support any groups as Marella has said above – we have to RID this certification NOW.

  • Meg 18/06/2014, 12:59 am

    We are held to ransom. Buy Halal foods or go hungry! its unconstitutional and undemocratic IMHO. Wake up before it’s too late and rid the country of this scourge!
    They came to Australia supposedly for a better life, yet they bring this barbaric practice of slaughter with them along with their other unsavoury practices.

  • Frank 18/06/2014, 12:38 pm

    See this paper on complications during halal and shechita slaughter. http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/ufaw/aw/2012/00000021/A00201s2/art00012

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