A decade ago, a psychologist’s report on MMK found the possibility he could be psychopathic or sexually sadistic could not be ruled out.

The girls, aged 16 and 17, were threatened at knife point and sexually assaulted. When they broke their silence, it was revealed up to 18 women had in fact been raped by the same men. The brothers, dubbed the “K” brothers, were sentenced to between 15 and 24 years imprisonment.

But documents tendered to the Court of Criminal Appeal as part of MMK’s application reveal he has undertaken numerous self-improvement and rehabilitation courses, including those for sexual offenders and alcoholics, over the 13 years he has so far spent in jail.

While he once believed women who dressed a certain way “owed” him sex and were “lowies”, he now professed an understanding this was not the case, a pre-release report from Long Bay Parole Unit found.

“Whilst the inmate acknowledges his responsibility and culpability for the offences and has expressed regret, it would appear that he remains to be self-entitled in his views,” it stated.

The documents also show MMK has a girlfriend who wants to marry him, and has hopes that he will be able to study business and marketing at university upon his release. He plans to live with his mother, who visits him regularly in prison.

A decade ago, a psychologist’s report on MMK found the possibility he could be psychopathic or sexually sadistic could not be ruled out. A different psychologist last year said he had improved through treatment, but needed to manage certain risks to avoid re-offending.

“[MMK’s] deficits in general self-regulation were apparent through his avoidance- and emotion-focused coping, failure to think about the consequences of his behaviour, sense of entitlement, and general disregard for rules,” the psychologist wrote.

MMK claims the decision to deny him release is based on false and misleading information. He cannot complete an external leave program to test the waters outside jail prior to parole because his security classification is too high, but he has been denied a lower classification, he said.

“I have completed more than 10 different therapeutic and counselling programs and 15 different educational programs to address my offending behaviour since I have been in custody from the young age of 16,” MMK wrote in a statement supporting his application for a parole review of the parole board’s decision.

He claims to have developed mental tools for preventing any relapse of sexually violent behaviour and has plans to work.

MMK was sentenced on April 22, 2004, to a maximum of 22 years’ jail for nine counts of aggravated sexual assault in company. He was given a non-parole period of 13 years.

He later pleaded guilty to having intercourse with a child between the age of 10 and 16 years and was sentenced to 12 months’ jail, a term wholly subsumed by the gang rapes sentence.

MMK, now 29, became eligible for parole on July 31 this year and the State Parole Authority decided MMK was not suitable for consideration for release. MMK applied for a review of that decision but it was refused.

He then took the matter to the Court of Criminal Appeal.

The matter will next be mentioned in that court on December 17.